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dead vinyl at baby’s allright, 6 february 2014

all Grateful Dead/Jerry Garcia vinyl set
Baby’s Allright
6 February 2014

“Here Comes Sunshine” from Dick’s Picks, v. 1 (Brookvale)
“China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider” from Ain’t It Crazy bootleg
“Don’t Ease Me In” 7-inch version, from untitled Italian bootleg
“Cold Rain and Snow” from Grateful Dead (Warner Bros.)
“Stealin’” from Rare Cuts and Oddities (Rhino)
“It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue” from Vintage Dead (Sunflower)
“Dancin’ in the Street” from Dick’s Picks, v. 4 (Brookvale)
“Dark Star” from untitled Italian bootleg of Glastonbury Fayre [actually 8 April 1972]
“Crazy Fingers” from Blues For Allah (Grateful Dead)
“Positively 4th Street” from Garcia/Saunders’ Live at Keystone (Fantasy)
“Bird Song” from Garcia’s Garcia (Warner Bros.)
“Playing in the Band” from Weir’s Ace (Warner Bros.)
“Next Time You See Me” from Europe ’72, v. 2 (Rhino)
“Wake Up Little Susie” from Bear’s Choice (Warner Bros.)
“Silver Threads and Golden Needles” from Family Dog at the Great Highway, San Francisco, CA 4/18/70 (Rhino)
“Dire Wolf” from Reckoning (Arista)
“Cumberland Blues” from Winterland, May 30, 1971 (Rhino)
“Bill Graham introduction > Help On the Way > Slipknot! > Franklin’s Tower” from One From The Vault (Light in the Attic)
“It Hurts Me Too” from Europe ’72 (Warner Bros.)
“Ain’t It Crazy” from Ain’t It Crazy bootleg

Plunderphonic layered/segued:
“Mason’s Children > Caution > Feedback” / from Dick’s Picks, v. 4 (Brookvale)
“#2″ / from Ned Lagin’s Seastones (Round)
“Late For Supper > Spidergawd” / from Garcia’s Garcia (Warner Bros.)
“What’s Become of the Baby” / from Aoxomoxoa (Warner Bros.)
“Eep Hour” / from Garcia’s Garcia (Warner Bros.)
“Dark Star” / from Dick’s Picks, v. 4 (Brookvale)
“Side E” / from John Oswald’s Grayfolded (Important)
“Eyes of the World” from One From the Vault (Light in the Attic)

“Shakedown Street” from Shakedown Street (Arista)
“Cats Under the Stars” from Garcia’s Cats Under the Stars (Arista)
“Let’s Spend the Night Together” from Garcia’s Compliments of… (Round)
“‘Til the Morning Comes” from American Beauty (Warner Bros.)
“Run For the Roses” from Garcia’s Run For the Roses (Arista)
“Viola Lee Blues” from Grateful Dead (Warner Bros.)
“Boys in the Barroom” from Robert Hunter’s Tales of the Great Rum Runners (Round)

#deadfreaksunite 1973

#deadfreaksunite 1973
edited for readability

2/9/73 stanford: 1st gig in band’s actual hometown of palo alto since ’66, testing new PA & 7 new songs, most ever debuted at once. PA blowout on 1st note sadly not included. garcia almost immediately debuts ROW JIMMY, more subtly boisterous than later incarnations. weir’s using a nice new organ-y compression, notably on 1st LOOKS LIKE RAIN since 7/72, now unbearable without pedal steel & phil harmony. new boogie-outs LOOSE LUCY (with alternate lyrics) & WAVE THAT FLAG (the proto-U.S. BLUES) are the 1st 2 garcia songs that i find mostly disposable. 1st HERE COMES SUNSHINE near end of 1st set, 4-part vocals ragged & effective, bright changes perfect for glorious rainbow noodling. garcia’s 3 2nd set firsties begin with sweet emphatic groove of THEY LOVE EACH OTHER, song #1 in the deadhead wedding band fakebook. 1st EYES OF THE WORLD, instantly a major new tune, 19m debut dances between ambling & rambling, loses steam three times, picks up, misses the 7/8 ending & melts into 1st heartbreaking CHINA DOLL, the roughness of the rest of the show highlighting garcia’s buddha-croon.

2/15/73 madison: debut of loretta lynn’s YOU AIN’T WOMAN ENOUGH, donna’s 1st solo lead vocal, nice flash of ’72-style C&W. gentle cymbal-heavy DARK STAR, lots of garcia volume-knob violin twirls, pre-verse drift, & a lovely but clunky bass solo segue into 25m EYES OF THE WORLD > CHINA DOLL, phil sketches the 7/8 transition. the 1st big new piece for 2nd set suite-spot since ’67, really.

2/17/73 st. paul: drowzzzzy 20m early set HE’S GONE / LOOKS LIKE RAIN with, um, scatting by multiple suspects during former’s outro. punchy ROW JIMMY would fit on “Europe ’72.” terrifying ululation/flutter by donna throughout YOU AIN’T WOMAN ENOUGH. almost jamless 2nd set, save a short, buoyant HERE COMES SUNSHINE with a perfect, liquid segue into CHINA > RIDER.

2/19/73 chicago: amazing 2nd set. magical, soft-snared mix. 70m 5-song segue, starting with HE’S GONE. thankfully only phil scats. spiral splice from OTHER ONE into 1st essential EYES OF THE WORLD, lesh & weir darting lazily with garcia, 7/8 section fully formed.

2/21/73 champaign-urbana: garcia playing new tunes in his 1st slot at nearly every show. gang harmonies sound nice on ROW JIMMY. phil’s LOOKS LIKE RAIN harmonies return for final chorus. still figuring out the segue into EYES OF THE WORLD, 2 false stabs out of TRUCKIN’ (including a breakneck bass solo) before they achieve crossfade. the EYES gearwork loosens into a blissful open space, recombining a bit clumsily into a magnificent STELLA BLUE.

2/22/73 champaign: DARK STAR with flexatone(?!) & purposeful dissolve into another confident & blazing EYES OF THE WORLD. gigantic peak.

2/24/73 iowa city: 45m worth of bits/bobs. reluctantly starting to dig the brute force BOX OF RAIN vocals. consonant & opaque PLAYING IN THE BAND. tantalizing 5m post-TRUCKIN’ bass solo fragment verging on FEELIN’ GROOVY/BEAUTIFUL JAM (labeled as NOBODY’S FAULT BUT MINE?)

2/26/73 lincoln: 25m brightly traced DARK STAR, phil playing at SITTING ON TOP OF THE WORLD, meanders into EYES OF THE WORLD via finally-graceful bass segue. MISSISSIPPI HALF-STEP is jaunty & surprising in the now-gentrified post-suite jerry ballad slot, billy on top the segue all the way.

2/28/73 salt lake city: great dick’s picks mix. can really hear keith/weir interaction, especially nice on SUGAREE. 2nd verse & end tag shaved off THE OTHER ONE for ’73, collapsing instead into EYES OF THE WORLD, with alternate lyric about a “lazy country home.” sequence of languid EYES dissolves ends in 1st ’73 MORNING DEW. 1st BID YOU GOODNIGHT since 8/71 to close out 1st tour-leg.

[ during the dead's 14 days off between 2/28 & 3/15/73, garcia played 12 times: 3 shows with merl saunders, the 1st 8 old & in the way gigs, & pigpen's wake. not going to make a habit of tweeting garcia solo joints, i promise, but maaaaybe occasionally...

3/7/73 garcia/saunders at keystone berkeley: w/ ex-frumious bandersnatch/founding journey guitarist george tickner, who is oddly great, comping cool/responsive stuff under garcia & holding his own during great space-spirals out of MERL'S TUNE. subtle segue into GEORGIA ON MY MIND. garcia sounds genuinely & genially bummed to have to stop when the bar flips on the house lights. ]

3/15/73 uniondale: 1st gig since pig’s death, 1st at nassau coliseum, band wearing nudie suits, ala 12/72. phil’s 33rd birthday. weir’s outro freak-outs ramping up show by show; a slippery/hilarious slope. hard to reconcile the utter long island chaos of the audience tape with the quiet swing evidenced when source switches to A+ soundboard. spacious layouts in 24m PLAYING IN THE BAND jam. jerry ballads bookend EYES OF THE WORLD suite with wild OTHER ONE. 3+ hours, the new normal.

3/16/73 uniondale: nice jammy 1st set with BIRD SONG / PLAYING IN THE BAND combo to close. 1st local cheer for “just like New York City” in RAMBLE ON ROSE. jerry: “all you people throwing joints on the stage, why don’t you light ‘em up & pass ‘em around?” phil: “we’re ALREADY high, thanks.” return of the PROMISED LAND/BERTHA/GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD next-beat segue suite from 9/72, some decent cowboy boogie, & then… DARK STAR, with odd intro harmonies establishing a sustained dreaminess, moody tangents, & an atonal high-step into TRUCKIN’ > MORNING DEW.

3/19/73 uniondale: inaudible drums, indoor fireworks, & off-time crowd clapping on audience-tape portion make everything woozy. 1st HE’S GONE since pigpen’s death, crowd inventing a new meaning with small successive cheers during outro. last time in the 1st set. 1st TAKE A STEP BACK, lesh/weir-tandem dead-style crowd control. funnier than weir’s YELLOW DOG JOKE. PSA from garcia: “there are some krishna consciousness people out there passing out good things to eat. it’s okay to eat it.” 1st THE RACE IS ON since 5/70, excepting weir’s sit-ins with the new riders. half-smooth half-segues from HALF-STEP > STELLA BLUE > JACK STRAW. again, band doesn’t jam into EYES OF THE WORLD, opting for a clean next-beat start after THE OTHER ONE & easily hitting the thoughtful, lazy gait. at all 3 nassau gigs, 1st big drug busts by undercovers, apparently audible on some tapes. band won’t return til ’79.

3/21/73 utica: 1st properly rehearsed & quite lurvely WEATHER REPORT SUITE PRELUDE serves as an intro to DARK STAR. unconvincing space-out but awesomely zapped crossfade into EYES OF THE WORLD, 7/8 outro in full blossom. 1st ’73 WHARF RAT, rare mangled lyrics, nice jam.

3/22/73 utica: lesh & garcia charmingly bait the fire marshal. jerry, giggling: “yeah, try to keep your fires in the fire aisle.” big CHINA CAT SUNFLOWER > I KNOW YOU RIDER. terrific OTHER ONE with cartoonish stomp intro, busted gearwork, lyrical jerry/phil duet, return of the flexatone. plum excellent archetypal ’73, gorgeous soundboard, with band in absolutely zero rush. solid 106m of jam songs/suites.

3/24/73 philadelphia: A+ 30m TRUCKIN’ that gets lost en route to DARK STAR. breathless uptempo dazzle & 1st SPANISH JAM since 2/70. 4m DARK STAR proper is shortest ever & melts into SING ME BACK HOME, which i thought was retired. happy to be wrong.

3/26/73 baltimore: wolfman jack introduces the band before the 2nd set, which appropriately opens with the WJ-referencing RAMBLE ON ROSE. a poised post-TRUCKIN’ unwind into a warm WEATHER REPORT SUITE PRELUDE that picks up steam, sparkles almost reluctantly, & dissipates into WHARF RAT. then, another long jam (EYES OF THE WORLD) into the set’s 3rd jerry ballad (MORNING DEW) to go with ’73′s 1st CANDYMAN. nearly 4 hours of music.

3/28/73 springfield, MA: phil plugs upcoming “interstate smoke-in” on the steps of hartford capitol building on 4/19. “bring your own.” STELLA BLUE bridge lyric finally changes from “can’t keep from cryin’” to “gonna make ‘em shine.” 63m WEATHER REPORT SUITE PRELUDE > DARK STAR > EYES OF THE WORLD > PLAYING IN THE BAND dream sequence also contains anxious & unfocused night terrors.

3/30/73 rochester: crackling CUMBERLAND BLUES. i want to know why somebody (weir?) clearly says “BEEP!” at the 1:10 mark of I KNOW YOU RIDER. amicable drop from EYES OF THE WORLD into NOT FADE AWAY, a ’73 rarity, but it feels out of place in the post-EYES gloaming.

3/31/73 buffalo: predictable apeshitness at the right moment in the 1st buffalo TRUCKIN’. PROMISED LAND/BERTHA/GREATEST STORY choppy as ever. THE OTHER ONE contains a breakneck SPANISH JAM & a post-meltdown FEELIN’ GROOVY into the only CHINA CAT-less I KNOW YOU RIDER between ’70 & ’85.

4/2/73 boston garden: fried ‘n’ frayed tour closer. atrocious vocals. band sounds off, too. still, typically devastating PLAYING IN THE BAND. the only fully jammed HERE COMES SUNSHINE: rich post-outro weaving loses thread quickly & reverts to insect-space & then ME & BOBBY McGEE. last WEATHER REPORT SUITE-less PRELUDE to tired EYES. SUGAR MAGNOLIA freakout nearing peak weir. BID YOU GOODNIGHT now features donna. no thx.

5/13/73 des moines: 3-set/4-hour (plus breaks) lazy marathon. 1st jam (besides CHINA > RIDER) doesn’t come ’til end of set 2. perhaps due to tape degeneration, the 28m PLAYING IN THE BAND is a pleasant unceasing rain that never quite breaks into a storm. beautiful stasis. pre & post-verse, the band glides adroitly out of THE OTHER ONE triplets into consonant & constantly renewing churn.

5/20/73 santa barbara: the spring of 3-set stadium gigs continues. garcia’s voice is thrashed. sounds kind of cool, albeit painful. jerry’s renewed interest in banjo via old & in the way is obvious in crystalline, articulated runs in BEAT IT ON DOWN THE LINE. the nuanced, piston-like PLAYING IN THE BAND jam & spare post-verse OTHER ONE ruminating are both hard to imagine in front of 17K people.

5/26/73 kezar stadium: 1st show in the haight since 3/68. A+ bettyboard with gorgeous stereo separation & a high circulation staple. still a good starter tape. everything glows with spring sunshine. FEELIN’ GROOVY JAM now firmly built into CHINA > RIDER. final run of the very ’73 HE’S GONE/TRUCKIN’/OTHER ONE/EYES OF THE WORLD/CHINA DOLL sequence with deep quiet & a thrilling EYES peak.

6/9/73 RFK stadium: gang harmonies impressive on LOOSE LUCY, even donna, voices blending indistinguishably. BIG RIVER = primo boogie. garcia cycles through MORNING DEW & HERE COMES SUNSHINE licks during a discombobulated post-TRUCKIN’ dissolve. eventually, a nice count-off segue into PLAYING IN THE BAND. after 2 sets & 3.5 hours (following 2 openers), jerry announces that the dead are done & it’s time for the allmans.

6/10/73 RFK stadium: a stone summer classic with endless highlights. effortless 1st set glides to a weaving BIRD SONG & cymbaly PLAYING IN THE BAND. set 2 opens with EYES OF THE WORLD > STELLA BLUE (featuring an accidental(?) new melody) & rarely lets up, though AROUND & AROUND is weir at his dinkiest. a satisfying 26m DARK STAR filled with high-speed pre-verse maneuvers & a thorough bass meltdown into a WHARF RAT where kreutzmann lays out entirely during the bridge, wonderfully quiet music in a big, big stadium. a 3rd set superjam with dickey betts, butch trucks, & allegedly merl saunders, totally inaudible. mega hippie bullshit, but also great. lurvely GD debut of TRAIN TO CRY & then moldies: 1 elvis, 1 buddy holly, 2 chuck berry. likely the only decent grateful dead version of JOHNNY B. GOODE cuz the betts/garcia & kreutzmann/trucks combos are totally sweet. a delightful melding of the dead & allmans vibes.

6/22/73 vancouver: opener of 1st proper tour since march. 4 hours with a solid half devoted to jam songs & suites. my kinda dead. keith’s rhodes back in action with chiming, unexpected peaks in BIRD SONG finale. 1st tour with both rhodes & grand piano? 1st BLACK PETER since 10/72. l’il shaky with nobody’s strongest vocals, but band’s instinctual dynamics shine. lots of nice space. (sidenote: weir’s standard HE’S GONE > TRUCKIN’ transition is one of the few places where a count-off & segue mark can co-exist.) 5m semi-farty bass solo & near-ambient drumless jam as prelude to THE OTHER ONE with shattering arthropodal zap sesh.

6/24/73 portland: phil, maybe half-snickering post-THEY LOVE EACH OTHER: “and now we’re going to put you folks into a MELLOW mood.” cue LOOKS LIKE RAIN. miasmic DARK STAR ’til phil hits on bass theme. quickly, jerry counterpoints, sketching pre-verse cloud-shapes with weir.

6/26/73 seattle: until this project, i’d thought of ROW JIMMY as the lethargic, poor brah’s version of the SUGAREE slow roll. but, man, there are just endless worlds within that perfect, ‘luded-out stillness. often pretty good harmonies, too.

6/29/73 universal amphitheater: noncommittal OTHER ONE, garcia oddly uninspired ’til short, radiant detonation into MORNING DEW.

6/30/73 universal amphitheater: after a small onstage electrical fire, garcia: “don’t panic, folks, this is the movies, remember?” shitty vocals everywhere. buttery combo of keith’s rhodes & garcia’s attackless wah tone on BIRD SONG & PLAYING IN THE BAND. wish keith used the rhodes more. lots of piano in ultra-patient (but by no means mellow) EYES OF THE WORLD end jam with sudden, decisive drop into STELLA BLUE.

7/1/73 universal amphitheater: warm front-of-board audience tape that trades ugly whooping & off-time clapping on quiet songs for totally fat ’60s garcia guitar tone on a way-out OTHER ONE that almost veers into EYES end jam. A+ zonked melt into WHARF RAT & effortless crossfade into BOBBY McGEE. best early ’70s audience tape i’ve heard, but gentlemen still prefer boards.

7/27/73 watkins glen: 2-set 90m “soundcheck” in front of 250K people. lesh: “this whole thing is a fraud, we’re really clever androids.” 16m BIRD SONG (longest ever?) with semi-free breakdown & one of the few non-obnoxious pinched harmonics solos in musical history. casual & legendary 20m DARK STARish standalone improv with multiple themes, including a proto-FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN jam.

7/28/73 watkins glen: the dead had a rep for botching big shows. at 600,000, WG was the biggest ever. not the greatest, but way solid. last BOX OF RAIN ’til ’86. i’d finally learned to love the barked harmonies. especially going to miss garcia’s faux-steel filigrees. 24m PLAYING IN THE BAND with fantastic freak flights by jerry & gang-of-one drumming by kreutzmann, dropping onto martian plateau near end. unidentified organ player on AROUND & AROUND. a bit bouncy, more garth hudson than gregg allman. either way, why only on one song?! lots of jams in 2nd set, but no long space-outs, defined by 2 decent weir half-segues: TRUCKIN’ > EL PASO, EYES OF THE WORLD > SUGAR MAGNOLIA. recording (especially the guitars) gets sadly muddy for the set with the allmans. super-blissed 24m MOUNTAIN JAM & WILL THE CIRCLE BE UNBROKEN coda.

7/31/73 jersey city: back at roosevelt stadium. surviving tape by @RelixMag co-founder jerry moore. recording is great. killer snare. another extraordinary PLAYING IN THE BAND, 1st jam is unusually rhodes-driven. kreutzmann in full free-dance mode. plus, he got a glockenspiel? 2nd set is boogie all the way down, minus 2m of smooth TRUCKIN’ fusion & when BLACK PETER achieves a nice, sad soar.

8/1/73 jersey city: jerry’s 31st birthday. perfect 24m DARK STAR. sparkling lunar rain as prelude to spacedust curlicues & thumb piano. the rest of jam is great. even EL PASO cooks. huge MORNING DEW with garcia soloing in joyous, apocalyptic paragraphs.

9/7/73 nassau coliseum: A+ tour opener. 6 righteous jams, weir mixed warmly enough to justify his “mccoy tyner’s left hand” claims. guy yells incessantly for ME & MY UNCLE(!?). finally, irritated dude replies “YOU & YOUR SISTER!”, predating chris bell by 5 years. rare show with keith on occasional B3, only audible on audience tape. (thru stage amp only?) well used on LOSER, TRUCKIN’ & thrilling 1st LET IT GROW, minus preludes, giddy with high-speed aero-flips as band explores new spaces, landing at STELLA BLUE.

9/8/73 nassau coliseum: debut of full WEATHER REPORT SUITE with perfect autumnal PRELUDE & surprise EYES OF THE WORLD > CHINA DOLL to close 1st set. 1st LET ME SING YOUR BLUES AWAY, sole keith-sung dead tune. Europe ’72 bounce can’t redeem hunter’s litest lyrics & keith’s non-voice. neato co-lead guitar by weir on spiraling TRUCKIN’. more ghosts of cool organ parts via keith’s undermixed B3.

9/11/73 william & mary: dang, @mountain_goats, you’re right, this IS an exquisite LOOKS LIKE RAIN. intricate quiet garcia detailing.  never thought i’d say this, but starting to dig these spare, 1-drummer versions. still can’t take the street cats & the freak out. horns join for 2 songs & it’s suck city, getting extra ham-handed/honky/unnecessary atop the lattice-like LET IT GROW jam. 1st fall DARK STAR. busy & melodious without really going anywhere. more weir leads & lovely spider skitters.

9/12/73 william & mary: allegedly, the band had such a good time the previous night that they came back & played for free. the BIRD SONG middle improv opens into a soaring cathedral space, keith’s electric piano undermixed but twinkling like a celeste. big energy fun, especially the high-velocity garcia/lesh weaves during LET IT GROW & a proto-SLIPKNOT EYES jam.

9/15/73 providence: another glorious BIRD SONG with typical quizzical garcia lyricism & atypical assertive electric piano. last BIRD SONG ’til the ’80s. why?!? ugh. satisfying 2nd set with 2 30m suites. horns stay for all of it & sound far more integrated, albeit a big sunshiny mess on TRUCKIN’. WEATHER REPORT SUITE PRELUDE gets tasty LOL-flute. LET IT GROW gets squonk ululations & a nice solo garcia bridge into STELLA BLUE.

9/17/73 syracuse: with horns more or less in line, a confident & peppy 55m TRUCKIN’ > EYES OF THE WORLD > WEATHER REPORT SUITE > STELLA BLUE. keith’s B3 seems to be gone, but is it possible the he’s playing an ondes martenot on WEATHER REPORT SUITE PRELUDE & LOOKS LIKE RAIN?!

9/20/73 philadelphia: 1st flat show of tour. ondes martenot is gone already. strident EYES OF THE WORLD outro. schmaltzy SUGAR MAGNOLIA with horns.

9/21/73 philadelphia: 1st OTHER ONE since 7/1 unspools from wind-up toy spins into 1st MIND LEFT BODY in a year. same venue, too. final LET ME SING YOUR BLUES AWAY, abandoned after 6 performances. cool with me.

9/24/73 pittsburgh: an off night at the civic arena. band crashes GREATEST STORY three times (with a LOONEY TUNES interlude) before starting. garcia sings 1st NOBODY’S FAULT BUT MINE since ’66 after teasing it in post-TRUCKIN’ blooze noodles for months. bleh.

9/26/73 buffalo: last of 8 gigs with horns (phew), final SING ME BACK HOME (laaame), dense jazz freefloats in LET IT GROW (!)

10/19/73 oklahoma city: DARK STAR is notably slower than summer versions. the band almost doesn’t know what to do with all the space & out comes the most developed & dramatic MIND LEFT BODY JAM yet, escher-like chromatic knots, simultaneously descending & ascending. thoroughly satisfying EYES OF THE WORLD > STELLA BLUE encore that weir feels compelled to play JOHNNY B. GOODE after.

10/21/73 omaha: weir announces the A’s world series victory over the mets (“another baseball year endeth”) & garcia responds w/ LOSER. 1st BLACK THROATED WIND since 2/9. PLAYING IN THE BAND > MISSISSIPPI HALF-STEP > BIG RIVER > PLAYING IN THE BAND with planned-sounding hard-splice segues. high-speed DMT drop into deep space PLAYING reprise. low-key HE’S GONE, garcia’s solo finding a sad sweet place, to kick off an hour of unflashy & effective song-suiting.

10/23/73 bloomington, MN: keith plays venue’s wurlitzer, including soundcheck noodling on 1st WANG DANG DOODLE, jerry singing off-mic. a short & not particularly compelling show. keith adds some nice wurlitzer on a lazy TRUCKIN’ & oddly upfront piano on LET IT GROW. CASEY JONES aborted due to fight. kreutzmann allegedly tackles security guard while phil freaks (“ALRIGHT ASSHOLE!!”)

10/25/73 madison: warm, light-drenched HERE COMES SUNSHINE. weir keeps tinkering with lyrics of already-recorded BLACK THROATED WIND. sleepy gossamer dialogues in 23m DARK STAR, articulated MIND LEFT BODY, ondes martenot blurps, an hour of otherness.

10/27/73 indianpolis: efficient PLAYING IN THE BAND > MISSISSIPPI HALF-STEP > BIG RIVER > PLAYING IN THE BAND. less thrilling than previous take, but great 1st segue.

10/29/73 st. louis: 1st COLD RAIN & SNOW since 2/28, 2nd of only 3 ’73 versions. super-pro next-beat build from BERTHA into GREATEST STORY. TRUCKIN’ downshifts into low flying jazz; OTHER ONE stumbles & ambles to similar happy place of quiet chord tracings. weir finally articulates the alternate BLACK THROATED WIND lyric: “but i can’t deny the time that’s gone by / full of babies and bottles and mountains of debt.”

10/30/73 st. louis: DARK STAR jam animated by weir’s chatty staccato patterns & an almost standalone MIND LEFT BODY before the verse. despite a gripping EYES OF THE WORLD, band is archetypally mellow, lulling & lolling. a fine line between warm comfort & sleep.

11/1/73 evanston: superb drip from rare MORNING DEW 2nd set opener into torrential 1st PLAYING IN THE BAND > UNCLE JOHN’S BAND > PLAYING IN THE BAND.

11/9/73 winterland: 1st TO LAY ME DOWN since 9/70. off-key, plodding, new donna vocal part. still, hushed C&W swing is breathtaking. no big jam, but locked-in idea-filled LET IT GROW outro is A+ prelude to EYES OF THE WORLD’s microscopic rhythmic conversations.

11/10/73 winterland: PLAYING IN THE BAND > UNCLE JOHN’S BAND > MORNING DEW > UNCLE JOHN’S BAND > PLAYING IN THE BAND is more party trick than improv but the sleight of hand is riveting. excellence carries through standalone STELLA BLUE & properly choogled TRUCKIN’. WHARF RAT is kind of a struggle, though.

11/11/73 winterland: DARK STAR does its thing ’til post-verse space-out when kreutzmann drops into a beat & shit gets really real. major key drama, ricochet crosstalk, dissolution, & double-time MIND LEFT BODY as an almost-perfect bridge into EYES OF THE WORLD.

11/14/73 san diego: one of the all-time great 2nd sets. TRUCKIN’ > THE OTHER ONE > BIG RIVER > THE OTHER ONE > EYES OF THE WORLD > THE OTHER ONE > WHARF RAT. wonderful drumless zone in 1st OTHER ONE. EYES omits 7/8 break for last OTHER ONE verse & a jammy, dreamy WHARF RAT.

11/17/73 UCLA: nearly flawless PLAYING IN THE BAND >UNCLE JOHN’S BAND > MORNING DEW > UNCLE JOHN’S BAND > PLAYING IN THE BAND. swarming jams, lush valleys, masterful segues. a packed 14m EYES OF THE WORLD. everyone totally together for precise, successive explosions in 7/8 outro. no exit strategy, though.

11/20/73 denver: surprise turn from MISSISSIPPI HALF-STEP into 1st DIRE WOLF since 10/72. smooth segue, sluggish song. much of set feels likewise. airy circular jams as OTHER ONE winds into MIND LEFT BODY. again, a near-perfect bridge, this time to STELLA BLUE.

11/21/73 denver: even on the audience tape, no reaction to “i’m as honest as a denver man can be” in ME & MY UNCLE opener. another sweet half-melt out of HALF-STEP, this time into a mammoth PLAYING IN THE BAND > EL PASO > PLAYING IN THE BAND > WHARF RAT > PLAYING IN THE BAND > MORNING DEW. EL PASO flowers briefly into DARK STAR before WHARF RAT (with a drumless bridge!) after which garcia & lesh hit peak fuzz.

11/23/73 el paso: only ever el paso gig and, unlike denver, the crowd DOES freak when weir sings the city’s name. a few nice OTHER ONE drifts but distant drum mix makes the whole show disconcertingly placid, even by dead standards.

11/25/73 tempe: brilliant 17m PLAYING IN THE BAND, a mirrored infinity room of free snare dances & cascading guitar diamonds. 1st credible BID YOU GOODNIGHT since its february revival thanks to restrained (& even tasteful) donna jean vocal.

11/28/73 palace of fine arts: debut of seastones, ned lagin’s group with garcia, lesh, hart, & croz playing modular improv structures. dream wails, processed voices, quadrophonic balaphones. an avant-dead necessity. A+ recording:

11/30/73 boston music hall: rare 3-show theater run. band apparently doesn’t know of the 1st show & arrives/starts extremely late. donna jean gone on maternity leave through year’s end, huzzah! the band’s harmonies are appropriately winterly, austere, & pleasing. LET IT GROW glitters divinely into a short shape-shifting DARK STAR jam & a happy, lumpy post-thanksgiving EYES OF THE WORLD.

12/1/73 boston: magical BROKEDOWN PALACE, in part because of bedraggled harmonies, in part because of extra-warm soundboard mix. nightmarish extended segments of mojoless crowd control failure. weir promises they’ll relearn ST. STEPHEN. phil angrily cuts him off. “besides, the cops are from heaven! they’re from heaven!” chirps jerry, sounding like he might actually be having a bad trip. 34m PLAYING IN THE BAND > UNCLE JOHN’S BAND > PLAYING IN THE BAND with a curling UJB intro, & a stark donna-less ROW JIMMY in the jerry ballad slot.

12/2/73 boston: more testy banter, though band’s mojo has returned. phil gets pissed at audience member: “what are you, the heat??” 2nd set is a mofo, solid 80m of attempted suite-linkage, starting with 1st & only WHARF RAT opener. iffy singing, but heaviness awaits. 1st unfinished PLAYING trails to guitar laughter & piercing biofeedback. weir arpeggiates listlessly & eventually cues MIND LEFT BODY. new spaces everywhere. cool rhythmic MIND LEFT BODY outro permutations, messy BIRD SONG-like flutters in HE’S GONE.

12/4/73 cincinnati: late start (by 5 hours?), short show (47m 2nd set), even more surly phil (“where the fuck did you say we were?”) tremendous 24m EYES OF THE WORLD with deep phil/jerry noise canyon ’til billy drops a beat & band builds to a chaotic swing-stomp.

12/6/73 cleveland: approaching peak donnalessness on ROW JIMMY. longest ever HERE COMES SUNSHINE dances with VIOLA LEE-like ecstasy. an all-time DARK STAR. one of the longest (43m) & oddest, beginning with a slow coalescence from tuning into theme. extremely uncharacteristic assertive, uptempo electric keys by keith, in full conversation with garcia, melting into fuzz-bass nebulae. more top-speed ultra-melodic inventions & a perfect EYES OF THE WORLD > STELLA BLUE comedown with one final bass feedback punchline.

12/8/73 durham: nice spidery piano during BLACK THROATED WIND bridge. lovely lulling weave-waves in HE’S GONE outro jam. in & out of focus 28m OTHER ONE ending with more visceral post-seastones biofeedback, weir noodles, & 2 jerry ballads.

12/10/73 charlotte: 1st PEGGY-O! quite brisk, almost in the mold of DIRE WOLF. someone sets off fireworks between verses. incredible EYES OF THE WORLD with hyper tonal, almost smooth, over-the-top bass leads, total full-band precision, & ace BROKEDOWN PALACE coda. for 2nd show running, garcia upends song alternation with weir. 1st split-up SUGAR MAGNOLIA  with GOIN’ DOWN THE ROAD FEELIN’ BAD in middle. with donna jean still on pregnancy leave, weir’s SUNSHINE DAYDREAM freakouts have gone next level.

12/12/73 atlanta: another jaunty PEGGY-O. frictionless gearshift segue from MISSISSIPPI HALF-STEP into ME & BOBBY McGEE. not much flow to the 2nd set, but a long MORNING DEW gets down to a stretch of delicate quiet & sparse piano colors.

12/18/73 miami: great mix, excellent playing throughout. fabulous, extra-crackling LET IT GROW as prelude to final ’73 DARK STAR. labyrinthine 1st jam teases & builds to post-verse bass-zap brain-blastage. “we’ve got a blown speaker!” jerry shouts off-mic. in my college house, whenever we wanted/needed unstoppable laughter, we’d play the last 1m of this SUNSHINE DAYDREAM.

12/19/73 miami: “dick’s picks, v. 1″! funny to hear complete version finally. weir sneezes during 1st line of PROMISED LAND opener. always wondered why MISSISSIPPI HALF-STEP faded out. it’s another lovely melt segue into ME & BOBBY McGEE, turns out. 2nd & final time that happened. penultimate HERE COMES SUNSHINE & one of the best, 14m of curling lightbeam solos. PLAYING IN THE BAND somersaults into the spectral wah-wah void. 5m bass solo is excised from this version, too. on the audience tape, it’s fully ridiculous, but also has a neat melodic shape. (audience tape also has a great pre-show warning by the band about security. garcia: “remember your hippie training, folks: be cool!”) last 5m of OTHER ONE is the band’s most sustained fszszszzt-out so far, dripping with absolute grace into STELLA BLUE.

…and so concludes the grateful dead’s 1973 & the #deadfreaksunite broadcast year. see you at winterland in february.

199 post-WFMU sunrises, december 2008 – may 2013

I’m retired from the overnight slot at WFMU. I look forward to communicating directly with the hive-mind during other hours on other days. Fill-ins coming soon. I hope to be back with a full-time show at some point in the future.


12/1: deep, deep blue. almost ambient pink in the clouds.
12/8: the blue creeps out from behind the black like a doppelganger overtaking.
12/15: non-existent, not coming. probably.
12/22: muted by the streetlamps over the ice fields.


1/5: charcoal-blue pepperland inversion.
1/26: blue, definitely. lonesome, TBD.

2/2: palimpsest, diminishing usage.
2/9: perfect planetarium dissolve.
2/16: velvet-painted chintz. on the skyline, financial district office lights pinpricking on like an advent calendar.
2/23: perfect lunar blue gone hiding behind chalk-gray, then back to a more tempered, public self.

3/2: a pale, snowy enclosure behind downtown. lights are still mostly off, like the skyscrapers and glass boxes want to sleep in.
3/9: stolen by daylight savings, then released slowly, like a fog. thx to everybody who pledged last night! #wfmuthon
3/16: dim, unformed. something not yet ready to be told.
3/23: inside an easter egg, too blue for walt. perfect crescent moon hanging over the financial district, almost CGI.

4/6: austere gray with ambient pink, like a blue/orange flood braced to shatter winter’s last wall. happy opening day, peeps.
4/13: blue-white light precisely detailing downtown’s contours. spires, cell towers, rooftop watertanks, scaffolding around glass boxes.
4/20: chalky gray. ambitionless & deferential to newer, brighter suns rising in parallel.
4/27: blushing peach, mildly aghast at having tricked everything (and everybody) into bloom. but only mildly.

5/4: enthused flowers bent crooked with rain, pink petals litter sidewalk. in the distance, dock cranes, draped in fog.
5/11: nearly full daylight bounces btwn glass boxes of exchange pl. reflections incrementally deeper, more vivid & illusory, each week.
5/18: cold, wet breeze off river. trees disheveled, starting committees.
5/25: a rumor, unconfirmed, truth blurred by stillness.

6/1: a blue so cool & white that it hurts.
6/8: damp, fragrant. neon green post-it note affixed to sidewalk, labeled “trash.”
6/15: through the rain in a rented tux jacket, boutonniere petals wilting.
6/22: clouds still amassed strategically above skyline. swarm intelligence in repose, potentially violent.
6/29: real summer at last. international flags lining boulevard lap agreeably, like they’ve adjusted to waking w mimosas every morning.

7/6: crisp & amendable, wanting to be time-stretched into an infinite gentleness.
7/20: dew condensing, on the march. innocent morning sweetness amping itself for humidity assault.
7/27: unobtrusively blinding. humidity-powered smellscape carries scents of baking bread, urine, and then something like ginger ale.

8/3: a miscalibrated counter on a cassette deck, reset.
8/10: windwhipped. soft, wet air. garbage cans rolling across waterfront plaza.
8/17: haze smeared. gray malaise & unborn breezes.
8/24: inexplicably smells like pancake batter.

9/7: end-of-summer melancholia compressed into quiet colors, darker dawn. the breeze reports from someplace far away.
9/21: soft focus. crystal blue & pink clouds behind unfathomably sharp skyline.
9/28: blue/black flood rolling over buildings, sidewalks, everything, lapping at morningfeet.

10/5: padding on the balls of my feet through the kitchen, trying not to wake anybody.
10/12: milk truck loitering by empty bus stop, engine running, no driver in sight, ready to be liberated.
10/19: cruise ship creeping by in slow motion, moving facade in front of sleep-blinking financial district.
10/26: mars, or something else high & red, lingering over WTC site.

11/2: angry, choppy wind. traffic lights in all directions seem to be red, glaring.
11/9: thin orange-grey smog-haze in quiet, dramatic gradation.
11/16: is.
11/23: the silver-purple of dreamless sleep.

12/7: a million fissures blurred to seamless slate.
12/14: unconvinced of its own existence.
12/21: hiding behind a snowbank, hoping nobody notices.
12/28: a red/purple/gray flatness only spoken to/by other sunrises.


1/4: mysterious puffs of backlit red steam against slate sky from roof of waterfront mini-highrise. also, ZOMG, it’s fucking cold.
1/11: lacquered & holding. more mysterious backlit red steam belching from waterfront rooftop.
1/18: streets glistening with rain-sheen, empty studio backlot ready for action.
1/25: shaking lampposts & stray leaves trace the wind’s abrupt contours, possesed by the spirit & speaking in silent, secret tongues.

2/1: immaculate, clear & cold. perfect fade from dark blue to light, distinct orange flare banding horizon.
2/8: a place for every shade of blue & every shade of blue in its place. crisp crescent moon over the harbor.
2/15: encased in blue ice & melting dimly at the corners.
2/22: perfect visibility, the skyline recut in the night with municipal lasers. dirty snow clumped around trees & lampposts like mold.

3/1: muted icescape & the smell of home fries.
3/8: crisp, warm & OMG dudes I obliterated my goal *and* i get to keep the beard! thx to all who pledged! stunned!
3/15: dark, oddly gentle. umbrella carcasses scattered in the storm-eye.
3/29: dripdripdripdripdripdripdripdripdripdripdripdripdripdripdripdripdripdripdripdripdr —

4/5: gently (one hopes) meeting the mets.
4/12: buds & blossoms & candles still flickering at waterfront memorial for kaczyński by katyn statue:
4/19: momentary stillness of skyborne machinery.

5/3: heat, rain.
5/10: whiteblue recessional, proceeding.
5/17: soft air, sleepy blossom perfume, & an idling WPIX news van.
5/24: fog-draped, all but waterfront skyline shrouded. city looks shrunken, intimate.

6/7: sheepish. bearing treatises of coolness, perhaps misleading.
6/14: in the smoggy, smoggy dew.
6/21: glass box office towers reflect surrounding cityscape into shimmying, building-sized david hockney mutations. breeze, cinnabunny.
6/28: barometric alarm clock, arms spinning.

7/5: businesslike, unamused.
7/12: massive 10-deck cruise ship drifting by, looking as big as buildings behind it, temporarily/confusingly redefining skyline.
7/19: flags blowing in subtly different directions & creepy newfangled group aerobics on the plaza.
7/26: uncommonly cool & gentle, with an even more uncommon garbage stank.

8/2: morning boot campers circling the plaza like a .gif loop. dude with a stopwatch, barking.
8/9: boats in the steam. (or, if autocorrect had its way, boars.)
8/23: uncertain contents leaking.
8/30: mini traffic cones laid on plaza in airy grid, like gallery installation, for MIA boot-campers. cloud ribbons merge w glass boxes.

9/13: distant purple/gray command wending through the system.
9/20: massive blue soundstage.
9/27: sparse, insistent rain. hard wind off the hudson.

10/4: brooklyn shipyard cranes glittering like a distant alien city.
10/18: stars out, air rich.
10/25: hive-like, the city in cross-section.

11/1: trees on south side of street totally bare. on north, modesty just starting to diminsh.
11/8: the purple between gray & blue.
11/15: a dim pink humming.
11/22: detuned & weary.
11/29: intricate orchestration from star-ridden black-blue above to far-off white-pink at horizon line.

12/6: chalky, marbled.
12/13: a laden vibration.


1/3: christmas tree, tipped & spilling from oversized white garbage bag, flapping sadly.
1/10: ice black harbor.
1/17: empty plaza, empty trains, collective MLK sleep.
1/24: glass towered ice fortresses on the hudson.
1/31: paths through the terrestrial surface.

2/7: dim pastel sedimentality.
2/14: lavender concrete, crumbling.
2/21: all american white-out.
2/28: fully retractable graphite rain.

3/7: $ & £ & € & xx & oo from the heavens.
3/14: a thousand springs behind.
3/28: born blue.

4/4: off-purple near-rain.
4/11: monday morning fogging down. city entirely enveloped, invisible besides dim dock lights.
4/18: boot campers out on plaza for first time this year. terrifyingly perky routines.
4/25: a sweet, cool pausing.

5/2: freedom’s just another word for what’s on the other end of the PATH train. terrified.
5/9: countrypolitan platitudes.
5/16: cinnabon fog.
5/23: bootcampers prostrate in odd symmetric/ritualistic array around katyn massacre memorial

6/6: muted perfumed fanfare.
6/20: secret no longer.

7/4: abandoned skyline in low clouds.
7/11: 12-story carnival cruise ship lumbers up the hudson, past the skyline, like a lost, confused whale ready to beach.
7/18: niiiice dissolve.
7/25: pleasant! harbor breeze + unmistakable smell of lightly jellied toast.

8/1: new morning.
8/8: syrup, slowly swum.
8/22: following a trail of rose petals onto the PATH platform.

9/5: unlabored & abandoned.
9/12: in remembrance of thinkpieces past.
9/19: infinite gradation in blue.
9/26: purple darkness.

10/3: velvet clouds over the city like the cover of “loaded.”
10/10: blue unmuting.
10/17: in invisible pinks.
10/24: perfect crescent moon (the lunar megaphone?) hanging directly above zuccotti park.
10/31: 45 at 33 1/3.

11/14: drab whiteness overtaking, minus tiny distant flare over navy yards, like dramatic natural history museum miniature.
11/21: deep purple rain.
11/28: black sky, blue clouds.

12/12: bare metallic branches.
12/19: the frozen rigging resists.


1/2: de-reveled.
1/9: skyline snooze control
1/16: heavy, windless cold. branches & flags still.
1/23: half-pleasant airborne slush.
1/30: tiny lights blink awake.

2/6: chalky monday.
2/13: crashville skyline.
2/20: crystal blue per$ua$ion.
2/27: freeform <3.

3/5: purple cloudbank fleet.
3/12: blue noise behind the black.
3/19: hyperreal crescent moon over wall street.
3/26: blue upon blue upon blue.

4/2: tranquil blue gradations & return of war yawping morning boot-campers.
4/9: white-blue sky, light eastward wind, mets somehow 3-0.
4/16: cherry blossom clinic.
4/30: skyline time-lapse freeze-frame.

5/7: half the flags blowing east, half blowing west.
5/14: boggling over bootcampers & citybirds with bryce.
5/21: cold fog, cloud city.

6/4: lunar holiday.
6/11: nu-WTC disappearing into cloudbanks & looking even taller.
6/18: goodbye blue monday…
6/26: …hello, blue tuesday.

7/3: cool sweet haze.
7/10: atmospheric conditions tolerable.
7/17: solid dew.
7/24: a crumpled lacoste umbrella by the newsstand.
7/31: sea gray, with gulls.

8/14: glass panels creep up a skyscraper in progress.
8/21: the smell of cheese & sickly flowers.
8/28: fat, warm rain.

9/4: luminous fog, hyperreal skyline.
9/11: freedom moonset.
9/18: both purple and rain.

10/2: inscrutable and depthless gray-brown.
10/9: very close to still.
10/16: daylight unsaved.
10/23: black magenta.

11/6: morning in america with newscopters.
11/13: ambient pastels.
11/20: a curtain, reversed.
11/27: grey behind red behind grey.

12/4: deep static.
12/18: giant misplaced novelty wreaths above the holland tunnel tollbooths and rain.


1/1: a very pastel beginning.
1/8: crisp prop moon, crescent.
1/15: the softest red.
1/22: ice raga.
1/29: soft-edged & windless.

2/5: unhurried snowstatic.
2/19: metropolitan soundstage.
2/26: all new, unshredded flags of many nations down the middle of montgomery street.

3/5: ow, my brain.
3/12: NOT TOO LATE TO PLEDGE. 800-989-9368, , or .
3/19: slushfall.
3/26: purple cloudcliff.

4/2: loop-ache aggregation.
4/9: beach party tonight.
4/16: out demons, out.
4/23: wet white blossoms.
4/30: just like any other day that’s ever been.

5/7: tomorrow’s clear light.

frow show, FMU-209

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. computers reading Richard Brautigan – “All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace”
2. Taiwan Housing Project – “What?” – Taiwan Housing Project (no label )
3. Plinth – “Kay Harker” – Collected Machine Music (Time Released Sound)
4. Ved – “Starokorokas (excerpt)” – Spectra 12″ (Adrian)
5. Devendra Banhart – “Won’t You Come Home” – Mala (Nonesuch)
6. Richie Havens – “Morning Morning” – Mixed Bag (Verve) [Richie Havens, 1941-2013.]

7. The Replacements – “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” – Songs For Slim (New West)
8. Grateful Dead – “The Race Is On” – Reckoning (Arista) [for George Jones (1931-2013) & Bobby Weir (feel better)]
9. Bodo Molitor – “Laziness” – del hits internacionales (Dimsa)
10. Yellowbirds – “Young Men of Promise” – Songs From the Vanished Frontier (Royal Potato Family)
11. Sonny & the Sunsets – “Green Blood” – Antenna to the Afterworld (Polyvinyl)
12. Music For the Muted – “30″ [via Soundcloud]
13. Taste – “Blister On The Moon” – Taste (Polydor)
14. Swell Maps – “Whatever Happens Next …” – Jane From Occupied Europe (Rough Trade)
15. New Sound of Numbers – “Invisible Magnetic” – Invisible Magnetic [via Bandcamp]
16. Tortoise & The Ex – “The Lawn of the Limp” – In the FIshtank (Konkurrent)
17. Oblivians – “Pinball King” – Desperation (In the Red)
18. English Singles – “Ordinary Girls” – Ordinary Girls 7″ (Slumberland)

19. Senator Sam Ervin – “Bridge Over Troubled Water” – Senator Sam At Home (Columbia)
20. Willie Nelson – “Darkness on the Face of the Earth” – Crazy: The Demo Sessions (Sugar Hill)
21. Tall Firs – “Loss For Words” – Out of It and Into It (ATP/R)
22. Karen Dalton – “Travelin’ Shoes” – Yeti #13 7″ (Hardly Art)
23. Glenn Jones – “Bergen County Farewell” – My Garden State (Thrill Jockey)
24. Floating Flowers – “Johsho Kiryu” – 1st + 2nd (Black Plastic Sound)
25. Jon Collin – “Furniture Makers Moan” – High Peak Selections (Winebox)
26. Thurston Moore & Loren Connors – “Brooklyn, NY – Public Assembly – October 17th, 2012″ – The Only Way To Go Is Straight Through (Northern-Spy) [plus "Notiey (a mother's advice to her daughters, Pu Xiu Wen, with her 2 daughters answering)" from "Ethnic Minority Music of Southern China" (Sublime Frequencies)]
27. Jim Sauter & Kid Millions – “Pamyra” – Boanerges (Doubtmusic)
28. Steve Lacy & Joe McPhee – “The Rest” – The Rest (Roaratorio)
29. Vertonen – “11° 22.4′N 142° 35.5′E”" – HACE/26,250′ b/w 11° 22.4′N 142° 35.5′E” (Misanthropic Agenda)
30. Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings – “A Choir Of Bells” – Tibetan Bells (Island)
31. Julianna Barwick – “Pacing” – Pacing 7″ (Suicide Squeeze)

32. Dust – “Often Shadows Felt” – Dust (Legacy)
33. Parquet Courts – “Square States” – American Specialties (Play Pinball)
34. Julian Lynch – “Horse Chestnut” – Lines (Underwater Peoples)
35. Tenniscoats – “Mosha Mosha Mo” – All Aboard! (Chapter Music)
36. C.S. Crew – “Troubles of the World” – Funky Pack (Cultures of Soul)

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frow show, FMU-208

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Hawkwind – “Silver Machine” – Leave No Star Unturned: Live Cambridge 1972 (Dirter)
2. Decimus – “Live in Hannover” – spring 2013 (Kelippah) [plus Geoff Mullen, "Filtered Water, part 1"]
3. Terry Riley & Don Cherry  – “Descending Moonshine Dervishes” – Live Köln 1975 ((no label))
4. Os Mutantes – “É Proibido Proibir” – The Sixth Finger: Singles, Rarities and Outakes 1965-1968 ((no label))

5. Bob Dylan – “Thirsty Boots” – Wigwam 7″ (Columbia)
6. Don Everly – “Tumbling Tumbleweeds” – Don Everly (Ode)
7. Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders with Tom Fogerty – “Biloxi” – 30 June 1972 Keystone Korner ((no label))
8. Marcia Griffiths – “Children At Play” – Sweet & Nice (Wild Flower)
9. The Offs – “Cool Down” – Spiky Dread: Issue One (Rongo Rongo)
10. The Ethiopians – “I Need Someone” – Train To Skaville – Anthology 1968 To 1975 (Trojan)
11. Ramble Tamble – “Raks Fazani” – Secret Museum of Kind Men, v. 2 (Casual Acid Tea)
12. Indian Puddin & Pipe – “Water or Wine” – Fifth Pipe Dream (San Francisco Sound)
13. Medicinal Porpoises – “’77″ – The Lost Music of Medicinal Porpoises ((no label))

14. Shugo Tokumaru – “Down Down” – In Focus (P-Vine Japan)
15. Haiku Salut – “Glockelbar” – Tricolore (How Does It Feel)
16. Roland Young – “Coast” – Mystic Comprovisations ((no label)) [via Soundcloud]
17. Matthew Shaw – “Museum Street” (Volcanic Tongue) [via Soundcloud]
18. J.D. Emmanuel – “Path Inward” – Time Traveller (Aguirre)
19. Klaus Schulze & Gunter Schickert – “Die Sehnsucht des Laien” – The Schulze-Schickert Session (Mupymup)
اسلام شيبسى .20. [via]
21. OH/EX/OH – “Super Potato” – Tokyo Field Recordings ((no label)) [via Bandcamp]
22. Astor – “Trumpets / Guns / November” – Alcor (Kye)
23. Paul & Maurey – “Summertime” – Satellite (Rel)
24. Jenny Hval – “The Seer” – Innocence is Kinky (Rune Grammofon)

25. unknown woman – “Another Good Woman Gone Bad” – Hall Of Fame Volume 2: More Rare And Unreleased Gems From The FAME Vaults (Fame/Kent)
26. Chelsea Light Moving – “Heavenmetal” – Chelsea Light Moving (Matador)
27. Everyone Involved – “Motor Car Madness” – Either/Or (Arcturus)
28. Steve Tilston – “I Really Wanted You” – An Acoustic Confusion (The Village Thing)
29. Klaus Dinger + Japandorf – “Osenbe” – Klaus Dinger + Japandorf (Gronland)

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frow show, FMU-207

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Helmut Lachenmann – “Clouds in Icy Moonlight” – Zwei Gefühle & Solo Works (Mode)
2. Newband – “Columbus” – Play Microtonal Works by… (Mode) [Dean Drummond, 1949-2013.]
3. A C Slate no r – “Resurrection” – via Soundcloud (A C Slate no r)
4. Ashley Paul – “Line the Clouds” – Line the Clouds (REL)
5. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou – “Min We Tun So” – The Skeletal Essences of Afro Funk (Analog Africa)
6. Steve Gunn – “Trailways Ramble” – Time Off (Paradise of Bachelors)
7. Aporea – “Mir prezhde rozhdestva” – Ex-Yu Electronica, Vol. III: Diktatura, Humor, Agresija (Monofonika)
8. Grateful Dead  – “Eyes of the World” – 19 February 1973 International Pavilion, Chicago, IL
9. The Moles – “Europe By Car” – Untune The Sky (Flydaddy)

10. Selector Dub Narcotic – “Anglepoise” – Distorted Cymbals 7″ (K)
11. O Bando – “Pela Rua Da Praia Ed. Saturno” – O Bando (Shadoks)
12. Woods – “Impossible Skies” – Bend Beyond (Woodsist)
13. Monster Surprise – “Commerical” – You Don’t Have To Be Fashionable, v. 1 (With A Messy Head)
14. Freeze Puppy – “Katana Bay” – The Night Attendant [via Soundcloud]
15. The Wowz – “Happy Today” – Long Grain Rights (RIYL)
16. Purling Hiss – “Dead Again” – Water on Mars (Drag City)
17. Meat Puppets – “Backwater” – Too High To Die (London)

18. Herbie Hancock – “Rain Dance” – Sextant (Columbia)
19. Missing Man Formation – “Delgado’s Famous Electrodes” – Thanks For the Add! v. 1 (Headphonica)
20. Innode – “Dedispersion II” – Gridshifter (Editions Mego)
21. Freddy Ruppert – “Stanch” – Hangs A Shadow (NNA Tapes)
22. Grisha Shakhnes – “A Man Asleep (excerpt)” [via Soundcloud]
23. Agf – “Breathing In Lines” – Source Voice (Line)
24. Natural Snow Buildings – “The Desert Has Eyes” – The Snowbringer Cult (Ba Da Bing!)
25. Tomoko Sauvage – “Raindrop Exercise (2)” – Ombrophilia (Aposiopese)
26. Jurgen Brauninger / Klaus Fessman – “Dieses Stuck” – Ornament (Creel Pone) [plus "Giant" by Ensemble Pearl from "Ensemble Pearl" (Drag City) + "We Want To Invite, We Do Invite You" by Brian Haernetty from "From the Sun Ra/Saturn Archives: The Sociophonic Key" 7-inch at 33 1/3 (Scioto)]
27. Tristan Perich – “Active Field” – Compositions (Tristan Perich)
28. Carton Sonare – “Cartoons From Outer-Space” – Lullaby 8 (With A Messy Head)
29. Eno, Moebius, Roedelius – “Broken Head” – After the Heat (Sky)
30. Silje Nes – “Silver > Blue” – Opticks (Fat Cat)

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frow show, FMU-206

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. King Ayisoba – “I Want To See You My Father” – Modern Ghanaians (Makkum)
2. Dan Deacon – “Konono Ripoff No. 1″ – 7″ (Domino)
3. Physics – “Random Water” – Spectramorphic Iridescence (Digitalis)
4. Akron/Family – “No-Room” – Sub Verses (Dead Oceans)
5. Fairhorn – “Pinecones” – Satan Replicant (Deathbomb Arc)
6. Amps For Christ – “Color” – Circuits (Vermiform)

7. Brad Laner – “Highly Morning” – Highly Morning 7″ (Drawing Room)
8. The 49 Americans – “I Be Later” – We Know Nonsense (Staubgold)
9. Clothilde – “A ORA SO COS’E” – French swinging Mademoiselle 1967 (Born Bad)
10. The Riats – “Run Run Run” – 7″ (Omega (NL)) [via Probe is Turning on the People, session #419, Early Adopters -]
11. Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin – “Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk” – Reverse Shark Attack (Kill Shaman)
12. Counter Intuits – “Stolen Souls” – Counter Intuits (Pyramid Scheme)
13. Catholic Spray – “KROKODILE DANDIES” – Earth Slime (Born Bad)
14. Snapper – “Hang On (demo)” – recorded at Radio One, Dunedin, NZ (Flying Nun) [via]
15. Sproton Layer – “Gift” – With Magnetic Fields Disrupted (New Alliance) [reunion tour this summer]

16. Mock Duck – “Borrowed Song” – The Cool-Aid Benefit Album (Light in the Attic)
17. The Beau Brummels – “Laugh, Laugh” – Nuggets, v. 7: Early San Francisco (Rhino)
18. Jorma Kaukonen – “Flying Clouds” – Quah (Grunt)
19. David Grubbs – “I Started To Live When My Barber Died” – The Plain Where the Palace Stood (Drag City)
20. Fit & Limo – “Dark Star” – The Serpent Unrolled (September Gurls)
21. Sohrab – “Hejrat” – Between Strangers (Touch)
22. Arborea – “Ghost” – Fortress of the Sun (ESP-Disk’)
23. zeitkratzer – “02″ – Grand Orchestra (Tochnit-Aleph) [plus "Gending Alexander" by Lou Harrison/Gamelan Si Betty from "Gamelan Music" (Music Masters Jazz)]
24. Dennis Smalley – “Pentes” – Traces Two (Editions Mego) [plus, "Beyond Lies the Wub" by Philip K. Dick]
25. akio suzuki and lawrence english – “Ficus Watkinsiana” – Boombana Echoes (Winds Measure)
26. Ramon Sender Barayon – “Xmas Me” (Ramon Sender Barayon)
27. Smiled Hifiklub – “Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow” – Vega-Tables 7″ (Parallel Factory)
28. Sightings – “Bucket Brigades” – Terribly Well (Dais)
29. The Deranged Umpire – “The Deranged Umpire” – via Soundcloud (The Deranged Umpire)

30. Woom – “The Hunt” – Muu’s Way (Ba Da Bing)
31. Rocketnumbernine – “Rotunda” – MeYouWeYou (Smalltown Supersound)
32. Follakzoid – “Trees” – II (Sacred Bones)
33. Gene Clark – “Where My Love Lies Asleep” – Here Tonight: The White Light Demos (Omnivore)
34. Rima Kato – “The Torchsong of the Choir” – via Soundcloud (Rima Kato)

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frow show, FMU-205

(Detailed playlist, with listening links)

1. Jean-Jacques Perrey & David Chazam – “Cyberbugs Time-Machine” – Celebrity Headphones: Monica’s 2012 WFMU Marathon Premium (Basenotic)
2. Takako Minekawa & Dustin Wong – “Party on a Floating Cake” – Toropical Circle (PLANCHA)
3. Tara King Th. – “Long Time No See” – Uncolored Past (Part I & II) (Moon Glyph)
4. Cherry – “Tape 2, Side B” – Aanother Fractal (Blue Tapes)
5. Hand Fart Master – “The Sounds of Silence (hand fart version)” – via YouTube (Hand Fart Master)
6. Cody Jackson – “The Beach Boys Shred I Get Around” – via YouTube (Cody Jackson)
7. The A-Bones – “O Canada” – Daddy Wants a Cold Beer … and Other Million Sellers (Norton) [GO BLUE JAYS!]
8. The Silver Jews – “Canada” – Dime Map of the Reef 7″ (Drag City)
9. Lou Reed – “She’s My Best Friend (demo)” – 1970 Demos (Lou Reed)

10. Bob Dylan – “Solid Rock” – 16 November 1980 Warfield Theater (Bob Dylan) [for Paul Williams]
11. Neckbeard Telecaster – “Sweet Salvation” – Neckbeard Telecaster (Neckbeard Telecaster)
12. KORT – “April’s Fool” – Invariable Heartache (City Slang)
13. Halasan Bazar – “Mountaintops” – How To Be Ever Happy (Moon Glyph)
14. Scott & Charlene’s Wedding – “Hazy Morning” – Two Weeks EP (Critical Heights)
15. Lenz – “Moody Michelle” – Ways To End A Day (1-2-3-4 Go)

16. Dino & the Dell-Tones – “Sticks and Stones” – Movements (Tramp)
17. Willie and the Bumblebees – “Honey From the Bee” – Twin Cities Funk and Soul: Lost R&B Grooves from Minneapolis/St. Paul 1964-1979 (Secret Stash)
18. Jombo – “Squeeze Me” – Jombo (Tembo)
19. Bumblebee Unlimited – “Lady Bug” – James’s 2012 Hanukkah Mix (Red Greg)
20. Watty Burnett – “Rainy Night in Portland” – Disco Devil: the Jamaican Disco Mixes (Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry & Friends) (Island)
21. Main – “Ablation” – II (Editions Mego)
22. Matt Reis – “Psychodrama” – Stream of Unconsciousness, v. 10 (Stream of Unconscious)
23. Mickey Hart, Jerry Garcia, & unknown – “#4″ – The Silent Flute OST (Mickey Hart)
24. No-Neck Blues Band – “Side A” – Furamingo Josei (Free Music Archive)
25. Diseño Corbusier – “Clonica” – Pérfido Encanto (Vinilisssimo)
26. Keiji Haino / Jim O’Rourke / Oren Ambarchi with Charlemagne Palestine & Eiko Ishibashi – “Once Again I Hear The Beautiful Vertigo…” – Now While It’s Still Warm Let Us Pour in All the Mystery (Black Truffle)
27. penguins recorded by Cheryl E. Leonard – “Beach Adelie Penguins” – Chattermarks (Great Hoary Marmot Music)

28. Daniel Bachman – “Brother Green” – March/April Tour 7″ (Tompkins Square)
29. Rangda – “Sancticallist” – split 12″ with the Dead C (Ba Da Bing!)
30. Herbcraft – “Full Circle (Eternally)” – The Astral Body Electric (Woodsist)
31. Eddie Marcon – “Shouka” – via Soundcloud (Eddie Marcon)

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frow show, FMU-204

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. unknown – “Lullaby” – Music From the Morning of the World (Nonesuch)
2. Christian Wolff & Frederic Rzewski – “For Morty” – 8 Duos (New World)
3. Greg Davis & Ben Vida – “Side A” – Working Models (Los Discos Enfantasmes)
4. Cornelius – “Brazil” – Point (Matador)

5. William Tyler – “Cadillac Desert” – Impossible Truth (Merge)
6. Noah Wall – “Alpine Bugles” (Noah Wall)
7. Mickey Hart & Barry Melton – “Marshmallow Road” – 415 (Mickey Hart)
8. Cy Dune – “Acoustic 2 – 11.8.11″ (Family Tree)
9. Cian Nugent – “Ancient Gun” – New Music For Old Instruments (Incunabulum)
10. Ant Trip Ceremony – “Violets of Dawn” – 24 Hours (Ant Trip Ceremony)
11. Beck – “Static” – Mutations (DGC)

12. Chuckberrywhitehouse – “Hunger Strike” – All One Word: The Demos (Box Dog Sound)
13. Zs – “Side A” – Grain (Northern-Spy)
14. Terence McKenna – “Katmandu Interlude” – True Hallucinations: The Talking Book (Sound Photosynthesis)
15. Foldhead – “Taser Delirium” – Knurr & Spell: Being Psychedelic Sounds from Yorkshire (Memoirs of an Aesthete)
16. Jeremiah Cymerman – “Rogyapa” – Sky Burial (5049)
17. Pan & Regaliz – “Today It Is Raining” – Todas Sus Grabaciones Para Discos Dimension 1969-1972 (Rama Lama)
18. Hiroshi Hasegawa – “Sanzagaike” – Sanzagaike (nostalgie de la boue)

19. Bohemian Vendetta – “All Kinds of Highs” – Enough! (Distortions)
20. Feelings – “Thumbs Off” – Fun With Mantras 7″ (Urinal Cake)
21. Suns of Guns – “Ralph E. Static” – 5000 Watts 7″ (Windian)
22. Mmoss – “Nothing Left” – split 10″ with Quilt (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)
23. United States of Existence – “Love to the 44th Power” – Head Sounds From The Bam-Caruso Waxworks: Vol. 1, No. 1 (RPM)
24. Eat Skull – “Amnesty Box” – iii (Woodsist)
25. Case Studies – “Dull Knife” – Villain/Dull Knife 7″ (Sweet Rot)
26. Jim Sullivan – “Roll Back the Time” – U.F.O. (Light in the Attic)
27. Sham 69 – “Borstal Breakout” – 7″ (Polydor)

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Email Jesse Jarnow (

frow show, FMU-203

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Clara Rockmore – “Summertime” – Lost Theremin Album (Bridge)
2. Molly Drake – “I Remember” – Molly Drake (Squirrel Thing)
3. Emi Nurhayti – “sadar nampi takdir” – Macan Ucul (UTR)
4. Antonio Russolo – “Corale e Serenata (1921)” – Dada for Now: A Collection of Futurist and Dada Sound Works (ARK)
5. Jerry Garcia – “Man of Constant Sorrow” – 11 June 1962 Boar’s Head Coffee House (Jerry Garcia)
6. Jane Cramer – “You Will Feel Relief” (Jane Cramer)
7. Stark Reality – “Nani” – Acting, Thinking, Feeling (Now-Again)
8. Charlie Tweddle – “Ol’ Lazy Dog” – The Midnite Plowboy (Mighty Mouth)

9. The Hardy Boys – “Wheels” – Wheels (RCA)
10. Winston Francis – “California Dreamin’” – split 7″ with Jackie Mittoo (Bamboo)
11. The Clarendonians – “You Won’t See Me” (Studio One)
12. delima – “cemburu cinta” – delima (delima)
13. David Kilgour – “Christopher Columbus” (Arch Hill)
14. Jacco Gardner – “Help Me Out” – Cabinet of Curiosities (Trouble In Mind)
15. Julian Lynch – “Gloves” – Lines (Underwater Peoples)
16. The Men – “The Seeds” – New Moon (Sacred Bones)
17. English Singles – “Face Don’t Fit” – Disaster 7″ (Squirmy)
18. Beat Mark – “People of Your Kind” – Howls of Joy (Ample Play)

19. MarineVille – “Face” (Epic Sweep)
20. XYX – “Simulador” – Teatro Negro (Monofonus Press)
21. A Hawk and a Hacksaw – “You Have Already Gone to the Other World” – You Have Already Gone to the Other World (Lm)
22. Bronnt Industries Kapital – “The Train” – The Soviet Influence: From Turksib to Night Mail (British Film Institute)
23. Kobuku Senju – “Side A” – Joining the Queue to Become One of Those Ordinary Ghosts (Mie) [plus DJ drumming/whistling]
24. Loren Connors – “A Fire” – A Fire (Famly Vineyard)
25. Gamelan Pacifica – “In A Landscape” – Trance Gong (What Next?)
26. Annamy – “Woodpecker” – Woodpecker (Subliminal Sounds)
27. Bitchin Bajas – “Krausened” – Krausened EP (Permanent)
28. The Habermans – “I Shot My Neighbor for Gasoline” (The Habermans)
29. Farrah Abraham – “On My Own” – My Teenage Dream Ended (MTV Press)

30. Gillian Welch and David Rawlings – “Pocahantas” – The Revelator Collection DVD (Acony)
31. Os Canibais – “Lindo Sonho” – Os Canibais (Mr. Bongo)
32. Benoit Pioulard – “Mercy” – Hymnal (Kranky)
33. Phish – “Steep” – Billy Breathes (Elektra)
34. Peter Stampfel & Jeffrey Lewis – “Little Sister in the Sky” – Come On Board (Jeffrey Lewis)
35. Deadly Nightshade Family Singers – “Brazil” – Plain Brown Suit (Deadly Nightshade Family Singers)

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frow show, FMU-202

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Camden Joy – “The Lost Broadcast” – Break the Tabs and Check the Dolby B: Airbourne Event 2012 Premium ((no label))
2. Soulmates – “Them a Laugh and a Ki KI” (Amalgamated)
3. Ken Parker – “Telephone to Old Glory” – Noah Found Grace: Jamaican Gospel from the 4. ’60s and ’70s (Social Music Record and Tape Club) [$15 to get in the running for rare Social Music Club LP! telephone to Jeff M! 800-989-9368]
5. Spur – “Modern Era” – Spur of the Moments (Galactic Zoo Disks)
6. The Warlocks – “The Only Time Is Now” – Birth of the Dead (Rhino)

7. Guyer’s Connection – “She’s So Hot” – Portrait
8. A Hawk and a Hacksaw – “Maremaillette” – A Hawk and a Hacksaw (Cloud)
9. Steve Reich – “Six Pianos” – Steve Reich and Musicians, Live from the Kitchen 1977 (Orange Mountain Music) [$75 gets you in the running for New York Music history grand prize pack, including Will Hermes's "Love Goes To Buildings on Fire" & Bryan Waterman's 33 1/3 book re: Television's "Marquee Moon"]
10. – “FALLOUT FROM THE FROW ZONE, mystery excerpt #3″ [any pledge of $75 or more gets you the Fallout From the Frow Zone megamix]

11. Marios Group – “Borungku Si Derita” – Folk and Pop Sounds of Sumatra, vol. 1 (Sublime Frequencies) [$15 to get you in the running for LP!]
12. Ariesta Birawa Group – “Masa Depanmu” – Ariesta Birawa Group (Shadoks)
13. Andore Kandore, alias Inoue Yosui – “Kandore Mandore” – Japanese Folk, Rock, and Enka: 1969 ((no label))

14. Television – “Blank Generation” – CBGB 3/74 ((no label))
15. Television – “Marquee Moon” – Earth Tavern, 7/2/78 ((no label)) [$75 gets you in the running for NEW YORK MUSIC PRIZE PACK, including Will Hermes' epic "Love Goes to Buildings on Fire" & Bryan Waterman's "Marquee Moon"]
16. Sonic Youth – “Death Valley ’69″ – Smart Bar: Chicago 1985 (Goofin) [incredible archival S0nic y00th live CD, now part of the New York Prize Pack. $75 gets you in the running...]

17. Toy Love – “Pull Down the Shades” – Live at the Gluepot 1980 (Goner) [pledge $15 to get in the running for Toy Love 2xLP!]
18. Toy Love – “Swimming Pool” – Live at the Gluepot 1980 (Goner) [pledge $15 to get in the running for Toy Love 2xLP!]
19. Talking Heads – “Love -> Building  On Fire” – Sand In the Vaseline (Sire) [NY PRIZE PACK NOW INCLUDING JONATHAN LETHEM'S "FEAR OF MUSIC" BOOK, TOO! $75 TO GET IN THE RUNNING FOR 3 BOOKS + CD!]
20. Candy McKenzie  – “Ice Cream” – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry presents Candy McKenzie (Sanctuary)
21. Dayone – “Multiply (Version)” (Duppy Gun)
22. Alastair Galbraith – “Tin Town” – Mass (Siltbreeze) [$15 gets you in the running for Toy Love **AND** A. Galbraith LPs! 3 LPs worth of music!!]
23. Mystic Chords of Memory – “Like A Lobster” – Mystic Chords of Memory (Rough Trade)
24. Alexander Turnquist – “Standing at the Entrance of a Hidden City” – imaginational anthem vol. 5 (Tompkins Square)

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frow show, FMU-201

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Watts Little Angel Band – “New Orleans / Land of a 1000 Dances” – New Orleans / Land Of A 1000 Dances 7″ (Em)
2. Tyvek – “Air Conditioner” – Fast Metabolism
3. Cy Dune – “Just Kids”
4. Grass Widow – “Long Walk on the Beach” – Grass Widow ((no label)) [get in the running for Grass Widow s/t LP now! or 800-989-9368]
5. The Girls – “Jeffrey I Hear You” – Reunion (Brasch)
6. The Mattoid – “I’m So Excited”

7. GTO’s (Girls Together Outrageously) – “Do Me In Once And I’ll Be Sad, Do Me In Twice And I’ll Know Better (Circular Circulation)”
8. Mark Feehan – “Stoned Pilot B” – MF (Siltbreeze)
9. Alvarius B – “God Only Be Without You” – Baroque Primitiva (Abduction) [$15 gets you in the running for the LP! $75+ on!]
10. – “FALLOUT FROM THE FROW ZONE, mystery excerpt #1″ [a 1-hour mega-mix for any pledge of $75+. approx. tracklist here -]
11. Outer Space – “Side A” – Faucet Plains cassette

12. the Grateful goddamn Dead – “Dark Star (4 May 1972)” – Dark Star (Rhino)
13. Flower/Corsano/Hejnowski – “Rare Earth” – The Count Visits (Hot Cars Warp/Flowerhouse)
14. Hubble – “Nude Ghost” – Hubble Drums (Northern-Spy) [also part of the prize! $15 gets you in the running for 3-CD Northern-Spy prize pack, including Hubble + Loren Conners/Suzanne Langille + Chris Forsyth]

15. Bill Orcutt – “Star Spangled Banner (Side A)” – Star Spangled Banner (pallilalia)
16. Zea & Xavier Charles – “It’s Quiet” – Bourgeois Blues 7″
17. Aaron Freeman (aka Gene Ween) – “A Man Alone (demo)” [$15 gets you in the running for "Chocolate & Cheese" 33 1/3 & "Our Noise" Merge Records oral history books.]
18. Lambchop – “Kind Of” – Mr. M (Merge) [$15 gets you in the running for "Chocolate & Cheese" 33 1/3 & "Our Noise" Merge Records oral history books.]

19. – “FALLOUT FROM THE FROW ZONE, excerpt #2″ [a 1-hour mega-mix for any pledge of $75+. approx. tracklist here -]
20. Lol Coxhill & Friends – “I am the Walrus”
21. Thai Elephant Orchestra – “Heavy Logs” – Thai Elephant Orchestra
22. Oneida – “A List of the Burning Mountains 2″ – A List of the Burning Mountains (Jagjaguwar/Brah) [$15 gets you in the running for Oneida LP!]
23. Lonnie Holley – “Mama’s Little Baby” – Just Before Music (Dust-to-Digital)
24. Sun Ra – “I’ll Wait For You” – Strange Worlds In My Mind – Space Poetry Volume One (Norton) [pledge $75+ now & get in the running for Sun Ra grand prize pack -- LP + DVD]
25. Letta Mbulu – “I Need Your Love” – Love & The Needing of It: Jesse’s 2012 Marathon Premium
26. Renaldo Domino – “Not Too Cool To Cry” – Eccentric Soul: Twinight’s Lunar Rotation (Numero Group)

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fallout from the frow zone

fallout from the frow zone
the frow show with jesse, 2013 WFMU fundraising marathon premium

available for all pledges of $75 & above

in approximate order of 1st appearance & not limited to:
Billy Martin, multiple “Stridulations (for Temple Block Ensemble)”
Mickey Hart, Airto Moreira, & Flora Purim, “Ice of the North”
Hugh Le Caine, “Dripsody”
Dustin Wong & Matt Papich, “Blue Moon”
Thomas Block, “Sweet Suite 1 (for Ondes Martenot)”
Annea Lockwood, “Bottle Tree Shattered with Fragments” & other pieces
The Music Tapes, “Kolyada #3″
Stephan Mathieu & Ekkehard Ehlers, “New Year’s Eve”
Daniel Menche, “Rainmix”
Robert Wyatt, “Experiences No. 2″
Rolf Julius, “Music For the Air”
Andy Hofle, “Arcade Ambience 1981″
frogs recorded by Tom Reid, Merritt Island, FL, 4/5/89
Funny Cry Happy, “Inside the Casino Cloudbank”
Robert Hunter, “Rainwater Sea”
Orange Twin Fields Works, v. 1
Little Girl Laughing… SLOWED DOWN
The Dirashi Tribe, “Syncopated Panpipes”
Dombrowski, “Synthesis”
Al Jarnow, “Facial Recognition (soundtrack)”
Alexander Liebermann, “Music For 40 Typewriters”
Nancy, “Super Delicious Crunchy Forest Critters”
Francisco Meirino, “Untitled Phenomenas In Concrete”
Greg Davis, “Fourteen Locations Along Hunter Creek”
Edgar Froese, “Aqua”
The Beach Boys “Caroline No (vocals)”
Bee Mask, “Moon Shadow Move Moon Shadow Move”
“Wat Saket Temple Bells”
Chris Corsano, various from “Cut”
32 Out of Sync Metronomes End Up Synchronizing
Little Richard, “Goodnight Irene”


frow show, FMU-200

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Erik Satie – “Gnossienne No.1 (for harp & theremin)” [unknown performers]
2. Don Bikoff – “Celestial Explosion” – Celestial Explosion (Tompkins Square)
3. Tony Noichl – “La Montanara (Song of the Mountains)” – German Alps Festival: In the Catskills! At Beautiful Hunter Mountain, Hunter, NY ((no label)) [recorded in Munich]
4. Prince – “That Girl Thing” (3rdeyegirl)
5. Trash Kit – “Fame” – Trash Kit (Upset! The Rhythm)
6. Parquet Courts – “Careers in Combat” – Light Up Gold (What’s Your Rupture?)
7. Apollo Sunshine – “Magnolia” – Apollo Sunshine (spinART)
8. Billy Boys – “Mystery Train” – Anthology (Ektro)

9. Shirley Ellis – “The Clapping Song (Clap Pat Clap Slap)” (Congress)
10. Little Jr. Jesse & the Tear Drops – “Give Your Love To Me” – Eccentric Soul: The Dynamic Label (Numero Group)
11. Pazy and the Black Hippies – “My Home” – Wa Ho Ha (Secret Stash)
12. The Jugs – “I Know You Rider” – First Batch (Green Mountain)
13. Stephen & the Farm Band – “Hey Beatnik!” – Up In Your Thing (Farm) [led by Stephen Gaskin of The Farm -]
14. The Invisible Hands – “Soma” – The Invisible Hands (Abduction)
15. People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz – “Orchestra” – The Keystone Cut Ups (Illegal Art)
16. Nuslux – “Cepalux (side B)” – Cepalux (Vauva)
17. Dayone – “Multiply” – split 12″ with Early One (Duppy Gun)
18. I Jahbar – “Spy” (Duppy Gun)
19. Jagwa Music – “Dunia Watu” – Bongo Hotheads (Crammed Discs)

20. The Dodos – “Fools” – Visiter (Frenchkiss)
21. Pumice – “Hey Crap Crab” – Puny (Soft Abuse)
22. Sun Araw – “I’m Gonna Cross That River of Jordan” – Split 7″ w/ Spacemen 3 (The Great Pop Supplement)
23. Oskar Sala – “Dance with Percussion” – Electronic Virtuosity (Creel Pone)
24. Carillon of the Dom Tower, Utrecht – “Pentatonic Birds Over the City” – Dutch Carillon Music (Donemus Amsterdam/Radio Nederland Transcription Service) [plus Chora(s)san Time-Court Mirage, "Live at the Grimm Museum, vol. 1" (Sonic Arts/Important)]
25. The Bulgarian State Radio and Television Female Vocal Choir – “Sableyalo mi Agontze (the Bleating Lamb)” – Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares (Nonesuch) [plus Chora(s)san Time-Court Mirage, "Live at the Grimm Museum, vol. 1" (Sonic Arts/Important)]
26. Howard Menger – Authentic Music from Another Planet ((no label))
27. La Monte Young and the Theater of Eternal Music – “Raag Bhairava, part 1″ – Raag Bhairava pts 1 & 2 (White Label)
28. Toshiro Mayuzumi – “Mandara” – Electronic Panorama (Philips)
29. Francisco Meirino – “Untitled Phenomenas In Concrete (excerpt)” – Untitled Phenomenas In Concrete (Cave)
30. Rutherford Chang – “Side 1 x 100″ ((no label))
31. Eric Chenaux and Radwan Ghazi Moumneh – “Prepared Bowed 2″ – The Sentimental Moves (Grapefruit)
32. Townes van Zandt – “You Are Not Needed Now (demo)” – Sunshine Boy: The Unheard Studio Sessions & Demos 1971-1972 (Omnivore)

33. Dawn McCarthy & Bonnie “Prince” Billy – “So Sad” – What the Brothers Sang (Drag City/Palace)
34. Crazy Horse – “I Don’t Want To Talk About It” – Crazy Horse (Reprise)

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frow show, FMU-199

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Petra Haden – “The Planet Krypton” – Petra Goes To The Movies (Anti-) [Soundtracapella!]
2. Cults Percussion Ensemble – “Surrey With the Fringe On Top” – Cults Percussion Ensemble (Trunk)
3. Dot Wiggin Band – “Banana Bike” – Banana Bike EP ((no label))
4. Spray Paint – “Yawn Factory” – Spray Paint (S.s.)
5. Savages – “Husbands” – Husbands 7″ (Pop Noire)
6. Snakefinger – “I Love Mary” – Chewing Hides the Sound (East Side Digital)
7. Mdou Moctar – “Anar” – Music From Saharan Cellphones Vol. 2 (Sahel Sounds)
8. Prehistoric New Wave Singers – “Mary Mary” – The Sound of Geri Reig (Kernkrach)
9. Roky Erickson – “Pushing and Pulling” – Never Say Goodbye (Emperor Jones)

10. Panel of Judges – “Dream Satisfaction” – split 7″ with The Garbage & the Flowers (Weather)
11. Watts Little Angel Band – “New Orleans / Land of a 1000 Dances” – New Orleans / Land Of A 1000 Dances 7″ (Em)
12. Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby – “Sombreros In The Airport” – A Singing Museum (Southern Domestic)
13. Camper Van Beethoven – “Come Down the Coast” – La Costa Perdida (429)
14. Greg Davis – “Transmit To All Creation” – misc. Soundcloud tracks (Autumn)
15. Michael Chapman – “Side B” – the resurrection and revenge of the clayton peacock (Rural Retreat) [plus Yoshi Wada, "Singing In Unison" (Em), plus Makoto Kawabata, "Glissando Guitar" (White Label)]
16. Cornelius Cardew – “Paragraph 7″ – The Great Learning / Two Poems (Deutsche Grammophon)
17. Hiroshi Yoshimura – “Urban Snow” – Music For Nine Postcards (Sound Process)
18. Mountains – “Propeller” – Centralia (Thrill Jockey)
19. Sounds of the Sea – “Side B” – Sounds of the Sea 7″, No. 3 of the Mystic Seaport Series (Droll Yankees Inc.)
20. Lou Rawls – “Let’s Burn Down the Cornfield” – You’ve Made Me So Very Happy (Capitol)

21. Alemayehu Eshete – “Teredtchewalehu” – Ethiopiques 10: Ethiopian Ballads and Blues (Buda)
22. Hartmut Geerken – “excerpt” – burned beyond recognition/orgie mit mir selber (Sloow Tapes)
23. Harappian Night Recordings – “Shama” – Shama/Parwana (Singing Knives) [plus GDFX, "The Legendy of GDFX II" from "True N-Ibiru" cassette (Ormolycka)]
24. Jean-Baptiste Barriere – “Om Non” – Pandemonium (Creel Pone)
25. AMM – “Tune Six” – Tunes without Measure or End (Matchless)
26. – “Skyhabits”
27. Robert Hunter – “Lucia” – 10 March 1978 My Father’s Place
28. Black Twig Pickers – “Where the Whipporwills Are Whispering Goodnight” – Rough Carpenters (Thrill Jockey)
29. Lena Hughes – “Pearly Dew” – Queen of The Flat Top Guitar (Tompkins Square)

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frow show, FMU-198

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Rod McKuen – “The Beautiful Strangers” – The Beautiful Strangers (Warner Brothers)
2. Henry III – “With A Girl Like You” – Trojan Rocksteady Rarities (Trojan) [Reg Presley, 1941-2013.]
3. The Shaggs – “Yesterday Once More” – The Shaggs (Rev-Ola) [Karen Carpenter, 1950-1983.]
4. Bridget St. John – “Song To Keep You Company” – Top Gear & Singles, 1969-1973 ((no label))
5. Lee Ranaldo – “Rats (demo)” ((no label)) [happy birthday, Lee.]
6. The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane – “Blessings From the Reptiles” – The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane (Pastabase)
7. The Holydrug Couple – “Counting Sailboats” – Noctuary (Sacred Bones)

8. 13th Floor Elevators – “Slip Inside This House” – Easter Everywhere (International Artists)
9. Les Intrigantes – “La Justice” (A1)
10. Savages – “Husbands” (Pop Noire)
11. Reykjavictim – “Mediocre Superstar” – 冰岛 ((no label))
12. Arklight – “Silver Tongue” – The Beginners (Teflon Beast)
13. Matt Mottel – “Rotten Lovers” ((no label))
14. Zs – “ZSCORE REMIX 1 (by Shinji Masuko)” (Northern-Spy)
15. Lena Circus / Chie Mukai / Cam Deas – “Part 2″ – Lena Circus / Chie Mukai / Cam Deas (Pleasant Screams / Phono Select)
16. Erik Satie – “(multiple pieces)”
17. Damian Valles – “Temporal”
18. some dude – “singing along to Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites By Skrillex” ((no label))
19. Blake Carrington – “Not York-Standing Waves” – Cathedral Scan (Dragon’s Eye)
20. Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere – “Anti-Crepuscular Rays” – Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere (Discus) [plus, "ReRebong" by Neil B. Rolnick, performed by members of Gamelan Son of Lion, from "Macedonian AirDrumming" (Bridge)]
21. Arthur Crumlish & Alberto Bourdeth – “Nosferatou” ((no label))
22. The Beach Boys – “Carl & the Passions Radio Promo” – Endless Bummer: The Very Worst of the Beach Boys ((no label))
23. Television – “Glory” – Adventure (Elektra)

24. Styrenes – “Drano In Your Veins” – Essential Styrenes Volume 1 1975-1979 (Mustard)
25. The Screamin’ Mee-Mees – “Struckout” – Live From the Basement, 1975-1997 (Gulcher)
26. Wicked Lester – “Here Comes My Girlfriend” – You Are Doomed (Numero Group)
27. Connections – “On Your Mind” – Private Airplane (Anyway)
28. Montero – “My World Fell Down” – Nuggets: Antipodean Interpolations of the First Psychedelic Era (Warner Music Australia)
29. Jessica Bailiff – “Sanguine” – At The Down-Turned Jagged Rim Of The Sky (Kranky)
30. Matthew Van Brink – “White Those That Stayed Still (World Youth Choir)” ((no label))
31. Robert Turman – “Reflux” – Beyond Painting (Actual Tapes)
32. Butch Morris – “Nowhere Everafter music box” ((no label))
33. Eric Richards – “Finalbells (2002 – 2004)” – The Bells Themselves (New World)
34. Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory – “Wave” – Elements of Light (Rough Trade) [plus 3-second loop of Grateful Dead, 10 September 1974, Alexandra Palace, London UK]
35. Lonnie Holley – “Earthly Things” – Just Before Music (Dust-To-Digital)
36. Yadana Myit – “Perfumed Forest part 1″ – The Crying Princess: 78 Rpm Records from Burma (Sublime Frequencies)
37. Ada Garcia – “En Brazos de Otro Hombre” – Tejano Roots: San Antonio’s Conjuntos in the 1950s (Arhoolie)
38. Valerio Longoria y su Conjunto – “Noche De Amores” – Taquachito Nights: Conjunto Music From South Texas (Smithsonian Folkways)
39. Mississippi Sheiks – “Winter Time Blues” – Volume 1 (Third Man)
40. Beck – “Hollow Log” – One Foot In the Grave (K)

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frow show, FMU-197

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Wreckless Eric – “Take the Cash (K.A.S.H.)” – The Wonderful World Of Wreckless Eric (Stiff)
2. The Enemy – “Gone to the Worms (1978 demo)” ((no label))
3. MX-80 – “Little Pony (Made of Soap)” – 15 Laffs 7-inch (Forced Exposure)
4. The Mummies – “Stronger Than Dirt” – Stronger Than Dirt 7″ (Telstar)
5. Ni Hao! – “Maternity Blue” – Gorgeous (Tzadik)
6. Dirty Projectors – “Buckle Up” – About to Die EP (Domino)
7. Games – “Sad and Blue” – Games (HoZac)
8. Simply Saucer – “I Can Change My Mind” – Cyborgs Revisited (Sonic Unyon)

9. Cornelius – “Yajirushi Song” – NHK DESIGN AH
10. Kris Kristofferson – “The Taker” – The Best Of Shel Silverstein His Words His Songs His Friends (Columbia/Legacy)
11. Jefferson Airplane – “Don’t Slip Away” – Takes Off (RCA)
12. Elizabeth – “Mary Anne” – Elizabeth (Vanguard)
13. Wooden Wand – “Jhonn Balance” – Blood Oaths of the New Blues (Fire)
14. Lansing-Dreiden – “Spectrum of Vapor” – A Sectioned Beam
15. John Cale – “Living With You” – Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood (Double Six/Domino)

16. The Mystery Trend – “Mambo For Marion” – The Mystery Trend 7″ (Sundazed)
17. Aircuts – “Radioactivity” – Cherry Blossom Clinic presents Ragnarock-n-Roll ((no label))
18. Jimmie Dale Gilmore & Mudhoney – “Buckskin Stallion Blues” – Mudhoney/Jimmie Dale Gilmore 7″ (Sub Pop)
19. Gila – “Sundance Chant” – Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (Warner Brothers)
20. Prince Rupert’s Drops – “The Fortress” – Run Slow (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)
21. Kahimi Karie – “The Silence In A Storm” – It’s Here (Victor Entertainment Japan)
22. Swans – “You Fucking People Make Me Sick” – My Father WilL Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky (Young God)
23. Ben Vida – “UN #26 mix” ((no label))
24. Stinky Panic – “Lullaby” – Peaceful and Quiet ((no label))
25. Circuit des Yeux – “Helen, You Bitch” – CDY3 ((no label))
26. Robert Hampson – “Repercussions” – Repercussion (Editions Mego) [plus, "My Heart's in the Highlands," by Robert Burns, read by Prince Charles.]
27. Randy Greif – “The Fish Footman” – Alice In Wonderland 2 ((no label))
28. P16.D4 – “He’s Afraid of the Way the Glass Will Fall” – Kühe In 1/2 Trauer (Odd Size)

29. Phill Niblock – “Not Yet Titled” – Touch Three (Touch)
30. Langley Schools Music Project – “In My Room” – Innocence and Despair (Bar/None)
31. Lynn Blessing – “Emerald River” – Sunset Painter (Fallout)
32. Heron – “Yellow Roses” – Upon Reflection: The Dawn Anthology (Castle)
33. Larry Jon Wilson – “Lay Me Down Again” – New Beginnings (Monument)
34. Rainy Day – “Flying on the Ground Is Wrong” – Rainy Day (Serpent)
35. Robert Wyatt – “Sea Song” – Rock Bottom (Island)

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frow show, FMU-196

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)
1. James Taylor – “America The Beautiful (glitch version), 21 January 2013″ ((no label))
2. Bill Orcutt – “Star Spangled Banner” – Star Spangled Banner 7″ (Pallilalia) [plus YouTube version + "License" cassette by Pak (Price Tapes)]
3. Les Conversions – “The Kerosene Drinker” – Les Conversions (Kelippah) [plus Oath of Office reversed, slowed down]
4. Rm74 – “Spineless” – Two Angles of a Triangle (Utech)
5. Les Fleurs de Lys – “I Can See a Light” (Polydor)
6. Harumi – “We Love” – Harumi (Verve Forecast)

7. Les Liminanas – “Salvation” – Crystal Anis (HoZac)
8. Solid Space – “Please Don’t Fade Away” – Space Museum (In Phaze)
9. Ergo Phizmiz – “Space Dance” – Eleven Songs (Care in the Community)
10. Alastair Galbraith – “R.D.S.” – Morse and Gaudylight (Emperor Jones)
11. Arklight – “Steinway St.” – Decadence and Paranoids ((no label))
12. Kim Deal – “Walking With A Killer” – Walking With A Killer 7-inch ((no label))
13. Kitchen’s Floor – “Down” – Bitter Defeat 7″ (Negative Guest List)
14. Spacin’ – “Sunshine, No Shoes” – Deep Thuds (Richie)

15. Love Collector – “Starstruck” – God Save The Kinks! (Neotomic)
16. Places We Slept – “Sorry Wrong Number (He Blew It)” – Sad, Stoned, & Horny (Unread)
17. Parquet Courts – “Yr No Stoner”
18. Blank Realm – “Acting Strange” – Go Easy (Siltbreeze)
19. Jüppala Kääpiö – “From Veins to Nebulae” – Rewouha Groves (Omnimemento)
20. Ivàn Patachich – “Metamorphoses For Marimba” – Hungarian Electroacoustic Music (Hungaroton Classic)
21. Midori Takada – “Catastrophe” – Through the Looking Glass (RCA)
22. Hart Airto Purim – “The Gate of Dafos” – Dafos (Master)
23. Scott Walker – “See you Don’t Bump His Head” – Bish Bosch (4AD)
24. Richard Youngs – “I’m In (California)” – Amaranthine (Mie)
25. Greg Davis – “The Identity of Relative & Absolute” – Eyebright (Agents of Chaos)
26. Henri Pousseur – “Scambi” – Electronic Works (Bvhaast) [plus excerpts from American Museum of Natural 27. History Radio Series (Fall 1985, Spring 1986, Spring 1988)]
28. Pran – “Alap…” – Raga For the Rainy Season (Sparkling Beatnik)

29. Pran – “…Alap” – Raga For the Rainy Season (Sparkling Beatnik)
30. Cornelius – “Ah Song (generative)” []
31. Sons of Champlin – “Shades of Gray”
32. Del Shannon – “She” – Action! The Songs of Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart (Ace)
33. Love – “You I’ll Be Following” – Where the Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Rhino)

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I’m totally elated to announce that I’m working on a new book project for Da Capo. Heads: A Biography of Psychedelic America, slated for publication sometime in 2015, will be a history of the Deadhead continuum and very far beyond. If you’re a Goodreads user, you can follow along with some of my research over there as I plow through the hippie bibliography of my dreams, plus occasional bits on ye olde Twitter feede. As always, #deadfreaksunite.

yo la tengo, barnes & noble, 15 january

Yo La Tengo at Barnes & Noble, Union Square
Upstairs at the Square
15 January 2013
(with Dana Spiotta)

all acoustic, James on 12-string

The Point of It
Is That Enough
Paddle Forward

frow show, FMU-195

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)
1. Candy McKenzie – “Ice Cream” – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry presents Candy McKenzie (Sanctuary)
2. Yabby You – “Open Your Hearts (King Tubby & the Prophets All-Stars)” – Deeper Roots (Pressure Sounds)
3. Nurse With Wound – “Praying Mantis” – Scrag (United Dirter)
4. Eden Ahbez – “Myna Bird” – Eden’s Island (Del Fi)
5. Six Organs of Admittance – “Riel” – Maria Kapel (Whipping Post Music)
6. Cotton Candy – “Bumblebee Tuna” – Off-the-Hook & Out-of-Control (Teen Beat)
7. Dave Edmunds – “Where or When” – Get It (Swan Song)
8. Lou ‘n’ Nico – “I’ll Keep It With Mine” – 29 April 1971 Richard & Lisa Robinson’s Apartment
9. Tallest Man on Earth – “Revelation Blues” – There’s No Leaving Now (Dead Oceans)
10. Petula Clark – “Days” – Petula (Warner Brothers)

11. Cate Le Bon – “January” – Cyrk II (The Control Group)
12. Thee Oh Sees – “Goodnight Baby” – Putrifiers II (In the Red)
13. Sic Alps – “Moviehead” – Sic Alps (Drag City)
14. Moon Duo – “Fallout (Sonic Boom Remix)” – Mazes Remixed (Sacred Bones)
15. Robert Hampson – “Suspended Cadences (Four)” – Suspended Cadences (Editions Mego)
16. Bernard Parmegiani – “Pop’eclectic” – Pop’eclectic (Plate Lunch)
17. Noah Wall – “Breathing Cave” – Breathing Cave OST
18. The Incredible String Band – “Queen of Love” – U (Collectors Choice) [arranged by Tom Constanten]

19. Trash Kit – “Fame” – Trash Kit (Upset! The Rhythm)
20. Constant Mongrel – “Reflex” – Everything Goes Wrong (R.I.P. Society)
21. Television – “Friction” – 2 July 1978 Earth Tavern
22. Oxford Circle – “Mind Destruction” (World United)
23. The Ethix – “Bad Trip” – Bad Trip 7″ (Mary Jane)
24. Ivo Malec – “Triola” – Triola ou Symphonie Pour Moi-Meme (Editions Mego)
25. Sir Richard Bishop & David Oliphant – “Dharmakaya” – Beyond All Defects (Chodpa Media)
26. Illusion of Safety – “Always Somewhere Else” – Sweet Dreams 10-inch (Substantia Innominata)
27. Monopoly Child Star Searchers – “Constellation Tucana” – The Garnet Toucan (Underwater Peoples)
28. Bob Frankford – “O Carl” – Just A Little Bit of Milvia Son Records (Milvia Son)

29. Peter Stampfel – “Garden in the Rain” – Live (Mystra)
30. Dustin Wong – “Winter Spring” – Seasons (Wildfire Wildfire)
31. Mel Lyman Family – “Careless Love” – Birth (Transparency)

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frow show, FMU-194

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Camden Joy – “The Lost Broadcast” – Break The Tabs And Check Dolby B (Bodah 2012)
2. Leonard Nimoy – “Where Is Love” – Leonard Nimoy presents Mr. Spock’s Music From Outer Space (Dot)
3. Psychic TV – “Just Drifting” – Force The Hand Of Chance (Some Bizzare/WEA International, Inc.)
4. Chris Stamey  – “Where the Fun Is” – Summer Sun 7-inch (Ork)
5. The Advisory Circle – “Ceridwen” – As The Crow Flies (Ghost Box)
6. Yo La Tengo – “I’ll Be Around” – Fade (Matador)

7. Watts Little Angel Band – “New Orleans / Land of a 1000 Dances” – New Orleans / Land Of A 1000 Dances (7″) (Em)
8. Astro – “Mira, Está Nevando En Las Pirámides” – Astro (Nacional)
9. XL Kings – “Ghost Heart” – XL Kings ((no label))
10. Metz – “Knife in the Water” – Metz (Sub Pop)
11. Times New Viking – “Sleep-In” – Over & Over (Siltbreeze)
12. Yeah Yeah Noh – “Cottage Industry” – Cottage Industry EP (In Tape)
13. Jan Ashton – “Cold Dreary Morning” – Nuggets, v. 7: Early San Francisco (Rhino)
14. Takako Minekawa – “Klaxon!” – Klaxon! 7″ (March)
15. Arturo Ruiz del Pozo – “Lago de Totoras” – Tensions at the Vanguard: New Music from Peru (1948-1979) (Pogus) [plus "Tezeta" by Getatchew Mekuria from "Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex & Friends"]
16. Godspeed You! Black Emperor – “Their Helicopters Sing” – Allelujah! Don’t Bend Ascend (Constellation)
17. Natural Snow Buildings – “Night Coercion” – Night Coercion Into the Company of Witches (Ba Da Bing) [plus Georges Perec, "I Remember"]
18. derocov – “Raagina + Buddha Box jam”
19. Oren Ambarchi & Robin Fox – “Invigilation” – Connected (Kranky)
20. Lonnie Holley – “Mama’s Little Baby” – Just Before Music (Dust-To-Digital)

21. Isabella Sterner and David Fair – “Why Are You Not Sleeping?” – I Want To Be A Singer (Irwin’s 2012 marathon premium CD)
22. Appendix – “Space Trip” – Thetan (Amigo)
23. Martin Denny – “Soshu Night Serenade” – Exotica, v. 2 (Liberty)
24. Frank Hunter & His Orchestra – “Strange Echoes” – White Goddess (Kapp)
25. Nicki Scully with Jerry Garcia & Roland Barker – “Cauldron Journey for Healing” – Cauldron Journey for Healing cassette (Sahalie)
26. M. Geddes Gengras – “the last time we were here” – New Process Music (PCNT)
27. Ikue Mori & Ida Lundén – “(December 3rd)” – Swedish Energies (Volume One, Brooklyn 2011) (Ideal)

28. Badfinger – “Sweet Tuesday Morning” – Live on Nashville Now
29. Wanda Jackson – “Step By Step” – Capitol Rarities (Capitol)
30. Noahlewis’ Mahlon Taits – “Valley of No Return” – Gift From Noahlewis’ Mahlon Taits (Em)
31. Moby Grape – “Naked If I Want To” – Moby Grape (Columbia)

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#deadfreaksunite 1972

#deadfreaksunite 1972
edited for readability

Highlight mp3s included for unreleased shows only. I recommend DownThemAll plug-in to grab all mp3s on a given page.

3/21/72 academy: still no donna jean. 1st LOOKS LIKE RAIN, garcia on pedal steel, cool phil harmony. not yet my 1st skippable GD tune. 1st THE STRANGER (TWO SOULS IN COMMUNION), final (best?) original by still very active pigpen. nice split between pig/garcia/weir at all these 3.5 hr shows. 1st jammed PLAYING IN THE BAND (finally!), dripping psych/fusion middle section tripling to 3m. hello, 1972!

3/22/72 academy: 1st CAUTION since 3/71. highwire digressions & intricate outro jam. nearly smooth actual segue into UNCLE JOHN’S BAND

3/23/72 academy: great standalone 23m DARK STAR, exquisite/quiet garcia pre-verse, jagged space into MIND LEFT BODY JAM.

3/25/72 academy: private party for hell’s angels booked as jerry garcia & friends, 1st set backing bo diddley on 9 songs, later dick’s picks, v. 30. the diddley set is sleepy at times, especially on the unedited audience version, but nicely popping on tunes with the bo diddley beat (HEY BO DIDDLEY, MONA). topic for next #PopCon: bo diddley leading angels’ mamas in sing-along on TAKE IT ALL OFF on especially anthropological audience tape. then: the 2nd appearance of donna jean. only GD versions of HOW SWEET IT IS & garcia-sung ARE YOU LONELY FOR ME (freddie scott, A+ except for ugly chorus).

3/26/72 academy: sublime PLAYING cuts off as band goes drumless/free. still no donna jean wail.

3/27/72 academy: 1st donna jean wail in PLAYING. crowd eats it up. all love to her muscle shoals bona fides, but #headdesk.

3/28/72 academy: last of 7 great gigs at the academy. donna now screaming on GOIN’ DOWN THE ROAD FEELIN’ BAD, too. the garcia/weir/lesh harmonies on BROKEDOWN PALACE are just sloppy enough without her. another 3+ hour show, almost half new songs since ’70. band relaxed & at ease. europe here we come.

4/7/72 wembley: the bolos & bozos have landed. band (& official mix) sound incredible, rich Band-like piano/organ combo. even bobby/jerry/pig alternation in 1st set, unbroken hour-long sequence in 2nd. scattered OTHER ONE into stately WHARF RAT. europe ’72 mood so fleeting & special. mega-improv, ecstatic & clean 1-drummer arrangements. i’m ready.

4/8/72 wembley: band does a phish-like vamp under weir’s YELLOW DOG JOKE. CUMBERLAND BLUES maintains tendrils of speedfreak ’66 garcia in solos. DARK STAR is among best ever. BK anchors freeness, B3 bursts, & brilliant melodic crests. rare fluid segue into SUGAR MAGNOLIA. equally fluid steamroll into crackling R&B/psych CAUTION. ’72 might be pig’s best year, too. the band destroys it every time he steps up.

4/11/72 newcastle: garcia & weir clearly taking turn calling the opener this tour. band slightly more sluggish than london. GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD now with bouncy summer wah-wah from garcia & 1st non-ridiculous donna jean vocal part. rambling but wonderful 50m TRUCKIN’ > OTHER ONE, with fully developed FEELIN’ GROOVY jam dissolving into dark garcia/lesh duo jam. and finally a near-perfect live BROKEDOWN PALACE, pig on organ, nice keith part, harmonies in ragged-but-right place.

4/14/72 copenhagen: last onstage pedal steel by garcia ’til ’87 & thus final LOOKS LIKE RAIN i’ll (likely) ever care about. bummer. drifty 29m DARK STAR. drumless pre-verse zones, hyperspeed FEELIN’ GROOVY jam, one of 1st ugly/abrupt weir “segues” into SUGAR MAGNOLIA. big GOOD LOVIN’ (with CAUTION & only post-’66 WHO DO YOU LOVE inside) gets narrative, sharp pig/garcia call/response.

4/16/72 aarhus: no donna scream on PLAYING. is this the show where she was having a bad trip under the piano & couldn’t sing? TRUCKIN’ tumbles into solid 20m of OTHER ONE jamming. 1st phil/jerry duo develops into magical full band tangent, dissolves instantly. band veers into ME & MY UNCLE, 1st (& only) verse of OTHER ONE, and nifty 15s BK turnaround into NOT FADE AWAY. bonus: far-out electronics from aarhus university, roughly contemporary to dead’s visit. high-larious doors quote on track 3.

4/17/72 copenhagen: 1st HE’S GONE, lazy river vibe/tempo intact, minus “wind don’t blow so strange” bridge & endless chorus outro. another hour-long DARK STAR > SUGAR MAGNOLIA > CAUTION. very deliberate playing throughout, especially modal free jams in DARK STAR. HQ video of whole 4/17 show (not in GD’s new DVD box?!), featuring clown masks on BIG RAILROAD BLUES.

4/21/72 bremen: hour-long TV taping. garcia genially stops SUGAREE: “somebody played the wrong changes in there.” (pig, i think?) more false starts, 2 takes of PLAYING. 6m post-OTHER ONE jam arcs nicely from space to structure, dissolves.

4/24/72 dusseldorf: nicely odd GOOD LOVIN’, drumless & dissonant mid jam. pig quotes james carr’s “pouring water on a drowning man.” 40m DARK STAR (ME & MY UNCLE in middle) shatters/coalesces half-dozen times in 1st half, brilliantly motionless 2nd half until liquid major key jam & garcia slashes into WHARF RAT instead of the 2nd verse of DARK STAR. 3 set show, doofiness to spare.

4/26/72 frankfurt: easily best show of tour so far. high energy, great playing, inventive segues, face-melted banter, bust-outs. 1st 10m & last 10m of 36m OTHER ONE are flawless, song’s internal triplets combusting under oblique improv. middle 16m bitchin’, too. 1st TWO SOULS IN COMMUNION of europe, pigpen’s final original. less developed, but the soul heartbreak is nearly as epic as WHARF RAT. 1st LOVELIGHT of tour, too, darting & way-up psych-funk, a short NOT FADE AWAY jam, a bunch of odd gorgeous changes (go weir!?) into GOIN’ DOWN THE ROAD, whose use of the BID YOU GOODNIGHT bridge to drop into SATURDAY NIGHT makes latter bearable. bonus: robert hunter’s great liner notes to “hundred year hall,” the edited CD release of this show.

4/29/72 hamburg: 1st “wind don’t blow so strange” bridge in HE’S GONE. alternate phrasing, particularly undramatic “smile, smile, smile.” another night, another 30m DARK STAR. high-octane garcia free-fall throughout + FEELIN’ GROOVY jam.

5/3/72 paris: 1st SING ME BACK HOME since 11/71 & pleasantly the first effective & cool donna/garcia pairing. TRUCKIN’ unspools into boldly out-there OTHER ONE. elegant miniatures & actual lesh solo. he gets the hang of it halfway thru. never previously realized how codified TRUCKIN’/OTHER ONE & DARK STAR/SUGAR MAGNOLIA/CAUTION were as every-other-show jam-suites on this tour. CSN-grade garcia/lesh/weir harmonies on JACK STRAW. garcia sings alternating bridge lyrics for 1st time. hell yes. [ed. note: turned out to be the europe '72 version of JACK STRAW with overdubbed vocals.]

5/4/72 paris: 1st DARK STAR jam is unusually uptempo, developed, & consonant. full-band dynamic shifts & rhythmic through-lines. whole 40m version is an A+ choice for a record store day LP, minus the record store day part. finally heard. sounds so insanely good. mythbusters: donna’s alleged bad trip under the piano doesn’t seem to have incapacitated her at either paris show.

5/7/72 bickershaw festival: UK mudbath. fireworks audibly whoosh by onstage mics. weir: “we’ll want to aim those a little higher.” uncharacteristically sparkling festival performance, closing 3 day event (also featuring the kinks & late-night beefheart) with their usual 2 sets/4 hours. only ’72 gig with both DARK STAR & OTHER ONE. latter has much eventless free noise without 26th b-day boy BK. killer reprise jam. back to weir-only JACK STRAW, for some reason. in the crowd, 17-yr old elvis costello decides to start his own band.

5/10/72 amsterdam: was the weed THAT good? garcia uncharacteristically zonked. hoarse vox & rare lyric/guitar part slips throughout. 35m OTHER ONE is decent but uninspired, formulaic roll from space into structure. big TWO SOULS, but no pig showstopper. aha. McNally, p. 433: “the Concertgebouw was a jewel of a theater [&] the cocaine was far too good.”

5/11/72 rotterdam: garcia back on JACK STRAW duty. first MORNING DEW since 8/71. tentative at first, great 4m coda jam. 48m DARK STAR, longest ever. lazy/floating in all the right ways, garcia/lesh themes pass like ripples. 3rd in a row w/ short DRUMZ. logical DARK STAR wind down and clean stop pre-SUGAR MAGNOLIA. final version of CAUTION (fare thee well) with WHO DO YOU LOVE inside. uneventful late-set TRUCKIN’. bonus: beach boys thru rotterdam 2 nights later en route to record holland LP. bootleg sadly nuked in megaupload purge:

5/13/72 lille: free outdoor gig makes up for 5/5 cancellation/riot. “sounds like homemade shit” sez weir re: monitors. fugs reference? another show without a big pigpen song. cool minimalist organ by pig during 1st drumless OTHER ONE segment. going to miss his exchanges with garcia between lines of the verses.

5/16/72 luxembourg: soundcheck includes 1st BIG RIVER since NYE ’71 debut. garcia sings! misses some verses, but a nice alternate reality. wish i knew enough about luxembourgian politics to dissect the appearance of radio luxembourg’s kid jensen. earnest vibrations. 1st PROMISED LAND since 8/71 & 1st of the keith era. again, no pig showstopper. rare for a radio broadcast. 20m OTHER ONE feels short. 10m SING ME BACK HOME feels just totally correct.

5/18/72 munich: house lights off, garcia tokes spliff, sets on amp, hitler-mustached fire marshal with brass helmet dumps water on amp. power outage, mini riot, roadies beat up fire marshal. (cutler, 309.) not on tape. rare SITTING ON TOP OF THE WORLD, 1st of tour. 1st & seemingly unplanned DARK STAR > MORNING DEW. lovely/dense volume-swelled atonality en route, mostly successful.

5/23/72 lyceum: back to london for tour closers. 1st ROCKIN’ PNEUMONIA & THE BOOGIE WOOGIE FLY (why?) & HEY BO DIDDLEY (inside the NOT FADE AWAY sequence), both sung by JG. garcia plays B3 the under GOOD LOVIN verses, as he did several times throughout tour. nothing crazy. quick switch back to guitar. another DARK STAR > MORNING DEW. decent movement post-DRUMZ (from pig, too), but the dissonant segue feels forced & the song is shaky.

5/24/72 lyceum: A+ post-verse OTHER ONE jam coalesces over 16m from oort cloud zaps to quizzical bop mediations & deep fuzz bliss. heavy: final TURN ON YOUR LOVELIGHT. brief 12m, mucho tasty licks. pigpen obviously struggling. pulls it together by end of TWO SOULS IN COMMUNION, also the final version. no, you must be mistaken. bob weir most certainly did NOT revive TURN ON YOUR LOVELIGHT in the ’80s. i said good day.

5/25/72 lyceum: final BIG BOSS MAN & GOOD LOVIN’ (see: weir/LOVELIGHT), more garcia on organ, no pigpen rap at all, crackling jam. odd inverted 2nd set. UNCLE JOHN’S with odder tentative post-outro jam, legit segue into unusually phrased WHARF RAT, on into 35m DARK STAR. starts quiet, bands snaps into post-verse FEELIN’ GROOVY jam, skittering wah & saturated bass chord disintegration. final SITTIN’ ON TOP OF THE WORLD & the last of pigpen’s ’66-style bouncy garage B3. g’bye.

5/26/72 lyceum: pigpen’s last proper show. fare thee well to MR. CHARLIE, NEXT TIME YOU SEE ME, TWO SOULS, CHINATOWN SHUFFLE. PLAYING IN THE BAND jam finally tops 10m, garcia meltdown heaven. garcia & phil’s voices particularly ragged, especially noticeable on JACK STRAW. for the 1st time, the audience claps the NOT FADE AWAY beat & the band responds with the song song, the bo diddley beat perma-tied to band, heads, & drum circles everywhere. messy OTHER ONE. rare clammed opening, double back via DRUMZ, try again. jam into MORNING DEW sounds schizo in context, but brilliant when excerpted into europe ’72. garcia’s DEW vocals are truly atrocious, saved by overdubs.

6/17/72 hollywood bowl: after delicious europe multi-tracks, a rude welcome back to US soil with totally debauched audience recording. pigpen’s final show. i’ve always been puzzled by stories of him only playing on 1 song. turns out that’s not quite true, but he’s barely audible on shitty tape. 1st STELLA BLUE. ghostly, slow, & graceful from the start, garcia deeply inside vocal. almost literally haunting B3 part, pig’s last. tape-warp sounds bitchin’ on the PLAYING meltdown, though also the most brutal donna scream yet. g’bye pigpen.

7/16/72 hartford: east coast summer stadium gigs. band notably less lush without pig’s B3. the 2nd STELLA BLUE is heavy, awkward in 1st set. 1st MISSISSIPPI HALF-STEP (!), sly & strident. 1st sing-along outro to HE’S GONE (yuuugh) inside OTHER ONE, whose ending gets blurrier. 1st steel-less LOOKS LIKE RAIN, also without phil vox. blech. okay NOT FADE AWAY/HEY BO DIDDLEY powerjam with dickey betts & berry oakley.

7/18/72 jersey city: i can see why a non-deadhead WFMU DJ hated this 3-set stadium gig, especially if the heat was anything like today. band sounds seriously mangled early on, garcia & weir blowing lyrics, lots of gear breakdowns, shaky dynamics, odd pacing. still, sweet PLAYING & great DARK STAR with a killer 2nd jam that never spaces out & a post-verse dissolve into a soulful COMES A TIME. 1st BIRD SONG since 8/71, confident new arrangement with spidery keith piano part, snare-flutter false ending, & curling, lyrical garcia solos.

7/21/72 seattle: band tries early version of WEATHER REPORT SUITE PRELUDE. atrocious & abandoned. by-the-numbers OTHER ONE.

7/22/72 seattle: bear is out of jail apparently. lots of zonked banter & zonked playing. warped high-octane PLAYING IN THE BAND jam. very unflattering soundboard. archetypal donna awfulness on HALF-STEP outro underscores garcia’s breathtaking STELLA BLUE soul belts. dashing BIRD SONG. last(?!) YELLOW DOG JOKE, with doofy HARPUA-like accompaniment.

7/25/72 portland: brilliant 27m OTHER ONE that never loses its homey, unrushed swing. even during the space-out, garcia stays melodic. semi-rare jerry slide jam, A+ improvised changes. phil’s short semi-wanky deconstructive bass solo stays groovy, too.

7/26/72 portland: woolly 30m DARK STAR, awesomely responsive free drumming during 2nd meltdown.

8/12/72 sacramento: big cheer as still-new STELLA BLUE starts. exquisite & correctly labeled by taper with double exclamation points. donna now sings on HE’S GONE verses, too. endless outro leads into jam segment for 1st time. the birth of arena dead?

8/20/72 san jose: 1st FRIEND OF THE DEVIL since 4/71, crisp & uptempo, but far more than 1/2 songs new to repertoire in past 1.5 yrs. gnarly OTHER ONE into the 1st STELLA BLUE in the post-jam slot, affixed neatly to still-useful CRYPTICAL appendix.

8/21/72 berkeley: 1st bay area gig since january. only one verse of DARK STAR, with keith oddly taking charge in pointillistic meltdown. jerry’s segue into MORNING DEW even more oddly overruled by lesh & weir’s atonal slashes. then, more keith & a sleepy EL PASO.

8/25/72 berkeley: incomplete. slowburn BLACK PETER, only 3rd version of ’72. bass solo into OTHER ONE instead of drumz. uneventful.

8/27/72 veneta: 3 sets. magical start to end. given setting (oregon, field, merry pranksters) & playing, likely THE quintessential GD show. tape quality is warm & magical, slight delay on everything. garcia & lesh push CHINA > RIDER jam past usual bounds in 100 degree heat. pranksters almost accidentally invent ween’s shit-mister before they realize the fire truck is filled with sewage. PLAYING IN THE BAND now fully a 2nd set tune, exquisite wah-wah action. lithe & serene 12m BIRD SONG, perfect flutter on false ending. maybe the greatest DARK STAR. oddly static 1st jam & 15m of free-flight that shines with transfixing highness, even bass solo. & then (give or take EL PASO) a gargantuan SING ME BACK HOME. suggested reading: j. dwork’s essay in the deadhead taper’s compendium, v. 1; an anthropological-linguistic study of googly deadhead heaviness. required viewing: sunshine daydream movie.

9/3/72 boulder: 3 set stadium show. the anti-8/27, no nuance. lots of shouted, aggro vocals & annoyed banter at song requests. with a nice alternate lyric in MISSISSIPPI HALF-STEP (“pappy sat down & died”) & an extra-curlicued solo, they make the anti-subtlety work for them. cannot. handle. donna. 1st real HE’S GONE jam, neat 2m outro turnaround culminates in odd ’67ish whammy trills from garcia into OTHER ONE.

9/9/72 hollywood: 1st show (i think) with keith on electric piano, zonked wah-wah distortion on 35m THE OTHER ONE. jerry/phil space-out evolves into dashing full-band improvised changes, all 5 darting/weaving at top conversational speed. band returns for 2nd encore & tune, but weir & garcia giggle that bassist has left with “cute little filly.” end show.

9/10/72 hollywood: david crosby holds his own during buoyant DARK STAR manicness, though no croz harmonies on SING ME BACK HOME.

9/15/72 boston: keith’s new electric piano is a subtle but major change in the band’s sound, especially on an abstruse 18m PLAYING.

9/16/72 boston: 1st BIG RIVER since new year’s (& 2nd ever) & 1st DON’T EASE ME IN since 11/70 (& only 2nd electric version since ’66). right decent segue from DARK STAR meltdown into MEXICALI BLUES, but band sidetracks into productive polka-boogie instead.

9/17/72 baltimore: hitting arenas for the 1st time outside the west & sounding a bit lost. stasis-ridden 38m OTHER ONE.

9/19/72 jersey city: 2nd gig at roosevelt stadium in 2 months. cruddy but tolerable audience recording captures crowd more than music. fireworks, clapalongs, requests for rolling papers. hell’s honkies taping crew clearly amped for new songs.

9/21/72 philadelphia: crystalline owsley soundboard, garcia in the left channel, weir in the right. 1st proper HE’S GONE > TRUCKIN’. mammoth post-verse unfolding in 37m DARK STAR. flurrying atonal TIGER jam, brief MIND LEFT BODY theme drips into MORNING DEW.

9/23/72 waterbury: terrible vocals. band tries next-beat segues for 1st time. fun if not fully successful PROMISED LAND > BERTHA. then, the 1st(?) bust-out fest. 1st AROUND & AROUND since 4/71 followed by 1st IT’S ALL OVER NOW, BABY BLUE since 11/70. garcia sings well, mangles words. and then the 1st CRYPTICAL ENVELOPMENT since 11/71 & the last ’til the cringe-y ’80s. pretty sloppy. oh, well. g’bye.

9/24/72 waterbury: yup, weir definitely using light, funky compression, most notable on BIG RIVER, played every show since re-debut. 2nd set again opens with sequence of next-beat segues. debut of TOMORROW IS FOREVER by dolly parton, a mellow garcia/donna duet. assured DARK STAR immolation with sweet rhodes, 3m BEAUTIFUL JAMish denouement, DRUMZ, & liquid segue into CHINA CAT.

9/26/72 jersey city: at the stanley theater on journal square, where my grandpa saw movies in ’30s/’40s, now a jehovah’s witness temple. churning dissolve from the TRUCKIN’ boogie into jam-land & a confident (if mildly jumbled) BABY BLUE, last ’til ’74.

9/27/72 jersey city: a legendary DARK STAR. 18m of bright swing before 1st verse & a jaw-dropping segue into CUMBERLAND BLUES. 1st ATTICS OF MY LIFE since 12/70. ragged but still stunning. then weir insists on more chuck berry covers.

9/28/72 jersey city: another brilliant bear ‘board, perfect bass. poetic rhythmic opacity in typically dazzling PLAYING.

9/30/72 washington DC: FM soundboard with ghost seepage from neighboring frequencies. surprising phil/keith/billy jam in free-ass OTHER ONE.

10/2/72 springfield, MA: garcia bridges the MISSISSIPPI HALF-STEP ending to the descending STELLA BLUE intro. it almost works. 20m TRUCKIN’ with 1st NOBODY’S FAULT jam since 11/70, DRUMZ, & fast’n'thrilling UNCLE JOHN’S jam, dissolving into DEW.

10/9/72 winterland: 1st BOX OF RAIN since 9/70 (& 2nd ever). 1st donna-”enhanced” GD classic. phil’s vocals flirt with headdeskdom. obliterated grace slick jabbers over a loose jam. bill graham retrieves her. grace: “get that bitch off the stage.”

10/17/72 st. louis: great thin-out in PLAYING IN THE BAND. oddly jamless second set with 40 minutes worth of closers.

10/18/72 st. louis: like every show since may, a chuck berry cover. unlike every show since may, chuck’s birthday in his hometown. 1st split-open PLAYING, which segues (via DRUMZ) into DARK STAR with a bright phil-led sequence & FEELIN’ GROOVY jam into MORNING DEW with an opulent meltdown out of the crescendo that eventually gets to the 1st PLAYING REPRISE. nice!

10/19/72 st. louis: fat-toned BIRD SONG. last COMES A TIME til ’76. messy DIRE WOLF, 1st since europe & last for a year.

10/21/72 nashville: long & winding pre-verse in OTHER ONE, atmospheric free drums behind garcia arpeggios & loud/proud bass.

10/23/72 milwaukee: the last (& probably best) of 4 choogly & generally bland versions of ROCKIN’ PNEUMONIA & THE BOOGIE WOOGIE FLU. a vividly river-like 28m DARK STAR, unusually focused on one contiguous theme & transcending the murky audience tape.

10/24/72 milwaukee: BOX OF RAIN finally enters the song rotation, vocals improved all around. or it could be the audience recording. thankfully, a soundboard for set 2 with fully articulated PHILO STOMP in THE OTHER ONE, bright jam led by chordal bass.

10/26/72 cincinnati: nice pre-verse major-key cloud-swells in DARK STAR & uneventful drums/bass fizzle into SUGAR MAGNOLIA.

10/27/72 columbus: decent audience tape by owsley. so much clapping. in a nice variation, HALF-STEP in the post-jam slot.

10/28/72 cleveland: BOX OF RAIN confident, almost aggro. still surreal to hear. primo free meltdown in PLAYING. great drum mix. last ATTICS OF MY LIFE ’til 1989. bye! first CANDYMAN since 11/71, a little rusty, but unchanged & with extra-soulful garcia vocal. hyperreal 28m billy-powered DARK STAR with unceasing movement, PHILO STOMP, TIGER noise, & A+ wah tone.

10/30/72 detroit: another warm owsley audience tape. cool cubist blooze in TRUCKIN’. no big jam, mucho weir-boogie. help.

11/12/72 kansas city, KS: 1st show since release of europe ’72. extra-wacky 1-beat BEAT IT ON DOWN intro. drab vibes & mix.

11/13/72 kansas city, KS: stunning DARK STAR. intricate architecture, endless translucent peaks.

11/14/72 oklahoma city: effortless throughout. sleight-of-hand cascade from HE’S GONE into TRUCKIN’ & crisp 15m OTHER ONE.

11/15/72 oklahoma city: 1st set only. 30m PLAYING achieves lush, delicate drift, electric keyboards particularly warm.

11/17/72 wichita: the only JACK STRAW played in wichita, no cheers for title lyric. THE OTHER ONE heavy on underwater swing & odd phil.

11/18/72 houston: full-speed 26m PLAYING. endless chattering bass, dizzying garcia ellipses, & proto-SLIPKNOT moves.

11/19/72 houston: weir strums through 1st WEATHER REPORT SUITE PRELUDE as coda to listless DARK STAR. band seems unsure what to do. TRUCKIN’ conspicuously absent both nights in the city too close to new orleans.

11/22/72 austin: garcia in exceedingly mellow mood, calls ballad after ballad. way soulful CANDYMAN, despite missed lyrics. oh, hey, donna jean now singing co-lead on BEAT IT ON DOWN THE LINE.

11/23/72 armadillo world headquarters: thanksgiving jam w/ garcia, lesh, sir doug sahm, & leon russell. unlimited C&W/tejano choogle. #headnecksunite

11/24/72 dallas: utterly magical PLAYING. breathless dialogues, quiet wah-wah peels, eloquent disintegrations/landings.

11/26/72 san antonio: gravity-free pre-verse DARK STAR tangents. later, a FEELIN’ GROOVY jam & joyous garcia annihilation.

12/10/72 winterland: warm & vivid soundboard. can practically feel winterland bouncing on uptempo tunes, esp. DEAL & SUGAR MAGNOLIA. supremely cracked garcia phrasing in PLAYING, carried into instinctive full-band knottiness during THE OTHER ONE.

12/11/72 winterland: pretty & wending 11m HALF-STEP to open odd & awesome jerry-heavy second set. last TOMORROW IS FOREVER ’til ’74. 35m DARK STAR with 15m build into sonorous clank followed by 15m of uninterrupted space-dread & an angelic STELLA BLUE.

12/12/72 winterland: phil hints at EYES OF THE WORLD ending in bass solo pre-OTHER ONE, with choppy, peppy post-verse jam.

12/15/72 long beach: nice slow implosion from TRUCKIN’ into last ’72 DARK STAR. soaring 1st jam. then, insect communiques.

12/31/72 winterland: TK

2012 favorites

fave albums of (or 2011 releases discovered in) 2012
loosely ordered, except for Mr. M, which is #1 & which I will assign 30 of my 100 points for in Pazz & Jop because Kurt Wagner should get all the money.

see also: 91 mp3s for holiday space-chooglin’ (my 2012 year-end mix, 620 MB, .zip)

Lambchop, Mr. M (Merge)
Aaron Freeman, Marvelous Clouds (Partisan)
Tall Firs, Out of It & Into It (All Tomorrow’s Parties)
Grass Widow, Internal Logic (HLR)
Man Forever, Pansophical Cataract (Thrill Jockey)
Leonard Cohen, Old Ideas (Columbia)
Jack White, Blunderbuss (Third Man)
Dustin Wong, Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads (Thrill Jockey)
Dirty Projectors, Swing Lo Magellan (Domino)
Glenn Jones, The Wanting (Thrill Jockey)
Swans, The Seer (Young God)
Flower/Corsano/Hejnowski, The Count Visits (Hot Cars Warp/Flowerhouse)
Cate Le Bon, Cyrk (The Control Group)
Bee Mask, When We Were Eating Unripe Pears (Editions Mego)
Glacial, On Jones Beach (Three Lobed)
Little Black Egg, Buzzard’s Bed (Egon)
Talibam! & Sam Kulik, Discover AtlantASS (Belly Kids)
The Beach Boys, That’s Why God Made the Radio (Capitol)
Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Psychedelic Pill (Reprise)
Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Arc 2012 (no label)
Sun Araw & M. Geddes Gengras Meet The Congos – Icon Give Thank (RVNG)
Akron, Voyage of Exploration (Vampisoul)
The Mad Scene, Blip (Siltbreeze)
Woods, Bend Beyond (Woodsist)
Yair Yona, World Behind Curtains (Strange Attractors)
Tyvek, On Triple Beams (Into the Red)
Lee Ranaldo, Between the Times and the Tides (Matador)
Josephine Foster, Blood Rushing (Fire)
Tom Lawrence, Water Beetles of Pollardstown Fen (Greuenrekorder)
Six Organs of Admittance, Ascent (Drag City)
Chris Watson, El Tren Fantasma (Touch)
Chris Corsano, Cuts (Hot Cars Warp)
People of the North, Steep Formations (Brah)
Sonny Smith, 100 Records, volume 3 (Polyvinyl)
The Men, Open Your Heart (Sacred Bones)
Francisco Lopez & Zan Hoffman, Concert For 300 Magnetic Tapes cassette (The Tapeworm)

not ordered at all

Karen Dalton, 1966 (Delmore)
Taj Mahal Travelers, Live at Moderna Museet in Stockholm, 1st July 1971 (Klimst)
The Trypes, Music For Neighbors (Acute)
Francis Bebey, African Electronic Music, 1975-1982 (Born Bad)
v/a, Soft Sounds For Gentle People, vol. 3 (no label)
v/a, Personal Space: Electronic Soul, 1974-1984 (Chocolate)
Grateful Dead, Dark Star (Rhino)
Lee Hazlewood, The LHI Years (Light In the Attic)
The Flatlanders, The Odessa Tapes (New West)
Conrad Schnitzler, Live ‘72 (Further)
Toy Love, Live at the Gluepot 1980 (Goner)
Sonic Youth, Smart Bar 1985 (Goofin’)
v/a, Break the Tabs & Check the Dolby B (Dan Bodah 2012 WFMU Marathon Premium) (no label)

unattached songs, singles, etc.:
Bourgeois Blues 7-inch – Zea & Xavier Charles (Makkum)
“Star Spangled Banner” 7-inch – Bill Orcutt (Pallilalia)
“Genene” – Aaron Freeman (via Soundcloud)
Life-Size Cut-Out 7-inch – Harpoon Forever (Bleeding Gold)
“Bohemian Rhapsody” – Robert Wilkinson (via YouTube)
“Put the Suck On You” – Dew Claw
“NYC Tonight” 12-inch – Dump (Zelone)
“Never Learn Not To Love” – The New Surfsiders (Norton)
“Jon Counts To 100,000” – Jon (via YouTube)
“Mitt Romney, A Hero In My Mind” – William Tapley (via YouTube)

older stuff, recently found:
Neil Young, The Complete Bernstein Tapes (no label)
Neil Young, Sad Movies (no label)
Tyvek, Nothing Fits (In The Red)
Tyvek, Fast Metabolism CD-R (no label)
The Willies, Peanut Gallery, 24 April 1983 (no label)
Eve, Take It & Smile (LHI)
v/a, Everybody Rude Now (no label)
Bingo Trappers, Solar Holiday (no label)
v/a, Soft Sounds For Gentle People, vol. 1 (no label)
Dave Weckerman, “Shore Leave” b/w “Out of Baby’s Reach” (Yellow Fear)
The Mattoid, Glory Holy EP (Infinity Cat)
Alastair Galbraith, Orb (Next Best Way)

Akron/Family, 285 Kent, January 21st
Yung Wu, Maxwell’s, February 18th
Rhys Chatham & Oneida, Merkin Concert Hall, March 17th
Lambchop/Yo La Tengo, LPR, April 19th
Chris Corsano, the Stone, May 3rd
Oneida, 285 Kent, May 12th
The Beach Boys, Beacon Theater, May 9th
Hopscotch Festival, September 6th-8th
Arborea house show, Portland, ME, October 27th
Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Madison Square Garden, November 27th
Yo La Tengo with The Feelies, Maxwell’s, December 10th
Yo La Tengo with Andrew Bird, Jon Glaser & Jon Benjamin, Maxwell’s, December 14th

Radio Unnameable documentary
Fake It So Real documentary
Delocated, season 3
Experience Music Project Pop Music Conference, NYU, 3/22-3/25
1Q84 by Haruki Murakami
Fear of Music by Jonathan Lethem
Still On the Road: The Songs of Bob Dylan, 1974-2006 by Clinton Heylin
The One by R.J. Smith
Psychedelia by Patrick Lundborg
the 33 games started by R.A. Dickey

frow show, FMU-193

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Little Annie & Fabrizio Palumbo – “Blue Moon (at 33 1/3)” – Blue Xmas EP (Tourette)
2. Bee Mask – “Moon Shadow Move” – When We Were Eating Unripe Pears (Spectrum Spools)
3. Dustin Wong and Matt Papich – “Blue Moon” – Red Cheeks For Green Grass (Dustin Wong and Matt Papich)
4. A Rubber Band Christmas – “Rubber Bell Rock” – A Rubber Band Christmas (Artist Development Associates)
5. Sun Araw – “The Summum” – Inner Treaty (Drag City)
6. Colin L. Orchestra – “Long Nut” – Col (Northern-Spy)
7. The Mattoid – “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” – Does Christmas Music (The Mattoid)
8. The New Surfsiders – “Never Learn Not To Love” (Norton)

9. Michael Nesmith with Tony Crow – “Propinquity” – 4 May 2012 Great American Music Hall
10. Dawn McCarthy and Bonnie Billy – “Christmas Eve Can Kill You” (Drag City)
11. Dolly Parton – “Down From Dover” – Muddy Water: Southern Gothic Pop, Soul & Country 1967-1974 (no label)
12. Petty Booka – “Christmas In Prison” – Christmas Everywhere (Benten)
13. Patsy Cline – “Why Can’t He Be You” – On the Air: Her Greatest TV Performances (Hip-O)
14. Quarteto Em Cy – “Dó-Ré-Mi / Joga a Rede No Mar” – Antologia do Samba cançao, v. 2 (Philips)
15. The Rowans – “Love’s Secret Sigh” – Jubiliation (Asylum)

16. Suicide – “Hey Lord” – Ze Xmas Record Reloaded (Ze)
17. Intersystems – “Track 8″ – Free Psychedelic Poster Inside (Streamline)
18. Jack Blanchard – “A Weird Little Christmas” – Crachit Crutch: A Christmas Collection You Can Lean On (no label)
19. Little Black Egg – “Buzzard’s Bed” – Buzzard’s Bed (Egon)
20. Vape Stiles [plus, "Dokude" by the Slaves (from "Ocean on Ocean"), Optimum Aviary, Ultimate Heartbeat, out-of-phase Dylan Thomas]
21. David Rosenbloom – “In the Beginning I (Electronic)” – In the Beginning (1978-1981) (New World) [plus Vape Stiles on Juno-60]
22. Vape Stiles + yr DJ [plus Jimmy Swaggert & Jon Counts to 100,000 (part 2)]
23. Grateful Dead – “What’s Become of the Baby?” – Aoxomoxoa (Warner Brothers)

24. J Marks and Shipen Lebzelter – “Greatest Hits – Love Your Navel” – Rock and Other Four Letter Words (Paradigm)
25. Steven Stapleton & Tony Wakeford – “Falling From Heaven” – Revenge of the Selfish Shellfish (Robot) [plus Vape Stiles on floor tom & Daniel Menche rain mix]
26. Dombrowski – “Synthesis” – Side A (Dombrowski) [plus Vape Stiles on Juno-60]
27. Murmer – “Track 5″ – What Are the Roots that Clutch? (Helen Scarsdale Agency)
28. Aaron Freeman – “Genene” (Aaron Freeman)

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yo la tengo, hanukkah 2012, night #8 setlist

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Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
15 December 2012
*(Hanukkah, night 8)*

Norman Blake and Gaylord Fields opened
benefit for the Jersey Shore Relief
mix disc by Yoni Wolf

whole set (minus “Ohm”) with Norman Blake on guitar, organ, and vocals

Did I Tell You
Cone of Silence
Goin’ Back (Carole King & Gerry Goffin)
Avalon or Someone Similar
Season of the Shark
Circling the Sun (Jonny)
Moby Octopad
I Feel Like Going Home
Walking On Ice (The Riot Squad)
I Wanna Be Your Lover (Bob Dylan) (with Don Fleming on guitar)
Evelyn Marble (Velvet Monkeys) (DF on guitar and vocals)
God Knows It’s True (Teenage Fanclub)
I Heard You Looking
Eight Days A Week (The Beatles)

Antmusic (Adam & the Ants) (with Ira & James drum procession & audience drummers)
Rice Krispies Jingle/Brown Sugar (Rolling Stones) (with Gaylord Fields on vocals)
Little Red Book (Burt Bacharach & Hal David) (with GF)
My Little Corner of the World (Bob Hilliard & Lee Pockriss) (with Marilyn Kaplan on vocals)

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yo la tengo, hanukkah 2012, night #7 setlist

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Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
14 December 2012
*(Hanukkah, night 7)*

Titus Andronicus and Jon Benjamin & Jon Glaser (as Soundtracapella) opened.
benefit for the Waves For Water Sandy Relief Initiative
mix disc by Ira

whole set with Andrew Bird on violin

One PM Again
How To Make A Baby Elephant Float
Last Days of Disco
Flying Lesson (Hot Chicken #1)
Little Eyes
I Fall In Love Too Easily (Jule Styne & Sammy Cohn) (Andrew Bird on vocals)
When It’s Dark
I’ll Keep It With Mine (Bob Dylan)
Stupid Things
More Stars Than There Are In Heaven
Heroin (Velvet Underground) (Roky Erickson arrangement)

Griselda (Antonia)
Song For the North Star (Jorma Kaukonen) (with Devendra Banhart on vocals)
If I Only Had A Match (Lee Morris, Arthur Johnson, & George W. Meyer) (with DB)

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yo la tengo, hanukkah 2012, night #6 setlist

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Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
13 December 2012
*(Hanukkah, night 6)*

Barbara Manning and Eugene Mirman opened
benefit for the Ali Forney Center
mix disc by Cory Rayborn of Three Lobed Recordings

Big Day Coming (quiet)
Evanescent Psychic Pez Drop
Frenzy (The Fugs)
Let’s Save Tony Orlando’s House
Five-Cornered Drone (Crispy Duck)
Winter A Go Go
I’m On My Way
I’ll Be Around
Cherry Chapstick
Styles of the Times
Little Honda (The Hondells) (no noise jam)
Blue Line Swinger

Christmas Is Lonely (When You’re A Jew) (The Yule Logs) (with Barbara Manning on guitar and vocals and Dan Vargas on vocals)
B4 We Go Under (Robert Scott) (with BM & DV)
Tried So Hard (Gene Clark)

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yo la tengo, hanukkah 2012, night #5 setlist

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Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
12 December 2012
*(Hanukkah, night 5)*

El-P (with James on bass) and John Oliver opened
benefit for the Brooklyn Recovery Fund
mix disc by Georgia

From A Motel 6 >
I Should Have Known Better
Here To Fall
Can’t Forget
I Can Hear Music (Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich, & Phil Spector)
If It’s True
Mr. Tough
Nowhere Near
Cornelia and Jane
Deeper Into Movies
Some Kinda Fatigue
The Story of Yo La Tango

Dog Meat (Flamin’ Groovies)
Hanky Panky Nohow (John Cale)

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yo la tengo, hanukkah 2012, night #4 setlist

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Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
11 December 2012
*(Hanukkah, night 4)*

Real Estate and Todd Barry opened
benefit for the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps
mix disc by Shintaro Sakamoto

whole set with Kid Millions of Oneida on drums

Spec Bebop
We’re An American Band
The Crying of Lot G
20th Century Boy (T-Rex)
Out the Window
The Point of It
The Summer
Don’t Have To Be So Sad
Double Dare (acoustic)
Big Day Coming (fast)
Nothing To Hide
Mushroom Cloud of Hiss

Burnin’ For You (Blue Öyster Cult) (with Todd Barry on drums)
Our Way To Fall (with Martin Courtney of Real Estate on vocals)

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yo la tengo, hanukkah 2012, night #3 setlist

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“The Room Got Heavy” with Weckerman & Demeski

Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
10 December 2012
*(Hanukkah, night 3)*

The Feelies and John Mulaney opened
benefit for the Food Bank of New Jersey
mix disc by James

The Feelies:
Deep Fascination
For Now
For Awhile
On the Roof
Let’s Go
Higher Ground
The Final Word
Slipping (Into Something)
Way Down
When You Know
Doin’ It Again
Time Is Right
Raised Eyebrows
Crazy Rhythms

Yo La Tengo:
Paul Is Dead
Time Fades Away (Neil Young) (with Glenn Mercer of the Feelies on guitar)
Barnaby, Hardly Working (with GM)
Tears Are In Your Eyes
Something To Do
The Point of It
Tom Courtenay (Georgia version)
Tired Hippo (with Dave Weckerman and Stan Demeski of the Feelies on percussion)
The Room Got Heavy (with DW & SD)
False Alarm (with DW & SD)
The Story of Jazz (with DW & SD)
Double Dare (with DW & SD)
Little Honda (The Hondells)

You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere (Bob Dylan) (with The Feelies’ Bill Million on guitar & Brenda Sauter on vocals)
Sister Ray (Velvet Underground) (with GM & BM)

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yo la tengo, hanukkah 2012, night #2 setlist

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Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
9 December 2012
*(Hanukkah, night 2)*

Sun Ra Arkestra and Fred Armisen opened
benefit for the Carl Bini Foundation For Staten Island Victims of Hurricane Sandy
mix disc by Kurt Wagner

whole show with Fred Armisen on drums

Autumn Sweater
Sudden Organ
Who Loves the Sun (Velvet Underground)
Today Is The Day (fast)
As the Hour Grows Late
Stupid Things
Black Flowers
Walking Away From You (with Sabir Mateen and Darius Jones on saxophones)
Shaker (with SM & DJ)
Nuclear War (Sun Ra) (with SM & DJ)
And The Glitter Is Gone > (with SM & DJ)
Our Way To Fall (with SM & DJ)

Can’t Make It On Time (The Ramones)
Dreaming (Sun Ra)

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yo la tengo, hanukkah 2012, night #1 setlist

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Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
8 December 2012
*(Hanukkah, night 1)*

The Raybeats and Emo Philips opened
benefit for Fund to Rebuild Hoboken
mix disc by Tom Scharpling

Night Falls on Hoboken
Seven Day Weekend (Doc Pomus) (sung as “Eight Day Weekend”)
The Evil That Men Do (Craig’s version)
Stockholm Syndrome
Paddle Forward
Before We Run
Beanbag Chair
Big Day Coming (acoustic)
Tom Courtenay
Artificial Heart
The Kid With the Replaceable Head (Richard Hell) (with Jody Harris of the Raybeats/Contortions on guitar)
Pass the Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind (with JH)

Drug Test
Take A Giant Step (Carole King and Gerry Goffin)

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frow show, FMU-192

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Les Baxter – “On A Warm Night” – Les Baxter (Madacy)
2. Nara Leão – “A Praca” – Nara ’67 (El)
3. Norma Tanega – “Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog” – Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog (New Voice)
4. Buddy Holly – “Slippin’ & Slidin’ (slow version)” – Down the Line (rarities) (Geffen)
5. Legendary Stardust Cowboy – “I Took A Trip (On A Gemini Spaceship)” – Paralyzed! His Vintage Recordings 1968-1981 (Em)
6. Palace Music – “The Mountain Low” – Viva Last Blues (Drag City)
7. Robert Hunter – “Children’s Lament” – Tales of the Great Rum Runners (Round)
8. Shooby Taylor – “You Tell Me Your Dream and I’ll Tell You Mine” – The Human Horn, v. 1 (Shooby Taylor)

9. Shugo Tokumaru – “Shirase” – In Focus? (P-Vine Japan)
10. Kaela and Morgana – “Bananas and Blow (harp instrumental)” (Kaela and Morgana)
11. Arklight – “Steinway St 2″ – Decadance and Paranoids (Arklight)
12. Sondra Sun-Odeon – “Violent Sea” – Aetherea (Sondra Sun-Odeon)
13. Adderall Canyonly – “Frozen In Ecstasy He Feels No Pain” – The Ascension of St. Diamond and the Battles of Oxtest (Field Hymns)
14. Oneida – “Side A” – A List of the Burning Mountains (Jagjaguwar/Brah)
15. Stephen Cornford – “Binatone Galaxy” (Stephen Cornford) [plus Stephan Froleyks, "Wood," from "Bowed and Popperd" (Nur/Nicht/Nur)]
16. Rolf Liebermann – “Symphonie “Les Echanges”" – GEORGE GRUNTZ “LES ECHANGES” (Turicaphon)
17. Ant Farm – “”CarMen…The Opera, ” November 22, 1976″ (Getty Institute)
18. Michael Pollard – “A Pencil Rubbing For the Album Cover” – Translations 01 (Editions Mego)
19. Jaap Blonk – “Lautgedicht” – Vocalor (Staalplaat)
20. Baiano e os Novos Caetanos – “Vô Batê Pá Tu” – Baiano & Os Novos Caetanos (Barclay)

21. The Rutles – “Ouch!” – The Rutles (Rhino)
22. Ex-Cult – “Shot the Beehive” – Ex-Cult (Goner)
23. Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats – “I’ll Cut You Down” – Blood Lust (Metal Blade)
24. Bondage – “En La Moto” – Mini-LP (Passion and Torment)
25. Primitive Motion – “Two Ellipses” (Room40)
26. Christian Marclay, Toshio Kajiwara, DJ Olive – “Bonus Track” – 21 September 2002 (Cuneiform)
27, Frank Sinatra – “Reflections on the Future in Three Tenses” – Trilogy: Past, Present & Future (Reprise)
28. Harry Partch – “O Frabjous Day (The Jabberwock)” – Enclosure II (Innova)
29. Robert Hollis & Christopher Swartz – “Pulse” – Music For Homebuilt Instruments (Perimeter)
30. My Cat Is An Alien – “De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium” – Art is a Tear of Noise and Infinite Silence (Discrepant)
31. The Hollies – “This Wheel’s On Fire” – Words and Music By Bob Dylan (Epic)

32. Six Boys In Trouble – “Why Can’t I Get It Too?” – Street and Gangland Rhythms, Beats, and Improvisations (Smithsonian Folkways)
33. Dan Penn – “The Puppet” – The Fame Recordings (Ace)
34. Lambert & Nuttycombe – “Putting Myself Together Again” – At Home (A&M)
35. Lazy Smoke – “Am I Wrong?” – Corridor of Faces (Arf! Arf!)
36. Nick O’Lodeon – “Thank You For Travelin’ Along With Me” – Plays Actual Music On His Kaleidocosmicorgrig (Nick O’Lodeon)

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frow show, FMU-191

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Bill Orcutt – “Star Spangled Banner (take 2)” – Star Spangled Banner 7-inch (Pallilalia)
2. Daniel Bachman – “Seven Pines” – Seven Pines (Tompkins Square)
3. Itasca – “Marcy Rain” – Grace Riders on the Road ((no label))
4. Hisato Higuchi – “Ushi to Jujika” – Bara Bara Na Bamen (Apollolaan)
5. Sungod – “Indra’s Net and Bell’s Theorem” – Crash Galactic (Ethereal Mother)
6. Sun Ra – “The Cosmic Explorer” – Nuits De La Fondation Maeght (Universe)
7. The Keepers – “She Understands” – Psychedelic States: New York, v. 1 (Gear Fab)

8. Malvina Reynolds – “Wheels” – Malvina and Friends Sing Magical Songs (Cassandra)
9. Dirty Projectors – “Swing Lo Magellan” – Swing Lo Magellan (Domino)
10. The Limiñanas – “AF3458″ – Crystal Anis (HoZac)
11. Dikes of Holland – “Dirty San Franciscan” – Braindead USA (Screamers)
12. Games – “Listen” – Games (HoZac)
13. Union – “Strike” – Eccentric Soul: Omnibus, v. 1 (Numero Group)
14. Ethan Hein – “Departure Store” – Disquiet Junto (Free Music Archive)
15. Francisco Lopez & Zan Hoffman – “Concert For 300 Magnetic Tapes” – Side A (The Tapeworm)
16. Bern Porter – “The Last Acts of St. Fuck You” – Music For Children of All Ages, v. 1 (Turned Word) [plus Arthur Doyle, "No More Crazy Women," from "No More Crazy Women" CD-R (Carbon)]
17. Paul Flaherty – “The Jellyfish Dilema” – Mystery Triangle (Feeding Tube) [plus Mats Gustafsson, Side B, "Bengt" (Utech)]
18. Smokey Emory – “01.26.11″ – LIVES V.II ((no label))
19. Eno, Moebius & Roedelius – “tzima n’arki (backwards)” – After the Heat (Sky)
20. Roger Waters and Ron Geesin – “Bedtime Dream Clime” – The Body OST (Harvest)

21. Grateful Dead – “Playing Jam” – 24 November 1972 Dallas Memorial Auditorium
22. Keith Fullerton Whitman – “070325″ – split 12″ with Mike Shiflet (Amethyst Sunset)
23. David Myers – “Deaf Men Hear No Tales” – The Feedback Music cassette (Presence Sound Productions) [plus "Gawain and the Green Knight" read by J.B. Bessinger Jr. & Marie Borroff in Middle English (Caedmon)]
24. Pin-Barrel Harp with Henry Dagg (Saw) – “The Long and Winding Road” ((no label))
25. John Abercrombie and Ralph Towner – “Fable” – Sargasso Sea (ECM)

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frow show, FMU-190

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Juniors of Carnarsie High School – “We Will Live in Total Ecstasy For the Rest of Our Days” – Ninth Annual Sing ((no label))
2. Jerry Lee Lewis  – “What’d I Say (part 2)” – Live at the Star-Club (Philips (Germany))
3. Toy Love – “Pull Down the Shades” – Toy Love Live (Goner)
4. Tyvek – “Say Yeah” – On Triple Beams (In the Red)
5. Product of Reason – “Your Song” – Household Shocks (Stark)
6. Velvet Underground – “I Can’t Stand It” – La Cave ’68 ((no label))

7. The Residents – “Beyond The Valley of A Day In The Life” – The Beatles Play the Residents & the Residents Play the Beatles (Ralph)
8. Moondog – “Fog on the Hudson (425 W 57th Street)” – The Viking of Sixth Avenue (Honest Jons)
9. nyai sumiati – “silihanjangan” – buah jambu (UTR)
10. Pierre Raph – “Jade Lake” – The B-Music of Jean Rollin, 1968-1979 (Finders Keepers)
11. Steve Atkinson – “Small Boats” – Small Boats (Shadoks)
12. Alexander Turnquist – “Standing at the Entrance of a Hidden City” – Imaginational Anthem, v. 5 (Tompkins Square)
13. Philip Corner – “NY April 6, 1989″ – Gong/Ear: Dance-ing 1 & 2 (Roaratorio)
14. Teiji Ito – “Lifelines” – Music For Maya (Tzadik)
15. Sujo & Sun Hammer – “Safian” – Fistula (Inam)
16. Hitoshi Kojo – “Interstellar Creepers” – High Tide Mirror (Shining Day)
17. Apprentice Destroyer – “Apprentice Destroyer II” – Apprentice Destroyer ((no label))
18. Doug Sahm and Band – “Wallflower” – Doug Sahm and Band (Atlantic)

19. Domenico – “Pinguinhos” – Cine Prive (Plug Research)
20. Chris Weisman – “Moon Moon Moon” – Maya Properties, v. 8 ((no label))
21. Electric Company – “Cyclopean Metric” – A Pert Cyclic Omen
22. Intelligent Shanghai Mono University – “???” – 7.9 (Sub Jam/Isolation Music)
23. Charles Dodge – “various tracks” – Any Resemblance Is Purely Coincidental
24. Locrian & Christoph Heemann – “Hecatcomb” – Loathe the Light (Handmade Birds)
25. Christiaan Virant – “Title Sequence” – Fistful of Buddha (Cvmk)
26. Herbert Deutsch – “Synthesis (Side A & Side B)” [plus, "Paiva Water" by Phill Niblock, from "Yeti, v. 11" [get well soon!]]

27. Peter Garland – “Nights in the Gardens of Maine” – Cold Blue Two (Cold Blue)
28. Vincent Le Masne and Bertrand Porquet – “Dérive” – Guitares Dérive (Fractal)
29. The Ivytree – “Churches” – Winged Leaves (Catsup Pete)
30. Nina Nielsen – “You Remember the Smell of An Apple Garden” – Love and Terror in the Wilderness (Biophon)
31. Faine Jade – “Don’t Hassle Me” – Introspection: A Faine Jade Recital (Sandiland)
32. Avery Sunshine – “I Got Sunshine” – Presents Good Times 30 (Strut)

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frow show, FMU-189

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Billy Kennedy – “This Is a Groovy Generation” – Doing All Kinds Of Things In The Shadows Of Motown: Mr. Fine Wine’s 2003 Marathon Premium ((no label))
2. Jonn-El – “You Took Me Off and It Was Boss” (Scorpion)
3. Zege and the Silver Jets – “Tremendamente Apaixonado” – Zege and the Silver Jets (Soft Beat)
4. Cocoa Tea – “Barack Obama” (VP)
5. Thunderbirds – “Old Beirut” – The Definitive Collection of Federal Records (1964-1982) (VP Music Group)
6. The Musics – “You Sure Fall Down A Lot” (Col.)
7. Fleetwood Mac – “The Ledge” – Tusk (Warner Brothers)
8. Fire Dept., VC – “Walking in the Sun (aka The Only Time Is Now)” – Elpee For Another Time (Cormorant)
9. Black Sabbath (Earth) – “The Rebel” (Zella)

10. John Lennon – “Dear Yoko (demo)”
11. Neil Young – “Campaigner” – Complete Bernstein Tapes ((no label)) [Happy birthday, Shakey. Bye, Mitt.]
12. Le Systeme Crapoutchik – “Il Neige” – Le Systeme Crapoutchik (Editions Flamophone/Wah Wah)
13. Emerald Web – “Silver Cities” – Radio Homebrew: Best of the Unsigned – Tony Coulter’s 2012 Marathon Premium ((no label))
14. Satoshi Ashikawa – “Still Park Ensemble” – Still Way (Sound Process)
15. David Hykes & The Harmonic Choir – “Parts IV – VIII” – Hearing Solar Winds (Ocara) [plus "Forgotten Somewhere" by Mike Shiflet from "Forgotten Somewhere" cassette (Obsolete Units)]
16. – The Conet Project: Recordings Of Shortwave Numbers Stations
17. Jacki Apple – “The Mexican Tapes” [plus "Centrifuge Heart Sonicator" by Irene Moon, from "Zelphabet: I" (Zelphabet)]
18. Dan Friel – “Exoskeleton” – Valedictorian / Exoskeleton EP (Thrill Jockey)
19. The Habermans – “I Shot My Neighbor for Gasoline” [transmission from 2022:]

20. Elvis Presley – “Thinking About You” – Our Memories of Elvis, v. 2: More of the Pure Elvis Sound (RCA)
21. Elvis Presley – “Gentle On My Mind” – From Elvis In Memphis (RCA)
22. Elvis Presley – “How Would You Like To Be” – Elvis Sings for Children and Grownups Too! (RCA)
23. The Galens – “Chinese Lanterns” (Challenge)
24. Blues Control – “Snow Day” (Sub Pop)
25. Tomutonttu – “For An Unreleased Italian Compilation Tape” – Hylyt (Dekorder)
26. Conrad Schnitzler – “Side D” – Live ’72 (Further)
27. CM von Hausswolff – “10 c/s & 12 c/s” – split cassette with Lee Gamble (Stream of Unconscious)
28. Akron – “Frog War Chant” – Voyage of Exploration (Vampisoul)
29. Zweistein – “A Very Simple Song” – Trip-Flip Out-Meditation (Captain Trip)

30. Don Wardlaw – “Rock Songs With A Polka Beat” ((no label))
31. Amil Byleckie – “Daytime Delights” (Free Music Archive)
32. Hazel Shep (Sonny Smith) – “Some Women Artists All Around Town” – 100 Records, v. 3 (Buenritmo)
33. David Novick – “Rain” – David Novick ((no label))
34. Woods – “Impossible Skies” – Bend Beyond (Woodsist)
35. The Ethiopians – “Everything Crash” (Trojan)

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frow show, FMU-188

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. The Ramones – “Rockaway Beach (slow)” – Mania (Sire)
2. Gary Glitter – “Do You Wanna Touch Me (even slower)”
3. Michael Jon Fink – “Two Pieces For Solo Piano” – Vocalise (Orchid)
4. – “The winds of Ocean Breeze lament Staten Island’s dead” []
5. Hitoshi Kojo – “Sunshine Erosion” – あまねくうつしみ (Omni Moment)
6. Tom Waits – “Coney Island Baby” – Blood Money (Anti)

7. Zea and Xavier Charles – “It’s Quiet” – Insecurity Expert (Makkum)
8. Mdou Moctar – “Anar” – split 7″ with Brainstorm (Sahel Sounds)
9. Mayo Thompson – “Woof (at 33 1/3)” – Woof 7-inch (Drag City Revolution)
10. Flatt & Scruggs – “Last Train To Clarksville” (Columbia)
11. The Resonars – “Sit Right Down” – Long Long Thoughts EP (Trouble In Mind)
12. The Mad Scene – “The Greatest Time” – The Greatest Time! EP (Merge)
13. Harpoon Forever – “Blue Jay” – Life-Size Cut-Out EP (Bleeding Gold)
14. Run On – “A to Z” – Miscalculation 7-inch (Matador)
15. Matthews Southern Comfort – “Woodstock” (Decca)

16. Tyvek – “Mary Ellen Claims” (X!)
17. The Bangles – “In A Different Light” – Manic Monday 7-inch (Columbia)
18. Mirrors – “Shirley” (Violet Times)
19. Ned Lagin and Phil Lesh – “Sea Stones (excerpt)” – Sampler For Deadheads 7-inch (Round)
20. Loren Connors & Suzanne Langille – “Cease To Do Evil (at 33 1/3)” (Northern-Spy)
21. Mats Gustafsson – “Abet?! (solo side) (at 33 1/3), then backwards” – Abet?! 7″ (Terp)
22. Say No! To Arcitecture – “The Highest and Inevitable” – Time of the Wolf 7″ (Ghosthunters Club) [plus Maria Lanza, "Four Neapolitan Songs" EP (RCA Victor)]
various WFMU DJ’s – “Side B” – Sounds Of The Northeastern Freeform Dj Or The Biological Significance Of Those Voices In Your Head ((no label))
23. Wooden Kimono – “Trip/Lily For A Heart (at 33 1/3)” – Moving to Disneyland 7″ (Perennial)
24. Tall Firs – “Highway 5″ – Crooked Smiles 7-inch ((no label))

25. Jukeboxer – “Parenthetical items in a series indicating separation between units of coordination” – Parenthetical EP (Absolutely Kosher)
26. Eddy Detroit Meets the Sun City Girls – “Pyxxymphony” – Eddy Detroit Meets the Sun City Girls 7″ (Ammit)
27. M. Geddes Gengras – “Beyond the Curtain” – Beyond the Curtain cassette (Holodeck)
28. Palace of Swords – “Echoes From A Distant Star” – II (Reverb Worship)
29. Andy Stott – “Numb” – Luxury Problems (Modern Love)

30. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – “Electricity” – BBC Sessions ((no label))
31. Lyres – “Help You Ann” – On Fyre (Munster)
32. Look Blue Go Purple – “Cactus Cat” – Tally Ho! Flying Nun’s Greatest Bits (Flying Nun)
33. Leisure Birds – “Egyptian Ring” – Globe Master (Moon Glyph)
34. Talibam! – “Step Into the Marina” – Puff Up the Volume (Critical Heights)
35. The Ex – “Our Leaky Homes” – Maybe I Was the Pilot EP (Ex)
36. Liars – “Flood to Flood” – WIXIW (Mute)
37. Chris Stamey & Yo La Tengo – “V.O.T.E. PSA” – A Question of Temperature (Yep-Roc)

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frow show, FMU-187

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Jaap Blonk – “What the president will say and do” [plus slow-motion laughing & crying babies]
2. Matmos – “Just Waves” – The Ganzfeld EP (Thrill Jockey)
3. Kawabata Makoto & à qui avec Gabriel – “A Sacred Tree at Nemi” – Golden Tree (Important)
4. The Love Machine – “Bells For Eternal Zoom” – Electronic Music To Blow Your Mind With (Gear Fab)
5. Lightning Bolt – “Baron Wasteland” – Oblivion Hunter (Load)
6. Alkibar Gignor – “Tamala” – La Paix (Mississippi)

7. Moonrises – “Rare Flight” – Moonrises (Logan Hardware / Galactic Archive)
8. Sky Burial – “Silence Moves” – There I Saw The Grey Wolf Gaping (Small Doses)
9. The Dogmatics – “The Hand That Wields It Does Not Bear Down As Hard” – The Sacrifice For the Music Became Our Lifestyle (Monotype)
10. KODAMA – “Medusa (part II)” – Fri-Son, Fribourg (Switzerland), 22 February 2005 ((no label))
11. Phil Kline, Theo Bleckmann, Todd Reynolds, Etc. – “Incoming” – Phil Kline: Zippo Songs (Canteloupe Music)
12. Dominique Lawalrée – “Pleine Lune: Insomnie” – Traces
13. Matthew Shipp – “Fundamental Field” – At Oto (Fataka)
14. Dum Dum Girls – “Trees and Flowers” – End of Daze EP (Sub Pop)

15. KORT – “Incredibly Lonely” – Invariable Heartache (City Slang)
16. Le Marchand Du Soleil – “Laila Je T’Aime” – Laila Je T’aime: Guitar Music From the Western Sahel (Mississippi/Change/Sahel Sounds)
17. Gunn-Truscinski Duo – “Banh Mi Ringtones” – 7 September 2012 Three Lobed/WXDU Day Show, Hopscotch Festival, King’s, Raleigh, NC ((no label)) [via]
18. Spectre Folk – “Tree With 12 Bones” – The Ancient Storm (Vampire Blues)
19. Thurston Moore & Loren Connors – Live at the Stone, July 2012 (excerpt) ((no label)) [via Northern-Spy]
20. Stian Westerhus – “Like Passing Rain Through 9 Lives” – The Matriarch and the Wrong Kind of Flowers (Rune Grammofon)
21. Hirotaka “Shimmy” Shimizu – “Track 1″ – Move Love (Gms)
22. Shintaro Sakamoto – “My Memories Fade” – How To Live WIth A Phantom (Zelone/Other Music)

23. Dinosaur Jr. – “Rude” – I Bet On Sky (Jagjaguwar)
24. Natural Child – “That’s How I Got To Memphis” – For the Love of the Game (Burger)
25. Jerry Corbitt – “Out of the Question” – Corbitt (Polydor)
26. Meg Baird – “Song For Next Summer” – KFJC Live From the Devil’s Triangle, v. 14 (KFJC)
27. Dave Van Ronk – “Honey Hair” – Going Back to Brooklyn (Gazell)
28. Jerry Garcia – “Dire Wolf” – 1970 Demo ((no label))
29. Susan Reed – “Fare Thee Well” – Songs of the Auvergne (Columbia Masterworks)

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frow show, FMU-186

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)
1. David Crosby – “I’d Swear There Was Somebody Here” – If I Could Only Remember My Name (Atlantic)
2. Arborea – “untitled (hammered dulcimer instrumental)” ((no label))
3. Long Distance Poison – “Side A” – Signals to A Habitable Zone (Fin) [plus T.S. Eliot ("Burnt Norton"), 4. Lawrence Durrell ("Freedom"), Cecil Taylor ("# 5'46")]
5. Tennis – “Guiding Light” ((no label))

6. Kramer – “I Love How You Love Me” – The Brill Building (Tzadik)
7. Julie London – “Yummy, Yummy” – Lux & Ivy’s Favorites, v. 5 ((no label))
8. Sugar Pie DeSanto – “Going Back Where I Belong” (Veltone)
9. Harold Burrage – “Things Ain’t What They Used to Be” (M-Pac)
10. Gene Pitney – “Tremblin’” (Musicor)
11. Dina Mariana – “Mari Bergoyang” – Indonesia Pop Nostalgia (Sham Palace)
12. D’Swooners – “Sunny” – Plays R&B Golden Hits (Philips)
13. New Riders Of The Purple Sage – “Suite at the Mission” – 17 Pine Avenue (Woodstock)

14. Jody Stecher – “The Hills of Isle Au Haut” – Going Up on the Mountain (Acoustic Disc)
15. Francis Bebey – “Black Tears” – Mississippi African Guitar Box, v. 5 (Mississippi)
16. George Cromarty – “Poppy Field” – Grassroots Guitar (Thistle)
17. Yair Yona – “Kottke and the Orchids” – World Behind Curtains (Strange Attractors)
18. J Mascis – “Can I” – Several Shades of Why (Sub Pop)
19. Padna – “Shoeg” – Burnt Offerings (Preservation)
20. Jahiliyya Fields – “Ocean Mom” – Unicursal Hexigram (Long Island Electrical Systems) [plus "Syncopated Panpipes" by The Dirashi Tribe (from "Yeti, v. 11")]
21. Koen Holtkamp – “Battenkill” – Liquid Light Forms (Barge) [plus "Arcade Ambiance 1981" by Andy Hofle (Good Deal Games)]
22. Afterlife – “Sidereal” – Celestial Habitat ((no label))
23. Cyrill Schläpfer – “DS Uri” – Die Waldstätte (Csr)
24. John Cage – “various at 33 1/3″ – Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano (John Cage Trust)
25. Conlon Nancarrow – “Tango For Player Piano” – Tango Till You’re Sore: Bethany 2012 Premium ((no label))
26. The Collage – “Any Day’s A Sunday Afternoon” – Clay’s Classics IV: 2012 Premium ((no label))

27. Pussy Riot – “Kill the Sexist” ((no label))
28. The Space Men – “Kagoshima Volcano Song” – Awa Crazy Dance – Japanese Folk Songs In Elec. Guitars (Victrola Japan)
29. Cy Dune – “Just Kids” ((no label))
30. Goathead – “Goat” (Stranded Rekords / Rocket Recordings )

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frow show, FMU-185

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)
1. Kiwi Whispers
2. Shinji Masuko – “Woven Music For Blue Steppe” – Woven Music (Brah)
3. Eric Lanham – “No Ordinates” – The Sincere Interruption (Spectrum Spools)
4. Philippe Petit & Friends – “Many-Minds in Many-Worlds” – Cordophony (Home Normal)
5. Joe McPhee & Chris Corsano – “For Jim Pepper” – Scraps and Shadows (Roaratorio)
6. Bonnie “Prince” Billy & Mariee Sioux – “Mad Mad Me” – Bonnie & Mariee (Spiritual Pajamas)
7. John Randolph Marr – “Hello L.A., Bye Bye Birmingham” – Country Funk 1969-1975 (Light In the Attic)

8. Melody’s Echo Chamber – “Some Time Alone, Alone” – Melody’s Echo Chamber
9. Times New Viking – “Sleep In” – Over & Over EP (Siltbreeze)
10. Secret Birds – “Pink Nites” – Peace Forest (Bon Voyage)
11. Sarin Smoke – “Upsound” – Vent (MIE)
12. Plums – “Nixon’s Mess (Side A)” – Nixon’s Mess (Prison Art)
13. Fennesz – “Fa 2012″ – Fa 2012 (Editions Mego)
14. Kawabata Makoto – “Scarlet Phenomenon” – Hosanna Mantra (Important) [feat. Ralph Stanley, "Sure 'Nuff 'N Yes I Do" from "Lawless" OST (Sony Classical)]
15. Alastair Galbraith – “Gone” – Orb (Next Best Way) [`]
16. Howlin’ Rain – “When the Morning Comes” ((no label))

17. Brenda Ray – “Take Me In Your Car” – D’Ya Hear Me!: Naffi Years 1979-83 (Em)
18. Fabulous Diamonds – “John Song” – Commerical Music (Chapter Music)
19. Agitation Free – “Ala Tul” – Malesch (Vertigo)
20. Laurie Spiegel – “Drums” – The Expanding Universe (Unseen Worlds)
21. Jim O’Rourke – “Mere (part I)” – Old News, v. 8 (Editions Mego)
22. Randy Newman – “I Think It’s Going To Rain Today” – Randy Newman (Reprise)
23 .Michael Nesmith – “Roll With the Flow” – And the Hits Just Keep on Coming (RCA)
24. Obray Ramsey – “Down By The Sea Shore” – Blue Ridge Banjo: Southern Mountain Folk Songs (Washington)
25. Fred Lowery – “Beyond the Sunset” – Whistles Your Gospel Favorites (Word)

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frow show, FMU-184

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Aaron Freeman – “Marvelous Clouds” – Marvelous Clouds (Partisan)
2. Sun Araw – “Grip” – The Inner Treaty (Drag City)
3. Patrick Higgins – “Bouree, Lute Suite No.1, BWV 996″ – Bachanalia (Free Music Archive)
4. Josephine Foster – “Underwater Daughter” – Blood Rushing (Fire)
5. Sycamore Slough String Band – “Stella Blue” – First Rehearsals (Perfectible)
6. Jerry Lee Lewis – “Miss the Mississippi and You” – Young Blood (Sire)
7. Andre Williams – “It’s Only You That I Love” – Life (Alive)
8. The Sha-Weez – “No One To Love Me” (Aladdin)

9. The Yo Yo’s – “Leaning On You” (Goldwax)
10. Rodd Keith – “Bury Me Deep” – Saucers in the Sky (Roaratorio)
11. Fapardokly – “The Music Scene” – Fapardokly (UIP)
12. Teisco – “Vision of Shore” – Tuscan Castle and Country Seat (Roundtable)
13. Jah Lion  – “Hay Fever” – Colombia Colly (Mango)
14. Tunji Oyelana – “Ogun Adubi” – A Nigerian Retrospective 1966-79 (Soundway)
15. Crystal Syphon – “Have More of Everything” – Family Evil (Roaratorio)
16. Allah-Las – “Busman’s Holiday” – Allah-Las (Innovative Leisure)
17. The Resonars – “I’ll Keep It With Mine” – Bright and Dark (Get Hip)
18. The New Surfsiders – “Kokomo” (Norton)

19. ゆらゆら帝国 – “貫通” – 冷たいギフト/貫通 (???)
20. Arklight – “Abandoned Mansions” ((no label))
21. Natural Snow Buildings – “Kadja Bosou” – Night Coercion Into the Company of Witches (Ba Da Bing)
22. Akos Rozmann – “12 stationer VI III” – 12 Stationer VI (Editions Mego)
23. Decimus – “Side A” – Decimus 5 (Kelippah)
24. K7 Music – “Dominique Lawalrée” – Traces (Walrus)
25. Chris Corsano – “Not Now Not Later Now Ever” – Cut (Hot Cars Warp)
26. – “Japanese metronomes” []
27. Nenah Cherry and the Thing – “Dream Baby Dream” – The Cherry Thing (Smalltown Supersound)

28. R. Ring – “Fallout and Fire” (Misra)
29. Majutsu No Niwa – “La Bruit de la Mer” – Volume V, Part II (Musik Atlach)
30. Elizabeth Cotton & Brenda Evans – “Jesus Lifted Me” – Shake Sugaree, vol. 2 (Folkways)

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frow show, FMU-183

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)
1. Tilda Swinton – “Loomings” – The Moby-Dick Big Read ((no label))
2. Archaia – “Massa Confusa” – Archaia (Little Big Chief)
3. Tomutonttu  – “live at Kiasma (excerpt)” ((no label)) [plus]
4. Acid Mothers Temple & Melting Paraiso UFO – “Fellitoh’s Dance also Bitch’s Blow” – Son of a Bitches Brew (Important)
5. The Circulatory System – “Deserts (As Big As A Star)” – Amos House Collection, v. 3 (Wishing Tree)
6. The Beatniks – “Alligator Hat” (Mocambo)

7. Common Ground – “Over the Waterfall” – Traveler’s Choice (Kicking Mule)
8. Mdou Moctar – “Anar” – split 7″ with Brainstorm (Sahel Sounds)
9. สุรเดช-พุ่มสะอาด-จากกัน – “Apart” (P.M. Popsiam)
10. The Bowles – “Two Serious Men” – The Bowles (Kye)
11. Robert Hunter – “Franklin’s Tower” – Live ’85 (Relix)
12. Chris Brokaw – “California” – Gambler’s Ecstasy (12XU)
13. Mal Waldron/Eric Dolphy/Booker Ervin – “Warm Canto” – The Quest (Original Jazz Classics)
14. Charles Mingus – “September Song” – The Young Rebel (Proper)

15. William S. Burroughs – “What Keeps Mankind Alive?” – September Songs (various artists, Kurt Weill tribute) (Sony Classical)
16. พบกันที่-บขส – “Meeting at the Transportation Company” – BA CHA SAW Transportation Company
17. Beck – “Michelangelo Antonioni” – A Tribute to Caetano Veloso (Planned Obsolescence)
18. Common Eider, King Eider – “Smell of Gulls and Grass” – Figs, Wasps And Monotremes (Root Strata)
19. Deep Listening Band – “Bell Dance” – Octagonal Polyphony (Important)
20. Brenda Hutchinson – “Eeeyah!” – Eeeyah! cassette ((no label))
21. Zs – “Z is For Zone” – Zs Score, The Complete Sextet Works: 2002-2007 (Northern Spy) [plus "Mandarin Missionary Spoken Training" cassette (no label)]
22. Kassel Jaeger – “Campo Del Cielo” – Deltas (Editions Mego) [plus "Talk Radio For John Cage" by Kurt Gottschalk + WFMU DJs via free103point9's "120 Hours for John Cage"]
23. Master Musicians of Jajouka – “Your Eyes Are Like A Cup of Tea” – Brian Jones Presents The Pipes Of Pan At Jajouka (Point Music) [plus "A Trucker's Dream" (backwards excerpt) by Mohel from "The Second Temple" (Verdura)]
24. Swans – “A Piece of the Sky” – The Seer (Young God)
25. Art Garfunkel – “Disney Girls (1957)” – Breakaway (Columbia)

26. Cheater Slicks – “Possession” – Whiskey (In the Red)
27. The Flight Reaction – “Mourning Light” – Mourning Light 7″ (13 O’Clock)
28. Jim Sullivan – “Roll Back the Time” – U.F.O. (Light in the Attic)
29. Caitlin Rose – “Lately I’ve Let Things Slide” – Lowe Country: The Songs of Nick Lowe (Fiesta Red)
30. Rickie Lee Jones – “Only Love Can Break Your Heart” – The Devil You Know (Concord)
31. Curlee and Clyde Greenwood – “Brother Song” – One Time, One Place ((no label))

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frow show, FMU-182

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Glenn Jones – “A Snapshot of Mom, Scotland 1957″ – The Wanting (Thrill Jockey)
2. Bob Dylan – “Soon After Midnight” – Tempest (Columbia)
3. Bobby Fuller Four – “A New Shade of Blue” – I Fought the Law (Mustang)
4. The Monkees – “Writing Wrongs” – The Birds, The Bees, & The Monkees (expanded edition) (Rhino)
5. Blues Control – “Gypsum” – Valley Tangents (Drag City)
6. The Pleasure Fair – “Today” – Soft Sounds For Gentle People, v. 1 ((no label))
7. Rangda – “Night Porter” – Formerly Extinct (Drag City)
8. Thee Oh Sees – “Wax Face” – Putrifiers II (In the Red)
9. Moon Duo – “Free Action” – Circles (Sacred Bones)

10. Ralph White – “Fat Old Sun” – The Mongrel’s Hoard (Monofonus)
11. The Persuasions – “Here Comes Sunshine > drumz > space” – Persuasions of the Dead (Zoho)
12. Michael Alan Alien with the Vans Deferens ORganization – “Shoe String Theory” – Michael Alan Alien (Puer Gravy)
13. Brother Ah – “Love Piece” – Sound Awareness (Ikef)
14. Alfred Harth – “Dog” – Nun (O Back)
15. Mats Gustafsson & Paal Nilssen-Love – “I love It” – I Love It When You Snore (Weird Forest)
16. Jacqueline Caux – “Albert Ayler a la Fondation Maeght” – 13 Minitures For Albert Ayler (Rogue Art)
17. Harry Pussy – “Let’s Build A Pussy, Sides A & C” – Let’s Build A Pussy (Blackbean and Placenta)
18. Conrad Schnitzler – “Side B” – Live ’72 (Further)
19. Douglas Lilburn – “cicadas oscillators and treefrogs” – Fly On The Wall: Stochastic Hit Parade 2005 WFMU Marathon Premium ((no label))
20. Jim Pollock – “Dear Mrs. Reagan” ((no label))

21. Jherek Bischoff feat. Caetano Veloso & Greg Saunier – “The Secret of the Machines” – Composed (Brassland)
22. Jon Gibson – “Side B” – Visitations (Chatham Square)
23. Dieter Schrade – “Kristallstimmgabeln & Klangpyramiden” – Radical Glass Music #6 ((no label)) [plus "Mona Twisted," by Nurse With Wound, from "Creakiness and Other Misdeamnours" (United Jnana)]
24. Yoko Ono, Thurston Moore, and Kim Gordon – “Mirror Mirror” – Yokokimthurston (Chimera)
25. The Flatlanders – “Bhagavan Decreed” – The Odessa Tapes (New West)
26. John Hartford – “Morning Bugle” – Steam-Powered Aereo-Takes (Rounder)
27. The Cyrkle – “Turn Down Day” – Red Rubber Ball (Sundazed)

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yo la tengo setlists, september 2012

(“Don’t Have To Be So Sad” with Chris Corsano and, barely visible behind keys, Glenn Jones.)

7 September 2012
Memorial Auditorium, Raleigh, NC
Hopscotch Festival
(Chris Corsano & Glenn Jones opened)

Time Fades Away (Neil Young)
From A Motel 6
Tears Are In Your Eyes
new song
new song
Beanbag Chair
The Weakest Part
Double Dare (acoustic)
Detouring America With Horns (acoustic)
Black Flowers
new song
Don’t Have To Be So Sad (with Chris Corsano on percussion & Glenn Jones on acoustic guitar)
False Alarm
Shaker (with CC & GJ on electric guitar)
Nothing to Hide
Little Honda (The Hondells) (with CC & GJ on keyboards)

Drug Test
Take Care (Alex Chilton)

8 September 2012
Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia, PA
WHYY Festival
(setlist via Dom)

Big Day Coming (fast)
new song
The Summer
Autumn Sweater
new song
Here To Fall
new song
Black Flowers
Nowhere Near
Nothing To Hide
Tom Courtenay
Pass The Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind

Antmusic (Adam and the Ants)
Griselda (Antonia)
Center Of Gravity (with very drunk audience member celebrating his birthday named Greg on shaker)

frow show, FMU-181

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)
1. Mi-Gu – “The Drummer & the Dancer” – Choose the Light (Chimera Music)
2. Orphan Fairytale – “Comets Come Alive” – Comets Come Alive (Blackest Rainbow) [feat. "Optimum Aviary" from "Environments: New Concepts in Stereo Sound" (Atlantic)]
3. Jean Cocteau – Six Poems by Jean Coteau 7″ (Columbia)
4. Aaron Dilloway & Jason Lescalleet – “Burning Nest” – Grapes and Snakes (PAN)
5. Diamond Terrifier – “Three Things” – Kill the Self That Wants To Kill Yourself (Northern-Spy)
6. Marco Cappelli’s Italian Surf Academy – “The Sundown/San Antonio Mission” – The American Dream (Mode)
7. The Beach Boys – “Summer’s Gone” – That’s Why God Made the Radio (Capitol)

8. The Everly Brothers – “Love is Strange” – Heartaches & Harmonies
9. Dylan Shearer – “Afterwhile” – Porchpuddles (Empty Cellar)
10. Insect Factory – “9/2/12, 7:48 pm” ((no label))
11. Roger Miller – “Big Steam” – Big Steam 7″ (Good Road)
12. Majutsu No Niwa – “Desolate Seashore” – Volume 5, Part 1: The Visionaries’ Sand Zone (Musik Atlach)
13. Garcia Peoples – “Panther In The Night” ((no label))
14. Bob Dylan – “Silvio” – Down in the Groove (Columbia)
15. Dutch Rhythm Steel & Showband – “Down By The River” (Negram)
16. Hole Class – “The Mirror Is A Window” – Hole Class (Meds)
17. Icebreaker with BJ Cole – “Silver Morning” – Apollo (Canteloupe)
18. The Men – “Jennifer” – Jennifer 7″ (Matador)

19. William Tapley – “Mitt Romney, A Hero In My Mind” ((no label))
20. Col. Bruce Hampton – “Basically Frightened” – Arkansas (Terminus)
21. Mark Feehan – “Stoned Pilot B” – MF (Siltbreeze)
22. Jose Maceda – “Ugnayan” – Ugnayan (Tzadik)
23. Dan Gibson – “Dawn By A Gentle Stream (backwards)” – Solitudes: Environmental Sound Experiences, Volume One (Dan Gibson Productions)
24. Lumerians – “Side B” – Lumerians (Permanent) [plus backwards waves via "The Psychologically Ultimate Seashore" from "Environments: New Concepts in Stereo Sound" (Atlantic)]
25. Richard Lerman – “A Matter of Scale” – A Matter of Scale and Other Pieces (Anomalous)
26. Bernard Parmegiani – “L’Œil écoute” – L’Œil écoute / Dedans-Dehors (Recollections GRM)
27. Gastr Del Sol – “Blues Subtitled No Sense of Wonder” – Camoufleur (Drag City)
28. Erdem Helvacioglu – “Will I Ever See You Again” – Eleven Short Stories (Innova)
29. Bill Fay – “Be Not So Fearful” – From the Bottom of an Old Grandfather Clock (Wooden Hill)
30. Billy Bragg – “Ingrid Bergman” – Mermaid Avenue (Reprise)

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frow show, FMU-180

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Senator Sam – “Bridge Over Troubled Water” – At Home (Columbia)
2. Peach Cobbler – “Moonlight on Georgia” – Georgia Peach (Ajax)
3. Zea & Xavier Charles – “It’s Quiet” – Insecurity Expert (Makkum)
4. Faris & Terakaft – “Derhan Alkher” – Songs For Desert Refugees (Glitterhouse)
5. Super Monster – “Headin’ For the Moon” – Super Monster ((no label))
6. Sonny Smith – “Cosmorama / The Fuckaroos” – 100 Records, v. 3 (Buenritmo)
7. Cy Dune – “Just Kids” – (no album) ((no label))

8. Philip Sanderson – “The Secret of the Fountain” – Hollow Gravity (Puer Gravy)
9. Dustin Wong and Matt Papich – “Blue Moon” – Red Cheeks For Green Grass ((no label))
10. Thomas Bloch – “Sweet Suite” – Music For Ondes Martenot (Naxos)
11. Mika Vainio – “Magnetosome” – FE3 O4 – Magnetite (Touch)
12. Sotantar Simrat Singh – “Tantra (Sun and Moon Gongs)” – Sun Gong ((no label))
13. On Fillmore – “Master Moon” – Extended Vacation (Dead Oceans)
14. Robert Normandeau – “Éclats De Voix” – Tangram (Empreintes Digitales)
15. Kathleen Young – “Capacity” – After Party Vol. 2: Releasing Water from Green Material (Prom Night)
16. White Noise – “Firebird” – An Electric Storm (Island)

17. Sonny Hall – “The Battle of the Moon” – Never Ever Land: 83 Texan Nuggets from International Artists Records 1965-1970 (Charly)
18. The Savages – “Gone To The Moon” – MRC 033: It Happened (Mississippi)
19. The Citations – “Moon Race” – Lux & Ivy’s Favorites, v. 4 ((no label))
20. Hypnolovewheel – “Living on the Moon” – Turn! Turn! Burn! (Fabian Aural)
21. Malakai – “Moonsurfin’” – Ugly Side of Love (Domino)
22. Lonely Drifter Karen – “Hunting On the Moon” – Tradi-Mods Vs. Rockers: Alternative Takes On Congotronics (Crammed Discs)
23. Brian Eno – “Slow Ice, Old Moon” – Small Craft on a Milk Sea (Warp) [feat. "Once She Was As Beautifl As The Moon" from "Tahiti: The Gauguin Years: Songs And Dances" (Nonesuch)]
24. Eden Ahbez – “Full Moon” – Incredibly Strange Music, v. 2 (Asphodel)
25. Patty Waters – “Moon, Don’t Come Up Tonight” – Sings (ESP-Disk’)
26. Evan Caminiti – “Absteigend” – Dreamless Sleep (Thrill Jockey)

27. Smallwood/Sawako/Cluett/Owen/Kkliu – “Phonography Meeting 070823 (excerpt)” – Phonography Meeting 070823 (Winds Measure)
28. Hildegard Westerkamp – “Cricket Voice” – Transformations (Empreintes Digitales)
29. Raajmahal – “Celandine” – Celandine (Digitalis)
30. Fennesz – “Euclides” – Aun – The Beginning and the End of All Things (Ash)
31. Grateful Dead – “Bird Song” – 27 August 1972 Old Renaissance Faire Grounds, Veneta, OR ((no label))
32. Brian Wilson Shock Treatment – “If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Belgium” – Operation Sun Probe (Poe)
33. Captain Beefheart – “Well” – A Capella Is Not An Ice Cream Flavor: Bill Mac’s 2012 WFMU Marathon Premium ((no label))

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frow show, FMU-179

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)
1. Willie Nelson – “Stardust” – Stardust (Columbia) [Feel better, Willie!]
2. The Music Tapes – “The Dark Is Singing Songs (Sleepy Time Down South)” – Mary’s Voice (Merge)
3. Herbcraft – “California Poppy” – Flowering (Julia Dream Recordings)
4. The Mad Scene – “Valium Beach” – Blip (Siltbreeze)
5. Delicate Steve – “Luna” – Positive Force (Luaka Bop)
6. Wizard Amps – “Ice Guitar” – Ice Guitar (Baked Tapes) [plus "The Swimming Pool" by Dion McGregor, from "The Dream World of Dion McGregor" (Decca)]
7. The New Outcast – “That’s What I Call A Woman” ((no label))
8. Connan Mockasin – “It’s Choade My Dear” – Please Turn Me Into the Snat (Indie Europe/Zoom)

9. The Creatures of the Golden Dawn – “Three in the Morning” – Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground (Dionysus)
10. The Pin Group – “Ambivalence” – Ambivalence (Flying Nun)
11. Kitchen’s Floor – “Regrets” – Look Forward to Nothing (Siltbreeze)
12. Six Organs Of Admittance – “One Thousand Birds” – Ascent (Drag City)
13. Neil Young & Crazy Horse – “Arc 2012 (part 1: August)” ((no label)) [plus occasional bits of "PENTAS For 5 Loudspeakers" by Roland Dahinden & Sol LeWitt (Impressum/Imprint)]
14. Bee Mask – “In the Mise en Abime” – split 12-inch with Envenomist (A Soundesign Recording)

15. Bul-Bul Tarang Gang – “Tali” – Tali (Sloow Tapes)
16. Kawabata Makoto & à qui avec Gabriel – “Solid Torus” – Golden Tree (Important)
17. Spectre Folk – “Mantraphonics” – The Ancient Storm (Vampire Blues)
18. Peter Van Riper & Georg de Christal – “Nook & Cranny” – I Am I Am I Am I Am ((no label))
19. Four Tet – “Peace For Earth” – Pink (Text)
20. Ryan Jewell – “Live at Skylab 5.27.10 (excerpt)” – Ryan Jewell v. Drake & Russell (Soundesign)
21. Francis Bebey – “Le Chant D’Ibaden” – Mississippi African Guitar Box, v. 4 (Mississippi)
22. Joseph Mkwana – “Maisha Yangu” – Mississippi African Guitar Box, v. 5 (Mississippi)
23. David Bromberg – “The Holdup” – Wanted: Dead Or Alive (Columbia)

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frow show, FMU-178

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Museum of Endangered Sounds []
2. The Sunshine Fix – “le roi-soleil” – Age of the Sun (Emperor Norton) [Bill Doss, 1968-2012.]
3. Group 180 – “Music For Pieces of Wood” – Music For Pieces of Wood (Hungaraton)
4. Orphan Fairytale – “crybaby needs a hanky”
5. The Sunshine Fix – “A Day In The Life” ((no label)) [plus bells + Brotzmann / Edwards / Noble]
6. The Olivia Tremor Control – “Not Feeling Human” – Those Sessions EP ((no label))

7. Les Blousons Noir – “Eddie Soit Bon” – 1961-1962 (Born Bad)
8. Cerebrum – “Read A Book” – Eagle Death (Normal)
9. Slug Guts – “Old Black Sweats” – Playin’ In Time With the Deadbeat (Sacred Bones)
10. Woods – “Size Meets the Sound” – Bend Beyond (Woodsist)
11. Moon Duo – “Sleepwalker” – Circles (Sacred Bones)
12. The Limiñanas – “AF3458″ – Crystal Anis (HoZac)
13. The Jets – “Be For Me” – Buttons: From Champaign to Chicago (Numero Group)
14. Lame Drivers – “Minimize” – Summer 2012 Tour Tape ((no label))
15. Dikes of Holland – “Streetwalker” – Braindead USA (Singles) (Screamers)
16. Tyvek – “Mary Ellen Claims” – Mary Ellen Claims 7″ (X!)
17. Neil Young – “Revolution Blues” – On The Beach (Reprise)

18. Plus Instruments – “Rush Hour” – februari – april ’81 (Poutre Apparente)
19. Ourself Beside Me – “Sunday Girl” – Maybe Mars Vol.1 (2007 ~ 2009) (Free Music Archive)
20. Arnold Dreyblatt/Orchestra of Excited Strings – “International Dateline” – The Adding Machine (Cantaloupe)
21. Zaimph – “Side B” – Imagine Yourself Here (Yew) [plus Achievement Dynamics Presents Verbal Advantage Plus cassettes]
22. Herve Moire – “Mirage De Loire” – Mirage De Loire ((no label))
23. Stephen Vitiello – “GlassMarimbaFrogCaller” – Dowsing (Farpoint Recordings)
24. Folke Rabe/Jan Bark – “Bar” – Argh! (Tjaft)
25. Chord – “Side A” – Gmaj7 (Mie)
26. Conscious Summary – “Prescription Lullaby” – Prescription Lullaby 7″ (Love Earth Music)
27. Robert Hunter – “On Our Way Back Home” – Roadhog ((no label))
28. The Glands of External Secretion – “Run To Me” – Northern Exposure Will Be Right Back (Nosejob)

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frow show, FMU-177

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Omnivore – “Pink Electric” – Omnivore (Feeding Tube)
2. Mats Lindström  – “IBM” – ??? (Ideologic Organ)
3. Angus MacLise / Tony Conrad – “Short Drum and Viola Part 1 and 2″ – Dreamweapon III (Boo-Hooray)
4. Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra – “The Shadow World > Rocket #9″ – Live at Judson Hall, 12-31-64 (from Pharaoh Sanders: In the Beginning, 1963-1964) (ESP-Disk’)
5. Studio Genaro – “Structures Electronique” – Salon des Composants 1970
6. Don Cherry – “Eternal Rhythm (part 1)” – Eternal Rhythm (Polygram Japan)
7. Grateful Dead – “Stella Blue” – 12 August 1972 Sacremento Memorial Auditorium ((no label))

8. – “Vision Creation Newsun Jug Cover”
9. H. Tical – “Microchaos” – Space Oddities, v. 2 (Permanent Vacation)
10. Six Feet Under – “Freedom” – In Retrospact, 1969-1970 – Countercultural Psych From New Jersey (Arf! Arf!)
11. We Acediasts – “Unmei Shoubai” – We Acediasts (mesh-key)
12. Bad Indians – “If I Had The Chance” – Sun People 7″ (Urinal Cake)
13. Bonifrate – “Vertigem de uma festa interestelar” – Um Futuro Inteiro (Free Music Archive)
14. The Dwindling Party – “Twisted Sister Carrie” – The Dwindling Party ((no label))
15. Tall Firs – “I Couldn’t Say It To Your Face” – Out of It and Into It (ATP)

16. Tom Schmidt – “Silent Roar” – Deer Park (Muse/Art)
17. Phil Minton – “Cenotaph” – Solo Singing (Rift)
18. Nelson Gastaldi – “First Movement” – Symphony No. 3: Siddhartha Gautama O El Poder De La Nada (Roaratorio)
19. Pulse Emitter – “bioluminescence” – split with Date Palms/Expo 70/Faceplant (Immune)
20. Bruce Russell – “Side A” – split 12″ w/ Roy Montgomery (Grapefruit)
21. Francis Dhomont – “Novars” – Mouvance~Metaphores (Empreintes Digitales)
22. Loren Connors & Suzanne Langille – “Cease To Do Evil (at 33 1/3)” – I Wish I Didn’t Dream 7-inch (Northern-Spy)

23. John Wesley Coleman and Morgan Coy – “Nightmare on Silly Street” – Nightmare on Silly Street (Monofonus Press)
24. Alfi – “Drizzling Rain in Summer” – Soft Fit Anthology (Victor)
25. Ralph White – “Corrina” – Trash Fish (Terminus)
26. Paul McCartney – “Summer’s Day Song” – McCartney II (Capitol)
27. Patti Smith – “After the Gold Rush” – Banga (Columbia)

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frow show, FMU-176

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Daniel Menche – “Rain Recordings” ((no label)) [feat. the voice of Sigmund Freud]
2. Steinbruchel – “Sinus 5″ – Sinus (Tapeworm)
3. Dolphins Into the Future – “On the High Seas” – On Sea-Faring Isolation (Fonal)
4. Ekkehard Ehlers & Paul Wirkus – “Wiem” – Ballads (SMTG Limited)
5. Diamond Terrifier – “Adamantine” – Kill the Self That Wants To Kill Yourself (Northern-Spy)
6. David S. Ware – “Processional 1 (excerpt)” – Planetary Unknown (Aum Fidelity)
7. No Guru – “Run Away” – Der Krampe Tanz (Hashram Audio Concern) [with more rain & A/C/E platform field recording, 10 July 2012]
8. The Orioles – “It’s Too Soon To Know” (Jubilee)

9. King’s Road – “Truckin’” – King’s Road Plays the Heavy Sounds of the Watkins Glen Concert (Pickwick)
10. Heavy Blanket – “Galloping Toward the Unknown” – Heavy Blanket (Outer Battery)
11. The Sunrays – “Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously” (Tower) [produced by Murry Wilson]
12. The Frogs – “Bring Yer Love 2 Me” – Squirrel Bunny Jupiter Deluxe ((no label))
13. Stag – “Going Out” – Get Used To It (Disembraining)
14. The Bilders – “Strange Nights” – Soloman’s Ball ((no label))
15. William Tapley – “Mitt Romney, A Hero In My Mind” ((no label))

16. Masato Minami – “Heartful of Love Which Blooms In An Endless Stream” – The Tropics (RCA)
17. Club Sound Witches – “Track 5″ – Club Sound Witches (Breakdance the Dawn)
18. various – “Side A” – Islands Inbetween: Touch 33 (Touch)
20. pierre mercure – “la forme des choses ( the shape of things)” – Musique de L’O.N.F.
21. Cheer – “Expert Time Killing” – Patrick Car Lights (Benbecula)
22. Hugh Le Caine – “Dripsody” – Ohm: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music: 1948-1980 (Ellipsis Arts)

23. Marianne Faithfull – “You Can’t Go Where The Roses Go” – Love In A Mist (Decca)
24. Steve Gunn – “Trouba” – On A Steady Diet of Hash, Bread, and Salt (V/A) (Free Music Archive)
25. John Wesley Coleman – “Flower In the Dark” – Last Donkey Show (Goner)
26. Baird Sisters – “Where the Waters Flow” – Until You Find Your Green (Grapefruit)
27. Hannah Lew – “Octopus Via Satellite” – In A Cloud II: New Sounds From San Francisco (Secret Seven)
28. Simon Joyner – “Sing A Little Lullaby” – Ghosts (Sing, Eunuchs!)
29. Clearing – “We Sing of Golden Mornings” – Hidden In Plain Sight: Private Label Folk Rarities (Jeffrey Davison’s 2012 Marathon Premium) ((no label))

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big day coming: a reader’s guide


Yo La Tengo & the Rise of Indie Rock

reader’s guide plus

end notes, errata, & ephemera


see also: official Yo La Tengo Annotated Discography.



Yo La Tengo: Georgia Hubley, Ira Kaplan, James McNew


Todd Abramson, current Maxwell’s co-owner, former YLT roommate
John Beers, Happy Flowers
Bruce Bennett, The A-Bones, auxiliary YLT guitarist during WFMU marathons
Nils Bernstein, Matador Records
Alan Betrock, New York Rocker founder
Fred Brockman, The Kinetics, Snacktime Studios proprietor
Rick Brown, Information, Fish and Roses
Irwin Chusid, WFMU
Byron Coley, writer
Clint Conley, Mission of Burma, Ride the Tiger producer, bassist #3
Gerard Cosloy, Conflict, Homestead Records, Matador Records
Liz Cox, Christmas
Michael Cudahy, Christmas
Jim DeRogatis, Jersey Beat writer, Chicago Sun-Times columnist, radio host
Jad Fair, Half Japanese
Steve Fallon, Maxwell’s co-owner, Coyote Records founder, occasional YLT manager
Gaylord Fields, WFMU DJ, former YLT roommate
Ken Freedman, WFMU DJ and station director
Bobbie Gale, Atlantic Records
Sue Garner, Fish and Roses, Run On, The Last Round-Up
Karen Glauber, A&M Records
Danny Goldberg, Atlantic Records
Richard Grabel, New York Rocker, later music biz lawyer
Mark Greenberg, The Coctails
Tim Harris, Antietam, bassist #14
Michael Hill, New York Rocker, co-booker of Music For Dozens for series
Nicholas Hill, WFMU DJ
Gene Holder, the dB’s, YLT producer, bassist #11
Peter Holsapple, the dB’s
Lyle Hysen, Das Damen, Snacktime Studios proprietor
Emily Hubley, filmmaker, Georgia’s sister
Stephen Hunking, Hypnolovewheel
Adam Kaplan, Ira’s brother, occasional YLT manager
Neil Kaplan, Ira’s brother
Terry Karydes, A Worrying Thing
Tara Key, Antietam
David Kilgour, The Clean
Hamish Kilgour, The Clean
Wolf Knapp, Antietam, bassist #7
Jamie Kitman, YLT manager, 1990-1992
Bob Lawton, booking agent
Michael Lewis, Lyres, DMZ, bassist #2
Laura Levine, New York Rocker photo editor
Chris Lombardi, Matador Records co-founder
Craig Marks, Homestead Records, YLT roadie-pal
Mac McCaughan, Superchunk, Merge Records co-founder
Mike McGonnigal, Chemical Imbalance
Glenn Mercer, The Feelies
Bill Million, The Feelies
Phil Morrison, filmmaker, YLT roadie-pal
Glenn Morrow, New York Rocker, The Individuals, Bar/None Records owner
Chris Nelson, New York Rocker, Information
Peter Occhiogrosso, SoHo Weekly News
Dave Rick, bassist #1, occasional YLT fill-in guitarist, Phantom Tollbooth, Bongwater
Will Rigby, the dB’s
Rick Rizzo, Eleventh Dream Day
Kevin Salem, Yo La Tengo lead guitarist on Fakebook tours
Tom Scharpling, WFMU DJ
Dave Schramm, Yo La Tengo lead guitarist, 1985-1986
Andy Schwartz, New York Rocker editor
Robert Sietsema, Mofungo, photographer, food critic
Chris Stamey, the dB’s, occasional YLT fill-in guitarist, bassist #6
Maynard Sipe, The Maynards
Jim Testa, Jersey Beat founder
Roy Trakin, SoHo Weekly News
Brian Turner, WFMU DJ & music director
Michael Vickers, Go-Betweens, bassist #9
Janet Waegal, New York Rocker
Kurt Wagner, Lambchop
Ken Weinstein, Atlantic Records
Stephan Wichnewski, bassist #5
Janet Wygal, The Individuals, The Wygals, bassist #13



p. 2: An Australian promoter achieves the Yo La Tengo typo trifecta, spelling all three words incorrectly.

(see also: Yo La Tengo’s own gallery, Top Billing.)



p. 13: Maxwell Tavern in 1974, three years before its purchase by the Fallon family.

(via the Hoboken Historical Museum)



p. 21: Tommie Agee made the two legendary catches in Game 3 of the 1969 World Series, not Cleon Jones. I should know better.



p. 39: Andy Schwartz and New York Rocker back issues in the Rocker office. (photo by Laura Levine)

(see also: a gallery of New York Rocker covers.)




p. 53: The voices of Georgia and her older sister Emily star in Windy Day, a 1968 Oscar-nominated short by their parents, Faith and John Hubley.

Georgia and Emily’s voices star again Faith and John Hubley’s Cockaboody, animated circa 1973, but recorded prior to Windy Day.

p. 59: The 1956 Maypo ad by Faith and John Hubley starring Georgia’s brother Mark that became a national sensation, eventually spawning the phrase “I want my MTV.”

p. 61: Faith and John Hubley’s 1962 collaboration with Dizzy Gillespie, The Hole.

p. 67: Emily Hubley’s hand-drawn video for “Big Brown Eyes” by the dB’s, 1982.



p. 69: “Gauge-loving” should read “garage-rock loving.”

p. 69: The 1982 video for “Anything Could Happen,” from the epochal Boodle, Boodle, Boodle EP by The Clean, leading lights of Dunedin, New Zealand’s punk scene and longtime Yo La Tengo favorites.

p. 73: An early version of “Crazy Rhythms” performed by The Feelies at CBGB in 1978.

p. 74: Following the 1979 release of Crazy Rhythms, The Feelies morphed into the abstract and Brian Eno-influenced Willies and played around their hometown of Haledon.

p. 80: Bad Brains are (duh!) from Washington, DC, not New York — though they were NYC residents at the time of their first album, for which Ira wrote liner notes.

p. 84: New York Rocker photo editor and birthday girl Laura Levine fronts the newly formed Georgia & Those Guys at the New York Rocker office. (An interview with Laura.)




p. 93: Some of Georgia’s flyers for the Music For Dozens series at Gerde’s Folk City, booked by Ira and Michael Hill from November 1982 through January 1984.



p. 98: In spring 1983, Ira and Georgia traveled to Boston to see one of the final shows by Mission of Burma, one of their favorite bands.

p. 109: The flyer for the first proper Yo La Tengo show, Maxwell’s–December 2, 1984–a co-bill with close friends Antietam. (Mucho excellent Antietam history at their official site.)

p. 109: The Urinals perform “Surfin’ With the Shah” live in 1983, the first song Yo La Tengo played at their first gig in December 1984.




p. 117: Georgia, visible in barely a single frame in the video for Bruce Springsteen’s “Glory Days,” shot by filmmaker John Sayles at Maxwell’s, September 1985.

p. 118: “The Hoboken Sound” aired on WNEW, which didn’t become WNYW until a few months later, in January 1986.

p. 119: Yo La Tengo with Mike Lewis (bassist #2) at the River City Fair in Hoboken, August 1985. (Photo by Jim Testa of Jersey Beat.)

p. 127:Mose Allison, not Moses.

p. 128: William Berger, not William Burger, whose “My Castle of Quiet” can still be heard on WFMU.

p. 130: Outtakes from the Ride the Tiger photo shoot. (photos by Carol Addessi)

The Ride The Tiger band with Mike Lewis and Dave Schramm (far left).

The short-lived lineup featuring both Dave Schramm (with baseball bat) and Stephan Wichnewski (bassist #5, far left) at the Stevens Institute near the Elysian Fields in Hoboken.




p. 136: Georgia, Ira, and Stephan Wichnewski (bassist #5) perform “House Fall Down” at Cicero’s in St. Louis, November 1987, the earliest circulating footage of Yo La Tengo, recorded for the local cable access show Psychotic Reaction. (The opening act was Uncle Tupelo, making their first trip the big city from nearby Belleville, IL.)

p. 152: Ira and Georgia perform “Teenager in Love” and Buddy Holly’s “Everyday” in their Hoboken living room, spring 1988.




p. 165: A compilation of live and radio performances from the Fakebook years.

p. 166: A firsthand account of Yo La Tengo and Daniel Johnson’s February 1990 collaboration live on WFMU by DJ Nicholas Hill and link to the complete special.

p. 171: Yo La Tengo’s first video, for “The Summer.” Directed by Phil Morrison, summer 1990.

p. 171: Yo La Tengo with Gene Holder (bassist #11) perform The Kinks’ “Big Sky” in Berlin, August 1990.




p. 182: Maynard Sipe was the drummer for the Maynards, not the singer.

p. 187: James, in his solo Dump guise, performs several tracks (including a cover of the Fugs’ “Morning, Morning”) in the Dutch countryside, circa 1995.




p. 189: A mix containing 7 radically different live versions of “Big Day Coming,” including its March 1991 debut at Maxwell’s.

p. 190: Bassist #15, James McNew, on the road with Yo La Tengo in St. Louis early in his tenure, ready to undergo the rite of snoots.

p. 197: Headphones firmly affixed, Ira prepares for another take of “Mushroom Cloud of Hiss.” May I Sing With Me sessions, Boston, fall 1991.

p. 214: Hal Hartley’s rejected video for “From A Motel 6.”

The remade video for “From A Motel 6.”

Phil Morrison’s video for “Big Day Coming.”




p. 223: Lambchop’s 2009 concert film, Live at Merge XX, directed by Phil Morrison.

p. 229: Phil Morrison’s video for “Tom Courtenay.”




p. 242: see also Yo La Tengo Sell Out.




p. 250: The “Sugarcube” video.

p. 256: In fact, Oar Folkjokeopus didn’t close, merely changed its name to Treehouse Records. Stop by on your next trip through Minneapolis.



p. 266: Jon Spencer and Yo La Tengo perform Superchunk’s “Slack Motherfucker” at Matador’s 10th anniversary shows.

p. 268: A complete performance filmed at the Cat’s Cradle in North Carolina with Superchunk’s Mac McCaughan and The Clean’s David Kilgour rotating on auxiliary guitar/vibraphone/keyboards, March 2000.

Yo La Tengo + two drummers + strings perform “You Can Have It All” on Conan O’Brien, June 2000.

p. 272: “Harold” should be “Armando.”



p. 285: Portraits of Yo La Tengo taken just before the release of 2003′s Summer Sun by photographer Jack Chester.



p. 309: “1999″ from Dump’s redacted album of Prince covers, That Skinny Motherfucker With the High Voice?

p. 312: Yo La Tengo back Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner on “Theone” during an early Freewheelin’ Yo La Tengo tour, Nashville, January 2008.

p. 313: Alex Chilton joins Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s, December 2007, for “Let Me Get Close To You.”

p. 316: Yo La Tengo and Roger Moutenot record Popular Songs at the band’s rehearsal space, 2009. Photo by Liz Clayton (and other photos from the sessions).

p. 321: There were two American installments of All Tomorrow’s Parties before the festival moved to New York, though none in the style of the festival’s British holiday camp roots.

p. 324: Yo La Tengo back Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy on “Jesus, etc.” at Maxwell’s, 3 December 2010

The Elysian Charter School of Hoboken sings “Sugarcube” at Maxwell’s, 3 December 2010



p. 327: The list of former Yo La Tengo bassists was accidentally printed alphabetically instead of chronologically.

Terry Karydes (A Worrying Thing, 1982-1983)
Dave Schramm (A Worrying Thing, 1983)
Dave Rick (1984-1985)
Mike Lewis (1985-1986)
Clint Conley (1986)
Steve Michener (1986)
Stephan Wichnewski (1986-1989)
Chris Stamey (1986)
Wolf Knapp (1988)
Tony Maimone (1988)
Robert Vickers (1989)
Al Greller (1990-1991)
Gene Holder (1990)
Wilbo Wright (1990)
Janet Wygal (1990)
Tim Harris (1991)
James McNew (1991-present)

frow show, FMU-175

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. US 69 – “I’m On My Way (A Patch of Blue) (reprise)” – US 69 (Buddah)
2. Joan Creary and Anthony – “When I Look Back” – Put No Blame On The Master – Jamaican Gospel Volume Two (Social Music Club)
3. Carol Kleyn – “Intermission” – Takin’ The Time (Drag City)
4. Astral Social Club – “Rubber Lagg” – Magic Smile (Wonderyou)
5. Miami Angels in America – “After Cuts” – A Public Ranking (Night People)
6. Eric Copeland – “Gutterhouse” – Flushing Meats 7-inch (Calico) [feat. CSC Funk Band, "A Little Planet" 7-inch at 33 1/3 (Electric Cowbell)]
7. Moebius + Tietchens – “Kattrepel” – Moebius + Tietchens (Bureau B)
8. Dew Claw – “Put the Suck On You” – Girls Bike ((no label))

9. The Nightcrawlers – “The Little Black Egg” – The Little Black Egg (Kapp)
10. Bob Chance – “Honey Lips” – It’s Broken! (Trunk)
11. Eleven Twenty-Nine feat. Betsy Nichols – “In the Sunlight” – In the Sunlight 7″ (Drawing Room)
12. Mike Rep & the Quotas – “Quasar (at 45 + pitch manipulation)” – Rocket to Nowhere 7″ (Mighty Mouth)
13. Günter Schickert – “Puls” – Überfällig (Bureau B)
14. Greg Boring – “Primative Lotion” – Heavy Syrup CD-R (Breakdance the Dawn)
15. Glacial (Lee Ranaldo, Tony Buck, David Watson) – “Track 1″ – On Jones Beach (Three Lobed)
16. Uakti  – “Uakti” – Oficina Instrumental (Barclay)
17. Kink Gong – “Khosa (Sheep)” – Xinjiang (Discrepant)
18. Grateful Dead – “drums > jam > Goin’ Down the Road Feelin’ Bad” – 29 April 1971 Fillmore East ((no label)) [Happy 100th, Woody!]

19. Isengrind – “I Know Where I’m Going” – Modlitewnik (Blackest Rainbow)
20. Matt Valentine – “Feel… the Music” – Glorious Group Therapy (Ecstatic Yod) [feat. "Eastern European Fairy Tale Collage" by dispokino (no label)]
21. Upsala College Choir – “O Vos Omnes” – Upsala College Choir (Schoonmaer)
22. Gérard Frémy – “SInterlude 4, Sonata 13-16 (John Cage)” – Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano (Etcetera)
23. Alexander Ross – “Grandfather Paradox (excerpt)” – Grandfather Paradox (Vauva)
24. Punkappella – “Ha Ha Ha (at 33 1/3)” – Wake Up 7″ (Front Rock)
25. Lol Coxhill – “I am the Walrus” – Ear of the Beholder (See For Miles) [Lol Coxhill, 1932-2012.]
26. YAT-KHA – “Play With Fire” – Cover the Earth ((no label))

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frow show, FMU-174

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Invisible Circle – “Track 1″ – split with Hurricanes of Love (no label)
2. The Reveries – “King of Sorrow” – Matchmakers Vol. 2:  The Music Of Sade (Barnyard)
3. Dirty Projectors – “Impregnable Question” – Swing Lo Magellan (Domino)
4. The Puddle – “Hydrogen 6″ – Secret Holiday/Victory Blues (Fishrider)
5. Mats Gronmark – “I Rode Your Thunderstorms” – Roller Coaster Blues (Rhythm Ace)
6. Dump – “NYC Tonight” – NYC Tonight 12-inch (Zelone)
7. The Frogs – “Whether U Like It Or Not I Love U” – The Frogs ((no label)) [Dennis Flemion, 1955-2012.]

8. Beachwood Sparks – “Alone Together” – The Tarnished Gold (Sub Pop)
9. Peak Twins – “Needles and Pins” – On the Heap (Bedroom Suck)
10. Perry Leopold – “The Absurd Paranoid” – Experiment In Metaphysics (Psychedelic Archive)
11. Mark Fosson – “Sky Piece” – Digging in the Dust (Tompkins Square)
12. Tetsu Inoue – “Ambiant Otaku” – Ambiant Otaku (Ambient World)
13. Maggi Payne – “Lunar Earthrise (excerpt)” – Lovely Little Records (Lovely Music)
14. Raymond Moore – “Trip Through The Milky Way; An Electronic Panorama” – Electronic Music, v. 5
15. Renato Rinaldi – “Track 2″ – Time Machine, v. 3 (Entr’act / Senufo Editions)
16. Outer Space – “October 27th, 1989 – Bay Village, Ohio” – Akashic Record (Spectrum Spools)
17. Mark Fell – “‘This’ Side” – Periodic Orbit of Dynamic System Related to A Knot (Editions Mego) [feat. "Music For 40 Typewriters" by Alexander Liebermann]
18. Harappian Night Recordings – “Swarm Intellect” – 6 Reveries In Psychopathic Alchemy (Shamanic Trance)
19. Smack Music 7 – “La Bamba” (lasoledadnosacerca)
20. Painting Petals on Planet Ghost – “Haru No Umi” – Haru No Omi (PSF)
21. Jeff Gburek – “Sketch For San Salvi” ((no label)) [via Soundcloud]
22. Mountain Bus – “I Know You Rider” – Sundance (Good)

23. Abu Sultan – “Your Love Made My Head Hurt” – Dabke: Sounds of the Syrian Houran (Sham Palace) [feat. David Wilkerson, "The Coming Persecution" LP + random 24. Buddhist DVD found in veggie dim sum place in Chinatown.]
25. Frank O’Hara – “Having A Coke With You” ((no label))
26. Delicate Steve – “Luna” – Positive Force (Luaka Bop)

27. The Lifeguards – “Everybody Out’Ta The Pool” – Lux & Ivy’s Favorites, v. 5 ((no label))
28. Candy McKenzie – “Ice Cream” – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry presents Candy McKenzie (Trojan)
29. Soulmates – “Them a Laugh and a Ki KI” – 7-inch (Amalgamated)
30. The Cougars – “I Wish It Would Rain” – Jamaica to Toronto: Soul, Funk & Reggae 1967-1974 (Light In The Attic)
31. First Crow to the Moon – “The Sun Lights Up the Shadows” – Celebrities at Their… Best! (Joe Belock’s 2012 marathon premium) ((no label))
32. David Kilgour – “Sometimes” – Here Come the Cars (Flying Nun)
33. Ty Segall Band – “Tell Me What’s Inside Your Heart” – Slaughterhouse (In the Red)
34. Mission of Burma – “ADD in Unison” – Unsound (Fire)
35. Crystal Syphon – “Family Evil” – Family Evil (Roaratorio)

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frow show, FMU-173

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Golden Retriever – “Serene Velocity” – Occupied With the Unspoken (Thrill Jockey)
2. Bülanz Orgabar – “Track #2″ – Bülanz Orgabar (Blood in the Boat)
3. Fireworks – “Sheets of Easter” – Koozies, Woodies, and Beers: A Brah/Ocropolis Benefit Compilation for Japan Relief (Brah)
4. Julia Holter – “Boy In The Moon” – Ekstasis (RVNG)
5. Icebreaker with BJ Cole – “Deep Blue Day” – Apollo (Cantaloupe)

6. The Fleetwoods – “They Tell Me It’s Summer” – Safety To Me: The Very Best of the Fleetwoods (EMI)
7. Kathy Clarke – “My Summer Prayer” – Never Ever Land: 83 Texan Nuggets from International Artists Records 1965-1970 (Snapper)
8. Atlas Sound – “Te Amo” – Parallax (4AD)
9. The Scene Is Now – “Cities Are Over” – Magpie Alarm (Tongue Master)
10. James Chance and the Blacks – “(Tropical) Heat Wave” – Off White (ZE)
11. George Atkins & Hank Levine – “Let Us Begin Beguine” – Sing Along With JFK (Reprise)

12. Guyer’s Connection – “She’s So Hot” – Portrait ((no label))
13. The Offset – “Back In The Hole” – Spectacle (Rose Mansion)
14. The Thorns – “Far-Out Fangtooth” – The Thorns EP (HoZac)
15. Marielle V. Jakobsons – “Purple” – Glass Canyon (Students of Decay)
16. Komodo Haunts – “Olor Food” – Low Winged, Silken Plumes (Sangoplasmo)
17. Renaud Gagneux – “Musiques Sur La Place (Side A)” – Musiques Sur La Place (Le Chant du Monde)
18. Rezo Glonti – “Meter Meter” – The Diary of the Second Officer (Time Released Sound)
19. Francisco Meirino & Michael Esposito – “Ghosts of Case File 142″ – Ghosts of Case File 142 (Fireworks Edition) [plus "Elvis Talks!" LP, side B (RCA)]
20. Jean-François Gaël – “Side A” – Musiques de table (Le Chant du Monde)
21. Chris Forsyth – “Downs and Ups” – Kenzo Deluxe (Northern Spy)
22. Lewlewal De Poor – “Taara” – Yiilo Jaam (Mississippi)

23. Andre Williams & The Sadies – “I’ll Do Most Anything For You” – Night and Day (Yep Roc)
24. Them – “Mystic Eyes” (Decca)
25. Big Blood – “Away pt. 3″ – Old Time Primitives (Don’t Trust the Ruin)
26. David Prescott – “Chance” – From Chance to Probability (Generation Unlimited)
27. Robert Hampson – “Repercussions” – Repercussions (Editions Mego) [plus "Elvis Talks!" LP, side B (RCA)]
28. Elvis Presley – “Song of the Shrimp” – Elvis’ Greatest Shit (Dog Vomit)

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frow show, FMU-172

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Voicebot – “Instructions” – Yeti, v. 1 (Yeti Publishing) [for P&J!]
2. bent bolt and the nuts – “Mechanical Man” – 7-inch (MGM)
3. The Intelligence – “I Like LA” – Everybody’s Got It Easy But Me (In the Red)
4. The Spyrals – “The Rain” – The Spyrals (Mock)
5. Teenage Moonlight Borderliners – “Cool Gun Boogie” – Split 7″ w/ Viscous Brothers (Pouet! Schallplatten)
6. E.T. Habit – “Mutating Under the Microscope” – E.T. Habit cassette (Skrot Up)
7. Neutral Milk Hotel – “Tuesday Moon” – Everything Is (Orange Twin)
8. 3 Man Band – “Owsley (in theory & practice)” – Soul Sucker 7″ (split w/ Apache Dropout) (Glory Hole)
9. Chelsea Light Moving – “Burroughs” (Matador)

10. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – “Beatle Bones ‘n Smokin’ Stones” – Peel Sessions ((no label))
11. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – “There’s Something Wrong With You” – Rare, Unissued Or Just Plain Weird! A Collection Of Forgotten Gems From 1953-1959 (Rumble)
12. The Classics – “Elmo” – Tune That Name: 26 Nomenclative Numbers From Ammerette to Zindy Lou ((no label)) []
13. Blues Control – “Love’s A Rondo” – Valley Tangents (Drag City)
14. Eternal Tapestry – “Marrow of the Wand” – Dawn in 2 Dimensions (Thrill Jockey)
15. Long Distance Poison  – “The Bog Nebula” – The Bog Nebula (Priston Tatt) [+ Pauline Oliveros, "Time Perspectives" from "Reverberations: Tape & Electronic Music, 1961-1970" (Important)]
16. Richard Youngs – “Mountains Into Inner Space” – Long White Cloud (Grapefruit)
17. Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides – “Poisson” – Poisson (Mie)
18. Decimus – “A2″ – Decimus 3 (Kelippah)
19. Can – “Millionenspiel” – The Lost Tapes (Mute / Spoon)
20. Dent May – “Shakedown Street” (Paw Tracks)

21. La Systeme Crapoutchik – “Les lutins” – Aussi loin que je me souvienne… (Wah)
22. Bobb Trimble – “Selling Me Short While Stringing Me ‘Long” – Take Me Home Vienna (Mighty Mouth Music)
23. White Fence & Family/Perfume – “A Good Night” – Vol. 2 (Woodsist)
24. Beck – “Blue Randy” – I Just Started Hating Some People Today (Third Man)
25. Balloons – “너무나 속상해” – Soft Backs, Strong Fronts ((no label))
26. Tia Blake and Her Folk Group – “White Bird” – Folksongs & Ballads (Sfp)
27. Glenn Jones – “Nora’s Leather Jacket” – This is the Wind That Blows It Out (Strange Attractors)

28. Hector Zazou/Zaz Bikaye – “Eh! Yaye [Remix by Cy 1]” – Noir et Blanc (Crammed Discs)
29. Mbuti Pygmies of the Ituri Rainforest (recorded by Colin Turnbull and Francis S. Chapman) – “Musical Sticks” – Mbuti Pygmies Of The Ituri Rainforest (Folkways)
30. GDFX – “The Legend of GDFX (part 2)” – TRUE N-IBIRU (Ormolycka)
31. Damaindeh-Bau, Finsterre Range – “Mo-Mo. Damaindeh-Bau” – Sacred Flute Music From New Guinea: Madang Volume 1 (Rounder)
32. Ergo Phizmiz with Alessandro Bosetti, Maciej Cieslak, DJ Lenar, Lula, Julia Zietek – “Play Robert Ashley Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon” – Play Robert Ashley Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon (Populista)
33. Expo ’70 – “Hovering Resonance” – Hovering Resonance (Sound of Cobra)
34. Christopher DeLaurenti – “Hymn Tone (to the memory of Maryanne Archer)” – Radio Silence: 17 Passages of Quietude Rendered and Remixed Exclusively for WFMU (Miniture Minotaurs 2011 premium) ((no label))
35. Gamelan Gong Kebyar – “Baris/Gambang Betjak” – Bali: Music From the Morning of the World (Nonesuch)
36. The Counts – “Enchanted Sea” – House of Broken Hearts (Mississippi )

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stella blue’s maiden name

In a bit of synchronicity/convergence that often seems to happen around the Grateful Dead, my beach reading this weekend was Vladimir Nabokov’s Pale Fire.

Though not on the beach, I also spent some time listening to the Dead’s June 17th, 1972 show at the Hollywood Bowl as part of my ongoing #deadfreaksunite project. It’s the first show post-Europe ’72 and likewise Pigpen’s final performance. He doesn’t sing, and his B3 is mostly inaudible on the truly shitty audience recording, with the very big exception of the debut version of “Stella Blue,” which is near-perfect. Music writers (myself probably included) toss the word “haunting” around with abandon, but Pig’s performance on “Stella Blue” is one case where it’s almost literally applicable.

And here’s where the Nabokov comes in:

Line 627: The great Starover Blue

…neither his first nor second name bears any relation to the celestial vault: the first was given him in memory of his grandfather, a Russian starover (accented, incidentally, on the ultima), that is, Old Believer (member of a schismatic sect), named Sinyavin, from siniy, Russ. “blue.” This Sinyavin migrated from Saratov to Seattle and begot a son who eventually changed his name to Blue and married Stella Lazurchik, an Americanized Kashube. So it goes.

And there it is, Stella Blue’s maiden name: Stella Lazurchik. Sounds like a hippie to me. (I was pretty excited to make this discovery but, naturally, David Dodd & Annotated Grateful Dead Song Lyrics site is all over it.)

And here it is, an mp3 of the first version of “Stella Blue.” Note the alternate lyric post-”dust off those rusty strings.”

frow show, FMU-171

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Velvet Underground – “Sunday Morning” – Velvet Underground & Nico (Polydor/Universal)
2. Sonic Youth – “Sunday” – A Thousand Leaves (DGC)
3. Lydia Lunch – “Gloomy Sunday” – Queen of Siam (Ze)
4. Carl Simmons – “Corporation Sunday” – Honeysuckle Tendrals (Sacred Bones)
5. Elvis Costello – “Sunday’s Best” – Armed Forces (Columbia)
6. Margo Guryan – “Sunday Mornin’” – 7-inch (Mala)
7. Total Control – “Sunday Baker” – Henge Beat (Iron Lung)
8. Tara Jane O’Neil – “Sunday Song” – Living Bridge (Rare Book Room)
9. Dan Melchior und Das Menace – “Squalor on Sunday” – Catbirds & Cardinals (Northern Spy)
10. RIAA – “Pleasant Valley Duck and Cover” – USA: The Singles ((no label))
11. Laura Nyro – “I Met Him On A Sunday” – Gonna Take A Miracle (Columbia)
12. Jerry Garcia – “Palm Sunday (alternate)” – Cats Under the Stars (deluxe) (Rhino)

13. Daniel Higgs – “Track 7″ – Beyond and Between (La Castanya)
14. James Blackshaw – “Love is the Plan” – Love is the Plan the Plan is Death (Important)
15. Robert Normandeau – “Anadliad” – Palimpsestes (Empreintes Digitales)
16. Peter Cusack – “Baikal Ice Flow Split 2″ – Baikal Ice (Spring 2003) (ReR)
17. Talibam! + Sam Kulik – “AtlantASS Goes to WFMU” ((no label))
18. Joe Jones – “Xylophone” – Xylophone (Hundertmark Editions)
19. Dolphins into the Future – “Levante” – Canto Archipelago (Underwater Peoples)
20. Willie Lane – “Wizards From Cans” – Guitar Army of One (Cord-Art)
21. Tenniscoats – “The Bottom of the Air” – Papa’s Ear (Hapna)
22. Soulmates – “Them a Laugh and a Ki KI” – 7-inch (Amalgamated)

23. Mr. Smolin – “Veronica Lake” – Bring Back the Real Don Steele (Nomenclature)
24. the dB’s – “Far Away and Long Ago” – Falling Off the Sky (Bar None)
25. Sonny & the Sunsets – “Pretend You Love Me” – Longtime Companion (Polyvinyl)
26. Paul Messis – “Time Will Tell” – 7-inch (State)
27. Big Boy Pete – “Leave It In The Hands of Love” – Cold Turkey (Gear Fab)
28. Ergo Phizmiz – “Food & War” – Food & War (Care in the Community)
29. Johnny Cash – “Strange Things Happening Every Day” – Bootleg, Vol. IV: The Soul of Truth (Columbia/Legacy)

30. Pipes You See, Pipes You Don’t – “Nothing For Sunday” – Lost In the Pancakes (Cloud Recordings)
31. Jad Fair – “I Hear the Clock Ticking” – split 7-inch with Dairy High (Reds Under the Bed)
32. Wood Wind Tide – “Basque” – Ampanman (KwanYin)
33. (unknown) – “A Soundscape of Ocean, City, and Music” – KPFA, 16 August 1970 ((no label))
34. Bob Dylan – “All The Tired Horses” – Dylan (Columbia)
35. Lee Hazlewood – “If It’s Monday Morning” – The LHI Years: Singles, Nudes & Backsides (1966-71) (Light In The Attic)
36. The Bangles – “Manic Monday” – A Different Light (Columbia)

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chronological list of yo la tengo bassists

Stephan Wichnewski, 11/1987

Between the Advance Reading Copies and the final edition of Big Day Coming, the bassist list in the book’s appendix was switched from chronological order to alphabetical. Here is the correct version.

Terry Karydes (A Worrying Thing, 1982-1983)
also played with: the Schramms

Dave Schramm (Georgia & Those Guys, 1983)
also played with: the Schramms; YLT guitarist 1985-1986

1. Dave Rick (1984-1985)
also played with: Phantom Tollbooth, Bongwater; occasional YLT guitarist 1986-1987

2. Mike Lewis (1985-1986)
also played with: Lyres, the A-Bones

3. Clint Conley (1986)
also played with: Mission of Burma

4. Steve Michener (1986)
also played with: Volcano Sons

5. Stephan Wichnewski (1986-1989)

6. Chris Stamey (1986)
also played with: the dB’s

7. Wolf Knapp (1988)
also played with: Antietam

8. Tony Maimone (1988)
also played with: Pere Ubu, They Might Be Giants

9. Robert Vickers (1989)
also played with: the Go-Betweens

10. Al Greller (1990-1991)
also played with: Peter Stampfel, The Schramms

11. Gene Holder (1990)
also played with: the dB’s

12. Wilbo Wright (1990)
also played with: Marc Ribot, Ui

13. Janet Wygal (1990)
also played with: the Individuals, the Wygals

14. Tim Harris (1991)
also played with: Antietam, Babylon Dance Band

15. James.McNew (1991-present)
also played with: the Maynards, Christmas


frow show, FMU-170

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Francis Bebey – “Coffee Cola Song” – African Electronic Music 1975-1982 (Born Bad)
2. George Danquah – “Why Worry – Let’s Do Highlife” – Hot and Jumpy (Secret Stash)
3. Ali Birra – “Silaa Murtii Beeke” – Ammalele (Mississippi/ Little Axe)
4. Eric Copeland – “Louie Louie Louie” – Limbo (Underwater Peoples)
5. Annette Peacock – “I’m The One” – I’m The One (Ironic)
6. Cornelius – “Omstart” – Sensuous (Everloving)
7. The Beach Boys – “The Private Life of Bill & Sue” – That’s Why God Made The Radio (Capitol)

8. Tall Dwarfs – “Nothing’s Going To Happen” – Live at Helen Young Studio CD-R ((no label))
9. Moorpark Intersection – “I Think I’ll Just Go and Find Me A Flower” – Soft Sounds For Gentle People, v. 1 ((no label))
10. Spur – “Modern Era” – Of The Moments (Galactic Zoo Disk/Drag City)
11. White Fence / Ty Segall – “(I Can’t) Get Around You” – Hair (Drag City)
12. Flying Pace – “Boris and Natasha” – Quick as a Wink ((no label))
13. Sir Richard Bishop – “Reversionary Tactics” – Intermezzo ((no label))
14. Tall Firs – “Crooked Smiles” – Out of It and Into It (ATP)
15. Jim O’Rourke – “Good Times” – Insignificance (Drag City)

16. Elvis Costello & Friends feat. Jerry Garcia – “You Win Again” – 24 April 1989 Sweetwater ((no label))
17. Alex Chilton with Peter Holsapple – “Marshall Law” – Demos ((no label))
18. The Mantles – “Summer Read” – Pink Information (Mexican Summer)
19. The Golden Boys – “California” – Dirty Fingernails (12XU)
20. Tyvek – “Air Conditioner” – Fast Metabolism (M’Lady/Water Wing)
21. Shoppers – “Born WIth A Bad Haircut” – split 7″ with Panzram (ifb/feeble minds)
22. Mission of Burma – “ADD in Unison” – Unsound (Fire)

23. Silver Apples – “I Have Known Love” – Silver Apples/Contact (MCA)
24. Starring – “———-oooooooooooooo” – ABCDEFG-HIJKLMNOP-QRSTUV-WXYZ (Northern Spy)
25. Cedric Stevens – “The Siamese Level (My Cat Is An Alien remix)” – The Syncopated Elevators Legacy (Discrepant)
26. Sightings – “City of Straw” – City of Straw (Brah)
27. Carlos Giffoni – “First Steps In A Ruined World” – Lift (The Spring Press)
28. TwistyCat – “Solar Plexus” – Solar Plexus cassette (Obsolete Units)
29. Óscar Vargas y David Espejo – “Cometa 1973″ – Cromometrofonia N°1 (Discos PAX)
30. Concern – “Seven Billion Lives at Once” ((no label))
31. Francoise Hardy – “‘Til The Morning Comes” – 24 Degrees of Seperation Part 3 ((no label))

32. Mary Roos – “L’Animal En Blue Jeans” – Amour Toujours (Bureau B)
33. Chiaki Naomi – “X+Y=Love” – Japanese Folk, Rock, and Enka: 1970 ((no label))
34. Jackson Browne – “The Fairest of the Seasons” – Nina Demos ((no label))

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frow show, FMU-169

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Allen Ginsberg – “Walking at Night In Key West” – Holy Soul Jelly Roll (Rhino/Word Beat) [Happy birthday, Ginsberg.]
2. Tom Ze – “Toc / To” – Brazil Classics, Vol. 4: The Best Of Tom Ze (Luaka Bop)
3. Mayo Thompson – “Horses” – Corky’s Debt to His Father (Texas Revolution)
4. Grass Widow – “Under the Atmosphere” – Internal Logic (HLR)
5. GTO’s (Girls Together Outrageously) – “Do Me In Once And I’ll Be Sad, Do Me In Twice And I’ll Know Better (Circular Circulation)” – Permanent Damage (Rhino)
6. Desperate Bicycles – “(I Make The) Product” – Singles (Nonprofit)
7. The Intelligence with Kelley Stoltz – “(They Found Me In the Back of) The Galaxy” – (They Found Me In the Back of) The Galaxy 7-inch (In the Red)
8. The Delinquents – “Alien Beach Party” – Alien Beach Party 7-inch (Live-Wire)
9. Young Canadians – “Let’s Go To Hawaii” – Hawaii EP (Quintessence)

10. Neil Young & Crazy Horse – “High Flyin’ Bird” – Americana (Reprise)
11. The Mad Scene – “Cupid 1″ – Blip (Siltbreeze)
12. Santana – “Soul Sacrifice (slowed down)” – Santana (Columbia) [plus "Uh Yes, Uh No" by Andy Warhol (Sooj) -- for Johan Santana.]
13. Joe Preston & Daniel Menche – “Cerberic Doxology” – Cerebric Doxology (Anthem) [plus "First Construction [in metal]” performed by Third Coast Percussion from “John Cage: The Works For Percussion 2″ (Mode)]
14. Anton Batagov – “Like The Dust That Covers the Mirror” – Music For the 35 Buddhas (Tummo)
15. Keith Fullerton Whitman – “Live Generator 1.6″ – Live Generators 1.5 (Agents of Chaos) [plus Walter Gropius, "On the Origins of the Bauhaus" (no label)]
16. Electronic Art Ensemble – “Sentences (With Interruptions)” – Inquietude (Gramavision)
17. Andy Diagram / Keith Moline – “Track 2″ – Ley (Entracte)
18. Steve Gunn, Tom Carter, Marc Orleans, & Shawn David McMillen – “Wharf Rat (Live at Cake Shop, 6/09)” – AOXOMOCRUSTOXOA: Frow Show 2010 DJ Premium ((no label))

19. Billy Page – “It’s Pop” – 7-inch (Palomar)
20. Abner Jay – “Bring It With You When You Come” – Folk Song Stylist (Mississippi)
21. Sound Ceremony – “Bet On Life To Win” – Sound Ceremony (One Kind Favor)
22. What Next? – “Don’t Believe” – What Next? 7″ (Whim)
23. The Marvelettes – “The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game” – 7-inch (Motown)
24. The Shop Assistants – “It’s Up To You” – Shopping Parade EP (Rough Trade)
25. Emeralds – “Summerdata” – Does It Look Like I’m Here? (Editions Mego)
26. Robert Turman – “Mind the Gap” – Way Down (Actual Tapes)
27. Sublime Frequencies – “Trolling the Crossroads of Bliss” – Radio India: The Eternal Dream of Sound (Sublime Frequencies) [plus Jeremiah Cox's "A Train" recordings (]
28. Moniek Darge – “Three Sunbeams” – Sounds of Sacred Places (Kye)
29. Sandstone – “Jamie’s Song” – Can You Mend A Silver Thread? (Lion Productions)
30. Dillard & Clark – “Out on the Side” – The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard and Clark (A&M) [Doug Dillard, 1937-2012.]
31. Bingo Trappers – “Drill Camp On The Moon” – Solar Holiday ((no label))
32. Ween – “Kim Smoltz” – The Mollusk demos ((no label))

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frow show, FMU-168

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Les Rallizes Denudes – “Field of Artificial Flowers” – Studio & Soundboard, 1969-1975
2. The Nightmares – “Baseball Altamont” (Coyote)
3. The Breeders – “Freed Pig” – Head To Toe EP (4AD)
4. Six Organs of Admittance – “Waswasa” – Ascent (Drag City)
5. Yoko Ono & the Plastic Ono Band with Elephant’s Memory – “Move On Fast” – Approximately Infinite Universe (Apple)
6. Mickey Hart & Marin County Collective – “Ariel” – Fire On the Mountain

7. Dan Melchior – “Wild Starlit Shuffle” – Ghost in the Supermarket (Moniker)
8. Bee Gees – “Please Read Me” – 1st (Atco)
9. Gaunga Dins – “Rebecca Rodifier” – Highs in the Mid ’60s, v. 8: The South (Pebbles/Archive International Productions)
10. Hackamore Brick – “Oh! Those Sweet Bananas” – One Kiss Leads To Another (Kama Sutra)
11. Cate Le Bon – “Fold the Cloth” – Cyrk (The Control Group)
12. The News – “From The Moon” – Waking Up Scheherazade: Arabian Garage Psych Nuggets from the 60s and Early 70s (V/A) (Ali Baba and His 40… Records)
13. Netanoyoi – “008″ – Tokyo Flashback, v. 8 (PSF)
14. Tomutonttu – “Kuka on Mukana?” – Elävänä Planeetalla EP (New Images)
15. David Tudor – “Pulsers” – Pulsers/Untitled (Lovely) [with computer-spoken linux files]
16. tENTATIVELY, a. cONVENIENCE – “Tone Fones Duet” – Scrape Audio Magazine #1 (Plutonium Press)
17. Celestino – “Orphan Nap” – Lived In
18. Cleaning Women – “The Miner’s Song” – U (Cobra)

19. Robert Wyatt – “Experiences No. 2″ – Voices and Instruments (Obscure)
20. Suzuki Junzo – “Ode To A Blue Ghost” – Ode To A Blue Ghost (Utech)
21. Pierre Henry – “Levitation” – Mise En Musique Du Corticalart De Roger Lafosse (Philips)
22. Marran Gosov – “Gitterbett” – Vocoding Life/Psycho-Akustik (Kuckuck)
23. Deciumus – “Untitled” – 9 (Holidays)
24. Ernesto Diaz-Infante – “Yerba Buena” – Civilian Life (Pax)
25. Motion Sickness Of Time Travel – “Magnetism” – Seeping Through The Veil Of Unconscious (Digitalis)
26. Death and Vanilla – “Dreams of Sheep” – Death and Vanilla
27. Rick Potts – “O.K. (saw version)” – Krewton the Knewtron (PSF)
28. the dB’s – “Far Away and Long Ago” – Falling off the Sky (Bar/None)
29. Robbie Basho – “Japan Idyll” – Twilight Peaks (The Art of Relaxation)

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frow show, FMU-167

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Six Organs of Admittance – “Stranded On Io” – Eight Trails, One Path (Three Lobed)
2. – “Side A” – Doubleheader: A Double Feature of Steam Railroading Thrills (Semaphore)
3. Charles H. Stern Agency – The In Sound for the ’70s
4. Chris Watson – “Veracruz” – El Tren Fantasma (Touch)
5. Aaron Freeman – “Doesn’t Anybody Know My Name?” – Marvelous Clouds (Partisan)
6. All That The Name Implies – “So Am I” – Side 1 (Play The Other Side First) (ESP-Disk’)
7. David Houston – “Soft, Sweet and Warm” – My Elusive Dreams (T-Bird Americana)
8. Milt Matthews Inc. – “A Hard Day’s Night” – Rainy Day Mind – Ember Pop 1969-1974 (Fantastic Voyage)
9. Al Wilson – “The Dolphins” – Searching for the Dolphins: The Complete Soul City Recordings and More 1967-1971 (Kent)

10. Peter Stampfel & Jeffrey Lewis – “Gong of Zero” – Come On Board ((no label))
11. Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra – “Song For Che” – Liberation Music Orchestra (Impulse!)
12. Brotzmann Clarinet Project – “What A Day” – Berlin Djungle (Atavistic)
13. Milton Babbitt – “Composition For Synthesizer” – Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center (Columbia)
14. Singer – “Dial “M” For Mother” – Mindreading (Drag City)
15. Don Preston – “Electronic Music” – Filters, Oscillators & Envelopes, 1967-1982 (Sub Rosa) [Happy Mothers' Day!]
16. – “various lock grooves” – running in place – WFMU locked grooves LP / 10 +2: 12 AMerican Sound Text Pieces
17. Walter Fähndrich – “Räume Giannozzo VI” – Musik für Räume (Giannozzo) (Edition Giannozzo)
18. Lambchop – “Kind Of” – Democracy CD-R ((no label))

19. The Trypes – “Dark Continents” – Music For Neighbors (Acute)
20. Träd Gräs och Stenar – “Satisfaction” – Träd Gräs och Stenar (Silence) [Thomas Mera Gartz, 1945-2012.]
21. Akron/Family – “Side C, Track 2″ – <bmbz> (Dead Oceans)
22. Shawn David McMillen – “End of the City” – split 12-inch with Steve Gunn (Abandon Ship)
23. Na Hawa Doumbia – “Korô Dia (à Mamaye Dramé L’inoubliable)” – La Grande Cantatrice Malienne Vol. 3
24. Tia Blake & Her Folk-Group – “Rising of the Moon” – Folksongs and Ballads (SFP)
25. John Villemonte – “Hours or Days” – People Like You (Sebastian Speaks)
26. Robert Hunter & Jerry Garcia – “Yellow Moon” – Tiger Rose (Round)
27. George Harrison – “Behind That Locked Door (demo)” – Early Takes, volume 1 (Universal)

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frow show, FMU-166

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Grateful Dead – “Dark Star (Side A)” – Dark Star (4 May 1972) (Grateful Dead Productions)
2. Flower/Corsano/Hejnowski – “Rare Earth” – The Count Visits (Hot Cars Warp/Flowerhouse)
3. Mind Spiders – “Melt Down” – Melt Down (Dirtnap)
4. Animal Collective – “Gotham” – Honeycomb 7-inch (Domino)

5. Pete Seeger – “All the Pretty Little Horses” – Golden Slumbers (Cademon) [Happy 93rd birthday, Pete! And happy 1st birthday, Milo!]
6. Brian Eno – “Wimoweh” – BBC Sessions
7. Delicate Steve – “Luna” – Positive Force (Luaka Bop)
8. Dora Bleu, Tom Carter, & Sam Shalabi – “Abstraction of Earthly Bombs” – Circle of Crosses (Tequila Sunrise)
9. Fushitsusha – “Disc 1, Track 3″ – Double Live (PSF)
10. Nicholas Szczepanik – “Side A” – The Truth of Transience (Isounderscore)
11. James Fulkerson – “Tape Collage” – Force Fields and Spaces (Etcetera)
12. Nancy – “Super Delicious Crunchy Forest Critters (Nancytronics)” – The Nancy Years, Part 1: 1985-1987 ((no label))
13. Walter Carlos – “Timesteps (at 45)” – Clockwork Orange OST (Columbia)
14. Dan Froberg – “Sju” – Sag, Ar Det Konstigt Att Man Langtar Bort Nan Gang? (Kning Disk)
15. Elfin Saddle – “Boats” – Devastates (Constellation)
16. John Boswell feat. Carl Sagan – “A Glorious Dawn” – A Glorious Dawn 7-inch (Third Man)

17. Blasted Canyons – “Lasers vs. Lizards” – Blasted Canyons (Castle Face)
18. Fabio Orsi – “Papa Show Me Yours Blues LPs” – Stand Before Me, Oh My Soul (Preservation)
19. Sky Needle – “Creepertown” – Creepertown 7-inch ((no label))
20. Vas Deferens Organization – “Placental Fountainheads” – EYE PEELS & BRAIN PICKS (Mutant Sounds)
21. Peter Brotzmann, Fred Van Hove & Han Bennink – “Einheitsfrontlied (Sides A & B)” – Einheitsfrontlied 7-inch (FMP)
22. Jooklo Duo – “Scratch There” – Scratch (Holidays) [with Conlon Nancarrow player piano]
23. Cromagnon – “Organic Sundown” – Cave Rock (ESP-Disk’)
24. Johanna Beyer – “Percussion Music (1936)” – Restless, Endless, Tactless: Johanna Beyer and the Birth of American Percussion Music (New World)
25. Charley Duffus – “Goodnight My Love” – The Wonderman Years (Trojan)
26. Bobby Womack – “Harry Hippie” – 7-inch (United Artists)
27. Fortune Teller – “Where I Belong” – Inner City Scream ((no label))
28. Leonard Cohen – “Show Me The Place” – Old Ideas (Columbia)

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frow show, FMU-165

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Patty Waters – “Moon, Don’t Come Up Tonight” – Patty Waters Sings (ESP-Disk’)
2. Lambchop – “Guess I’m Dumb” – Mr. M deluxe edition (Merge)
3. Philippe D’Aram – “L’interieur des Ecuries” – The B-Music of Jean Rollin, 1968-1979 (Finders Keepers)
4. Tashi Wada – “Gradient” – Gradient 7-inch (De Stijl)
5. Echoes of the Storm – “Echoes of the Storm” – Echoes of the Storm (Audiophile)
6. Dion McGregor – “Val” – The Dream World of Dion McGregor (He Talks In His Sleep) (Decca)
7. Derek Bailey – “Rain Dance” – Music and Dance (Revenant)
8. Fred Frith – “Fooled Again” – Accidental (Fred/ReR)
9. Graham Nash – “Man in the Mirror” – Songs For Beginners (Atlantic) [feat. Jerry Garcia + Chris Ethridge, 1943-2012.]

10. Jan & Dean – “Tiger, Tiger Burning” – Jan & Dean Meet Batman (Liberty)
11. Garotos Suecas – “Bat Macumba” – La Onda Vampi (Vampi Soul)
12. – “jabber” [feat. "Modern Memory Methods" (backwards), "Norwegian Language Familiarization Course," "Hear How To Improe Your Vocabulary and Speech"]
13. Pietro Riparbelli – “First Day” – Three Days of Silence (Gruenrekorder)
14. Trap of the Trap – “All Cages Open” – Reverse Mermaid cassette (Radial Sesamoid)
15. Dr. Hajime Murooka – “Sounds Of The Main Artery And Veins Of The Mother” – Lullaby From the Womb (Capitol)
16. Madalyn Merkey – “Neptune” – Scent (New Images)
17. Martin Galway – “Parallax” – SID Chip Sounds: Music of the Commodore 64 (Robot Elephant)
18. Total Control – “Carpet Rash” – Henge Beat (Iron Lung)
19. Slug Guts – “Town Tied” – Howlin’ Gang (Sacred Bones)
20. Moonmen On The Moon, Man – “Plains” – Maan EP (Capeshok)

21. Levon & the Hawks – “Bring It On Home To Me” – August 1964 Crang Plaza, Toronto, ONT ((no label))
22. The Uniques – “Watch This Sound”
23. The Great Unwashed – “Obscurity Blues” – Time to Go: The Southern Psychedelic Movement, 1981-86 (Flying Nun)
24. Al Doum & the Faryds – “Totem” – Al Doum & the Faryds ((no label))
25. Juppala Kaapio – “Yetti Frottage” – Animalia Corolla (Omnimemento)
26. No Neck Blues Band – “Platinum Willows” – Ytiu (Kelippah)
27. Aaron Dilloway – “After the Showers” – Modern Jester (Hanson)
28. David Saperstein – “For Milton” – Milton Babbitt: A Composers’ Memorial (Perspectives of New Music / Open Space)
29. Echoes of the Storm – “Water Running into Bucket” – Echoes of the Storm (Audiophile)
30. Shirley and Dolly Collins – “The Moon Shines Bright” – For As Many As Will (Fledg’ling)
31. Tom Waits – “Fawn” – Alice (Anti)

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frow show, FMU-164

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Volcano the Bear – “The Ark” – The Birth of Streissand 7-inch (No-Fi)
2. John Jacob Niles – “Black Is the Colour” – The Boone-Tolliver Recordings (LM Dupli-Cation)
3. Willis Earl Beal – “My Resignation” – Acousmatic Sorcery (XL)
4. The Shaggs – “Yesterday Once More” – Rev-Ola (Rounder)
5. Grateful Dead – “Looks Like Rain” – 14 April 1972 Tivoli Gardens
6. Levon & the Hawks – “He Don’t Love You (and He’ll Break Your Heart)” – The Stones I Throw 7″ [feel better, Levon!]
7. The Gladiolas – “Little Darlin’” – It’s Your Voodoo Workin’: The Best of Excello Records (Excello)
8. Eric Burdon & The Animals – “I’m Dying (Or Am I?)” – Love Is (MGM)

9. Erik M – “Sossusvlei” – Nightfall
10. Yximalloo – “???” – Drum Song at a Shopping Mall cassette
11. Black Dice – “The Jacker” – Mr. Impossible (Ribbon Music)
12. DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn Meet Tshetsha Boys – “Peverelist” – Shangaan Shake (Honest Jon’s)
13. Carlos Giffoni – “Little Mornings” – Little Mornings flexidisc (Key Lime High)
14. Axxess – “Traditional Moon Dance” – Novels For the Moons (Medical)
15. Christina Kubisch – “In Transition” – Magnetic Flights (Important)
16. Nel Milss with Elaine Mills – “Number poem for Voices (Two Sections)” – Experiments in Disintegrating Language (Art Council of Britain)
17. Bodidar Pinek – “Osmosis” – Vocal Spaces Series cassette (Hoomi)
18. Johannes Welsch – “Symphony (parts 1 & 2)” – Sound Creation (Deep Listening)
19. Dolphins Into the Future – “Levando” – Canto Arquipélago (Underwater Peoples)
20. Plunderphonics – “Elvis Presley, “Don’t” (at 33 1/3)” – Elvis Presley / Igor Stravinsky / Count Basie / Dolly Parton ((no label))

21. Ty Segall – “Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart” – Ty-Rex (Goner)
22. Marriage – “Kraustspeed You Jah Emperor” – Bring Beer (12XU)
23. Rovo – “Catch and Release” – e2-e4 2001:inspiration from e2-e4 (Sal Disc)
24. Rick Baitz – “Kaleidocycles for Synclavier” – CDCM Computer Music Series, v. 2 (Centaur)
25. L.W. Price II – “The Lost Pleaid” – The Lost Pleiad: usic of the Wind Harp cassette (Iron Tick)
26. Bardo Pond + Tom Carter – “Side B / Track 2″ – 4/23/03 (3 Lobed)
27. Aki Onda – “Fish Don’t Know It’s Raining” – Japanese Avant-Garde (Sub Rosa)
28. Key of Shame – “Side B” – Threnody For Marcus Junius Brutus (Holidays)
29. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – “Human Highway” – Sad Movies: A Secret History of Neil Young, 1973-1980

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frow show, FMU-163

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Vince Welnick – “Star-Spangled Banner” – 12 April 1993 Candlestick Park ((no label)) [Happy Opening Day.]
2. Chemutoi Ketienya & Girls – “Chemirocha” (Smithsonian Folkways) []
3. Jon Porras – “Blue Crescent Vision” – Black Mesa (Thrill Jockey)
4. Matthew Van Brink – “They Disappear” ((no label))
5. Alkibar Gignor – “Dakou” – La Paix (Mississippi)
6. Gene Clark – “With Tomorrow” – White Light (Sundazed)
7. The Mattoid – “Windbreaker” – Glory Holy EP (Cleft)
8. Cardinal – “Kal” – Hymns (Fire)
9. The Black Hollies – “Gloomy Monday Morning” – 7-inch (Safety Meeting)
10. John Wesley Coleman III – “My Grave” – Last Donkey Show (Goner)

11. Creeping Pumpkins – “Don’t Want” – Creeping Pumpkins cassette ((no label))
12. Moe Tucker feat. Lou Reed, John Cale, & Sterling Morrison – “I’m Not” – I Feel So Far Away: Anthology, 1974-1998 (Sundazed) [VU 1991!]
13. Angus MacLise/Tony Conrad/Jack Smith – “S.O.S. (circa 1968)” – Dreamweapon 1 (Boo-Hooray)
14. Rhys Chatham – “practice Gtr Trio mix for Joseph” – Guitar Trio demo cassette ((no label))
15. Gianmarco Liguori – “Duga-3″ – Duga-3 (Sarang Bang)
16. Harry Hosano – “”Sayonara,” The Japanese Farewell Song” – Bon Voyage Co. (Panam)

17. King Creole aka Lenny Lacour – “Maharishi” – Michael Shelley Presents Music Is Freedom ((no label))
18. Grateful Dead – “Dark Star > Sugar Magnolia” – 8 April 1972 Wembley Empire Pool ((no label))

19. We Acediasts – “Kuosho” – pre acediasts 12″ (Meshkey)
20. So Percussion and Matmos – “Needles” – Cage 100: The Bootleg Series (Canteloupe)
21. General Strike – “Snowdrops”
22. Waves on Canvas – “Flowers of the Sea” – The Wire Tapper 28 (The Wire)
23. Hugdealer – “Electro Problemz”
24. Strange Men in Sheds With Spanners – “#4″ – Strange Men In Sheds with Spanners (Drag City)
25. Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble – “Shadow Play” – The Eleventh Hour (ECM)
26. Sun Araw & Congos – “Thanks and Praise” – FRKWYS Vol. 9: Sun Araw & M. Geddes Gengras meet The Congos – Icon Give Thank (RVNG)

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frow show, FMU-162

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. drunk dude in back of cop car – “Bohemian Rhapsody”
2. China Blue – “Eiffel Tower recordings” (
3. Glenn Jones – “Of Its Own Kind” – The Wanting (Thrill Jockey)
4. Amps For Christ – “Roto Koto In C Major” – split 12-inch with Woods (Shrimper)
5. Hornorkesteret – “Baal” – Fjaer Og Jern (Panot)
6. Lambchop – “Mr. Met” – Mr. M (Merge)
7. Grateful Dead – “Oh Babe It Ain’t No Lie” – Reckoning (Arista)

8. Insect Factory + Public Speaking – “(live set)” [with Delia Derbyshire, Grupo Experimental Electroacoustico, The Harlemans, Flip the Switch! excerpts]

9. Weird Paul Petrosky – “Geraldo Made Me Kill” – The Hissing of Chrome Snakes: Dan Bodah’s 2011 WFMU Marathon Premium (V/A)
10. Ty Segall – “It’s A Problem” – split 7-inch with Feeling of Love (Permanent)
11. The Cramps – “Mystery Plane” – File Under Sacred Music (Munster)
12. Meat Puppets – “Creator” – Up on the Sun (SST)
13. The Men – “A Minor” – Todo Muere Vol. 2 (Sacred Bones)
14. Mission of Burma – “Dust Devil” – Unsound (Matador)
15. Charlotte Dada – “Don’t Let Me Down” – Money No Be Sand: 1960s Afro-Lypso, Pidgin Highlife, Afro-Soul, Afro-Rock (Original)
16. Earl Scruggs – “Most Likely You Go Your Way And I’ll Go Mine” – Live at Kansas State (Collectables)
17. Doug Jerebine – “Thawed Ice” – Is Jesse Harper (Drag City)
18. The Hearby – “The Harm I Do (By Being Me)” (Union Jac)
19. Black Lips – “Modern Art” – Arabia Mountain (Vice)

20. 3 Leafs – “Apprentice Destroyer” – Canal Smarts ((no label))
21. Drums of Death – “Parago” – Drums of Death (Avant)
22. Felix Kubin – “Reflection 5″ – Turf (It’s)
23. Tomutonttu – “Syvät Sävyt” – split 12-inch with Astral Social Club (Tipped Bowler)
24. Chicago Underground Duo – “Winds and Sweeping Pines” – Age of Energy (Northern-Spy)
25. Panssarijuna – “Puuvillatehtaan Pihalla” – Panssarijuna 7-inch (Joteskii Groteskii)
26. Hush Arbors – “Lowly Ghost” – Aureola (Thrill Jockey)
27. Brenton Wood – “Oogum Boogum Song” (Double Shot)

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frow show, FMU-161

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Beach Boys – “Break Away (vocals only)” ((no label))
2. Erkki Kurenniemi – “Computer Music, 1966″ ((no label))
3. Grass Widow – “Goldilocks Zone” – Internal Logic (HLR)
4. The Reigning Sound – “Lyin’ Girl” – Abdication… For Your Love (Scion A/V )
5. Dave Weckerman – “Out of Baby’s Reach” – Out of Baby’s Reach 7-inch (Yellow Fear)
6. Eleventh Dream Day – “Bomb the Mars Hotel” – Beet (Atlantic)
7. Tyvek – “Inner City Walks” – European Tour 7-inch ((no label))

8. John Barry – “Four In the Morning” – The Music of John Barry (Acrobat Music)
9. Dan Melchior – “In the Loft” – Excerpts (& Half-Speeds) (Kye)
10. Nehiti – “No Angel Came” – Other People’s Memories (Lo Bit Landscapes)
11. Hans Appelqvist – “En Arm For Ut” – Sjunga Slutet Nu (Happa)
12. If, Bwana / Dan Warburton – “I am Sitting In Phill Niblock’s Kitchen” – I am Sitting In Phill Niblock’s Kitchen (Monotype)
13. Tony Schwartz – “Sound Snapshots” – Tony Schwartz Records the Sound of Children (Folkways)
14. Peter Van Riper – “Acoustic Cups – Susmusic #1″ – Sustainable Music cassette ((no label))
15. Steven Feld – “Méaudre” – The Time of the Bells (Voxlox)
16. LAFMS – “Music For Gamelan and Synthesizer” – The Lowest Form of Music (Los Angeles Free Music Society box) (LAFMS)
17. Dump – “Where There Is No Sun” ((no label))

18. Quilt – “Cowboys in the Void” – Quilt (Mexican Summer)
19. The Mind Expanders – “Pictures at a Psychedelic Exhibition” – The Mind Expanders (Gear Fab)
20. The Men – “Candy” – Open Your Heart (Sacred Bones)
21. Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson – “Pickin’ Wild Mountain Berries” – Southern Soul Shake! SSS Soul Survey & Music City Soul (Charly)
22. Clifford Curry – “She Shot A Hole In My Soul” – Night Train To Nashville: Music City Rhythm & Blues, 1945-1970 (Lost Highway)
23. The Servicemen – “Are You Angry?” – Meet the… Servicemen? (Wind Hit)
24. Gilberto Gil – “Nega (Photograph Blues)” – Gilberto Gil (1971) (Philips)
25. The Ethopians – “Everything Crash” – This Is Reggae Music, v. 1 (Studio One)

26. People in Control – “When It’s War” – Crammed Global Soundclash 1980-1989 (Crammed Discs)
27. Richard Grayson – “Promenade” – Pandorasbox (Orion)
28. Rhys Chatham – “Crossing the Sword Bridge” – Outdoor Spell (Northern-Spy)
29. Samulnori – “Al-Ari” – Record of Changes (CMP)
30. Marcia Bennett / Samara Lubelski – “September 12th, 2010 – Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY” – Sunday Night, Sunday Afternoon (Kye)
31. Man Forever – “Surface Patterns” – Pansophical Construct (Thrill Jockey)
32. Kazuyoshi Saito – “It Was Always A Lie” ((no label))
33. The Nutmegs – “Whispering Sorrows” – When You Dance (Acrobat)

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frow show, FMU-160

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Natural Snow Buildings – “Starless” – Beyond the Veil (Blackest Rainbow)
2. Slant Azymuth – “Helicial Scan” – Slant Azymuth (Pre-Cert Home Entertainment)
3. Joe Jones + Chicken To Kitchen – “Solar Music” – Fluxsaints ((no label))
4. Esquivel and His Orchestra – “Carioca” – The Stereo Action Dimension: The History Of Space Age Pop, Vol. 3 (RCA)
5. Anoushka Shankar – “Buleria Con Ricardo” – Traveller (Deutsche Grammophon )
6. Gunn-Truscinski Duo – “Don’t Lean On Door” – Ocean Parkway (3 Lobed)
7. Jessie Mae Hemphill – “Loving In The Moonlight” – She-Wolf (Shout Factory)
8. Mosquito – “In the Night (Drive My Car)” – Time Was (Smells Like Records)

9. Mind Spiders – “Fall In Line” – Meltdown (Dirtnap)
10. Ceremony – “I’m A Bug” – Hysteria 7-inch (Matador)
11. Red Cross (at 33 1/3) – “Everyday There’s Someone New” – 1979-1982 7-inch ((no label))
12. The Golden Boys – “California” – Dirty Fingernails (12XU)
13. Jack White – “Love Interruption” – Love Interruption 7-inch (Third Man)
14. The Mattoid – “Windbreaker” – Glory Holy EP (Cleft)
15. /please/ – “It’s Going to Stop” – /please/ ((no label))
16. Panabrite – “Whirlpool” – Sub-Aquatic Meditation (Aguirre)
17. Pulse Emitter – “Immortality” – Aeons (Aguirre) [feat. "Modern Memory Methods" LP by Donald A. Robinson (no label) + "Anro" from "Anro" by Sachiko (Utech)]
18. David Buddin – “Canticle 1″ – Canticles For Electronic Music (ugExplode)
19. Wiley Brooks & Company – “Breatharian Chant” – The Sound of Ascension (Nice (Nice) Production)
20. Robert Hunter – “”Have you ever seen anyone like Cody Pomeray?”" – Kerouac — Kicks, Joy, Darkness (Rykodisc) [for Kerouac's 90th.]
21. Lee Ranaldo – “Outside My Window the City Is Never Silent” – Outside My Window The City Is Never Silent/A Bestiary (Chocolate Monk)
22. Robert Turman – “Flux 1″ – Flux (Spectrum Spools)
23. Exocet – “Break” – Consequence (Ant-Zen)
24. Tapes – “Brain Hunger Riddim” – split 7-inch with Pampidoo (Meeuw Muzak)
25. Spontaneous Overthrow – “Money” – Personal Space: Electronic Soul 1974-1984 (Numero Group)

26. Windy & Carl – “For Rosa” – We Will Always Be (Kranky)
27. Dan Gibson – “By Canoe To Loon Lake (Proc)” – Solitudes: Environmental Sound Experiences, Volume One (Dan Gibson Productions)
28. The Two Things In One – “Let’s Get It Together” – Together Forever: The Music City Sessions (BGP Omnivore)
29. Syreeta – “I Love Every Little Thing About You” – Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love: Motown’s Mowest Story 1971-1973 (Light In The Attic)
30. Parliament – “The Silent Boatman” – Osmium (Sanctuary)
31. Marianne Faithfull – “You Can’t Go Where The Roses Go” – Love In A Mist (Decca)
32. Sonny and the Sandwitches – “Cathedral in the Desert” – Sonny and the Sandwitches EP (Empty Cellar)
33. Flamin’ Groovies – “You Tore Me Down” – Teenage Head (Kama Sutra)
34. Avant Garde – “Naturally Stoned” – Soft Sounds For Gentle People, v. 1 ((no label))
35. Harpoon Forever – “Blue Jay” – Life-Size Cut-Out ((no label))
36. The Lemon Drops – “I Live In The Springtime” – Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the first Psychedelic Era (Rhino)
37. Information – “Let’s Compromise” – Tape #1 ((no label))

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frow show, FMU-159

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Janka Nabay & the Bubu Gang – “Ro Lungi” – An Letah EP (True Panther/Luaka Bop)
2. Ornette Coleman & Prime Time feat. Jerry Garcia – “Desert Players” – Virgin Beauty (Portrait/CBS) [happy birthday, Ornette]
3. Steve Lacy – “Cloudy” – Avignon and After, v. 1 (Emanem)
4. Tony Conrad – “June 1965″ – Early Minimalism (Table of the Elements)
5. Paul Metzger – “Orans” – Deliverance (Locust)
6. Fatimah Al-Zaelaeyah – “Hey, Who Enters the Sea of Passion?” – Qat, Coffee & Qambus: Raw 45s From Yemen (Parlortone)
7. Neung Phak – “Poo Jud” – Neung Phak (Abduction)
8. Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans – “Journey To The Stars” – Nippon Guitars (Big Beat)
9. Francis Bebey – “Fleur Tropicale” – African Electronic Music 1975-1982 (Born Bad)

10. The Men – “Country Song” – Open Your Heart (Sacred Bones)
11. Dana Buoy – “Best Around” – Summer Bodies (Lefse)
12. Gesellschaft zur Emanzipation des Samples – “Besuch aus der Unterwelt” – More Circulations 7-inch (FAITICHE)
13. Erik M – “Sossusvlei” – Transfall (Room 40)
14. Listening Mirror – “The Leechpool” – Resting In Aspic (Hibernate)
15. Hornorkesteret – “Mot Sydpolen” – Elegi for Roald Amundsen ((no label))
16. J.A. Caesar – “Wasan” – Kokkyou Jyunreika (P-Vine)
17. Sleepy Sun – “Martyr’s Mantra” – Spine Hits (ATP)
18. Raccoo-oo-oon – “The Canyon’s Long Winding Roads” – Is Night People (Release The Bats)
19. Dereck Donohue – “Ghosts of the Sherpa” – Subprime Frequency (Chambara)
20. The Dovers – “I Could Be Happy (slow?)” – We’re Not Just Anybody (Misty Lane)
21. Donovan Quinn – “In the Bag” – Honky Tonk Medusa (Northern-Spy)

22. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – “Wheels of Fire” – split 7-inch with L.A. Guns (Matador)
23. Tyvek – “Underwater 2″ – Nothing Fits (In the Red)
24. Electric Blood – “Match” – Electric Easter (Beehive Rebellion)
25. Alastair Galbraith – “Homesick” – Orb (Nextbestway)
26. Great Society Mind Destroyers – “Higher Bodies” – Spirit Smoke (Sloow Tapes)
27. Remko Scha – “Side A” – Guitar Mural 1 (featuring The Machines) (Corps de Garde)
28. Wendy Rene – “After Laughter Comes Tears” – After Laughter Comes Tears: Complete Stax & Volt Singles + Rarities 1964-65 (Light In the Attic)
29. James Brown – “I Love You, Yes I Do” – The Singles Volume 2: 1960-1963 (Hip-O/Polydor)

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frow show, FMU-158

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Happy Flowers – “Mom, I Gave The Cat Some Acid” – My Skin Covers My Body (Homestead)
2. Lou Reed – “Metal Machine Music, side 3″ – Metal Machine Music (RCA) [with DJ drums.]
3. Ron Kuivila – “Time” – Fidelity (Lovely Music)
4. Camper Van Chadbourne – “Dolphins” – Revenge of Camper Van Chadbourne (Knitting Factory)
5. Van Dyke Parks – “Aquarium” – Black Gold 7-inch (Bananastan)
6. Lulu – “Morning Dew” – From Crayons to Perfume: The Best of Lulu (Rhino)

7. Aaron Freeman – “As I Love My Own” – Marvelous Clouds (Partisan)
8. The Who – “Drowned (demo)” – Quadrophenia (Deluxe Edition) (Geffen)
9. Hubble – “Style”
10. Yair Yona – “Expatriate” – World Behind Curtains (Strange Attractors)
11. Graham Lambkin – “Amateur Doubles (Side A)” – Amateur Doubles (Kye)
12. Harmonizer – “Landline” – World Complete (Mexican Summer)
13. Keith Fullerton Whitman – “Side B” – Live (at the Tremont Theatre) (Tonschacht)
14. Bill Fontana – “Birds in a Rainforest In Southeastern Australia” – Field Recordings (Sierra Club)
15. Cecil Taylor – “# 5’04″ – Chinampas (Leo) [with DJ drums]
16. The Willies – “?? / ?? / The Obedient Atom” – Are We In Haldeon Yet? cassette
17. Tall Firs – “Industrial Estate” – ATP Covers Project

18. Radar Eyes – “In Love” – Radar Eyes (HoZac)
19. Dave Cloud – “Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying” – Cloud 007 (Swan)
20. Lambchop – “My Cliche” – Turd Goes Back (Grapefruit)
21. Chris Forsyth – “String Haters” – Dreams (Family Vineyard)
22. Pete Shelley – “Sky Yen (part 2)” – Sky Yen (Drag City)
23. Oren Ambarchi – “Knots” – Audience of One (Touch)
24. Starving Weirdos – “In Our Way” – Land Lines (Amish)
25. Mountain Man – “Arabella” – Made The Harbor (Bella Union/Partisan)
26. Gillian Welch – “Dark Turn of Mind” – The Harrow & The Harvest (Acony)
27. Neil Young – “Human Highway” – 14 November 1976 Madison WI (Complete Bernstein Tapes)
28. Lee Hazlewood – “If It’s Monday Morning” – Requiem For An Almost Lady (Smells Like)

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frow show, FMU-157

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. RANA – “Buy Sell or Break”
2. The Ex – “Keep On Walking” – Catch My Shoe
3. The Wizards – “I Need Your Love” – Love & The Needing of It: Jesse’s 2012 Marathon Premium [$75 gets a Premium! 19 version of different songs called "I Need Your Love"! Everybody ]
4. The Fugs – “Group Grope” – The Fugs II [$75 gets in the running for Heady New York prize pack feat. Ed Sanders' memoir, "Fug You!"]

5. The Feelies – “Fa Ce La” – Crazy Rhythms [$15 to enter drawing for "Here Before" by The Feelies on COMPACT DISC!!!]
6. Suicide – “Fast Money Music” – The Second Suicide Album (Mute)
7. Dustin Wong – “Toe Tore Oh” – Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads (Thrill Jockey)
8. Six Organs of Admittance – “S/Word and Leviathan” – Asleep On the Floodplain (Drag City)
9. Brian Joseph Davis – “EULA 2007″
10. Group Inerane – “Ikabkaban” – Guitars From Agadez, v. 4 (Sublime Frequencies)
11. The Monkees – “You and I feat. Neil Young” – Instant Replay (Rhino)
12. The Invaders – “No Money, No Honey” – cazumbi african sixties garage v 1 (Nosmoke) [more accurately: no money, NO FREEFORM! 800-989-9368!!!]
13. Draytons Two – “I Need Your Love” – Love & The Needing of It: Jesse’s 2012 Marathon Premium [part of $75 Frow Show Premium!!]
14. Tiki Men – “First Love, First Tears” – Yeti #8 7″ (Yeti Publishing) [pledge $15 now! get in the running for new YETI book + 7-inch.]
15. Tokedashita Garasubako (Melting Glass Box) – “Melting Glass Box” – Love Peace and Happiness [pledge $15 to get in the running!]

16. Shintaro Sakamoto – “Something’s Different” – In A Phantom Mood 7″ (Zelone)
17. Andore Kandore – “Kandore Mandore” – Japanese Folk, Rock, and Enka: 1969
18. Kuni Kuwachi & Flower Travelling Band – “Scientific Investigation”
19. Taj Mahal Travellers – “July 15, 1972″
20. Asuna – “Holland Garden”
21. Sachiko Kanenobu – “Moody Sky” – Misora (Chapter) [pledge $15 now! get in the running to win this!]

22. Toy Love – “Pull Down The Shades”
23. The Bats – “The Black and the Blue” – Thousands of Tiny Luminous Spheres (Flying Nun) [pledge $15! perhaps win this!]
24. David Kilgour & the Heavy Eights – “I’ll Climb Back Up That Hill” – Left By Soft (Merge) [pledge $15! get in the running for sweet NZ jams!]

25. Ky International Big Band – “Paratiisi”
26. Hex Breaker Quintet – “Darkness In The Land While Electrons Silently Collide Creating New Worlds” – Riders [with FROGS!!! where else are you going to hear frogs on the radio? pledge now, puh-leeze! of 800-989-9368!! WE NEED YOUR LOVE.]
27. Letta Mbulu – “I Need Your Love” – Love & The Needing of It: Jesse’s 2012 Marathon Premium [$75 gets you the Premium with 19 *different and awesome* songs called "I Need Your Love."]

28. Robert Hunter – “Box of Rain” – Box of Rain (Relix)

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love & the needing of it: the frow show’s 2012 WFMU marathon premium


I’m thrilled (and I mean, thrilled) to announce The Frow Show’s 2012 WFMU Marathon Premium: Love & The Needing Of It: A no-fi adventure in international love-needing.

Same sentiment, same name, hundreds (maybe thousands) of different songs titled “I Need Your Love” span continents, genres, and decades. “Love & The Needing of It” whittles it down to 19, leaving out the crappy Macedonian pop, though including the New Zealand disco. It ignores Elvis Presley and The Ramones, but has the infamous Nirvana (UK) and Jeff “Don’t Call Me Jeff Lynne” Lynn of Swedish fuzz-rockers The Wizards, and a host of local singles from Jamaica, Baltimore, South Africa, and beyond, all presented with the stunning no-fi compression one has come to expect from globe-spanning YouTube treasure hunts. Just in time for Valentine’s Day 2013 or any mixes you might make before then! Significant others Thanks to Rich Arcoleo for the great cover art.

Love & the Needing Of It
A no-fi adventure in international love-needing.
1. “I Need Your Love” – Letta Mbulu (from Letta, Tamla Motown, 1970, South Africa) produced by Hugh Masekala.
2. “I Need Your Love” – The Draytons Two (WIRL 7″, early 1970s, Barbados)
3. “I Need Your Love Tonight” – Nirvana (UK) (from Songs of Love and Praise, Philips, 1972, UK) The legendary Nirvana (UK)!
4. “Baby I Need Your Loving” – The Four Tops (Motown 7″, 1972, US)
5. “I Need Your Love So Bad” – James Brown & The Famous Flames (from I Can’t Stand Myself When I Touch Me, King, 1968, US)
6. “I Need Your Love So Desperately” – Peaches & Herb (Date 7″, 1969, US)
7. “I Need Your Love” – The Chaumonts (Bay Sound 7″, 1966, US) Baltimore.
8. “I Need Your Love” – The Wizards (Fontana 7″, 1966, Norway/Sweden) written by Jeff “I’m Not Jeff Lynne” Lynn.
9. “I Need Your Love” – The Last Times (Togy 7″, 1966, US) Clarion, Ohio.
10. “I Need Your Love” – The Artistics (Okeh 7″, 1963, US)
11. “I Need Your Love” – The Fugitives (JJ 7″, 1966, Jamaica) Greatest label name ever –ed.
12. “Baby, I Need Your Love” – Dave Barker (Wind 7″, c. 1973, Jamaica)
13. “I Need Your Love So Bad” – The Vocaleers (Paradise 7″, 1960, US) NYC indie rock c. 1950s.
14. “I Need Your Love” – Pee Wee Crayton (Imperial 78, 1955, US) California by Texas, recorded in New Orleans.
15. “Oh, I Need Your Love” – The Collegians (Winley 7″, 1962, US) Harlem.
16. “I Need Your Love” – R. Stevie Moore (from Next / Apologies To Mr. Gottleib, RSMCC, 1974, US) R. Stevie Moore.
17. “I Need Your Love” – Skip Mahoney & The Casuals (from Your Funny Moods, International, 1972, US)
18. “I Need Your Love” – Golden Harvest (Impact 7″, 1977, New Zealand) Auckland disco-pap!
19. “I Need Your Love” – Star Maiden (prev. unreleased, 2010, US) !!!

All yours for a $75 pledge to the Frow Show!

frow show, FMU-152

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Twice As Much & Vashti – “Coldest Night of the Year” – Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind (DiChristina)
2. The Choir – “It’s Cold Outside” – Nuggets, v. 3 (Rhino)
3. Au Revoir Simone – “Fallen Snow” – The Bird of Music (Our Secret Record Company)
4. Lambchop – “Gone Tomorrow” – Mr. M (Merge)
5. Cardinal – “Northern Soul” – Hymns (Fire)
6. Eve – “Could You” – Take It and Smile (LHI)
7. Etta James – “I Got You Babe” – Tell Mama: The Complete Muscle Shoals Sessions (Geffen)
8. The Hippy Boys – “The Hippys Are Here” – Everybody Rude Now ((no label))
9. Rikki Ililonga & Musi-O-Tunya – “Working on the Wrong Thing” – Dark Sunrise (Now Again)
Set: for no reason other than itself: a tribute to clarence white!

10. Jerry Garcia – “introduction” – Livin’ in the Past (1961-1965) (MICRO WERKS/HEPCAT)
11. Kentucky Colonels feat. Scotty Stoneman – “Eighth of January” – Live In LA With the Kentucky Colonels (Rural Rhythm) []
12. Clarence White – “Footprints In The Snow” – The Essential Clarence White – Bluegrass Guitar Leads (Diane and Roland Music)
13. Muleskinner – “Footprints In The Snow” – A Potpourri of Bluegrass Jam (DBK Works)
14. The Byrds & The Flying Burrito Brothers – “Wasn’t Born To Follow” – 19 September 1970 Whisky-A-Go-Go, Los Angeles, CA (late show) ((no label)) []
15. Nashville West – “Louisiana Rains” – The Legendary Nashville West Album (Rev-Ola)
16. The Gosdin Brothers – “Sounds of Goodbye” – Sounds of Goodbye (Capitl)

17. Dustin Wong – “Pencildrove Hill Moon” – Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads (Thrill Jockey)
18. Starving Weirdos – “Periods” – Land Lines (Amish)
19. Guignol feat. Korena Pang – “Invisible Sports” – Angela, David & The Great Neopolitan Road Issue (Cenotaph)
20. Tom Lawrence – “Seven Springs” – Water Beetles of Pollardstown Fen (Greuenkorder)
21. Jeph Jerman & Greg Davis – “#3″ – Jeph Jerman & Greg Davis cassette (Autumn)
22. Nancy – “Super Delicious”
23. Taj Mahal Travellers – “Side B” – Live at Moderna Museet in Stockholm, 1st July 1971 (Klimt)
24. – “Suikinkutsu” – Healing
25. Charles Lloyd feat. the Beach Boys – “TM” – Waves (A&M)

26. William Tyler – “A Portrait of Sarah” – Split EP (Grapefruit)
27. Maffitt/Davies – “Landscape Grown Cold” – The Rise and Fall of Honesty (Rev-Ola)
28. Karen Dalton – “Reason To Believe” – 1966 (Delmore)
29. John Villemonte – “Hours or Days” – People Like You (Sebastian Speaks)
30. Bonnie Prince Billy – “Cold & Wet” – The Letting Go (Drag City)
31. S.E. Rogie – “A Time In My Life” – Dead Men Don’t Smoke Marijuana (RealWorld)
32. Mark de Gli Antoni – “Alabama” – Horse Tricks (Tzadik)

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frow show, FMU-151

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Jeannie Robertson – “The Deadly Wars are Blast and Blawn” – Whaur the Pig Gaed On the Spree: Scottish Recordings by Alan Lomax (Drag City / 2S & Fews)
2. Pimmon – “Yicco” – The Oansome Orbit (Room 40)
3. Ducktails – “Side B” – Mirror Image 7-inch (Shdwply)
4. Octopus Syng – “Midsummer’s Night Scene” – Keep Off the Grass (Fruits De Mer)
5. Pterodactyl – “The Hole Night” – Spills Out (Brah)
6. Tall Firs – “Crooked Smiles” – Crooked Smiles 7-inch (no label)
7. Ismael Lo – “Tajabone” – Greatest Hits (Mango)
8. Yair Yona – “It’s Not the Heat” – World Behind Curtains (Strange Attractors)
9. Twerps – “Who Are You” – Twerps (Chapter Music/Underwater Peoples)

10. Lee Ranaldo – “Off the Wall” – Between the Times and the Tides (Matador)
11. Wizzard – “Angel Fingers” – Black Cherries – Terre T’s 2008 WFMU Marathon Premium (no label)
12. Slug Guts – “Town Tied” – Howlin’ Gang (Sacred Bones)
13. The Flaming Lips/Plastic Ono Band – “Brain of Heaven” – The Flaming Lips/Plastic Ono Band EP (Lovely Sorts of Death)
14. Savaging Spires – “Trust” – Savaging Spires (Critical Heights)
15. Jad Fair + Hifiklub + Kptmichigan – “Blue Skies” – Bird House (Joyful Noise)
16. Demdike Stare – “Kommunion” – Elemental – Parts 1 & 2: Crysanthe (Modern Love)
17. Grant Beran – “Here at the Western World” – The Another Ones (Postmoderncore)
18. The Famous Boating Party – “Albion Moonlight” – Silvery Branches CD-R (Jeweled Antler)
19. These Trails – “Rapt Attention” – These Trails (Drag City)
20. John Cale – “Whaddya Mean By That?” – EP: Extra Playful (Double Six)

21. Daphne Oram – “Ascend and Descend” – Listen, Move & Dance Nos.1-3: Electronic Sound Patterns (HMV)
22. Radiohead – “Little By Little (Shed Rmx)” – Tkol Rmx 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (Tbd)
23. Francisco Lopez & Zan Hoffman – “Concert for 300 Magnetic Tapes” – Concert for 300 Magnetic Tapes cassette (The Tapeworm)
24. Moe! Staiano – “Tape Music No. 1: Collapse of Travel and Time” – Tape Music (Dephne Normal) [feat. The Complete Short Prose of Samuel Beckett]
25. G.I. Gurdjieff – “82C) No. 78 First Series — June 30, 1949″ – Harmonic Development: The Complete Harmonium Recordings 1948-49 (Basta)
26. David Crosby and Jerry Garcia – “Kids & Dogs” – PERRO Sessions (no label)

27. The Pink Floyd – “Interstellar Overdrive” – 10 September 1967 Gyllene Circelen, Stockholm, Sweden (no label)
28. Early Hominids – “Bathz” – Bathz (La Station Radar)
29. Cave – “This Is The Best” – Neverendless (Drag City)
30. Human Switchboard – “Who’s Landing In My Hangar?” – Who’s Landing In My Hangar? (Bar/None)
31. Japanese Beetles – “Cook Out” – Cook Out 7-inch (Roadtrip)

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quick thoughts on the failure of @SPINReviews to kill music criticism

It seems absurd to me that anybody who wasn’t just making link-bait would question the vitality or importance of music criticism. The magazines and websites that carry writing and sell advertising, sure, maybe they’re going to die, and especially the notion of consumer guide-style record reviews, which are now as ubiquitous as spam and will surely soon be composed like it. Those have been in peril for a while. The addition of Spin’s new Twitter feed, edited by Chris @1000TimesYes Weingarten, might seem to threaten somebody somewhere. But probably not. Sure, the bon mots are pithier, but Twitter makes thoughts only as “short” as a reader might perceive them, part of a much vaster conversation containing thousands, maybe millions, of threads — the real-life real-time conversation of music itself. And for those who care to participate, it’s a conversation that isn’t restricted to 140 characters or even a click-through.

In addition to the longer columns they will continue to publish (though, yikes, please don’t call 1000 words “longform”) @SPINReviews adds yet another voice to the jabber, albeit one shaped by some great writers with deep perspective on music. The latter is more important than ever, not necessarily to advise people on what is and isn’t worth listening to, but to illuminate bigger topics, to draw connections in the present, to participate, to sort through noise, to fight the ahistorical, to find musicians who don’t have publicists, to be curious, and to be amazed or infuriated by music and figure out why and how. Anybody can rate a record. Certainly, as a music writer, the fun has well been sucked out of having public opinions on things like Bon Iver or Animal Collective or any other artist that’s been covered by everybody with a social media feed. In that way, maybe we don’t need reviews, but that’s only because the conversation about music has moved to a deeper level with an infinite number of participants where hopefully “criticism” means something beyond saying if something was good or bad.

Looked at more clearly, I think it’s totally liberating. Music writers and fans are no longer forced to have opinions about music they find banal, but encouraged by the system (however passive-aggressively) to find the music that connects with them most, that creates the most narrative, the deepest portal to the hyperreal life around them, the most sustained meaning worth spending time reflecting on and writing about and listening to. Something that might last a while. Or maybe you have something awesome to say about Jay-Z and Beyonce’s baby or the imminent death of music criticism. That’s totally cool, too.

what jon huntsman was talking about (u.s. blues ’12)

Jon Huntsman recently prescribed a “Grateful Dead tour of this country” as a cure-all for our national ills led by a candidate “who rallies the support of the American people in getting term limits and closing the revolving doors of lobbyists.” In this case, I think, “Dead tour” slipped out Huntsman’s mouth as shorthand for a populist/collectivist groundswell with its own obsessive following, something richer and more real than mere grassroots support. And if that’s what Huntsman meant, some freegan should flyer him with #ows propaganda ASAP, it being an heir to the anarchistic/countercultural momentum the Dead carried for some LSD-soaked stretch of the time-track. Either that or show Huntsman Bob Roberts, which is probably more what a Republican candidate-based Dead tour would look like.

Either way, the more interesting part to me is the deployment of the Dead as a symbol by a Republican presidential candidate who–despite claiming to be a Captain Beefheart fan–pretty much has to the definition of square. This goes beyond Al and Tipper Gore inviting the band to the White House. They were fans of the band who at least came out of the same cultural moment. For a Mormon son of a billionaire, this is an invocation of a wholly different kind. “Grateful Dead” once meant something in ye olde English folklore about paying the funeral bills of an anonymous stranger who died in debt. Now, it has a folkloric resonance now of an entirely different sort, a meaning in the American mother-tongue beyond the band itself. Jon Huntsman won’t be getting my vote in any reality, but he certainly has my ear. I wish him the best as he is devoured the traditional manner of the grimacing white man’s quadrennial blood orgy.

frow show, FMU-150

(Detailed 22. The Focus Group – “Albion Festival Report” – We Are All Pan’s People (Ghost Box)
23. Sally Smmit and Her Musicians – “Side B” – Soundtrack of the Film HANGAHAR (Drag City)
24. Vampire Belt – “For Losers” – Moth Lake (Hot Cars Warp Records)
25. Claus Haxholm & Kristian Poulsen – “Side A” – Elektriske Guitarer cassette (no label)
26. S. Ida & BGG – “#20″ – Eat Show cassette (D.D. Records)
27. Roscoe Mitchell – “Bells For New Orleans” – Numbers (Rogue Art)
28. Fire! feat. Jim O’Rourke – “By Whom and Why Am I Previously Unreleased?” – Unreleased? (Rune Grammofon)
29. The New Outcast – “That’s What I Call A Woman” (no label)
30. The Scene Is Now – “Cities Are Over” – Magpie Alarm (Tongue Master)
31. Dandelions – “The Children of Sunshine” – Dandelions (KBK)

32. James Brown – “Love Me Tender” – The Singles, v. 10: 1975-1979 (Hip-O Select) [Happy b-day, King.]
33. Bad Weather California – “Let It Shine” – Sunkissed (Family Tree)
34. Tom Ardolino – “Bizmo 17″ – Unknown Brain (Mystery Train) [Tom Ardolino, 1955-2012.]
35. Sonore – “Fragments For An Endgame” – Cafe Oto/London (Trost)
36. Six Organs of Admittance – “Warm Earth, Which I’ve Been Told” – RTZ (Drag City)
37. Syd Barrett – “Terrapin” – Radio One Sessions (Strange Fruit) [Happy b-day, Syd.]
38. Roy Harper – “I’ll See You Again” – Songs of Love and Loss (Science Friction)

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“sexy and i know it” – LMFAO

An occasional project, where I arbitrarily write about the #1 pop song du jour from the perspective of somebody who barely listens to that kind of music and has only a passing knowledge of current mega-stars. It doesn’t sound as strange to my ears as it did when I started doing this in 2003, but it still sounds like it’s from another planet.

“Sexy and I Know It” – LMFAO
released by Interscope

week of 14 January 2012
#1 this week, #1 last week, 18 weeks on chart

After a year of world travel and robust sleep research, my pal Vape Stiles recently observed to me that the two most dominant genres of global pop music are hip-hop and mutant techno-disco, both derivable back to fringe cultures of early ’70s NYC. Probably so. Not sure what it means that two are finally starting to bleed into each other, which probably happened during my last sojourn away from the pop charts. The bleed was the dominant force in the last song I listened to, Rihanna’s “We Found Love,” though that felt mostly like a production choice compared to LMFAO, whose “Sexy & I Know It” makes their second #1 and finds a gaudy new way to cross the proverbial club with the proverbial Thai beach rave.

I kind of like it. Don’t love it. But it seems properly stupid. It’s self-produced, too, which makes it easier to think of as less manufactured, even if these guys were assured at a major label contract. At least one them is Berry Gordy’s grandson. That is, this slab of ridiculous 21st century pop (the chorus: “girl, look at that body, I work out”) named after a piece of internet slang was made by a descendant of the man who founded Motown. If the song is still in my head in a few weeks, maybe I’ll think more about what that means. At the very least, I dig goofy dance-pop far more than Rihanna’s self-serious melodrama. “Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle,” one of the Gordys (they’re both Gordys) chants, which is one of the many nooks available in the song for dance moves, cheers, sing-alongs. It’s fun and busy, but that seems about it, but a lot less has been done with a lot more.

frow show, FMU-149

(Detailed 20. They Might Be Giants – “Twisting” – Flood (Elektra)
21. Atlas Sound – “Amplifiers” – Parallax (4AD)
22. Music Machine – “This Should Make You Happy” – Ignition (Sundazed)
23. The Flowerz – “I Need Love Now” – Flyte (Arf! Arf!)
24. The Cryin’ Shames – “Nobody Waved Goodbye” – joe meek: portrait of a genius – the rgm legacy (Castle)
25. Mellow Candle – “Tea With the Sun” – Cooking Cherries: Terre T 2011 Premium
26. Lover! – “I’m Not A Gnome” – I’m Not a Gnome 7″ (Tic Tac Totally)
27. Del Shannon – “I Wish I Wasn’t Me Today” – Move It On Over (Norton)
28. Dawn Penn – “To Sir, With Love” – Trojan Rocksteady Rarities (Trojan)

29. The Necks – “Daylights” – Mindset (ReR)
30. Unitard – “Year To Be Hated” – Yes New York (Vice)

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the brief, undefaced life of the williamsburg bon iver billboard (pazz & jop notes 2011)

loureed boniver

A few months ago, a new ad went up at the corner of Grand Street, down the Bedford Avenue central drag in Williamsburg. As with the wall of Lou Reeds that covered a construction site a while back, near the new Duane Reade, I really wanted to see it covered in graffiti. Eventually, somebody mustered up an “I fucked Vincent Gallo” speech bubble for poor ol’ Lou, who seemed more like a set decoration than anything else. What was it an ad for, though? There was no text. Was it Lou’s leather jacket? Maybe just the Lou brand?

It was late summer, I’m pretty sure, when Bon Iver came to Williamsburg. His painted visage sat there on a guitar amp next to his bandmates [correction: his managers, including his brother], looking like a brah among brahs, in a Jagjaguwar shirt, arms open, doofy vibes, and hawking whiskey. One of us! And, brah, Bushmills! After about a month, somebody pasted some street art parody QR codes ungracefully over Mr. Iver’s junk, as well as similar regions of the other fellows in his band. I meant to take a picture the next time I walked by, but they’d been quickly scraped off. Not made for brick, it seems.

That nobody otherwise abused Justin Vernon’s not-selling-out-buying-in likeness is absolutely a deep personal failure on my part. I really should have done it, if only on general principle. It means that Bon Iver has already won. And I’m just not sure how I feel about that. I’ve got no real beef with the guy personally. But mostly I still hate most corny-ass non-jazz saxophone and Bruce Hornsby and 1980s/1990s Grateful Dead, which is what Bon Iver and Justin Vernon represent to me, the triumph of the crappy part of hippiedom over righteous experimentation and thoughtful chaos. Despite the fact that Vernon’s music seems genetically bred for me–almost as if under some creepy lab conditions with nostalgia-plumping steroids–I’ve never connected with it remotely, never been able to recall a hook or a melody or even a lyric. I’ve tried. He seems like a sweet guy, from all my interactions with him, culturally mediated or otherwise. Still nothing.

But I come not to hate on Bon Iver. Really. I come to hate on The National. Man, they suck. I went through a similar pattern with them for an album or two, trying–because of a then-ladyfriend, because of some pals who dug them–to get into music that ultimately just felt bland and wimpy. What Coldplay are to Radiohead, The National seemed to Wilco. Again, dudes seemed alright. They even seem to like the Dead, too, though I’m utterly terrified about the prospect of them curating a Dead tribute disc, which they seem to be doing. The positive that I’ve taken out of all of this, alongside The Nationalol’s recent 6-night run at the Beacon Theater, and other signs: the hippies–or at least their Bon Iver-loving descendants–still make up an authentic silent majority in popular music fandom.

Phish’s Trey Anastasio announced that he was working with The Nationalolol, appeared with them onstage, and a small chunk of the internet blew up. Falling more on The Nationalololololololol side of the equation, I think Anastasio and the 7 sets of conjoined and unconjoined twins that comprise the New York quatturodectet deserve each other in their gentle wimpiness. I wish far better for Anastasio, who at least has a history making adventurous music, though he’s long rivaled Lou Reed in the perversity of his creative choices. I can only hope the silent majority still has some anarchy thumping around inside them somewhere, a latent hippie impulse in the American pop consciousness ready for the word to start raising the freak flags everywhere. Which is what happened over the last few years, of course, between ye olde Fleete Foxes, Animal Collective, and what have you: a head re-entrenchment after years of bloody rockist/poptimist debates.

What I resent is how much of it–the Bon Iver Bushmills ad, the Trey/National collaboration–seems to transform gaudy tie-dye into another shade of beige. The Deadheads and the hippies at large deserve a more vibrant fate than that, something less compliant with the lame rock culture that’s settled over VIP-happy rock clubs and national media, less easy to put on as mellow background listening. Odds are, too, that Bon Iver will score high in Pazz & Jop this year, which means he’s both a critical and popular success.

A lot of the new music I kept coming back to this year abutted on Bon Iver’s territory, even, music that didn’t seem to be competing for anything. Especially, I loved the unadorned folk of Gillian Welch and David Rawlings’ The Harrow & The Harvest, and Arborea, another husband-wife folk duo specializing in ancient and fully present haunt. Caitlin Rose, a new singer/songwriter from Nashville, released a wonderful debut of ineffably modern countrypolitan songwriting. Not all of it came too close to Iver, though. Akron/Family (more my kind of post-Dead outfit) put out a pretty good album, but I spent more time with the series of Megaupload/Mediafire-distributed bmbz releases that distorted and stretched their psych into noise with buried and already familiar melodies. Oneida put on a few more 10-hour shows and a series of recordings in their various guises, including the late-night brah-out album I’ve been waiting for, Absolute II. Another album I loved was The Ex’s Catch My Shoe, glorious anti-anthems by a 30-year old Dutch punk band with a new lead singer and a horn section. Not usually a formula for awesomeness, but hey.

I spent plenty of the year righteously wallowing in the throes of old music, too, trying to ignore the aggressively weird central argument of Simon Reynolds’ Retromania, which seemed to claim that there was something somehow wrong with this practice. Just as all music is world music, though, all music–or, at least, all recorded music–is old music. It is the most central tenet of fandom, wanting to lift the needle–virtual or real–back to the beginning of the track to listen again and again and again and again. And the hope of being an active fan is to find more music that makes you want to do the same, that contains some fundamental humanity-carrying spark, piping fresh or recorded decades ago, to make you listen again.

It might appear anywhere, in the space between an acoustic guitar and a room tone, in an intentional lyric or unintentional phrasing, even in a big stupid/brilliant pop song. The latter didn’t happen to me this year but, as a hippie, that’s what I want: life flickering, a personality expressed. Also as a hippie, I recognize that there are plenty who seem to get that out of Bon Iver or American Idol or black metal or other sources of music that I’m equally mystified by. I can get down with a certain amount of objectivity, listening to appreciate what makes a finely constructed track/album/band, doling out the best in drone/pop/folk, but at the end of the year, I really just want music that I’m going to personally keep listening to even after the calendar changes. Pop accolades really don’t bother me, though. At least until Bon Iver starts turning up in ads for booze that I have to look at every day on my way to and from wherever.

So they gave Justin Vernon some heavy cash and he took it. Whatever. I even like Bushmills. What brought it home most for me, though, was when Vernon tweeted about [correction: told a NYT reporter] how he didn’t care about getting nominated for a Grammy, and then some band called him out for the Bushmills ad on Twitter, and then Pitchfork reported on it. They published a brief account of the spat. Just below it was an embedded video, made by Bushmills, featuring (I assume) exclusive footage of the Bushmills/Bon Iver photo shoot. That week, too, Pitchfork was bordered by massive banner ads from the same advertising campaign. I suppose it’s long been the reality, and not even that really bothers me.

What bothers me is the mundanity of it all. As with the beiged tie-dye, it’s just another bit that’s gotten sucked into the great blanding maw of the cultural conversation that has maybe neutered music entirely in the wake of new and weirder ways of meaning, like international debt crises, existential occupations, and phone hacking. WTF could Tom Morello or even Jeff Mangum ever do in such company, anyway? Maybe its best for music to just exit that conversation stage left, right, or even directly through the gift shop. I have no real idea how, or even what that means in concrete terms. Imagine a world without Pitchfork ratings. It’s easy if you try.

One day, I came home, and some guys were painting over the Bon Iver ad. They’d white-washed Vernon & co. (ha!) and were etching some new shapes over them. Specifically, the vague outlines of a Jedi and a Sith Lord, selling some new Star Wars video game. Good and evil mapped themselves over Vernon’s face, and he continued to peer unblinking into the now-fogging afternoon light, and the next day he was gone.

yo la tengo, hanukkah 2011, night #8 setlist

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Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
27 December 2011
*(Hanukkah, night 8)*
The Trypes and Chris Elliott opened.
benefit for Oasis New Jersey.

Mix disc by Georgia

(YLT backed Chris Elliott on Neil Diamond’s “I Am, I Said”)
As The Hour Grows Late (with Rick Rizzo on guitar and John Baumgartner on accordion)
I Threw It All Away (Bob Dylan) (with RR and JB)
Heroin (Velvet Underground) (Roky Erickson version) (with RR)
I Should Have Known Better
Swing For Life
Liz Beth (Eleventh Dream Day) (RR on vocals)
Big Day Coming (acoustic) (with RR)
The Empty Pool (Yung Wu) with Glenn Mercer on guitar)
From A Motel 6 > (with GM)
Flying (The Beatles) > (with The Trypes)
It’s All Too Much (The Beatles) > (with the Trypes)
I Heard You Looking (with GM, JB on keyboards, and Stan Demeski on drums)
Take Care (Alex Chilton)

Blue Line Swinger
My Little Corner of the World (Bob Hilliard, Lee Pockriss) (with Marilyn Kaplan on vocals)

N.B.: Penguin/Gotham will publish my book, Big Day Coming: Yo La Tengo and the Rise of Indie Rock, on 6 June 2012. Sweet. See also: Twitter.

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yo la tengo, hanukkah 2011, night #7 setlist

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Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
26 December 2011
*(Hanukkah, night 7)*
Kurt Vile & the Violators and Leo Allen opened.
benefit for Pathfinders International.

Mix discs by Ira

(whole show with Dave Schramm on guitar)
Sudden Organ
Can’t Forget
How To Make A Baby Elephant Float
I Can Hear Music (Ellie Greenwich)
When It’s Dark
Here Comes My Baby (Cat Stevens)
Cone of Silence
Little Eyes
I Feel Like Going Home
Griselda (Antonia) (with Peter Stampfel on fiddle and vocals)
One PM Again (with PS)
The One To Cry (The Escorts (with PS)
Wasn’t Born To Follow (Carole King, Gerry Goffin) (with PS)
Mr. Tough (with PS)
The Summer
Asparagus Song
Center of Gravity

I Can’t Make It On Time (The Ramones
Gates of Steel (Devo)
Prisoners of Rock and Roll (Neil Young)

Thanks to Dom for the setlists.

N.B.: Penguin/Gotham will publish my book, Big Day Coming: Yo La Tengo and the Rise of Indie Rock, on 6 June 2012. Sweet. See also: Twitter.

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yo la tengo, hanukkah 2011, night #6 setlist

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Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
25 December 2011
*(Hanukkah, night 6)*
Dump and Kurt Braunhohler opened.
benefit for Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.
Mix discs by Tim and Eric.

How Many Bells?
Dear Betty Baby (Mayo Thompson)
A Plea For Dump
It’s Not Alright
Another Lonely Christmas (Prince)
Daily Affirmation (with Georgia and Ira)
Superpowerless (with Georgia and Ira)

Santa Claus Goes Modern (Sven Swanson)
Barnaby, Hardly Working (with Tara Key on guitar)
Black Hole (The Urinals) (with TK)
Fog Over Frisco (with TK)
Sometimes I Don’t Get You
Flying Lesson (with TK and Gil Divine on guitars)
haker (with TK and GD)
Something To Do (with TK)
I’m Set Free (with TK)
Satellite (with Rachel Blumberg on drums and TK)
Nowhere Near (with RB and TK)
Outsmartener (with TK)
Moby Octopad (with TK)
Nothing To Hide (with TK)
Pass the Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind (with TK)

Take A Giant Step (Carole King, Gerry Goffin) (with TK)
She’s My Best Friend (Velvet Underground)
Dreaming (Sun Ra)

Thanks to Dom for the setlists.

N.B.: Penguin/Gotham will publish my book, Big Day Coming: Yo La Tengo and the Rise of Indie Rock, on 6 June 2012. Sweet. See also: Twitter.

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yo la tengo, hanukkah 2011, night #5 setlist

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Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
24 December 2011
*(Hanukkah, night 5)*
The Glands and Jon Glaser opened.
benefit for Tommy Brull Foundation.

Mix disc by Mr. Finewine

Big Day Coming (slow) (with Tara Key on keyboards)
Stockholm Syndrome (with TK on guitar for rest of night)
The Crying of Lot G (with TK)
Demons (with TK)
Upside Down (drone version) (with TK)
Beanbag Chair
If It’s True
I’m On My Way (with TK)
Double Dare (alt. arrangement) (with TK)
Five-Cornered Drone (Crispy Duck) (with TK)
Orange Song (Antietam) (with TK)
Decora (with TK)
Big Day Coming (fast)
Little Honda (with TK)

Rock and Roll Santa (Jan Terri) (with TK)
Night Moves (Bob Seger) (with TK and Jon Glaser as ‘Jon’ on vocals)
Yellow Sarong (The Scene Is Now)

Thanks to Dom & Neil for the setlist.

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yo la tengo, hanukkah 2011, night #4 setlist

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Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
23 December 2011
*(Hanukkah, night 4)*
Pussy Galore and Todd Barry opened.
benefit for Letha Rodman-Melchior Fund.

Mix disc by Chris Knox.

(whole show with Dave Rick on guitar.)

Detouring America With Horns (DR on bass)

Nothing To Hide
Avalon or Someone Very Similar
Porpoise Song (Carole King) (DR on vocals)
The River of Water
Ben Wa Baby (Phil Milstein)
Don’t Have To Be So Sad (with Rachel Blumberg on drums)
Saturday (with RB)
Coloured (Chris Knox)
Black Flowers
Today Is The Day (fast)
Some Kinda Fatigue
Tom Courtenay
More Stars Than There Are In Heaven

You Don’t Love Me Yet (Roky Erickson) (with RB)
This Ain’t The Summer of Love (Blue Oyster Cult) (with Todd Barry on drums)
Crush (Chris Knox)

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yo la tengo, hanukkah 2011, night #3 setlist

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Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
22 December 2011
*(Hanukkah, night 3)*
Lee Ranaldo Band and Ted Alexandro opened.
benefit for Clean Ocean Action.

Mix disc by Kid Koala.

Sugarcube (alt. arrangement)
Mr. Tough
Season of the Shark
Periodically Double or Triple
Doesn’t Anybody Love the Dark (Run On) (with Alan Licht on guitar and vocals)
The Last Days of Disco (with AL, Lee Ranaldo on guitar, and Steve Shelley on drums)
Fourth Time Around (Bob Dylan) (with AL, LR, SS)
Decora (alt. arrangement) (with AL, LR, SS)
Double Dare (with SS)
Mote (Sonic Youth) > (with LR & SS)
Pass the Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind (with LR, AL, & SS)

Andalucia (John Cale)
Mandy (Barry Manilow) (with John Cameron Mitchell on vocals)

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yo la tengo, hanukkah 2011, night #2 setlist

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Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
21 December 2011
*(Hanukkah, night 2)*
Spent and Bobcat Goldthwait opened.
benefit for International Relief Teams.

Mix disc by James.

Green Arrow (with Smokey Hormel on guitar)
We’re An American Band (with SH)
The Weakest Part (with SH)
Here To Fall (alt. arrangement) (with SH)
Let’s Be Natural (The Rutles) (with Neil Innes on guitar/keys/vocals)
Ouch! (The Rutles) (with NI)
Democracy (Neil Innes) (with NI)
Under the Evening Sun (Neil Innes) (with NI)
I Want To Be With You (Bonzo Dog Band) (with NI)
Where Has All the Money Gone (NI solo)
Bottom of the Pile (Neil Innes) (NI solo)
Doubleback Alley / Good Times Roll / Another Day / Cheese & Onions (NI solo until “C&O”)
My Heart’s Reflection (with SH & NI)
One of Those People (Neil Innes) (with SH & NI)
Tears Are In Your Eyes (with SH & NI)
I’m The Urban Spaceman (Bonzo Dog Band) (with SH & NI)
Autumn Sweater (with SH & NI)
The Story of Yo La Tango (alt. arrangement) (with SH & NI)

My Little Red Book (Burt Bacharach & Hal David) (with Gaylord Fields on vocals)
Hanky Panky Nohow (John Cale)

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yo la tengo, hanukkah 2011, night #1 setlist

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Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
20 December 2011
*(Hanukkah, night 1)*
The Sea & Cake and Jon Benjamin & Jon Glaser opened.
benefit for Roots & Wings of New Jersey.

Mix disc by Bob Odenkirk.

(entire set with Mac McCaughan on guitar, keyboards, and vocals.)
Night Falls on Hoboken
Eight Days A Week (The Beatles)
Nothing To Hide
Stockholm Syndrome
Tears Are In Your Eyes
Did I Tell You?
Upside Down
Noisy Night (Portastatic) (Mac vocals)
Styles of the Times (with John McEntire on drums)
Don’t Say A Word (with John McEntire on drums)
Drug Test
Tom Courtenay (Georgia vocals)
I Heard You Looking (with Sam Prekop & Archer Prewitt on guitars)
Our Way To Fall (with Sam Prekop & Archer Prewitt on guitars)

Aba Dabba Do Dance (The Tradewinds) (with Todd Abramson on vocals & Archer Prewitt on drums)
Somebody’s In Love (Sun Ra)

N.B.: Penguin/Gotham will publish my book, Big Day Coming: Yo La Tengo and the Rise of Indie Rock, on 6 June 2012. Sweet. See also: Twitter.

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frow show, FMU-148

(Detailed 10. The Blue Things – “Desert Wind” – The Blue Things Story, v. 2 (Cicadelic)
11. Norma Jean – “What Locks The Door” – Heaven Help the Working Girl (Omni)
12. Caitlin Rose – “Own Side Now” – Own Side Now (ATO)
13. Gillian Welch – “Dark Turn Of Mind” – The Harrow & The Harvest (Acony)
14. Sachiko Kanenobu – “I Wish It Would Snow” – Misora (Chapter)
15. Eleven Twenty-Nine – “Eyes of Jewels, Mirrored Bodies” – Eleven Twenty-Nine (Northern-Spy)
16. Natural Snow Buildings – “The Crystal Bird” – Shadow Kingdom (Blackest Rainbow)
17. Tirath Singh Nirmala – “Slimping Tench Depth (Hmm Green)” – Slimp Tench Depth CD-R
18. Leonard Cohen – “Famous Blue Raincoat” – Songs of Love and Hate (Columbia)

19. Tall Firs – “Angel in the Snow” – Mystra Xmas cassette (Mystra)
20. Michael Yonkers – “Angel of the Snow” – Goodby Sunball (Secret Seven)
21. Rolf Julius – “Music For the Air” – Small Music v. 3: Music For A Garden (Mattress Factory) [with "Caroling on the Carillion" LP (Columbia) + "Story of the Music Box" LP (Caedmon) + Ogden Nash reads "Christmas With Ogden Nash" (Caedmon) + just the breathing from an hour's worth of All Things Considered]
22. Masaki Batoh – “Kumano Codex 1″ – Brain Pulse Music (Drag City)
23. Dylan Thomas – “A Child’s Christmas in Wales” – A Child’s Christmas In Wales (Caedmon)
24. Salyu – “s(o)un(d)beams” – s(o)un(d)beams (Toy Factory)
25. Janet Cardiff – “A Large Slow River” – A Large Slow River
26. Dick Sutphen – “Trance Sex (excerpt)” – Trance Sex (Valley of the Sun)
27. Chica and the Folder – “I’ll Come Running” – This Time the Dream’s on Me: Monica’s 2011 WFMU Premium

28. The Fall – “I’m Going To Spain” – The Infotainment Scam (Matador)
29. Sons of Adam – “Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another Day” – Randy Holden: Early Works (Captain Trips)

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“run rudolph run,” 12/14/71, hill auditorium, ann arbor, MI

Download here. [MP3]

The Dead played “Run Rudolph Run” seven times between December 4th and 15th, 1971. Pigpen sang. The tune was a #69 hit for Chuck Berry in 1958, written by Johnny Marks and Marvin Brodie. Unquestionably the best Dead version is the second-to-last, from December 14th at the Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor. They played it twice in Chuck Berry’s hometown of St. Louis on December 9th and 10th, and it’s too bad not one of those, but the first night in Ann Arbor has the best mix of any of them. Keith Godchaux’s strident Johnnie Johnson-style piano is full and rich, like the familiar warm balance of Europe ’72, Garcia’s lines darting around it. Besides the following night, where he’s too loud, Godchaux is buried in most of the other recordings, Garcia and Weir’s guitars clanging against each other.

It’s a showcase for Pigpen, returning to the band after sitting out the fall tour, the first sign of weakening for the 26-year old alcoholic, who would die less than two years later. At times on the December east coast run, 11 shows from Boston to Ann Arbor, Pig is spotty. In Boston, the band pulled out his show-stopping “Turn On Your Lovelight,” and he faltered, unable to martial the gang into the weirdly psych-funk nooks they were often able to improvise behind semi-improvised patter about “box back knitties and great big noble thighs,” and they only revisited it one other time on the trip.

But by the end of the run, he seems almost back to form, though the big closers wouldn’t return with regularity until the band shuffled off to New York and then Europe the next spring. One lesson of my Dead listening project–revisiting every show close to its 40th anniversary, #deadfreaksunite, etc.–has been a constant reevaluation of the Dead as a working, aggressively evolving band, often marked by the unrelenting, constant expansion of their songbook. Most lately, this involved an appreciation of Pigpen’s still very active role in ’71 and ’72. Even for Deadheads, Pig is sometimes easy to write off in these later years, so often relegated to un-mic’ed sidestage congas.

While he didn’t exactly crank out tunes like Garcia and Weir, he had two new numbers to do for the December run, “Run Rudolph Run” and a new original, “Mr. Charlie,” which would go along fine with “Empty Pages,” introduced earlier in the year, had he not already abandoned that. Early ’72 would see two more Pig tunes go into rotation, “Chinatown Shuffle” (whose pick-up would get jacked for “U.S. Blues”) and the lost masterpiece “The Stranger (Two Souls in Communion).” Even after he left the road following the Europe ’72 tour, he continued to write, producing a set of home demos, which has circulated as Bring Me My Shotgun.

With its “Love & Theft”-like cadences on half-sensical tumbles about some heretofore unknown reindeer named Randolph (?!) and archaic constructions like “girl-child” and “boy-child,” it’s sort of mystifying that avowed Chuck Berry freak Bob Dylan didn’t record “Run Rudolph Run” for his Christmas in the Heart. But it’s a nice little novelty from the Dead’s brief two-keyboard lineup, where Pigpen and Godchaux got a nice Hudson/Manuel-like B3/piano blend on some of the recordings from those tours. Though Pig doesn’t play organ here, Godchaux’s presence gives him the chance to belt over straight-up boogie-woogie piano, a rare pleasure in itself only possible during these few tours.

All of which totally ignores the song’s holidayness, which really has no narrative and is, in an admirably teen-pop way, more about describing the apparent giddiness of the Christmas season in the post-War years. “Shopping is a feeling,” David Byrne said later in True Stories, and there’s maybe some of that in here (infused with holiday spirit, no doubt), with the subtle ’50s consumerism behind lyrics like “all I want for Christmas is a rock & roll electric guitar” and the girl-child’s wish for “a little baby doll that can cry, scream, and wet” (plus perfectly period automotive dreams about Santa speeding down a freeway). Not that Pigpen was signifyin’ or anything. He was–and thanks to the perpetual present tense of the recording is–just singing. The Dead may’ve been hippies, but by late 1971, they were mostly just a rock band.

“Run Rudolph Run”–at least the fifth or sixth Berry tune in rotation–is Pig in his element, and a vibrant little tick in Dead history. But it’s something maybe even more unique than that. In the Dead’s massive unofficial catalogue, it’s one of the very few versions of anything I’d happily call “definitive” with any measure of confidence. And, hey, that’s something to feel good about this holiday season.

frow show, FMU-147

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. The Four Populaires – “Holiday Greetings, 1960-1961″ – Holiday Greetings, 1960-1961 7-inch (no label)
2. Dustin Wong and Matt Papich – “Blue Moon” – Red Cheeks For Green Grass (no label)
3. Woods – “Christmas Time Is Here” (Woodsist)
4. The Band – “All Creation” – Tombstone: The Lost Album (no label)
5. Sunny Ade – “Akure Nile” – The Master Guitarist, v. 4 (African Songs Ltd. )
6. Lijadu Sisters – “Bobby” – Danger (Knitting Factory)
7. The Heptones – “Sweet Talking” – Sweet Talking (Heartbeat)
8. NRBQ – “When it’s Summertime in the Wintertime” – Ludlow Garage 1970 (Sundazed)

9. Group Inerane – “Ikabkaban” – Guitars From Agadez Vol. 4 7″ (Sublime Frequencies)
10. Branko – “Herr Ved” – Onderliv 7″ (Kill Shaman)
11. Eric Copeland – “The Eyeball” – Puerto Rican 7″ (Post Present Medium)
12. Eddy Current Suppression Ring – “We’ll Be Turned On” – So Many Things (Goner)
13. Crystal Stilts – “Still As The Night” – Radiant Door EP (Sacred Bones)
14. Bobby Bare – “How I Got To Memphis” (Mercury)
15. New Riders Of The Purple Sage – “I Don’t Know You” (Columbia)
16. Tim Buckley – “Phantasmagoria In Two” – Goodbye and Hello (Elektra/Asylum)

17. Arborea – “Phantasmagoria In Two” – Red Planet (Strange Attractors)
18. Minamo – “Bound Letters” – Documental (Room 40)
19. Grasshopper – “Soleas” – Good Night Sweet Prince (Baked Tapes)
20. Robert Hall – “selections of clock bells” (New World Productions)
21. Albert Leskowsky – “A pneumatikus gong esete” – Music for the instruments of an exhibition (Origo)
22. Bernard Parmegiani – “Outremer” – Espaces Sonores No.1 (EMI France)
23. David Wojnarowicz & Ben Neill – “In The Shadow Of Forward Motion (Excerpt)” – The Hissing of Chrome Snakes: Dan Bodah’s 2011 WFMU Marathon Premium (V/A) (no label)
24. Paint Your Golden Face – “Torrents Of Water Subsumed Their Villages” – Community – A Compilation Of Hobart Music (no label)
25. The Soft Collapse – “Loveless” – comm, a (no label)

26. Freddy Fender – “I’m To Blame (at 33 1/3)” (Dot)
27. Okko – “Shiva’s Lullaby” – Sitar and Electronics (Okko)
28. Arpa Celtica Vincenzo Zitello – “Nembo Verso Nord” – Italic Environments (ARMADIO OFFICINA)
29. Nate Wooley – “The Almond (excerpt)” – The Almond (Pogus)
30. Ian Breakwell & Ian McQueen – “Breakwell’s Circus” – Audio Arts Magazine, vol. 4, no. 2 (Audio Arts)
31. C. Spencer Yeh – “Three Synthesizers March 2008″ – Zelphabet, Vol. C (Zelphabet)
32. Peter, Paul, and Mary – “Leaving on a Jet Plane (at 33 1/3)” (Warner Bros.)

33. A.M. Gately – “Battle In The City” – Soft Sounds for Gentle People, v. 3 (Pet)
34. Phil Ochs – “The War Is Over” – Tape From California (Collectors Choice)
35. Neil Young – “Albuquerque” – Tonight’s The Night (Reprise)

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“we found love” – rihanna feat. calvin harris

And now back to an old occasional project, where I arbitrarily write about the #1 pop song du jour from the perspective of somebody who has only a passing knowledge of current mega-tunes. It doesn’t sound as strange to my ears as it did when I started doing this in 2003, but it still sounds like it’s from another planet.

“We Found Love” – Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris
released by Def Jam

week of 17 December 2011
#1 this week, #1 last week, 11 weeks on chart

To my ears, the most initially attractive bit of this song–at least in that it gives me a little giddy rise–is the swell that happens at :53-1:08 and detonates into a millisecond sugar-rush of generic techno-plink. Later, it repeats the move, possibly with slight variation, and a longer sugar-rush dance resolution. But not really. The chorus comes back almost immediately. And, I suppose, in the case of the modern day global hit, it really is about the chorus, since the rest of the lyrics are a bunch of non-sequiturs strung against the hook, “we found love in a hopeless place.” Narratively speaking, this is very specific: there is a place, and it is hopeless. But while soft-focusing the rest of the words, it’s also the song’s broadest selling point. Something universal if (as made pretty clear by the video) pretty despairing. Hence the techno-swells and sugar-rushes, handy signifiers/call-outs from the international language of untz.

On second listen, the part of the song I actually like is the narrow valley it finds for the bridge, where pretty much everything drops out except a hanging keyboard bounce, whose existence is cheapened when it becomes obvious that its sole purpose is to allow Rihanna and producer Calvin Harris an excuse to get to the second techno-swell. It lasts all of six seconds before a miniature lead-in drops back into yet another iteration of the chorus. It’s funny to me, especially, that Harris gets a “featuring” credit here, given that his only presence on the song seems to be as a producer. Perhaps it is a new custom in this world. I’ve been away for a while.

am i a believer?

One of my more half-surprising favorite reissues this year was the Neil Diamond collection, The Bang Years, comprising his first two solo albums, when he was a Brill Building songwriter. It features his original version of “I’m A Believer,” among others. I’ve always abhorred most of Diamond’s later hits that I was familiar with, give or take a soft spot for “Beautiful Noise,” because it appeared in a favorite Mets highlights video when I was a kid.

In fact, there’s one specific section of “I’m A Believer” that belongs to a peculiar sub-set of my memory, a slight turn in the melody in the phrase “the more I gave the less I got” that immediately connects me, via some direct and thorough current, to a familiar emotional tinge from my childhood. As far as I can tell, the tinge is unattached to any one point in the past. More, it’s that it is precisely the same primal response–in the present tense–that I had when I was 6. There’s a particular acoustic guitar strum on “We Can Work It Out” (1:09) that does the same thing. In the case of “I’m A Believer,” it is actually a product of the songwriting–something present both in The Monkees’ hit that I first heard and Diamond version from The Bang Years–and not merely a production flourish, as it frequently turns out to be with other songs in this category. And, in a peripheral way, the whole collection carries that same personal time-track residue in its songwriting. Whatever it is, Diamond’s thumbprints in the melody and changes, it seems entirely intended. Which makes sense. He was a professional songwriter.

We have a friend’s pretty great LP collection on semi-permanent loan, since she’s moved into a smaller apartment, and I recently dug out Velvet Gloves and Spit, the first after those represented on The Bang Years, and holy sweet merciful motherfuck is it square. That’s pretty much obvious from the Bang material, too, but it’s aspirations towards teen-pop carry the day. Velvet Gloves, though, is from 1968, and it’s easy to tell which side of the castle gates Diamond is positioning himself on, musically and otherwise. The music is all dense chintziness, the aural equivalent of candelabras. No idea if Mr. D. ever used stuff like that in his stage sets, but that’s what I see. The folksinger/Elvis get-up he sports on the cover the live album Hot August Night probably informs this. Also, Velvet Gloves’ “The Pot Song,” which would be a pretty good slab of stoner folk if not for the interspersed monologues of recovering drug addicts talking about the gateway aspects of herbal jazz cigarettes.

And on top of that, an inscription in the liner notes: The American Popular goes on and on…. Just like that. In italics. In curling fancypants heavily seriffed script, centered, about two-thirds down on an ever-so-stately Dodge Dart brown sleeve. It’s an odd divide in time, historically and in popular music, and it’s a little discombobulating to actually hear the divide as clearly and cleanly as Neil lays it out. The textures aren’t even that far off from The Bang Years stuff, bouncing organs and hand-claps, but the forward motion of the Brill Building is gone. It’s powered by something else, moves off in a different direction into a sophistication without rebellion. So that’s going back on the shelf for a while, unless somebody presents some compelling evidence otherwise. There’s some typical nostalgia at play, of course, in listening to these recordings from the mid-60s. But mostly it’s just listening to transparently great songs. Um, thumbs up.

Here’s The Monkees, Neil Diamond, and (of course) Robert Wyatt’s versions of “I’m A Believer,” in which his man-child yip-croon seems to blow up each one of those memory-rubbing melodic details.

Robert Wyatt with Nick Mason- I’m A Believer… by doleho

baseball & the origins of jazz

The first two recorded uses of the word “jazz” were in reference to baseball, via Elijah Wald’s excellent How The Beatles Destroyed Rock ‘n’ Roll: An Alternative History of American Popular Music:

The Los Angeles Times of April 12, 1912, quoted a pitcher for the Portland Beavers as calling his special curve “the Jazz ball” because “it wobbles and you simply can’t do anything with it.” The next sighting was similarly in a baseball context, in a column about the San Francisco Seals, who returned from their Boyes Springs training camp in 1983 “full of the old ‘jazz’.” This time the reporter appended a definition: “What is the ‘jazz’? Why, it’s a little of that ‘old life,’ the ‘gin-i-ker,’ the ‘pep,’ otherwise known as the enthusiasalum. A grain of ‘jazz’ and you feel like going out and eating your way through Twin Peaks.”

Mmm, Twin Peaks.

frow show, FMU-146

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Nu Sounds – “Black Sky and Blue Moon” – Spaceship Lullaby (Atavistic)
2. Bill Evans Trio – “Solar” – Sunday at the Village Vanguard (Riverside) [Paul Motian, 1931-2011.]
3. Sal Valentino – “Friends and Lovers” – Arrangements, v. 1 (Bananastan)
4. Jurgen Muller – “Meeresbett Meditation (Sea Bed Meditation)” – Science of the Sea (Digitalis)
5. Jonti – “Twirligig” – Twirligig (Stones Throw)
6. Sagittarius – “My World Fell Down” – Present Tense (Sundazed)
7. The Bats – “Getting Over You” – Free All The Monsters (Flying Nun)
8. Sonny and the Sandwitches – “Cathedral in the Desert” – Sonny and the Sandwitches EP (Empty Cellar)
9. Richard and Mimi Farina – “Reflections In A Crystal Wind” – Reflections In A Crystal Wind (Vanguard)
10. Ted Hawkins – “Sorry You’re Sick” – Watch Your Step (Rounder)

11. The Styrenes – “Where The Girls Are” – It’s Artastic! (Homestead)
12. The Druids of Stonehenge – “Earthless” – Creation (Sundazed)
13. Alec Bathgate – “Faked” – The Indifferent Velvet Void (Lil’ Chief)
14. James Blackshaw – “Boo, Forever” – Holly EP (Important)
15. Danny Paul Grody – “Ohr” – In Search of Light (Students of Decay)
16. Jon Gibson – “Cycles” – Two Solo Pieces (Chatham Square)
17. Steve Hauschildt – “Music For A Moire Pattern” – Tragedy & Geometry (Kranky)
18. Debo Band – “Gedawo” – Gedawo 7-inch (Electric Cowbell)
19. Ty Segall – “Booksmarts” – Singles 2007-2010 (Goner)

20. Gregory Rogove – “Young Mountain” – Piana (Knitting Factory)
21. Illitch – “Chambre 3″ – Rainy House (Sparkling Spare Wheel)
22. Nick Storring – “Artifacts 2007-9″ – Rife (Entr’acte)
23. Alain Savouret – “Ballade Rustique (excerpt)” – Ballade Rustique (Le Kiosque d’Orphée)
24. Less Motion – “Fields of Bells” – Less Motion (no label) [feat. "Debriefing" by Susan Sontag (TANAM)]
25. various – “Side A” – Indian Shortwave and the Sounds of Kumbh Mela (TBTD)
26. Master Musicians of Jajouka – “Prayer” – The Primal Energy That Is the Music and Ritual of Jajouka, Morocco (Sol Re Sol)
27. Anthony Braxton – “Composition N. 228″ – Two Compositions (Leo)
28. Zusaan Kali Fasteau – “Benevolence” – Prophecy (Flying Note)
29. James Elkington and Nathan Salsburg – “Believer Field” – Avos (Tompkins Square)
30. Robert Hunter – “13 Roses” – Amagamalin St. (Relix)

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frow show, FMU-145

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Ursula Bogner – “Sonne = Blackbox 1972″ – Sonne = Blackbox (Faitiche)
2. patrice moullet – “Alchimie Rythmique” – Chronoradial (Omni Recording Corp.)
3. Tom Waits – “Back In The Crowd” – Bad As Me (Anti)
4. Lambchop – “If Not, I’ll Just Die” – Mr. M (Merge)
5. The Tower Recordings – “Delmak-O” – Furniture Music for Evening Shuttles (Stiltbreeze)
6. Susan Pillsbury – “It’s Hard To Be Easy” – Susan Pillsbury (Sunbeam)
7. The Mandrake Memorial – “This Can’t Be Real” – The Mandrake Memorial (Collectables)
8. John Villemonte – “I Am The Moonlight” – People Like You (Sebastian Speaks)
9. These Trails – “Hello Lou” – These Trails (Drag City)
10. Peter Laughner and Lester Bangs – “Goodbye, Lou” – Creem magazine office, 1976

11. Steve Reich – “Drumming” – Drumming (Nonesuch) [feat. Seijiro Murayama, Milford Graves, Man Forever, Foot Village, Steve Reid, Bill Kreutzmann, Susie Ibarra]
12. White Out – “Möbius Strip” – Asphalt and Delay (audioMER)
13. Husere Grav – “#2″ – Myths (Prison Tatt)
14. – “MIDI Dark Star seashore loop”
15. Grateful Dead – “Dark Star” – 15 November 1971 Austin Music Hall [(El Paso excised)]
16. Eve – “Most Likely You Go Your Way And I’ll Go Mine” – Take It and Smile (LHI)

17. Les Kitschenettes – “La Fermeture Eclair” – Qui C’est qu’a Di quon Peut pas imitter les Anglais? 10-inch (Pinkitsch)
18. Television Personalities – “i was a mod before you was a mod” – I Was a Mod Before You Was a Mod (Overground)
19. Radar Eyes – “Miracle” – Miracle 7-inch (HoZac)
20. Mark Sultan – “In Future Worlds” – Whatever/Whenever (In The Red)
21. J.C. Samba – “Misunderstood” – Hell Death Samba (Slovenly)
22. Nâ Hawa Doumbia – “Danaya (à Sidi Konaté Pour Toujours)” – La Grande Cantatrice Malienne (Awesome Tapes From Africa)

23. Heresy of the Free Spirit – “A Prayer For Light” – A Prayer For Light (Incuna Bulum)
24. Cian Nugent – “Sixes & Sevens” – Doubles (VHF)
25. Gene Clark – “In A Misty Morning” – Roadmaster (Sundazed)

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frow show, FMU-144

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Robert Wyatt – “I’m A Believer” (Virgin)
2. Christmas – “100 Million Flowers” – Bands That Could Be God (Radiobeat)
3. Deerhoof feat. Jeff Tweedy – “Behold A Marvel In The Darkness” (Polyvinyl)
4. The Reigning Sound – “Everything I Do Is Wrong” – Abdication…For Your Love (Scion A/V)
5. The Hope – “News Report 1972″ – Single-Mindedness: Tony Coulters 2011 Premium
6. Dikes of Holland – “My Baby’s Kinda Mean” – Monofonus Press One-Sider (Monofonus Press)
7. Knyfe Hyts – “I Lov U More” – Sword of the Lord (Party Store)
8. Lou Reed and Metallica – “Iced Honey” – Lulu (Warner Bros. )

9. Sam Prekop – “Practice Twice” – Sam Prekop (Thrill Jockey)
10. Jukeboxer – “Man Throughout the Ages” – Man Throughout the Ages (Memphis Industries)
11. A.M. Gately – “Battle in the City” – Soft Sounds For Gentle Peole, v. 3 (Pet)
12. Z.Z. Hill – “Chokin’ Kind” (Mankind)
13. Lawrence Hammond – “Empty Rails In Garfield County” – Coyote’s Dream (Takoma) [feat. Bob Weir's long lost (and late) half-brother.]
14. Brian Wilson – “Surf’s Up (1967 piano demo)” – The Smile Sessions (Capitol)

15. Gary Wilson – “Chrome Lover” – Forgotten Lovers (Feeding Tube)
16. Atlas Sound – “Quark Part 1″ – Parallax (4AD)
17. Köhn – “Transported Man” – Random Patterns (Kraak)
18. Tim Perkis, John Bischoff, Jim Horton – “Pedal with Twitter” – The League of Automatic Music Composers 1978-83 (New World)
19. Sonic Youth – “Anagrama (at 33)” – SYR1 (SYR)
20. Neptune – “Rest From Breathing” – Silent Partner (Northern-Spy)
21. Elf Power – “Owl Cut (White Flowers in the Sky)” – In A Cave (Ryko)

22. Harmonizer – “Landslide” (Mexican Summer)
23. OOIOO – “Mountain Book” – Gold & Green (Polystar / Trattoria)
24. The Conduits – “The Hinge Region of the Heavy Chain” – Repetition Is The Sincerest Form of Repetition (butte county free music society)
25. Samulnori – “Kut” – Record of Changes (CMP)
26. Jose Maceda – “Pagsamba (part II)” – Gongs and Bamboos (Tzadik)
27. Peter Cusack – “School Kids Reading In Class” – Favourite Beijing Sounds (Kwanyin)
28. Chris Watson – “El Divisadero” – El Tren Fantasma (Touch) [feat. some MIDI-recorded dolphins via Sirius Institute, "Dolphin Valentine"]
29. Thomas Lehn / Marcus Schmickler – “Os” – Bart (Erstwhile)
30. Christina Kubisch – “Ocigam Trazom” – Mono Fluido (Important)
31. Cloudland Ballroom – “Part I” – Infinite Mind (Sonic Meditations)
32. WFMU Hoof ‘n Mouth Tabernacle Choir – “Selection from “How To Write”" – New Traditions in Unhearsaed Acappella Speaking Choirs: Miniature Minotaur’s 2011 Premium
33. Brian Eno and Rick Holland – “In The Future” – Panic of Looking EP (Warp)

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frow show, FMU-143

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

Special guest: Ted Barron.

1. Oneida – “Cold Rain and Snow” – Heads Ain’t Ready (These Are Not Records)
2. Spirit – “Animal Farm” (Epic)
3. Big Star – “O My Soul” (Ardent)
4. Tyrannosaurus Rex – “Ride A White Swan” (Blue Thumb)
5. The Byrds – “Captain Soul” (Columbia)
6. Chris Stamey & the dB’s – “I Thought You Wanted To Know” (Car)
7. Loneliest Christmas Tree – “The Meaning of Life” (Loud)
8. The Caroline Know – “Popsicle ‘C’” (Bus Stop)
9. Orange Juice – “Blue Boy” (Postcard)
10. Mott the Hoople – “Golden Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll” (Columbia)

11. Nick Lowe – “Truth Drug” (Dynamo)
12. The Troggs – “Give It To Me” (Fontana)
13. The Fuckeroos – “I Miss The Jams” (Turn Up)
14. Earth Girl Helen Brown – “I Want To Do It” (Turn Up)
15. Cabezas Cortades – “Teen Age Thugs” (Turn Up)
16. Davila 666 – “Borrando El Negro (She’s A Rainbow)” – Their Hispanic Majesties Request (Norton)
17. The Equals – “Police On My Back” (Sintonia)
18. Michael and the Messengers – “Romeo and Juliet” (U.S.A. )
19. Boyce & Hart – “P.O. Box 9847″ (A&M)

20. Sir Douglas Quintet – “I Wanna Be Your Mama Again” (Smash)
21. Ronnie Self – “The Road Keeps Winding” (Amy)
22. The Flying Burrito Brothers – “Cody Cody” (A&M)
23. Jerry Garcia – “Sugaree” (Warner Bros.)
24. Bob Dylan – “Something There Is About You” (Asylum)
25. Neil Young – “For The Turnstiles” (Reprise)

26. Elephant 6 Orchestra – “Welcome To Our Story (Side A)” (Orange Twin)
27. Greg Davis – “Fennel & Tangerine” – Divorce Series, v. 5
28. – Sounds of the Sea, v. 3 (Droll Yankees Inc.)
29. Ashtray Navigations – “Monkey Music/Throw Money at the Monkeys” – Three Rockets Thicken (Trensmat)
30. Kria Brikkan – “Windering”
31. Bob Marley, The Wailers, Soul Brothers Orchestra – “I’m Still Waiting” (Studio One)
32. The Marvelettes – “The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game” (Tamla)

33. The Bats – “Face Inside The Sun” – Don’t You Rise (SLR)
34. Clay Allison – “Fell From the Sun” (Serpent)
35. 15 Minutes – “That’s What You Always Say” (Down There)
36. Richard Hell & The Voidoids – “kid with the replaceable head” (Radar)
37. Chuck Jackson – “The Breaking Point” (Wand)
38. The Jet Tones – “Jet Tone Boogie” (Chess)
39. The Caps – “Daddy Dean” (White Star)
40. Lightnin’ Hopkins – “Love Me This Morning” (Jewel)
41. Albert King – “I Get Evil” (Bobbin)
42. Chuck Berry – “Let It Rock” (Chess)
43. The Easybeats – “St. Louis” (Polydor)
44. The Pacers featuring Bobby Crawford – “You’ll Never Know” (Razorback)
45. Lee Dorsey – “Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley” (Polydor)
46. Groundhog – “Take It Off” (Jad)
47. Fats Domino – “Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except For Me and My Monkey” (Reprise)
48. Junior Parker – “Walking the Floor Over You” (Duke)
49. Mose Allison – “Your Mind Is On Vacation” (Atlantic)
50. Bessie Banks – “Go Now” (Tiger)
51. Santo and Johnny – “Sleepwalk” (Canadian American)

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frow show, FMU-142

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

special guests Ira Kaplan & Georgia Hubley.

1. Nelson Riddle – “Lolita Ya Ya” (Capitol)
2. Tommy Hoehn – “The Love That I Love”
3. Christmas – “(Ballad of) the Invisible Girl” (Iridescence)
4. Les Coronados – “Zig Zag Wanderer” – Voix Blanche Et Idees Noires (Celluloid)
5. The Bell Notes – “I’ve Had It” (Time)
6. Preston Epps – “Bongo Rock” (Era)
7. Robert Wyatt – “Grass” (Rough Trade)
8. P.G. Six – “Old Man on the Mountain” (Amish)
9. Shirley (and Company) – “Shame, Shame, Shame” (Vibration)
10. Endtables – “White Glove Test” (Self Destruct)
11. Boyce & Hart – “I’ll Blow You A Kiss In The Wind” (Aquarian)
12. DeFranco Family – “Heartbeat It’s A Lovebeat” (20th Century)

13. Brook Benton – “Hit Record” (Mercury)
14. The Tikis – “Surfadelic” (World Imitaiton)
15. T. Lance & the Coctails – “Aba-Daba Do Dance” (Telstar)
16. Cosmic Rays – “Daddy’s Gonna Tell You No Lie” (Saturn)
17. Hugo Montenegro – “Good Vibrations” (RCA)
18. Ronnie Lane and the Band ‘Slim Chance’ – “Roll On Babe” (GM)
19. Courtney Love (the band) – “Motorcycle Boy” (K)
20. The Gist – “This Is Love”
21. Danny & the Doorknobs – “Melody” (Happy Squid)
22. Roky Erickson – “Click Your Fingers” (Sponge)
23. Thelma Houston – “Don’t Leave Me This Way” (Tamla)
24. Stevie Wonder – “I Don’t Know Why” (Tamla)
25. Hi Sheriffs of Blue – “Cold Chills (part I)” (Tweet)

26. William A. Morris Intermediate School 61 – “Saturday In The Park”
27. White Boy – “I Could Puke” (Doodley Squat)
28. The Royal Revue – “Is It Because I’m Black?” (Garu)
29. Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson – “Lover’s Holiday” (SSS)
30. Clifford Curry – “We’re Gonna Hate Ourselves In the Morning” (Elf)
31. The Hueys – “Coo-Coo Over You” (Instant)
32. Matador – “Bongo Nyah” (Randy’s)
33. – Read-along with Sylvester & Tweety [feat. "Brokeback Returns To The Orange Grove" by Brokeback (Thrill Jockey), "Mr. Bizzaro" by the Monochrome Set, Harry Pussy, Alvarius B, Phil Lesh + Ned Lagin...]
34. Monitor – “Pet Wedding” (World Imitation)
35. Dave Berry – “This Strange Effect” (Decca)
36. Vic Godard & The Subway Sect – “Stop That Girl” (Oddball)
37. Michael Hurley – “Wildegeeses” (Singles Only Label)

38. Connie Frances – “Don’t Ever Leave Me” (MGM)
39. Them – “One More Time” (Zoomaphone)
40. The What Gives – “She Says (Adolescence Ends)” (Bus Stop)
41. Shoes – “Tomorrow Night” (Bomp)
42. The Fortunes – “Fire Brigade” (United Artists)
43. The Byrds – “She Don’t Care About Time” (Columbia)
44. Pressler-Morgan – “You’re Gonna Watch Me” (Hearthan)
45. The Pyramids – “Penetration” (Best)
46. Hal Leonard’s Music for Marching Band – “New York Groove” (Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation)
47. O’Jays – “Love Train” (Philadelphia International)
48. Tito Puente – “Hit De Bongo” (Tico)
49. The Jades – “So Blue” – All Tomorrow’s Dance Parties (Norton)
50. Lonnie V and Viki G – “Oops” (Revue)

51. Times New Viking – “No Room To Live”
52. Patrick Topaloff & Sim – “Ou est ma ch’mise grise” (Trema)
53. The Beach Boys – “Darlin’” (Capitol)

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frow show, FMU-141

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Jewel Ackhah with the E.T. Express – “Oreyi Me Lele, Same Di Soir” – Haleluyah-Amen! (Pan African)
2. Hayvanlar Alemi – “Hayalgücü Spor Kulübü” – Guarana Superpower (Sublime Frequencies)
3. Sonic Youth – “Karen Revisited” – Murray Street (DGC)
4. Bob Weir – “Playing In The Band” – Ace (Warner Brothers)

5. Cleveland Golden Echoes – “Used To Live on Broadway” – Boddie Recording Company: Cleveland, Ohio (Numero Group)
6. Holidays – “All That Is Required Is You” – Doing All Kinds Of Things In The Shadows Of Motown: Mr. Fine Wine’s 2003 Marathon Premium
7. Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs – “The Winds” – House of Broken Hearts, pt. 1 (MRC)
8. El Polen – “Sitting Dreaming” – Cholo (El Virrey)
9. Kris Gruda – “Domingo Dos” – The Cave and Thereabouts (Ilse) [feat. "Play on Animals" 7-inch by Matsuo Ohno (Em)]
10. Harmonizer – “Derdeba” – World Complete (NNA Tapes)
11. Hubble – “Nude Ghost” – Hubble Drums (Northern-Spy)
12. Man Forever – “Learned Helplessness in Rats – Rock Drummer (pt 2)” – Learned Helplessness In Rats (St. Ives) [feat. "The Wealth of Nations" by Adam Smith (via]
13. Anthony Braxton – “Composition No. 219 + 221 + (Lang-Music) Part II” – Composition, Improvisation, Synthesis: Selections from the Tri-Centric Foundation Archives (Tricentric Foundation)
14. Roberta Flack – “Just Like A Woman” – Chapter Two (Atlantic)

15. Brigitte Fontaine, Areski, and Art Ensemble of Chicago – “Le Noir C’est Mieux Choisi” – Comme à la Radio (Sarahvah)
16. Hex Breaker Quintet – “Darkness In The Land While Electrons Silently Collide Creating New Worlds” – Riders (NNA Tapes)
17. Phoenecia – “Hiccup” – Brownout (Schematic)
18. Irene Trudel – “Waves and Bells, Sandy Hook, NJ (summer 1988)” – You’ll See Me In Your Dreams (Irene Trudel, WFMU Marathon Premium 2011)
19. Lucas Santtana – “Ripple of the Water” – Sem Nostalgia (Mais Um Discos)
20. Side B – “Keepsake” – Clearing (No Kings)
21. Cassandra Wilson – “Harvest Moon” – New Moon Daughter (Blue Note)

22. Moy – “Yellow Brick Road” – Safe as Banana Suicide: Scott Williams 2011 Marathon Premium
23. The Men – “Shittin’ With the Shah” – Leave Home (Sacred Bones)
24. Zs – “Sky Burial (part I)” – Sky Burial (Words + Dreams)
25. Torlesse Super Group – “Erewhon Sentinel Number 3″ – Torlesse Super Group (Rebis)
26. Haunted House – “Grip My Hand” – Blue Ghost Blues (Northern-Spy)
27. The Bangles – “Manic Monday” – Different Light (Columbia)

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frow show, FMU-140

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Hampton Grease Band – “Halifax” – Music To Eat (Columbia)
2. Teenage Fanclub – “Ballad of John and Yoko” – Deep Fried Fanclub (Fire)

3. Robert Wyatt – “Sea Song” – Rock Bottom (Thirsty Ear)
4. Shinji Masuko – “Woven Music For Blue Steppe” – Woven Music (Brah)
5. Larsen + Z’ev – “in v.tro 2″ – In V.tro (Important)
6. Newband – “Columbus” – Microtonal Works by Partch, etc. (Mode)
7. Yoshi Wada – “Lament for the Rise and Fall of the Elephantine Crocodile” – Live 1979
8. Koen Holtkamp – “Loosely Based On Bees” – Gravity / Bees (Thrill Jockey)
9. Olivia Tremor Control – “Beaker and Avalanche, parts I & II” – Black Foliage: Animation Music, v. 1 (bonus) (Chunklet)
10. Paul McCartney – “Temporary Secretary” – McCartney II (Mpl)

11. Träd Gräs och Stenar – “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” – Träd Gräs och Stenar (Silence)
12. Marcus Schmickler – “Palace of Marvels” – Palace Of Marvels (Queered Pitch) (Editions Mego)
13. Mickey Hart – “The Main Ten” – Rolling Thunder (Warner Brothers)
14. Chris Watson – “River mara At Midnight; Masai, Kenya; Sept. 1994″ – Stepping Into Dark (Touch) [feat. John Ashbery, "These Lacustrine Cities," read 3 September 1965 Living Theatre]
15. Yamantaka – “Yamantaka, parts 6 & 7″ – Yamantaka (Celestial Harmonies)
16. Gamelan Gong Kebjar – “Bumblebee” – Golden Rain: Music of Bali (Nonesuch Explorer)
17. Roland P. Young – “Crystal Motions” – Isophonic Boogie Woogie (EM)
18. Augustus Pablo – “Universal Love” – Dubbing In A Africa (Get On Down)
19. Sex Mob – “Ruby Tuesday” – Solid Sender (Knitting Factory Works)

20. Flaming Lips – “See The Leaves” – Embyronic (Warner Brothers)
21. Neil Young with the International Harvesters – “Flying On The Ground Is Wrong” – A Treasure (Reprise)
22. Bad Weather California – “Good Things Will Happen” – Young Punks (States Rights)
23. Sundays & Cybele – “白詰草#1” – Sundays & Cybele (Gyuune Cassette)
24. Lee Hazlewood – “Come On Home To Me” – Movin’ On (Ace)

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frow show, FMU-139

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Mountain Goats – “Wait For You” – Babylon Springs EP (4AD)
2. PG Six – “The fallen leaves that jewel the ground” – Parlor Tricks and Porch Favorites (Amish)
3. J.G. Thirwell – “Ecclesiophobia” – split 7-inch with Teho Teardo (Specula)
4. sounds of leuser – “Sound of the Siamang”
5. – “Silverball Arcade, Asbury Park, 2 October 2011″
6. Augustyn Bloch – “Brain Work” – Unusual Sounds, v. 2 (Sonoton)
7. Okkyung Lee – “Sleepy Morning” – Noisy Love Songs (Tzadik)
8. Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks – “No One Is (As I Are Be)” – Mirror Traffic (Matador)
9. Rolling Stones – “New Faces” – Voodoo Lounge (Virgin)

10. The Beach Boys – “Student Demonstration Time” – Surf’s Up (Brother/Reprise)
11. Van Dyke Parks – “Wall Street” (Bananastan)
12. Sig Sakowicz – “Polish Baseball Power” (Mishawaka)
13. Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention – “How Could I Be Such A Fool?” – Freak Out! (MGM/Verve)
14. Caitlin Rose – “For The Rabbits” – Own Side Now (101 Distribution/ATO)
15. Shirley Collins – “The Cherry Tree Carol” – Sweet England (Topic)
16. Sun Ra – “A Teenager’s Space Probe of Promises (Frow Show remix)” – Interplanetary Remixes: WFMU Reinterprets the Music of Sun Ra

17. Mickey Hart – “Pump Song” – Rolling Thunder (Warner Brothers)
18. Oskar Sala – “Five Improvisations on Magnetic Tape” – Electronics (Westminster)
19. Le Révélateur – “Statues” – Motion Flares (Root Strata)
20. Mist – “PM” – House (Spectrum Spools/Editions Mego)
21. Ed Hermann – “Still Life In Concrete” – Still Life in Concrete (Bell Tree Lineage)
22. Megafaun – “These Words” – Megafaun (Crammed Discs)

23. Times New Viking – “Rocks In My Heart” – Stop Digging (Yourself) EP (Witchita)
24. Les Hamsters – “Flower Power” – Groove Club v. 1: La Confiserie Magique (Lion Productions)
25. Bunny Girls – “Why That Person?” – Beautiful Rivers And Mountains: The Psychedelic Rock Sound Of South 26. Korea’s Shin Joong Hyun 1958-1974 (Light In The Attic)
27. Lulu – “I’ll Come Running” – Music Is Freedom: Michael Shelley’s 2011 Marathon Premium
28. Brian Eno and the Winkies – “I’ll Come Running (Totalled)” – Peel Sessions
29. Neil Diamond – “I’ll Come Running” – The Bang Years 1966-1968 (Columbia/Legacy)

30. George-Edwards Group – “You’re Gone” – Archives (Galactic Zoo/Drag City)
31. Rene Hell – “L. Minx” – Porcelain Opera (Type)
32. Zoltan Jeney – “impho 102/6″ – Zoltán Jeney
33. Organisation – “Noitasinagro” – Tone Float (RCA Victor)
34. Shayna Dulberger – “Crows & Tigers”
35. Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate – “Fantasy” – Ali & Toumani (Nonesuch)

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frow show, FMU-138

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Harpoon Forever – “Cruel Story of Youth” – Life-Size Cut-Out
2. The Groupies – “I’m A Hog For You Baby” – Ear-Piercing Punk
3. Black Lips – “Mad Dog” – Arabia Mountain (Vice)
4. D. Watusi – “Slave Walls” – Slave Walls 7-inch (Cass)
5. RANA – “Buy Sell or Break” – What It Is? (Bone Saw)
6. Woods – “Find Them Empty” – Find Them Empty 7-inch (Sacred Bones)
7. Jonathan Halper – “Leaving My Old Life Behind” – Leaving My Old Life Behind 7-inch
8. R.E.M. – “The Lifting” – Reveal (Warner Brothers)

9. Jane Cramer – “You Will Feel Relief”
10. Balam Acab – “Fragile Hope” – Wander / Wonder (Tri Angle)
11. Edgar Froese – “Aqua” – Aqua (Virgin)
12. Chris Dadge – “Side B” – A Bird Is A Light Thing cassette (House of Alchemy) [feat. (backwards) excerpts from "Forbidden Planet" OST by Louis & Bebe Barron]
13. Flaming Lips – “I Found A Star On The Ground (excerpt)” – Strobo Trip (Lovely Sorts of Death)
14. Ben Vida – “Patchwork Composite” – split LP with Andy Ortmann (Nihilist)
15. William Parker – “Crumbling In The Shadows of Fraulein Miller’s Stale Cake” – Solo Bass (Centering)
16. Brian Eno – “Cloud 4″ – Drums Between The Bells (Warp)

17. Staff Benda Bilili – “Sala Keba” – Tres Tres Fort (Crammed Disc)
18. Lucas Santtana – “Hold Me In” – Oi! A Nova Música Brasileira! Um disco [Disc 1] (Mais Um Discos)
19. Mark McGuire – “When You’re Somewhere” – Get Lost (Editions Mego)
20. Dominic Frasca – “Two Pages” – Deviations (Cantaloupe)
21. Telecult Powers – “Space Through Thoughts” – Zion Traveler (Baked Tapes)
22. Grasshopper – “Soleas” – Goodnight Sweet Prince
23. Bee Mask – “Stop The Night” – Elegy for Beach Friday (Spectrum Spools)
24. Matt Valentine – “Ease My Eyes” – What I Became (Woodsist)
25. Arlo Guthrie – “If Ever I Should See the Mountain” – Tales of ’69 (Rising Son)
26. Michael Hurley – “In Florida” – Hi Fi Snock Uptown (Warner Brothers)

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frow show, FMU-137

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Atlas Sound – “Autumn Intro Cascading Into University Courtyard” – Bedroom Databank, v. 2
2. The Instruments – “For A Silent Movie” – Billions of Phonographs (Orange Twin)
3. Tinariwen – “Walla Illa” – Tassili + 10:1 (Anti)
4. Arborea – “Plains of Macedonia” – Arborea (Fire Museum)
5. Brad Barr – “Sarah Through The Wall” – The Fall Apartment (Tompkins Square)
6. So-So Glos – “New Stance” – Low Back Chain Shift (Green Owl)
7. Grateful Dead – “Weather Report Suite prelude > Weather Report Suite (part 1)” – Wake of the Flood (Warner Bros. )

8. Ween – “Someday” – Caesar (Quebec demos)
9. Noveller – “Tuesday Before Poland” – Glacial Glow (Weird Forest)
10. John Kiran Fernandes – “Skittering” – John Kiran Fernandes (Cloud Recordings)
11. Oomkah Dee – “Collage” – Collage
12. Corky Carroll and Friends – “Lahaina Girl” – Laid Back (Rural/EM)

13. Bob Dylan – “Dear Landlord” – John Wesley Harding (Columbia)
14. Savaging Spires – “Bending The Rules Of TIme” – The Wire Tapper 26 (The Wire)
15. Ancient Future – “Valley of the Moon” – Natural Rhythms (Philo)
16. MVB – “Greek field recordings” – walking, bells, soccer hooligans chanting
17. Wolfgang Voigt – “Kafkatrax 1.1″ – Kafkatrax (Profan)
18. To Live and Shave in LA – “Actaea Pachypoda (Doll’s-Eyes) (exc)” – Les Poisons Délectables (Version) (Karl Schmidt Verlag) [feat. "Process One of Fantastic Glissando" by Tony Conrad, from "Fantastic Glissando" (Table of the Elements)]
19. Angel – “In” – 26000 (Mego)
20. Gyurme Tantric College Monks – “Choegyal (In praise of the Lord of Death)” – Tibet-Sacred Voice (Tibet Foundation)
21. Cornelius – “Multi-ebbing View Points (Fashion Flesh re-product)” – PM: Point Mixes

22. Farmers By Nature – “Out of This World’s Distortions Grow Aspens and Other Beautiful Things” – Out Of This World’s Distortions (AUM Fidelity)
23. Akira Sakata & Chikamorachi – “Miwataseba” – Live at Hungry Brain (Family Vineyard)
24. Eliane Radigue – “Transamorem – Transmortem” – Transamorem – Transmortem (Important)
25. Oneida – “Absolute II” – Absolute II (Brah)
26. Ommacobba – “Apple Suckling Tree” – Ommacobba (Sweet Rot)
27. Hedy Sontag – “He Never Came Back” – All The Lady Singles: Gaylord Fields 2011 Premium
28, Jimmy Hayes – “As A City Sleeps” – Rare & Collectible: Mr. Finewine 2011 Premium
29. The Fugs – “Morning, Morning” – Second Album (Fantasy)
30. Robert Scott – “Some Other Time” – Ends Run Together (Flying Nun)

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frow show, FMU-136

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Johnny Cash – “Remember the Alamo” – America: A 200-Year Salute In Story And Song (Columbia)
2. Victor Jara and Los Blops – “El Derecho De Vivir En Paz” – Manifesto: Chile September 1973 (XTRA)
3. Richard & Mimi Farina – “Reflections In A Crystal Wind” – Reflections In A Crystal Wind (Vanguard)
4. Wilco – “Black Moon” – The Whole Love (dBpm)
5. Matthews Southern Comfort – “Woodstock” – Joe Puleo’s 2010 Hanukkah Mix (no label)
6. Graham Nash & David Crosby – “The Wall Song” – Graham Nash / David Crosby (Atlantic)
7. Tinariwen – “Tiliaden Osamnat” – Tassili + 10:1 (Anti)
8. The Raincoats – “Baby Song” – Odyshape (Rough Trade)
9. Olivia Tremor Control – “The Game You Play Is In Your Head, parts 1, 2, & 3″ (no label)

10. The Liminanas – “(I’ve Got) Trouble In Mind” – (I’ve Got) Trouble In Mind 7-inch (Tim)
11. Wild Flag – “Endless Talk” – Wild Flag (Merge)
12. Joe South – “Hush” – Best of Joe South (Koch)
13. The Fall – “I’m Going To Spain” – The Infotainment Scan (Matador)
14. The Everpresent Fullness – “Darlin’ You Can Count On Me” – Where the Action Is!: Los Angeles Nuggets, 1965-1968 (Rhino)
15. King Khan & His Shrines – “le Fils de Jacques Dutronc” – What Is? (Hazelwood)
16. Blasted Canyons – “I Know A Dude” – #1 (Castle Face)

17. Bjork – “Gotham Lullaby” – 11 September 2001 Stuttgart, DE (no label)
18. Paavoharju – “Ikuisuuden” – Yhä Hämärää (Fonal)
19. Tirath Singh Nirmala – “Screened By The Sky” – Slimp Tench Depth CD-R (no label)
20. High Wolf – “Swallow Pills With Ganges River Water” – A Guide To Healing (Bathetic)
21. Jukeboxer – “Parenthetical items in a series indicating separation between units of coordination” – Parenthetical EP (Absolutely Kosher)
22. David Newlyn – “Hospitals In Winter” – Too Late In The Wrong Rain (Mini50) [feat. "The MMs Bar Recordings" by Sandra Cross (Trunk)]
23. Bruce Miller – “various tracks” – Field Recordings From India (no label)
24. Soft Encounters – “track 1″ – One-Sider 10-inch (Monofonus Press)
25. Ben Vida – “AggregatePulseRipper (Damaged IIII)” – split 12-inch with Keith Fullerton Whitman (Amish)
26. Zoviet France – “Marrch Dynamic” – Shouting At the Ground (Charrm)
27. Prince Rama – “Portaling” – Trust Now (Paw Tracks)

28. – “Elimination of buzzes and rattles” – Seven Steps to Better Listening (CBS Laboratories)
29. Ice Bound Majesty – “Untiethebestknot” – A Tomb To Erect (Freuqency 13)
30. Bob Blaize / Jeph Jerman – “Enter Risk” – Rythumation (Ilse) [feat. "Metamorphosis (Double Mbiras)" by 31. Billy Martin, from "Black Elk Speaks" (Amulet)]
32. Paul Dutton – “Hiding” – Mouth Pieces: Solo Soundsinging (OHM Editions)
33. Barn Owl – “Pale Star” – Lost In The Glare (Thrill Jockey)
34. King Tubby – “Each One” – King Tubby’s Meets Rockers Uptown (Get On Down)
35. Mike Doughty – “The Only Answer” – Skittish

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frow show, FMU-135

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Jon – “Jon counts to 100,000 (excerpt)” (no label) [feat. "Taxman" loop (by the Beatles, from "Revolver," Capitol/EMI)]
2. Abraham Lass – “Side A (excerpts)” – American Pronunciation: The Correct Pronunciation of Hundreds of Frequently Mispronounced Words (Folkways) [feat. "Hallway '3'" (excerpt) by Dust from "Ballet" cassette (Phaserdrone)]
3. – “Falling bells” – Music for Brains and Ears – Woody’s 2007 Marathon Premium (no label)
4. – “Bohemian Rhapsody (old school computer mix)” (no label)
5. – “Quickening beat” – Music for Brains and Ears – Woody’s 2007 Marathon Premium (no label)
6. William Penn & His Pals (feat. Mickey Hart) – “Blow My Mind” – William Penn & His Pals (Beat)
7. The Monks – “Oh, How To Do Now” – Black Monk Time (Polydor)
8. Toy Love – “Pull Down The Shades” – Cuts (Flying Nun)
9. The Murmaids – “Paper Sun” – Girls Go Zonk!! (RPM)
10. George & Lee – “Nobody But You” – Legendary Labels of Louisiana: The Best of International City (Soul-Tay-Shus)

11. AU – “Two Labors” – Tradi-Mods Vs. Rockers: Alternative Takes On Congotronics (Crammed Discs)
12. Gene Menger – “Welcome Rain in Bannana Grove” – Music Of a Timeless Earth (Folkways)
13. Phill Niblock – “Paiva Water” – Yeti, v. 11 (Yeti Publishing)
14. Damian Valles – “The Waves That Destroy” – The Waves That Destroy (CD-R)
15. Philip Cohran & The Artistic Heritage Ensemble – “On the Beach” – Philip Cohran & the Artistic Heritage Ensemble (Aestruarium)
16. Leo Kottke – “Rings” – live (no label)

17. Gerry and the Holograms – “Gerry and the Holograms” – Obey the New Wave (Douglas Wolk’s 2001 WFMU marathon premium) (no label)
18. Singer – “Building Blocks For the New Golden Age” – Mindreading (Drag City)
19. The Paper Hats – “Crystal Palace, Sea of Glass” – Deseret Canyon (Apparent Extent)
20. Michel Deneuve – “tsaidam” – Nouvelles d’Ailleurs (Sysmo)
21. Aaron Dilloway – “Side A” – Psychic Driving Tapes (Hanson)
22. Rozalie Hirs – “Pulsars (excerpt)” – Anthology of Dutch Electronic Music 1999-2010 (Basta) [feat. "Jon Counts to 100,000" (excerpt), 23. "America in Prophecy" by Dr. Jack Van Impe (Jack Van Impe Ministries) + "Advanced Bridge Bidding Conventions" by Morton Rubinon (Contract Bridge Institute)]
24. Pterodactyl – “School Glue” – Spills Out (Brah)

25. Van Dyke Parks – “Wall Street” – Wall Street 7-inch (Banannastan)
26. 1971 Japanese Cast Of Hair – “Walking In Space” – Hair (RCA/Japan)
27. Ty Segall – “I Am With You” – Goodbye Bread (Drag City)
28. The Flys – “Love And A Molotov Cocktail” – Caligula’s Frat Party! (no label)
29. Nancy – “Silver Flu” – A Boy and His Goddess (Rota)

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frow show, FMU-134

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Shocking Blue – “Long And Lonesome Road” – At Home (Repertoire)
2. Wooden Shjips – “Lazy Bones” – West (Thrill Jockey)
3. Bottle Service – “I Know Who I Am” – Casual Victim PIle II: Austin 2011 (12XU)
4. Fresh & Onlys – “You’re Only Happy When You Know” – Castle Face Group Flex Vol. 1 (Castle Face)
5. Toy Love – “Swimming Pool” – Cuts (Flying Nun)
6. The Myddle Class – “Don’t Let Me Sleep Too Long” – Garden State Of Confusion: A Parkway Full Of Songs About New Jersey
7. Los Saicos – “Lonely Star” – Wild Teen Punk From Peru 1965 (Electro Harmonix)
8. Zodiacs – “Faraway Friend” – Faraway Friend 7-inch (Captured Tracks)
9. Franki Valli & the Four Seasons – “You’re A Song (That I Can’t Sing)” – Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love: Motown’s Mowest Story 1971-1973 (Light In The Attic)
10. The Turtles – “You Showed Me” – The Battle of the Bands (Sundazed)
11. Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks – “No One Is (As I Are Be)” – Mirror Traffic (Matador)

12. Vernon Wray – “Facing All the Same Tomorrows” – Wasted (Sebastian Speaks)
13. Glenn Jones – “On the Massachusetts-Virginia Border” – Even To Win Is To Fail (Thrill Jockey)
14. Tebsakh Dalet (A Green Acacia) – “Bombino” – Agadez (Modibe/Zero Gravity)
15. Cian Nugent – “Odor of Plums” – We Are All One in the Sun: A Tribute to Robbie Basho (Important)
16. Metal Mountains – “Structures in the Sun” – Golden Trees (Amish)
17. Stag Hare – “A Rose For the White Witch” – Spirit Canoes (Hands In The Dark/Inner Islands)
18. Ky International Big Band – “Paratisi”
19. Zs – “&” – 33~ (Northern Spy)
20. Pascal Marzan and John Russell – “Don’t Tease Your Cat” – Translations (Emanem)
21. Jim O’Rourke – “Pedal and Pedal” – Old News, v. 5 (Editions Mego)
22. Weyes Blood and the Dark Juices – “Dream Song” – The Outside Room (Not Not Fun)
23. Arborea – “Black Is The Colour” – Red Planet (Strange Attractors)

24. La Otracina – “Cryptical Envelopment > drums > The Other One” – Left Hand Monkey Wrench (Prophase)
25. Grateful Dead – “jam > The Other One” – 14 August 1971 Berkeley Community Theater
26. Berna-Dean – “I Walk In My Sleep” (Imperial)
27. The Mermaids – “Popsicles and Icicles” – The Best of the Girl Groups, v. 2 (Rhino)
28. Fats Domino – “Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except For Me and My Monkey” – Sweet Patootie: The Complete Reprise Recordings (Reprise)
29. El Capris – “Safari (part II)” (Ring-O)
30. Sheriff and the Revels – “Shombolar” – Lux and Ivy’s Favorites, v. 3
31. Ween – “Don’t Let The Moon Catch You Crying” – Caesar (Quebec demos)

32. Beavis and Butt-Head – “Come To Butt-Head” – The Beavis and Butt-Head Experience (Geffen)
33. R/s – “Chicago I” – Usa (Pan)
34. Ghédalia Tezartès – “Repas Froid” – Repas Froid (Pan) [feat. American Museum of Natural History radio series excerpts (fall 1989, winter 1989)]
35. Anla Courtis and Daniel Menche – “Harmful Rainstorm” – The Torrid (Porter)
36. Tretetam – “Shady Grove Freewheel Baptist” – Color Rabbit / Trettam (Kuisuus)
37. Gelbart – “Chains / Love Me Do” – Please Please Me 2015

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frow show, FMU-133

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. The Outsiders – “It Seems Like Nothing’s Gonna Come My Way Today” – CQ (Pseudonym)
2. Daniel Lanois – “As Tears Roll By” – Shine (Anti)
3. Jim Ford – “To Make My Life Beautiful” – Harlan County (Light In The Attic)
4. Chubby Checker – “Stoned In The Bathroom” – Chubby Checker (Underground Masters)
5. Black Lips – “Don’t Mess Up My Baby” – Arabia Mountain (Vice)
6. Sonny and the Sunsets – “She Plays Yoyo With My Mind” – Hit After Hit (Fat Possum)
7. Los Hippy-Loyas – “Love, Love, Love” – Chicas! Spanish Female Singers 1962-1974 (Vampisoul)
8. Silüetler – “Kaşık Havasi” – Guitar Mood 2

9. Chris Bell – “You and Your Sister” – Oxford Amiercan: Southern Music CD No. 6 (Oxford American)
10. Caitlin Rose – “For The Rabbits” – Own Side Now (101 Distribution)
11. Liam Constable – “I Truly Care For You” – Community – A Compilation Of Hobart Music
12. Matt Baldwin – “She Was A Girl, She Was In Love” – Berkeley Guitar (Tompkins Square)
13. Trouble Books and Mark McGuire – “Floating Through Summer” – Trouble Books and Mark McGuire (Bark and Hiss/Wagon)
14. Isengrind – “The Wild Host” – Modlitewnik (Blackest Rainbow)
15. Yoshi Wada – “Bagpipe” – Lament For The Rise And Fall Of The Elephantine Crocodile (EM Records)
16. Andrew McGraw – “Cara Landa” – Kolaborasi (Porter)
17. Matt Shoemaker – “Tropical Amnesia One” – Tropical Amnesia One (Ferns) [feat. "The Metaphor," Jorge Luis Borges (from "The Craft of Verse")]
18. Alexander Liebermann – “Music For 40 Typewriters” – Kenny G’s 2009 WFMU Marathon Premium

19. Jerry Garcia – “excerpts from a banjo lesson” – 14 April 1964 Dana Morgan’s Music Shop, Palo Alto, CA
20. Futuro Antico – “#3″ – Dai Primitivi All’elettronica (Casal Gajardo Records)
21. Jean-Claude Risset – “falling bells” – Music for Brains and Ears – Woody’s 2007 Marathon Premium
22. Mother Mallard’s Portable Masterpiece Co. – “Cloudscape For Peggy” – 1970-1973 (Cuneiform)
23. Zoviet France – “Marrch Dynamic” – Shouting At the Ground (Charrm)
24. Nik Raicevic – “Cannabis Sativa” – Head (Buddah)
25. Susan Howe and David Grubbs – “Frolic Architecture” – Frolic Architecture (Blue Chopsticks)

26. Salyu – “s(o)un(d)beams” – s(o)un(d)beams (Toys Factory)
27. Vetiver – “I Must Be In A Good Place Now” – Thing of the Past (Gnomonsong)

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frow show, FMU-132

1. stoned dead tapers – “babble” – 31 July 1971 Yale Bowl
2. Mother McCree’s Uptown Jug Champions – “Memphis” – Mother McCree’s Uptown Jug Champions (GDCD)
3. Don Bowman – “San Francisco Scene” – Funny Folk Flops (RCA)
4. Jerry Garcia – “Let’s Spend The Night Together” – Compliments of… (Warner Brothers)
5. Gary Wilson – “Groovy Girls Make Love at the Beach” – You Think You Really Know Me (Motel)
6. Jimmy Toliver – “Come Shine” – Rare & Collectible: Mr. Finewine 2011 Premium
7. The Zombies – “You Make Me Feel Good” – Begin Here & Singles (Big Beat)

8. Marbles – “Blossoms” – Expo (SpinART)
9. People – “The World Was Getting Heavy”
10. PG Six – “Days Hang Heavy” – Starry Mind (Drag City)
11. Samara Lubelski – “Ego Blossoms” – Living Bridge (Rare Book Room)
12. Yellow Fever – “Donovan” – Yellow Fever (Wild World)
13. Elf Power – “Never Talking To You Again” – Nothing’s Going To Happen (Orange Twin)
14. San Francisco Watercooler – “Summer Sun” – Kool Shoes 7″ (Sun Sneeze)
15. The Knickerbockers – “They Ran For Their Lives” – Garden State Of Mind: A Parkway Full Of Songs About New Jersey
16. Janet Greene – “Poor Left Winger” – Nature of Communism Series

17. Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention – “Dog Breath, in the Year of the Plague” – Uncle Meat (Bizarre/Reprise)
18. Edgar Varese – “Intégrales” – The Varese Album (Columbia Masterworks)
19. Man Forever – “untitled” – 14 July 2011 Union Pool [via]
20. Julianna Barwick & Ikue Mori – “Rain and Shine At The Lotus Pond” – Julianna Barwick & Ikue Mori (RVNG Int’l)
21. Annelies Monsere – “Sand (Organ)” – Three:Four Split, v. 3 (Three:Four)
22. Zavijavi Orchestra – “Morning Mists” – Rivers of Light (Futurehealth, Inc)
23. Outer Space – “1990″ (Blast First Petite)
24. Paul McCartney – “Temporary Secretary” – McCartney II (Mpl)
25. T. Rex – “Rock On (demo)” – The Slider (Rhino)

26. Magic Trick – “Daylight Moon” – The Glad Birth of Love (Empty Cellar)
27. Flaming Lips & Lightning Bolt – “Hillary’s Time Machine Machine” – Gummy Song Skull (Warner Brothers)
28. Brion Gysin – “I Am That I Am” – Dial-a-Poem Poets: Biting the Tongue Off a Corpse
29. Women-of-Povungnituk – “B04-B06″ – Inuit-Throat-and-Harp-Songs
30. Yuko Nexus6 – “Mic in Refrigerator” – Phonography, v. 1 (
31. Ignatz – “Evidence of the End” – These Songs Have Not Failde Me: Fabio 2011 Premium [feat. R. Buckminster Fuller, "Session 05 of 12 - Everything I Know" (excerpt)]
32. Ulrich Kreiger – “Fathom” – Fathom (Sub Rosa)
33. Michael Chapman – “Rockport Sunday” – Trainsong: Guitar Compositions 1967-2010 (Tompkins Square)

34. Brian Eno – “Cloud 4″ – Drums Between The Bells (Warp)
35. Yo La Tengo – “I Feel Like Going Home” – I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass (Matador)
36. Bob Dylan – “Can’t Leave Her Behind” – 1966 Hotel Room Tapes
37. stoned dead tapers – “post-encore babble” – 31 July 1971 Yale Bowl

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frow show, FMU-131

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. The Residents – “Summertime” – George and James: American Composer Series Volume 1 (ESD)
2. Sex Mob – “Martin Denny” – Sexotica (Thirsty Ear)
3. Scientist – “Weep and Wail” – Scientist Meets the Roots Radics (Soundsystem)
4. Aboriginal Music – “Rain Dreaming Ceremony” – Babble – Donna’s 2001 WFMU Marathon Premium CD
5. Christina Carter – “Side B” – Alone / Together #1 (Emerald Tycoon)
6. The Cougars – “I Wish It Would Rain” – Jamaica to Toronto: Soul, Funk & Reggae 1967-1974 (Light In The Attic)
7. Sachiko Kanenobu – “I Wish It Would Snow” – Misora (Chapter)

8. Skeletons – “Eleven (It’ll Rain!)” – Money (Tomlab)
9. Caetano Veloso and David Byrne – “Dreamworld / Marco De Canaveses” – Red Hot & Rio 2/ Novo Tropicalia (EOne)
10. R.E.M. – “The Flowers of Guatemala” – Life’s Rich Pageant (I.R.S.)
11. Hamish Kilgour – “Frogs” – Stitched Up: The Songs of Toy Love Revisited (Burning Sky)
12. Pink Floyd – “Paint Box” – Early Singles (Columbia)
13. The Sadies – “The First Inquistion (part IV)” – New Seasons (Yep Roc)
14. John Doe and the Sadies – “Stop the World and Let Me Off” – Country Club (Yep Roc)
15. Lou Reed – “Halloween Parade” – New York (Sire)

16. Haruki – “A Door A Door” – To Humble A Nest (Boris Snauwaert)
17. Yves Rakotomalala – “We Have To Believe” – Ce Matin Encore (Golden Pavilion)
18. Wildflower – “It Was Only Yesterday” – Single-Mindedness:Tony Coulter 2011 Premium
19. Pisces – “In The Summer the Grape Grows” – A Lovely Sight (Numero Group)
20. Greg Davis – “Sleep Architecture” – Imaginational Anthem, v. 3 (Tompkins Square)
21. Tuusanuuskat – “#3″ – Naaksaa Naa Mun Kyyneleet (Fonal)
22. Ethan Rose – “Bottom” – Oaks (Locust)
23. Paul Lansky – “Six Fantasies On A Poem By Thomas Campion: Her Song” – OHM: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music (Ellipsis Arts)
24. Aphex Twin – “White Blur 2″ – Selected Ambient Works, v. 2 (Sire/Warner) [feat. frogs recorded 5 April 1989 Merritt Island National Wildlife Preserve, FL]
25. Mind Over Mirrors – “B1″ – The Voice Rolling (Digitalis)
26. Bolide – “Mouth End of the Animal” – Mouth End of the Animal (Chocolate Monk) [feat. "Solo, disc 2" by Henry Grimes (Ilk) + "Summertime" by Preservation Hall Jazz Band]
27. Tom Smith and Kevin Drumm – “Reconquer Sleep or Disappear” – Reconquer Sleep or Disappear (Karl Schmidt Verlag)
28. Paul Simon – “Outrageous” – Surprise (Warner Bros.)
29. Neil Diamond – “Red Rubber Ball” – The Bang Years 1966-1968 (Columbia/Legacy)

30. Elvis Presley – “Without Love (Take 4)” – Finding The Way Home
31. Lee Hazlewood – “No Train To Stockholm” – Betsy’s Big 10-4: Toothpick Rhythm 2011 Marathon Premium
32. Robert Scott – “Some Other Time” – Ends Run Together (Flying Nun)
33. Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band – “Bright Morning Star” – Ragged But Right (Rhino)

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frow show, FMU-130

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Tom Ardolino – “The Great Airplane Strike of 1966″ – Unknown Brain (Mystery Train)
2. Bobb Trimble – “Angel Eyes” – The Crippled Dog Band (Yoga)
3. Fred Frith – “Some Clouds Do” – Cheap at Half the Price (ReR/Fred)
4. James Chance and the Contortions – “(Tropical) Heat Wave” – Off White (Ze)
5. Albert Ayler – “New Grass/Message From Albert” – New Grass (Impulse!)
6. Pulse Emitter – “Ramped” – Ramped: Disc 2 (Pulse Emitter)
7. Tonstartssbandht – “Holiness Aside” – Now I Am Become (Arbutus)
8. Los Cuatro Cuartos – “Los Boteros de Iquique” – 7-inch (RCA Victor)
9. Bob Dylan – “Not Dark Yet” – Time Out Of Mind (Columbia)
10. Oakley Hall – “Living In Sin In the USA” – Gypsum Strings (Jagjaguwar)

11. Moby Grape – “Naked If I Want To” – Moby Grape (Columbia)
12. Steve Gunn – “Variation II” – Boerum Palace (Three-Lobed)
13. Eleven Twenty-Nine – “Wake Up Crazy” – Eleven Twenty-Nine (Northern Spy)
14. Collection of Colonies of Bees – “Six Guitars (excerpt)” – Six Guitars (Table of the Elements)
15. Singer – “Bitter’d Moon” – Mindreading (Drag City)
16. Megafaun – “These Words” – Megafaun (Home Tapes)
17. Jolie Holland – “Love Henry” – The Living and the Dead (Anti) [feat. "Call of the Mountain of the Golden Bowls" by Frank Perry (from "Infinite Peace")]

18. Mississippi Sheiks – “Sittin’ On Top of the World” – Stop and Listen (Yazoo)
19. Cast King – “Faded Rose” – Saw Mill Man (Locust)
20. Grudge – “I’m Gonna Smash Your Face In” – 7-inch (Black Label)
21. Dominic Frasca – “Two Pages” – Deviations (Cantaloupe)
22. Outer Space – “Body of Light (part II)” – Raglani/Outer Space (Nihilist)
23. Dougas Quin – “Track 2″ – Fathom (Taiga)
24. Hertta Lussu Ässä – “Electric Spaniels-Wild Nights” – Hertta Lussu Ässä (Destijl)
25. Kurt Cobain – “Montage of Heck (edit)” – Outcesticide, v. 7
26. Werner Kaegi – “Von Sinuston zur elektronische Musik – seite II”
27. Pierre Henry – “Mouvement-Rythme-Etude – Danse” – Mouvement-Rythme-Etude
28. Kelly Howell with Ron Sunsinger – “Ambience & Theta Frequencies” – Deep Learning (Brain Sync)
29. Dan Warren & Barack Obama – “The Fall & The Turtle” – Son of Strelka, Son of God
30. Medeski, Martin, and Wood – “Illinization” – The Dropper (Blue Note)
31. Gamelan Son of Lion – “Gamelan NEA” – Metal Notes (Locust)

32. Carl Simmons – “99 Ganonized Eyes” – Honeysuckle Tendrils (Sacred Bones)
33. Mofungo – “Forty Cent Meat” – Bugged (SST)
34. Gillian Welch – “Dark Turn of Mind” – The Harrow & the Harvest (Acony)
35. Swamp Dogg – “Synthetic World” – Total Destruction To Your Mind (Canyon)

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frow show, FMU-129

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Deep Wound – “In My Room” – Deep Wound EP (Radiobeat)
2. Reatards – “I Lie To” – Teenage Hate (Goner)
3. RANA – “Buy Sell or Break” – What It Is (Bonesaw)
4. The Night Beats – “Puppet on a String” – The Night Beats (Trouble In Mind)
5. The 3Ds – “Sing Song” – We Bury the Living (Flyning Nun)
6. Brian Wilson Shock Treatment – “King of Atlantis” – King of Atlantis
7. The Glands – “Livin’ Was Easy” – The Glands (Bar/None)
8. Fungi Girls – “Owsley Knows” – Owsley Knows 7-inch (Group Tightener)
9. Duane and Gregg Allman – “Morning Dew” – Delta Swamp Rock – Sounds from the South: At the Crossroads of Rock, Country, and Soul (Soul Jazz)

10. Brian Eno feat. Rick Holland – “Cloud 4″ – Drums Between The Bells (Warp)
11. Frank Pahl – “The Ice House” – Music For Architecture (Transmogrification)
12. Biosphere – “Monju-2″ – N-Plants (Touch)
13. Dave Van Ronk – “Fair and Tender Ladies” – Inside Dave Van Ronk (Prestige/Folklore)
14. Neil Young – “Misfits” – Old Ways (Geffen)
15. Sibylle Baier – “I Lost Something In The Hills” – Colour Green (Orange Twin)
16. Carol Kleyn – “Baby Come Close” – Love Has Made Me Stronger (Drag City)
17. Jill, Becky, and Katie – “All Out Of Love” – Jill, Becky, and Katie

18. BBC Radio’s Third Programme – “The Memorandum by Vaclav Havel”
19. Douglas Leedy – “The Electric Zodiac part 1″ – The Electric Zodiac (Capitol)
20. Phurpa – “Conferring Excitement and Self-Transformation part 1″ – Trowo Phurnag Ceremony (Editions Mego)
21. jim ferraro – “Life on Record” – On AIr (Underwater Peoples)
22. Juan Blanco – “Circus-Tocata” – Música Electroacústica
23. Laurie Spiegel – “Patchwork” – The Expanding Universe (Philo) [feat. Bifs' 50th anniversary, 1977]
24. Food Pyramid – “Alpine Valley/Shelter Point” – New Omni-Directional Healing Techniques (Debacle)
25. The Music Tapes – “Nantasket” – Purim’s Shadows (The Dark Tours the World) (Merge)

26. 101 Strings – “Instant Nirvana” – Love to Love You Baby: Joe McGasko’s 2011 Premium
27. Harvey Matusow’s Jews Harp Band – “Poo Children On The Mountain” – The War Between Fats and Thins
28. Paul Bley – “Improvisie” – Improvisie (America)
29. Keith Fullerton Whitman – “Disingenuity” – Disingenuity (Pan)
30. We – “We Want To Hold Your Hand” – We (Kollektiv)
31. Johnny Fortune – “Moonglow and Theme From Picnic” – Rare Surf, v. 3 (AVI)
32. Little Richard – “Directly From My Heart” – Essential Little Richard (Speciality )
33. Danielle Denin – “Quand tu M’embarrases” – Ultra Chicks, v. 4 (Ultra Chicks)
34. Apples In Stereo – “Go!” – Discovery of a World Inside the Moone (spinART)

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frow show, FMU-128

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Karma Moffett – “Ocean Bowls” – Ocean Bowls (Padma Tapes)
2. The Counts – “Enchanted Sea” – House of Broken Hearts, pt. 1 (MRC Tapes)
3. Mia Theodoratus – “Miserlou” – Apache 7-inch (Mia Theodoratus)
4. Stephan Mathieu & Ekkehard Ehlers – “New Year’s Eve” – Heroin
5. Caetano Veloso – “Terra (Prefuse 73 remix)” – Red Hot & Rio 2/ Novo Tropicalia (EOne)
6. Les Baxter – “On A Warm Night” – Les Baxter (Madacy)
7. Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons – “You’re A Song (That I Can’t Sing)” – Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love: Motown’s Mowest Story 1971-1973 (Light In The Attic)
8. Neil Diamond – “I’ll Come Running” – The Bang Years (Columbia)
9. Bill Baird – “We’ll Meet Again Someday, Or We Won’t” – Goodbye Vibrations
10. John Buck Wilkin – “Screaming Metaphysical Blues” – American Dreamer OST
11. Bob Weir – “Jack Straw” – Ace demos, 1971

12. The Mattoid – “America” – Does The Classics (Thee Swan Recording Company)
13. The Beach Boys – “Honkin’ Down The Highway” – Love You (Brother/Reprise)
14. Boyce and Hart – “Out and About” – Test Patterns (Colgems)
15. Flamin’ Groovies – “Shake Some Action” – Shake Some Action (Sire)
16. The Feelies – “Time Is Right” – Here Before (Bar/None)
17. Bob Dylan – “Seven Days” – Bootleg Series, v. 3 (Columbia)
18. Enoch Light Orchestra – “Touch Me” – Everybody Back To Bingo’s Bachelor Pad: Spazz 2011 Premium
19. Leno Lovecraft – “Silver Aquariums” – Silver Aquariums EP (Maman)

20. Pat Robertson – “remixed by @stevesilberman”
21. Master Musicians of Bukkake – “Bardo Sidpa” – Totem Three (Important)
22. Twig Harper – “#5″ – Twig Harper (Hanson)
23. – “Drums, Sun, Birds, Bells” – 4 July 2007
24. Noveller – “Waxwing” – Glacial Glow (Weird Forest)
25. Asi Mina – “Kosmetyki” – You Rang? – Maria’s 2010 WFMU Marathon Premium
26. John Kiran Fernandes – “Skittering” – John Kiran Fernandes (Cloud)
27. Holly Golightly & Dan Melchior – “Directly From My Heart To You” – Desperate Little Town (Sympathy for the Record Industry)

28. Pipes You See, Pipes You Don’t – “Wake Myself To Sleep” – Lost In The Pancakes (Cloud)
29. Dave Cloud and the Gospel of Power – “Flowers”
30. Fucked Up – “Ship of Fools” – David Comes To Life (Matador)
31. Ekin Fil – “Unaware This Time” – Language (Root Strata)
32. Christina Kubisch – “Magnetic Flights” – Magnetic Flights (Important) [edited electromagnetic field recordings of airports + airplanes]
33. Allen Karpinski – “Who To Ask Headache” – VDSQ – Solo Acoustic, Volume Six (Vin Du Select Qualitite)
34. Ushioda Yuichi – “From the Corner of the Room” – Between The Strings (Plunk’s Plan)
35. Robert Hunter – “Terrapin Station Suite” – Box of Rain (Relix ) [Happy belated 70th!]
36. Gillian Welch – “The Way It Will Be” – The Harrow & the Harvest (Acony)
37. Bonnie “Prince” Billy & The Phantom Family Halo – “The Mindeater” – The Mindeater 10-inch (Sophomore Lounge)
38. Vacuum – “Shade” – Kicks (Stiltbreeze)
39. Woody Guthrie – “This Land Is Your Land” – The Asch Recordings, vol. 1 – This Land Is Your Land (Smithsonian Folkways)

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frow show, FMU-127

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Ms. Teen South Carolina – “at half-speed” [via YouTube]
2. babies – “at half-speed” [via YouTube]
3. Nasienie – “Snow Capture” – Private Loops
4. Bill Withers – “Hope She’ll Be Happier” – Soul Power
5. Ed Askew – “Art and Life” – Imperfiction (Drag City/Galactic Zoo)
6. Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band – “Sure ‘Nuff ‘n’ Yes I Do” – Safe As Milk (Buddha)
7. The Konks – “Honey” – The Konks (Bomp!)
8. Etta James – “I Got You Babe” – Tell Mama – Complete Muscle Shoals Sessions (Geffen)

9. Thursday’s Children – “Air Conditioned Man” – Never Ever Land: 83 Texan Nuggets from International Artists Records 1965-1970 (Charly)
10. The Ramones – “Rockaway Beach” – Rocket To Russia (Sire)
11. Paul McCartney – “Hot As Sun” – McCartney (Apple) [Happy birthday, Paul.]
12. Julian Lynch – “Clay Horses” – Terra (Underwater Peoples)
13. Harry Nilsson – “Without Her” – Live On The BBC: The Music of Nilsson
14. Chris Weisman – “Sound of the Summer” – Transparency (Autumn)
15. Kurt Wagner – “Playboy, The Shit” – Kurt CD-R
16. Grateful Dead – “Eyes of the World” – One From The Vault (Grateful Dead/Arista)
17. Cut Hands – “Who No Know Go Knows” – Cut Hands (Very Friendly / Susan Lawly)
18. Horaflora – “Glibbertone” – split 7-inch with Bromb Treb (Yeay)
19. Julianna Barwick and Ikue Mori – “Dream Sequence” – julianna barwick and ikue mori (RVNG)
20. Chris Watson and Marcus Davidson – “The Bee Symphony” – Cross Pollination (Touch) [feat. selections from "The Story of the Music Box" LP (Caedmon) + "Loosely Based on Bees" by Koen Holtkamp (Thrill Jockey) + text-to-speech bot "Rockaway Beach"]
21. Flaming Lips and Prefuse-73 – “Guillermo’s Bolero” – Flaming Lips with Prefuse 73 (Warner Bros.)
22. The Scene Is Now – “Voltaire’s Repair to the Organ” – Burn All Your Records (Lost)

23. The Melted Americans – “Things I Said Today” – The Melted Americans (Poe / Mad Hatter)
24. Woods – “Any Other Day” – Sun and Shade (Woodsist)
25. Grace Slick & The Great Society – “Often As I May” – Collector’s Edition (Columbia)
26. Cliff Richard and the Shadows – “Blue Turns To Grey” (Tepper/Bennett)
27. Willie Nelson – “Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)” – The Great Divide (Lost Highway)
28. Salyu – “Sailing Days” – s(o)un(d)beams (z)
29. Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto – “Reverso” – Summvs (Raster Notion)
30. Key of Shame – “Side A” – Key of Shame (Planam) [feat. "Where Are You Now SATB" by Matthew Van Brink]
31. Sex Mob – “Ripple” – Solid Sender (Knitting Factory Works)
32. Shop Assistants – “It’s Up To You” – Shopping Parade EP (Rough Trade)
33. Francesco De Gregori – “Non Dirle Che Non E’ Cosi’ (If You See Her, Say Hello)” – Masked and Anonymous OST (Columbia)
34. Gillian Welch – “Everything Is Free” – Time (The Revelator) (Acony)
35. Brian Eno – “Some Faraway Beach” – Here Come The Warm Jets

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frow show, FMU-126

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Tuli Kupferberg – “Summer Is Comin’ In” (via YouTube)
2. Modern Lovers – “Road Runner #2″ – Original Modern Lovers (Bomp)
3. Times New Viking – “It’s A Culture” – Dancer Equired (Merge)
4. Paul Messis – “I Go Walking” – The Problem With Me (13 O’Clock)
5. The Mantles – “Summer Read” – Pink Information (Mexican Summer)
6. High Wolf – “Free Your Energy Field” – A Guide To Healing 7-inch (Bathetic)
7. Jack Nitzsche – “The Lonely Surfer” – Lux and Ivy’s Favorites, v. 3 (CD-R)

8. The Fall – “Choc-Stock” – It’s The New Thing! The Step Forward Years (Sanctuary/Castle)
9. Dara Puspita – “Pantai Pataya” – 1966-1968 (Sublime Frequencies)
10. Peter Stampfel & The Worm All-Stars – “Shombolar” – A Sure Sign Of Something (Acid Soxx)
11. Ralph White – “Corrina” – Trash Fish (Terminus)
12. Thurston Moore – “Malheur 6″ – 12 String Meditations for Jack Rose (Vin Du Select Qualitite)
13. Deep Magic – “Akhu” – Sky Haze (Deep Tapes) [feat. "In C" performed by Invisible Polytechnic (Junior Aspirin) (backwards)]
14. Jean-Claude Eloy – “Banbutsu-No-Ryudo” – Gaku-No-Michi (Hors Territoires)
15. Heinz Schweisz – “Liebe_Gesund” – Hunger and Liebe (Neue Deutsche Welle) [feat. "The Making of Americans, part 1 & 2" by Gertrude Stein (via PennSounds)]
16, Andy Hofle – “Arcade Ambiance 1981″ – Arcade Ambience 1981 (Good Deal Games) [feat. "Ursonate" by Kurt Schwitters performed by Ed Ackerman, Collin Morton (from "Primiti too taa" film)]
17. Greg Davis – “excerpts from 14 Locations Along Hunter Creek” (CD-R)
18. Fleet Foxes – “The Plains/Bitter Dancer” – Helplessness Blues (Sub Pop)
19. Rodd Keith – “How Can A Man Overcome His Heartbroken Pain” – Do You Know The Difference Between Big Wood And Brush (Bar/None)

20. John Cale – “Adelaide” – Vintage Violence (Columbia)
21. Metrophase – “Neobeauty” – Metrophase 7-inch (Fresh)
22. Oneida – “Horizon” – Absolute II (Brah / Jagjaguwar)
23. Akron/Family – “FUJI 2 BMB” – Ak Bombz (CD-R)
24. Seastones – “excerpts” – 28 November 1973 Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA (via
25. Dinosaur Make Out Party!! – “Track 9″ – Dinosaur Make Out Party!! (Dolor Del Estamago)
26. Pau Riba – “Canco 7a. En Colors” – Dioptria (Pdi)

27. Roky Erickson and Clementine Hall – “Right Track Now” – Never Ever Land: 83 Texan Nuggets from International Artists Records 1965-1970 (Charly)
28. The JuJus – “Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying” – You Treated Me Bad (Feathered Apple)
29. Tall Dwarfs – “Think Small” – Fork Songs (Cloud)

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frow show, FMU-125

(Detailed playlist with listening links.)

1. Salyu – “???” – s(o)un(d)beams (z) [prod. by Cornelius]
2. Ky International Big Band – “Paratiisi” [organized by KEMIALLISET YSTÄVÄT]
3. Nymph – “Bird Song” – Nymph (Social Registry)
4. Kelley Deal and Buffalo Killers – “Scalding Creek” – Sing for Your Meat – A Tribute to Guided By Voices (No More Fake Labels)
5. The Shaggs – “My Cutie” – The Shaggs (Rev-Ola)
6. Drunk Elk – “I Want To Be Your Pet” – Seneca’s Last Breath 7-inch (Quemada)
7. Ivor Cutler & Linda Herst – “Look at the Moon” – Privilege (Rough Trade)
8. Van Morrison – “Sweet Thing” – Astral Weeks (Warner Brothers)

Set: dylan 70th birthday knockoffs.
9. The Beatles – “Dig It” – Let It Be (Apple)
10. Mike Nesmith – “What Seems To Be The Problem, Officer?”
11. Velvet Underground – “Prominent Men” – Peel Slowly & See (Polydor)
12. The Sandals – “Tell Us, Dylan” (World Pacific)
13. Syd Barrett – “Bob Dylan Blues” – Wouldn’t You Miss Me: The Best of Syd Barrett (Capitol)
14. The Warlocks – “Can’t Come Down” – So Many Roads (Arista)
15. Mothers of Invention – “Trouble Every Day” – Freak Out! (Verve)

16. Lenny Breau – “The Claw” – The Velvet Touch of Lenny Breau – Live! (RCA)
17. Last Roundup – “Don’t Wake Me Up” – Twister (Rounder)
18. Eleven Twenty-Nine – “White Horse Blues” – Eleven Twenty-Nine (Northern Spy) [Tom Carter/Marc Orleans]
19. tUnE-yArDs – “Wooly Wolly Gong” – w h o k i l l (4AD)
20. Daniel Menche – “Feral three” – Feral (Sub Rosa)
21. Komitas Vartabed – “Six Dances For Piano” – Hovhaness & Vartabed piano music
22. Anne-James Chaton & Andy Moor – “Derniere Minute” – Transfer/1: Departures (Unsounds)
23. Sun Ra – “Space Probe” – Space Probe (Art Yard)
24. E.T. Mensah And His Tempos Band – “All For You”

25. Aias – “Moto” – A La Piscina
26. Eagle Chalice – “Glue Pizza” – Hot Glue (Hidden Fortress)
27. Quichenight – “I’m So Glad” – I (Lamb Speed)
28. Sonny & The Sunsets – “Heart of Sadness” – Hit After Hit (Fat Possum)
29. MX-80 – “Crushed Ice”
30. Jackie O Motherfucker – “Where We Go” – Earth System (Fire)
31. Acid Seven – Black to Communist 1 [Japan's Owsley:]
32. Trevor Wishart – “Imago” – Fanfare and Contrapunctus/Imago (Pan-Act)
33. Future Museums – “Famous People In Space” – A SOLAR GOLD
34. Iasos – “Javanese Dream Bells” – Javanese Dream Bells
35. Jackson Browne – “The Fairest of the Seasons” – The Nina Demos

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frow show, FMU-124

(Detailed playlist, with listening links)

1. Elf Power – “Owl Cut (White Flowers in the Sky)” – In A Cave (Ryko)
2. Deerhunter – “Strange Lights” – Cryptograms (Kranky)
3. Jackie O Motherfucker – “Lost Stone” – Wow / The Magick Fire Music (All Tomorrow’s Parties)
4. Psychedelic Horseshit – “Puff / Time of Day” – Laced (FatCat)
5. Brigitte Fontaine and Areski – “Les Murailles” – l’incendie
6. Evan Caminiti – “For Now The Streets Are Nearly Silent” – when california falls into the sea (Handmade Birds)
7. Marc Ribot – “Empty” – Silent Movies (Pi)
8. Mia Theodoratus – “Apache” – Apache 7-inch
9. Mountain Goats – “Tallahassee” – Tallahassee (4AD)
10. Bob Dylan – “High Water (For Charley Patton)” – “Love and Theft” (Columbia)

11. – “How To Put A New Ribbon Into A Typewriter”
12. Alexander Liebermann – “Music for 40 Typewriters” – Kenny G’s 2009 WFMU Marathon Premium
13. John Cage – “Imaginary Landscape No. 2 & 3″ – The Works for Percussion I (Mode) [feat. "Trip 2012" by 14. Master Suspiria Vision form "Crack Witch" (Living Tapes)]
15. Harry Smith – “Water From Roof 10:55am 12-18-88 South End Performing Arts Center, Naropa Institute (Edit)” – Yeti, v. 1 (Yeti Publishing)
16. – “A Day at the Races, Belmont, 14 May 2011″
17. Nerfblau – “Who Are You Looking For…” – Error Swarms (Resipiscent) [feat. "Triadic Memories" by Morton Feldman (Sub Rosa)]
18. The Beatles – “Carnival of Light”
19. Lindsay Buckingham – “Holiday Road (Mike Lupica Codeine remix)”

20. David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights – “Way Down Here” – Left By Soft (Merge)
21. Black Hollies – “Benevolent Beacon” – Benevolent Beacon 7-inch (Claw & Globe)
22. Antietam – “Basra Bound” – Tenth Life (Carrot Top)
23. The London Dirthole Company and Absent Friends – “Everything Snows On Me” – Special Offer £14.99
24. Shannon and the Clams – “You Will Always Bring Me Flowers” – Sleep Talk (1-2-3-4 Go!)
25. Jowe Head – “Cake Shop Girl” – Pincer Movement (Poppydisc)
26. Faust – “It’s a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl” – So Far (Polydor)
27, Jerry Garcia – “Run For The Roses” – Run For The Roses (Arista)

28. – “Puri Bagus (Bronze Duo)” – Music From Bali (Amulet)
29. Marcus Schmickler – “Mass Ornament” – Palace of Marvels (Queered Pitch) (Editions Mego)
30. Mountains – “Live at the Triple Door” – Air Museum (Thrill Jockey)
31. Æthenor – “Something To Sleep Is Still” – En Form For Blå (VHF)
32. Canadian Electronic Ensemble – “Chaconne à son goût” – Canadian Electronic Ensemble (Centrediscs)
33. Kid Baltan & Tom Dissewel – “Sonik re-entry” – Electronic Toys, v. 2 (Qdk)
34. Thurston Moore – “Blood Never Lies” – Demolished Thoughts (Matador)
35. Paul Simon – “Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall” – The Paul Simon Songbook (Columbia/Legacy)

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frow show, FMU-123

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. – “2 May 2011, WTC sunrise soundwalk”
2. unknown – “[Horn or trumpet] solo followed by cheering and singing]” – Brown wax home recording (Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project (via Free Music Archive))
3. Alexey Tegin – “Dud Isan (Part 2)” – Sacred Tibetan Music Of Bon Tradition (Monotone)
4. Invisible River – “Skulls to the Living” – Skulls to the Living EP (Anonymous Monk)
5. Annette Poindexter & Pieces Of Peace – “Wayward Dream” – Eccentric Soul: Twinight’s Lunar Rotation (Numero Group)
6. Lowell Fulson – “Mellow Together” – Shattered Dreams: Funky Blues 1967-1978 (Ace)
7. Phil Cook and His Feat – “Juniper” – Hungry Mother Blues (Trekky)
8. Bombino – “Tebsakh Dalet (A Green Acacia)” – Agadez (Modibe/Zero Gravity)

9. Sheriff and the Revels – “Shombolar” (VeeJay) []
10. Pep Lester & his Pals – “We Are They That Ache With Amorous Love” – The Mathematical Genius of Pep Lester (Forced Exposure)
11. Boyce & Hart – “Sometimes She’s A Little Girl” – Test Patterns (A&M)
12. The Limiñanas – “Betty and Johnny” – Af3458 7″ (Sdz)
13. The Paperhead – “Back To Those Days” – The Paperhead (Trouble In Mind)
14. The Feelies – “When You Know” – Here Before (Bar/None)
15. The Beach Boys – “Good Time” – Love You (Brother/Reprise)
16. unknown Eskimo DJ – “You Are My Sunshine” – She Be She Strike (CBC Strike)
17. George Jones – “The Race Is On” (United Artists)

18. Die Gesunden – “Waiting For My man” – Die Gesunden
19. Doxa Sinsitra – “Epsilon Albion 32′” – Via Del Latte (Enfant Terrible)
20. Pôle – “Haute Pression” – Besombes-Rizet (Tapioca)
21. Henri Roger – “Images…” – Images… (Tapioca) [feat. barcodes of the Grateful Dead: One From the Vault, Two From the Vault (via Barcodas app)]
22. David Prescott – “Probability” – From Chance to Probability (Generation Unlimited) [feat. barcodes of the Grateful Dead: Aoxomoxoa, Terrapin Station (via Barcodas app)]
23. Luis Antero – “Sinfonia Amphibia” – Sinfonia Amphibia (Yansr)
24. Vincent Barras & Jacques Demierre – “gad gad vazo gadati” – Madam Revue Sonore 1 (Edition Heros-Limite)
25. Henry Flynt – “Stereo Piano” – Glissando No. 1 (Recorded)
26. High Llamas – “Take My Hand” – Talahomi Way (Drag City)

27. Master Musicians of Bukkake – “Bardo Sidpa” – Totem Three (Important)
28. Angus Maclise – “Humming In The Night Skull” – Invasion of the Thunderbolt Pagoda (Quakebasket)
29. Ensemble Economique – “Light Reflects As Seagulls Dive” – At The Foot Of Nameless Roads (Digitalis)
30. The Wowz – “Happy Today” – Long Grain Rights (RIYL)

frow show, FMU-121

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Big Blood – “Oh My Child / Creepin’ Crazy TIme” – Dark Country Magic (Donttrusttheruin)
2. Six Organs of Admittance – “S/Word and Leviathan” – Asleep on the Floodplain (Drag City)
3. Robert Hollis & Christopher Swartz – “Relentless” – 11 x 2 (Perimeter)
4. Drahcir Ztiworoh – “Elephant Dance” – Eros In Arabia (Ethnotech)
5. IBM 7094 Computer, ohn L. Kelly, Carol Lochbaum, Max Matthews – “Daisy” [Max Matthews, 1926-2011]

6. Pep Lester + His Pals – “We are they that ache with amorous love” – The Mathematical Genius of Pep Lester (Forced Exposure)
7. Sex Pistols + your DJ – “Anarchy on turntables 1-3″
8. Black Jaspers – “I Hate the Summertime” – Born In 77 7-inch (Slovenly)
9. Happy Flowers – “Not Fade Away” – My Skin Covers My Body (Homestead)
10. Roger Miller – “Feedback Guitars For John Cage” – Angled Scene 7-inch (Fun World)
11. Mystic Chords of Memory – “Like A Lobster” – Mystic Chords Of Memory (Rough Trade)
12. The Beets – “Hens and Roosters” – Stay Home (Captured Tracks)
13. Moonhearts – “Shine” – Moonhearts (Tic Tac Totally)
14. Jerusalem and the Starbaskets – “What Other Flags?” – Dost (De Stijl)
15. Bare Wires – “Ready To Go” – Don’t Ever Change 7-inch (Robot Elephant)
16. Buddy Miller’s The Majestic Silver Strings – “Buddy Miller’s The Majestic Silver Strings” – Meds (New West)

17. Alex Chilton – “Like Someone In Love” – Medium Cool Imagination (Rough Trade/New Routes)
18. Joao Gilberto – “Joao Gilberto” – Avarandado (Verve/Universal Brasil)
19. Barbara & Ernie – “Somebody To Love” – Prelude To… (Fallout)
20. Yair Yona – “Pharaoh 2011″
21. Kraig Grady – “Bima” – 10 (Room40)
22. Magic Lantern – “Underwater Dynasty” – Somba / Underwater Dynasty (Urck)
23. Sitobeta – “Gold Moon and Silver Sun” – Optical Resonance
24. Henning Christiansen, Nam June Paik, Joseph Beuys – “Abschiedssymphonie (part II)” – Abschiedssymphonie (Edition Block)
25. Shingles – “Night Beach” – White Out (905)
26. Robert Wyatt – “Experiences No. 2 (John Cage)” – Voices and Instruments (Obscure)
27. Richard & Mimi Farina – “Reflections In A Crystal Wind” – Reflections In A Crystal Wind (Vanguard)
28. Moffitt/Davies – “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues” – The Rise and Fall of Honesty (Rev-Ola)

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frow show, FMU-120

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Jerry Garcia – “Palm Sunday (demo)” – Cats Under the Stars (Rhino)
2. The Ex – “Keep On Walking” – Catch My Shoe (Carrot Top)
3. Paul Revere & the Raiders – “Too Much Talk” – Something Happening (Sundazed)
4. Cosmonauts – “Electric Chemicals” – Cosmonauts (Permanent)
5. Deerhunter – “Nosebleed” – Memory Boy 7-inch (4AD)
6. Street Chant – “Stoned Again” – Means (Arch Hill)
7. The Sea-Ders – “For Your Information” – Sea-Ders Anthology (Groovie)
8. Andre Williams – “Lookin’ Down At You-Lookin’ Up At Me” – Silky (In the Red)

9. Rufus Harley – “Bagpipe Blues” – Bagpipe Blues (Atlantic)
10. Padang Food Tigers – “Right Up Rooster” – Born Music (Blackest Rainbow)
11. Acid Mothers Temple – “Pink Lady Lemonade – You’re From Outer Space (Part 2)” – Pink Lady Lemonade – You’re From Outer Space (Riot Season)
12. Alberorovesciato – “Swimming Girls on Acid Lakes (Caribbean Carnival)” – Tigers on Acid in the Hell of the Brushwood (Singing Knives) [feat. Colour Buk, "Live in the Well," part 2.]
13. pygmies – “Pygmy Hunting Ritual” – Historische Aufnahmen Vol. 1 (V/A) (Gagarin)
14. Ben Vida – “Quadsweep +2 (snkglazzz iii)” – Benefit For The Recovery of Japan (Antiopic)
15. thetlvmth – “3’32″” – Nastri da Trasmettere (Hobo Cult)
16. Lelo Nazario – “Discurso aos objetos” – Discurso aos objetos (Utopia Studio)
17. – “Counting Song” – Counting Song 78 (Record Guild of America Childrens Picture Records)
18. Ronnie Aldrich – “Close Enounters” – Sick Disco
19. No Kids – “Four Freshman Locked Out as the Sun Goes Down” – Come Into My House (Tomlab)

20. Dylan Shearer – “4 in the Morning House” – In A Cloud: New Sounds From San Francisco (Secret Seven)
21. Gray – “Gray 2″ – Early Works
22. Venetian Snares – “Where You Stopped The Heaviest” – Cubist Reggae (Planet Mu)
23. Lotus Eaters – “Untitled 1″ – Wurmwulv
24. Charles Dodge – “Cascando: A Realization of Samuel Beckett’s Radio Play” – A Retrospective (1977-2009) (New World) [feat. "Le Christ au Mont des Oliviers" by Alain Kremski, from "Musiques rituelles pour cloches et gongs"]
25. Skip Jackson and the Natural Experience – “Microwave Boogie” – Microwave Boogie 12-inch (Catamount)

26. Fred Frith – “Osaka I (July 17 ’81)” – The Guitars on the Table Approach: Live in Japan, vol. 1 (Recommended) [feat. "twin baby boys have a conversation" + "Empire of Light" by Joyride]
27. Cardinal – “Singing To The Sunshine” – Cardinal
28. Karen Dalton – “Are You Leaving For The Country?” – In My Own Time (Light In The Attic)
29. Bob Dylan – “If You See Her, Say Hello” – Blood On The Tracks acetate
30. Stephen Malkmus & Lee Ranaldo – “Can’t Leave Her Behind” – I’m Not There OST (Columbia)

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frow show, FMU-119

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. the laughing baby – “laughing”
2. Basile and Ze Pech’Nouz Groupe – “3. Le Metier Microsillonscopique” – Ma Charette Est Malade, Mon Cheval Est Casse EP
3. Paul Simon – “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard” – Paul Simon (Columbia/Warner)
4. The Sandwitches – “Lightfoot” – Mrs. Jones Cookies (Empty Cellar)
5. Agent Ribbons – “I’m Alright” – Chateau Crone (Antenna Farm)
6. Crystal Stilts – “Half A Moon” – In Love With Oblivion (Slumberland)
7. The Donkeys – “Born With Stripes” – Born With Stripes (Dead Oceans)
8. Lil Daggers – “Wasting” – Lil Daggers (Discosoma)
9. X – “Your Phone’s Off the Hook, But You’re Not” – Los Angeles (Slash)
10. Electric Eels – “Agitated” – The Eyeball of Hell (Scat)
11. Camper Van Beethoven – “Where The Hell Is Bill?” – Telephone Free Landslide Victory (IRS) [Happy birthday, Vape.]

12. Ken Boothe – “You Left the Water Running” – Safe Travel with Phil Pratt & Friends 1966-68: The Rare Side (Pressure Sounds)
13. Bim Sherman Meets Horace Andy & U. Black – “If I Can Make It” – Bim Sherman Meets Horace Andy & U. Black In A Rub-A-Dub Style (Original Music)
14. Beauclark – “Pecking Order” – Beauclark (Panpipe)
15. Pierre Henry – “Elevation/Ascension” – Une Tour de Babel (Universal Phillips)
16. AG Davis / Jamison Williams – “May 6, 1937 (part II) (at 33 1/3)” – May 6, 1937 7-inch (Skrot Up)
17. Smugshots – “Megabats” – Goes To A Lemon (Debacle)
18. Ken Seeno – “Nothing Here” – Invisible Surfer On An Invisible Wave (NNA)
19. Augusto De Campos & Caetano Veloso – “Pulsar > By Caetano Veloso > 1979″ – Lunapark 0,10 (Sub Rosa)
20. N. AE. – “01 Odkrycie Nowej Galaktyki” – Katharsis (Muza)
21. Den Tex Haper – “New Wave Country”
22. Shuki Levy, Haim Saban & Noam Kaniel – “Beverly Hills Teens theme”
23. Jaynetts – “Sally, Go Round The Roses” (J&S)
24. Robyn Hitchcock – “Love” – Black Snake Diamond Role (Armageddon)
25. Pat Conte – “I’ve Been All Around This World” – Folk Music of the United States (Jalopy)

26. Amanda Whitt & Friends – “Me Swinging In Cookieland” – Don’t Mess With The Power Child (Irwin’s 2010 premium)
27. Arklight – “Fire On Sepia Bridges” – Civil Dementia
28. BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa – “Big Shadow Montana (track 2)” – Big Shadow Montana (Helen Scarsdale Agency)
29. Sightings – “To The World” – Future Accidents (Our Mouth)
30. Seeded Plane – “Czar of Thumbs” – Entry Codes (180 CD Creative Sources)
31. Michel Redolfi – “Underwater Concerts Live Recordings” – Sonic Waters (hat ART) [actually (possibly) recorded underwater:]
32. Stephanie Hladowski – “track 1″ – The High High Nest (Singing Knives)
33. Chris Forsyth – “Anniversary Day” – Paranoid Cat (Family Vineyard)
34. Peter Stampfel & Jeffrey Lewis – “Little Sister In The Sky” – Come On Board
35. Julian Lynch – “Droplet On A Hot Stone” – Droplet On A Hot Stone 7-inch (Underwater Peoples)
36. Ike Turner – “You Keep On Worrying Me” – 1958-1959 (Paula)
37. Jimmy Hughes – “Why Not Tonight?” – Why Not Tonight? (ATCO)
38. Joe South – “These Are Not My People” – Retrospect: The Best of Joe South (Koch)
39. Lydia Lunch – “Gloomy Sunday” – Queen of Siam (Ze)
40. Marc Ribot – “I’m Getting Sentimental Over You” – Saints (Atlantic/WEA)
41. Chris Weisman – “Money Madness” – Transparency (Autumn)
42. Neil Diamond – “Monday Monday” – The Bang Years (Columbia/Legacy)

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frow show, FMU-118

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Tiny Tim – “Star Spangled Banner” – I Love Me (Seeland) [Play ball.]
2. Dug Dug’s – “World of Love” – Dug Dug’s (RCA Camden)
3. Rhythm Kings – “The Promise” – Those Shocking Shaking Days: Indonesia Hard, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock and Funk 1970-1978 (Now Again)
4. Panda Bear – “The Preakness” – Keep cassette (Nike)
5. Niphon Petchgooton – “Watching Girls From Damnet” – 7-inch (Gun Brand)
6. The Savages – “Gone To The Moon” – MRC 033: It Happened (Mississippi)
7. Times New Viking – “It’s A Culture” – Dancer Equired (Merge)
8. Moon Duo – “When You Cut” – Mazes (Sacred Bones)
9. Laura Nyro & Labelle – “Nowhere To Run” – Gonna Take A Miracle (Columbia)

10. Iceage – “Hole” – Hole 7-inch (Escho)
11. Chalk Circle – “Subversive Pleasure”
12. Unit 4 – “Hidden Faces” – FM-BX Society Tape Vol. 1 (V/A) (S.S.)
13. Information – “Let’s Compromise” – Tape #1 (Anthology)
14. Black Sabbath – “The Rebel” – The Rebel 7-inch (Zella)
15. Death – “Can You Give Me A Thrill?” – Spiritual-Mental-Physical (Drag City)
16. Mountain Goats – “High Hawk Season” – All Eternals Deck (Merge)

17. Kurt Wagner – “Slipped Dissolved Loosed” – Kurt CD-R
18. The Alps – “For Isabel” – Easy Action (Mexican Summer)
19. Olivia Block – “Heave To (part 1)” – Heave To (Sedimental)
20. This Heat – “Water” – This Heat (These)
21. John Cale – “Stainless Steel Gamelan” – Stainless Steel Gamelan: Inside the Dream Syndicate Vol. 3 (Table of the Elements)
22. Wejdas – “Kosminé Gelmé” – Į tamsą cassette (Dangus)
23. Shinji Masuko – “Woven Music For Blue Steppe” – Woven Music (Brah)
24. Natural Snow Buildings – “The Ice Fortress” – Waves of the Random Sea (Blackest Rainbow)
25. Lucas Santtana – “Hold Me In” – Oi! A Nova Musica Brasilera! (Mais Um Discos)

26. unknown – “Willie Nelson” – mic-in tracks
27. Dominique Walter – “Les Petits Boudins”
28. John Oswald – “Birth” – Plunderphonic
29. Brion Gyson – “3 Permutations” – Revue OU
30. Dickie Landry – “15 Saxophones” – 15 Saxophones (Unseen Worlds)
31. Einstürzende Neubauten – “Morning Dew” – Fünf auf der nach oben offenen Richterscala
32. Catherine Christer Hennix – “The Electric Harpsichord” – The Electric Harpsichord (Die Schachtel)
33. John Sangster – “Return To Earth” – Once Around the Sun OST (Roundtable)
34. Gary Higgins – “Song to Springtime” – A Dream A While Back (Drag City)
35. Brigadune – “Misty Mornin’” – West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Companion (Sunbeam)
36. Tiny Tim – “April Showers” – The Red Bird Story (Charly)

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frow show, FMU-117

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Bobbi Flake – “I Like Yellow Things” – Do You Know the Difference Between Big Wood and Brush (Song-Poem Anthology) (Bar/None)
2. Rodd Keith – “I Dreamed Too Long, Woke Up Too Late” – I Died Today (Tzadik)
3. Pai Joi – “Rung Petchburi” – Thai? Dai! – The Heavier Side of the Luk Thung Underground (Finders Keepers)
4. The Fleshtones feat. Lenny Kaye – “I Can’t Hide” – Brooklyn Sound Solution (Yep Roc)
5. Suicide – “Be Bop Kid” – The Second Album (Mute U.S.)
6. X-Ray Eyeballs – “Crystal” – Crystal 7-inch (HoZac)
7. The Peoples Temple – “Where You Gonna Go?” – Sons of Stone (HoZac)
8. Jackie DeShannon with the Byrds – “Splendor In The Grass” – Come and Get Me (Ace)
9. Herbert Hunter – “Push Away From The Table” – Northern Soul Legend (Superbird)

Set: sxsw sound jrnl
10. Grateful Dead – “Loser” – 24 March 1971 Winterland
11. J. Mascis – “Very Nervous and Love” – Several Shades of Why (Sub Pop)
12. The Bubble Puppy – “A Gathering of Promises” – Hurry Sundown (Fuel 2000)
13. Meat Puppets – “Plateau” – Meat Puppets II (SST)
14. – South By Southwest soundwalks, 16-19 March 2011
15. Silje Nes – “Hello Luminance” – Opticks (Fat Cat)
16. Caitlin Rose – “Sinful Wishing Well” – Own Side Now (101 Distribution)
17. Peter Stampfel and the Ether Frolic Mob – “Back Again” – Peter Stampfel and the Ether Frolic Mob
18. Swamp Dogg – “These Are Not My People” – Total Destruction To Your Mind (S.D.E.G.)

19. Thurston Moore – “Bendiction” – Demolished Thoughts (Matador)
20. The Beach Boys – “Caroline No” – Pet Sounds (Capitol)
21. Lace Bows – “Side B” – morte do artista (Bumtapes)
22. Bee Mask – “Canzoni dal Laboratorio del Silenzio Cosmico I” – Canzoni dal Laboratorio del Silenzio Cosmico (Spectrum Spools) [feat. The Pema Chodron Audio Collection: Pure Meditation]
23. Pulse Emitter – “Tree Lined Asphalt” – Spiritual Vistas (Expansive)
24. peter evans, sam pluta, jim altieri – “The Long Line” – Sum and Difference (Carrier)
25. Anne-James Chaton – “Evenement No 20 Jeudi 22 Janvier 2009″ – Evenements 09 (Raster-Noton)
26. Augusto De Campos & Caetano Veloso – “Pulsar” – Lunapark 0,10 [via UbuWeb]

27. Elephant 6 Orchestra – “Welcome To Our Story” – Holiday Surprise 2011 7-inch (Orange Twin)
28. Henri Gruel & Jean-Jacques Perrey – “Cadmus, le robot de l’espace (side B)” – Cadmus, le robot de l’espace (Philips)
29. Henk Badings – “02 Kain und Abel – Verkürtze Fassung” – Philips’ Technische Rundschau : Elektronische Musik
30. The Nautiloids – “Nautiloid Reef” – Nautiloid Reef 7-inch (Norton)
31. The Matadors – “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue” – Get Down From The Tree! (Munster)

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frow show, FMU-116

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

Set: music for owsley.
1. Grateful Dead – “Alice D. Millionaire” – Grateful Dead (expanded) (Rhino) [Augustus Owsley "Bear" Stanley III, 1935-2011 - a tribute.]
2. Grateful Dead – “Dark Star” – 14 February 1970 Fillmore East [feat. plunderphonic mix of 8/30/69 + 1/3/70]
3. Phil Lesh, Ned Lagin, Jerry Garcia – “Seastones” – 11 September 1974 Alexandra Palace, London, UK [feat. feedback jam, 11 February 1969 Fillmore East (late show) + 14 February 1970 Fillmore East (late show)]
4. Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters – “Acid Tests collage” – The Acid Test LP (Sound City Acid Test, 1/29/66), San Francisco State Acid Test (10/2/66)
5. Grateful Dead – “Mind Left Body Jam” – 17 October 1974 Winterland
6. Grateful Dead – “Black Peter” – Bear’s Choice (Warner Brothers)
7. Old & In The Way – “Wild Horses” – Old & In The Way (Rounder)
8. Bear & co. – “feedback/banter” – 5 June 1970 Fillmore West

9. Peter Stampfel & Jeffrey Lewis – “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” – Come On Board
10. The Mattoid – “Allah America”
11. The Mantles – “Cascades” – Pink Information (Mexican Summer)
12. Love Collector – “First 48″ – Casual Victim Pile: Austin 2009 (Matador)
13. The Move – “Useless Information” – Anthology 1966-1972 (Salvo)
14. The Ex – “Cold Weather Is Back” – Catch My Show (Fishtank/Carrot Top)
15. Shado – “Evil City” – Do What Thou Wilt
16. Talibam! with Sam Kulik – “Atlantis Trailer” – Talibam! Goes To Bed with Sam Kulik and Discovers Atlantis

17. MGMT – “Brian Eno (Cornelius remix)” – Congratulations Remixes –
18. Takako Minekawa – “Phonoballoon Song” – Cloudy Cloud Calculator (Emperor Norton)
19. Kuni Kuwachi & Flower Travelling Band – “Scientific Investigation” – Kuni Kuwachi and Flower Travelling Band
20. Tokyo Kid Brothers – “Peace Da, Da, Da” – Throw Away the Books, Let’s Go Into the Streets (Victor/P-Vine)
21. OOIOO – “UMA” – Taiga (Thrill Jockey)
22. Yamataka Eye – “Konono Wa Wa Wa” – Tradi-Mods Vs. Rockers: Alternative Takes On Congotronics (Crammed Discs)
23. Merzbow – “Merzbient No. 11″ – Merzbient (Soleimoon)
24. Seijiro Murayama – “Auci” – Solos (Zerojardins)
25. Yumiko Tanaka – “Furuike Ya” – Improvised Music From Japan 2004, v. 1 [feat. "宿薬師念仏鐘はり" by Magical Power Mako]
26. Yann Tomita – “Memories of Tape Recorder” – Music For Astro Age (Sony Music Entertainment (Japan))
27. Asa-Chang & Junrei – “Hana”
28. Cornelius – “Brazil” – Point (Matador)
29. Andore Kandore – “Kandore Mandore” – Japanese Folk, Rock, and Enka: 1969
30. The Beach Boys – “That’s Not Me (vocals only)” – Pet Sounds Sessions (Capitol)
31. Sachiko Kanenobu – “Moody Sky” – Misora (Chapter)

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frow show, FMU-115

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. your DJ on MIDI phones – “Money”
2. Flying Lizards – “Money (That’s What I Want)” – The Flying Lizards (Virgin)
3. Rolling Stones – “Did Everybody Pay Their Dues?” – Genuine Black Box, Vol. 2, 1965-69: Jigsaw Puzzle
4. Wreckless Eric – “Take the Cash (K.A.S.H.)” – Greatest Stiffs (Stiff)

5. Van Dyke Parks – “Van Dyke Parks” – Song Cycle (Warner Brothers)
6. Van Dyke Parks – “Come To The Sunshine” – Where the Action Is!: Los Angeles Nuggets, 1965-1968 (Rhino)
7. Dara Pupsita – “Tanak Airku (My Homeland)” – Dara Puspita (Elshinta Recprds)
8. The Feelies – “Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except For Me and My Monkey” – Crazy Rhythms (Bar/None)
9. MX-80 Sound – “Crushed Ice” – Hard Attack (ILPS)
10. Moon – “Never Mind” – Without Earth/The Moon (Rev-Ola/Cherry Red)
11. Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers – “Is Yours, Is Mine” – Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers (Columbia)
12. Velvet Underground – “Stephanie Says” – Peel Slowly & See (MGM/Verve)

13. Los Peyotes – “Let’s Spend the Night Together” – Their Hispanic Majesties Request 7″ (Norton)

14. your DJ & your ringing phones – “I am Sitting In A Room” [feat. ice floes, bells, morton subotnick, more.]
15. Cleaning Women – “The Miner’s Song” – U (Cobra)

16. Bonnie Prince Billy – “Señor (Tales of Yankee Power)” – Lay and Love (Drag City)
17. Ted Lucas – “Now That You Know” – The OM Album (Sebastian Speaks)
18. Ed Askew – “My Love Is A Red, Red Rose” – Little Eyes (De Stijl)
19. William Tyler – “Tears and Saints” – Behold the Spirit (Tompkins SQuare)
20. Ruth Garbus – “Halloween” – Rendezvous With Rama (Autumn)

21. Al Jarnow – “Facial Recognition” – Celestial Navigations (Numero Group)
22. Sightings – “City of Straw” – City of Straw (Brah) [PLEDGE $15 NOW + GET IN THE RUNNING FOR NEW YORK NOISE PACK W SONIC YOUTH + HALLGALLO VINYL !]
23. Sonic Youth – “La Cabane au Zodiac” – SYR 9: Simon Werner a Disparu (SYR)

24. Sun Ra – “Love In Outer Space” – Piano Recital / Teatro Le Fenice (Golden Years of New Jazz)
25. Sir Mack Rice – “Dynomite”
26. The Servicemen – “Are You Angry?” – Meet The Servicemen (Wind Hit)
27. George Harrison – “What Is Life?” – All Things Must Pass (Apple)

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frow show, FMU-114

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Andrew Liles – “Side A” – Monster Munch EP (Tourette)
2. Leticia Servin – “En El Aire” – Embrujo
3. Gene Clark – “1975″ – White Light (UME Imports)
4. The Scene Is Now – “Norway Pine” – Magpie Alarm (Tongue Master)
5. Malachai – “Rainbows” – Return To The Ugly Side (Domino)
6. The Beets – “God” – God 7-inch (Captured Tracks)
7. Goblin Mix – “Traveling Grave” – Outnumbered By Sheep (Flying Nun)
8. David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights – “Diamond Mine” – Left By Soft (Merge)
9. Rick Rizzo and Tara Key – “Hungry” – Double Star (Thrill Jockey)
10. The Baseball Project – “Buckner’s Bolero” – Volume 2: High and Inside (Yep Roc)

11. Outer Spacist – “Frequency of Souls” – Outer Spacist (Dub Ditch Picnic)
12. The Normals – “Almost Ready” – Almost Ready 7-inch (Last Laugh)
13. Dirtbombs – “Nothing To Do” – Play Sparks 7-inch (In the Red)
14. The Babies – “Run Me Over” – The Babies (Woodsist)
15. The Warlocks – “Can’t Come Down” – So Many Roads (Arista)
16. The Hawks feat. Levon Helm – “What A Party” – Crossing the Great Divide, The Genuine Bootleg Series, Take 4, disc 1: What A Party
17. unknown – “Polisaro” – Music From Saharan Cellphones, v. 2 (Mississipi/Sahal)
18. Z-Rock Hawaii – “Chuggin’” – Z-Rock Hawaii (Nipp Guitar)
19. DJ Polymorphic – “Song of Songs, #1″ – Song of Songs (DJ Polymorphic)
20. Billy Boys – “Mystery Train” – Cadillac 7-inch (Joteskii Groteskii / Vauva)
21. Peaking Lights – “Birds of Paradise Dub Version” – 936 (Not Not Fun)
22. Face Worker – “Side B” – Pre-Dawn White Lights cassette (Catholic Tapes)
23. Yannick Dauby – “Noophonie”
24. Deuter – “First Stage” – Osho Nadabrahma Meditation (New Earth)
25. Julianna Barwick – “Cloak” – The Magic Place (Asthmatic Kitty)
26. Linda Cohen – “Monogahela” – Lake of Light (United Artists)
27. S. David Cohen – “Me and Patty On The Moon” – Me (Reprise)

28. Bob Dylan – “Tangled Up In Blue” – Real Live (Columbia)
29. Stonewall Jackson – “Help Stamp Out Loneliness” – The Life of a Poor Boy (Omni Recording Corporation)
30. Carribbean – “Bulbs and Switches” – History’s First Know It All (Tomlab)
31. Cleaners From Venus – “The Winter Palace” – Under Wartime Conditions cassette (Burger) [feat. "Locales For Ecstasy" by Cinnie Cole, LaDonna Smith, Davey Williams, from "Locales For Ecstasy" (Trans Musqek)]
32. The Oh Sees – “The Great Crush” – Grave Blockers EP (Rock Is Hell)
33. Michael Vetter – “part II” – Tambura Meditations (Wergo-Spectrum) [feat. "Long Night" (part I) by Jim O'Rourke from "Long Night" (Streamline)]
34. Bill Cole, Sam Rivers, Warren Smith – “Side A” – First Cycle (Music From Dartmouth)
35. Day Lineal – “Losing 2″ – Losing Your Way To Find Nothing
36. The Ronettes – “Wakling In The Rain” – Wall Of Sound: The Very Best Of Phil Spector 1961-1966 (EMI/Legacy)

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frow show, FMU-113

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Peter Sellers – “A Hard Day’s Night” – 7-inch (EMI)
2. Bill Black Combo – “Turn On Your Lovelight” – Michael Shelley Presents Cut That Out! Vol. 2 (none)
3. Jim Backus & Friend – “Delicious” – 7-inch (Jubilee) [feat. laughter, crowd noise, and "Miss Texas Exposed" by Bart Mix from "Poetry As Healer" cassette (Mending the Troubled Mind)]
4. Grateful Dead – “Blues For Allah” – One From the Vault (GDM)
5. Hypnagogic Sound – “Side A” – Vibration Tape (Valley of the Sun)
6. Gyuto Monks – “Sangwa Düpa” – Tibetan Buddhism – Tantras Of Gyütö: (Nonesuch Explorer Series) [feat. "Feedback Music #2" cassette by David Myers (Generation Unlimited)]
7. Mars – “N.N. End” – 78+ (Atavistic)
8. The Beach Boys – “Smile (part 1)” – Smile (Tim Smolen mix) (none)
9. Sham 69 – “Borstal Breakout” – 7-inch (Polydor)

10. Why? – “These Few Presidents” – Alopecia (Anticon)
11. The Raincoats – “Odyshape” – Odyshape (Rough Trade)
12. New Sound of Numbers – “Luminous” – Liberty Seeds (Cloud)
13. Squid Diddley – “Always There” – Subtle Hints (Sane)
14. The Simonsound – “Tour de Mars” – 7-inch (Project Blue Book)
15. Lover! – “I’m Not A Gnome” – 7-inch (Tic Tac Totally)
16. Moonhearts – “Shine” – Moonhearts (Tic Tac Totally)
17. Alvarius B – “The Dinner Party” – Baroque Primitiva (Abduction)

18. The Groupies – “Primitive” – Pebbles, v. 10 (BFD)
19. Zen – “ariza oyun havasi” – Tanbul (ADA Musik)
20. Natural Snow Buildings – “Ghthonian Odyssey/Hell’s Foundations/A Birthmark Like A Scar” – Shadow Kingdom (Blackest Rainbow)
21. My Cat Is An Alien with Ramona Ponzini and Lee Ranaldo – “Track 1″ – All Is Lost In Translation (Atavistic)
22. Julian Lynch – “Winterer One” – Orange You Glad (Olde English Spelling Bee)
23. Mannequin – “Scattered Thoughts” – 7-inch (Closet)
24. Mary Travers – “Follow Me” – 7-inch (Warner Brothers)
25. Lou Rawls – “You’ve Made Me So Very Happy” – The Edge: David Axelrod at Capitol Records 1966-1970 (EMI)

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frow show, FMU-112

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Allen Ginsberg – “Green Valentine Blues” – Holy Soul, Jelly Roll (Rhino)
2. Sonic Youth – “The Diamond Sea” – Washing Machine (DGC) [feat. alt take via "The Destroyed Room" + "Fifth Bell" by Tom Johnson (from "Nine Bells," India Navigation)]
3. Steven Feld – “Méaudre” – The Time of Bells, v. 1 (Voxlox)
4. Robert Hunter – “Rainwater Sea” – Sentinel (Rykodisc)
5. Bryan Bowers – “Rights of Man” – The View From Home (Flying Fish)
6. The Marvettes – “He’s So Real To Me” – Noah Found Grace: Jamaican Gospel (Social Music Record Club)
7. Prince Buster – “Pharaoh House Crash” – Wreck A Pum Pum (BBLP)
8. The Blenders – “Don’t Fuck Around With Love” – Lux and Ivy’s Favorites, v. 1

9. Blue’s Men – “The Day the World Fried My Brain” – Prohibido Prohibir (Mystic)
10. The Blue Things – “Weep No More My Lady” – The Blue Things Story (Cicadelic)
11. Tim Cohen – “Don’t Give Up” – Magic Trick (Captured Tracks)
12. Icy Demons – “Manny’s” – Fight Back! (Cloud)
13. The Bee Gees – “Kilburn Towers” – I Started A Joke 7-inch (Atco)
14. Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham – “I’m Your Puppet” – Live on Later… With Jools Holland
15. Barbara Manning – “Don’t Rewind” – One Perfect Green Blanket (Heyday)
16. Mark Dagley – “Dance of the Broken Thumb” – Mystery of the Guitar (Abaton Book Co.)
17. Yvonne & Yvette – “He’s Sweet I Know” – The Siamese Twins (Norton)
18. Peter Stampfel & The Worm All-Stars – “One Will Do For Now” – A Sure Sign Of Something (Acidsoxx)

19. The Renegades – “Thirteen Women” – Thirteen Women (Norton)
20. Moon Duo – “Mazes” – Mazes (Sacred Bones)
21. Yellowbirds – “The Honest Ocean” – The Color (Royal Potato Family)
22. Oorutaichi – “Tiger Melt” – cosmic coco, singing for a billion imu’s hearty pi (Out of Africa)
23. Chuck Bettis – “Dietary Choices” – Arcitic Oscillations (Countour)
24. Charanjit – “Gore Gore” – Electronic Music (Apple Recordings)
25. aTelecine – “Somw What Daft” – A Cassette Tape Culture (Pendu Sound)
26. Mohave Triangles – “Mango Haze” – Haze For Daze (Digitalis)
27. Cruise Family – “Side A” – Energy Star (SF Broadcasts) [feat. "The New Jungle" by Robert Hunter from "Sentinel" (Rykodisc)]
28. Samm Bennett – “Snakeskin” – Solo Percussion Music cassette
29. Sophie Agnel – “Capsizing Moments part 1″ – Capsizing Moments (Emanem)
30. Seth Price – “Tale of the Mountains” – Honesty (Audio Visual Arts)
31. Black Zone Myth Chant – “Centre of the Universe” – Straight (Winded Sun)
32. Steven Feld – “seyak, butcherbird” – Rainforest Soundwalks (Earth Ear) [feat. "Opus for Voice, movements 1 & 2" by Jonathan Borofsky & Ed Tomney from "The Radical Songbirds of Islam" cassette (ROIR)]
33. Thai Elephant Orchestra – “Sun Breaks Clouds” – Water Music (Mulatta)
34. The Bobs – “The Deprogrammer” – The Bobs (kaleidoscope)

35. The Seeds – “Nobody Spoil My Fun” – The Seeds (GNP Crescendo Records)
36. Lee Hazlewood – “And I Loved You Then” – 13 (Smells Like)
37. Silver Apples – “I Have Known Love” – Silver Apples (MCA)

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frow show, FMU-111

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Greta Monach – “Zwevingen 79-2″ – Zwevingen (Widemouth)
2. Four Tet – “Clouding” – Everything Ecstatic (Domino)
3. Serge Gainsbourg – “photographes et religieuses” – Les Années Psychédéliques
4. Vivian Girls – “I Heard You Say” – Share the Joy (Polyvinyl)
5. Agent Ribbons – “I’m Alright” – Chateau Crone (Antenna Farm)
6. New Morning – “Love to See You Smile” – PureWhitEvilMoon
7. Prince Nedick – “Back In The Day (I Can’t Stand It)” – Sonny Smith’s 100 Records Volume 2: I Miss The Jams (Turn Up)
8. Cabezas Cortades – “Teenage Thugs” – Sonny Smith’s 100 Records Volume 2: I Miss The Jams (Turn Up)
9. Rolling Stones – “Con Le Mie Lacrime” – Hot Stuff, v. 2
10. Wanda Jackson – “Silver Threads and Golden Needles” – Dim Lights, Thick Smoke, And Hillibilly Music: Country & Western Hit Parade (Bear Family)
11. Buffy Sainte-Marie – “With You, Honey” – Illuminations (Vanguard)
12. Dredd Foole and the Din – “So Tough” – Songs In Heat 7-inch (Religious Records)

13. Solid Space – “Please Don’t Fade Away” – Space Museum (In Phaze)
14. Roy Orbison – “Blue Bayou”
15. Ducktails – “Don’t Make Plans” – III: Arcade Dynamics (Woodsist)
16. The Sandwitches – “Song of Songs” – Duck Duck Goose! (Empty Cellar)
17. Ludovico Einaudi & Ballake Sissoko – “Entre Nous” – Diario Mali (Sony Classical)
18. Thollem McDonas – “For All Those Who Have Gone Before” – Gone Beyond Reason to Find One (Edgetone)
19. Sun Ra – “Space Probe” – Space Probe (Saturn) [feat. Ronald Reagan]
20. Deathly Fighter – “Contacters” – 14 Year Old Void 7-inch (Columbus Discount)
21. Yamataka Eye – “Konono Wa Wa Wa” – Tradi Mods vs Rockers (Crammed Discs)
22. Deerhoof – “Hey I Can” – Deerhoof vs. Evil (Polyvinyl)
23. The Beach Boys – “Vegetables” – Smile!

24. The Modern Lovers – “Don’t Let Our Youth Go To Waste” – Original Modern Lovers (Bomp)
25. Witchbeam + LOA – “Mondo-Neptune”
26. Dolphins Into the Future – “Lone Voyager” – …On Sea-Faring Isloation (Not Not Fun)
27. Edgar Froese – “Aqua” – Aqua (Blue Note Caroline)
28. Sohrab – “Susanna” – A Hidden Place (Touch)
29. Bob Marley – “Is This “Is This Love?”?”
30. Akron/Family – “Fuji II (Single Pane)” – S/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT (Dead Oceans)

31. Alec Bathgate – “Pet Hates” – Gold Lame (Flying Nun)
32. Red Crayola – “Hurricane Fighter Plane” – Never Ever Land: 83 Texan Nuggets from International Artists Records 1965-1970
33. Basil Kirchin – “Primitive London 6″ – Primitive London OST (Trunk)
34. Demetrio Stratos – “Investigazioni (diplofonie e triplofonie)” – Cantare la Voce (Cramp)
35. Jack Mudurian – “Downloading the Repertoire” – Downloading the Repertoire (Arf! Arf!)
36. The Bats – “Some Peace Tonight” – Daddy’s Highway (Flying Nun)
37. Gary Lewis – “Look Here Comes the Sun” – Listen! (Liberty)

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frow show, FMU-110

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Valby Vokalgruppe – “Gogen Fra Kina” – De Syv Mundes Fest (Eget vaerelse/Labelkollektiv)
2. Salyu
3. Bachelorette – “Little Bird Tells Lies” – My Electric Family (Drag City)
4. エミー・ジャクソン/ジャッキー吉川とブルー・コメッツ – “Angelfish” – Japanese Rockin’ Psyche & Punk ’65-71: Psychedelic Man
5. Petula Clark – “Donne Moi” – C’est Chic! French Girl Singers Of The 1960s (Ace)
6. Mynah Birds – “It’s My Time” – Complete Motown Singles, v. 6: 1966 (Hip-O)
7. The Dentists – “I Had An Excellent Dream” – Some People are on the Pitch They Think It’s All Over It is Now (Spruck)
8. Oscillating Fan Club – “Potential Getaway Driver”
9. Spectre Folk – “The Blackest Medicine” – The Blackest Medicine, Vol. II (Woodsist)
10. The Feelies – “Should Be Gone” – Here Before (Bar/None)

11. The Marvelettes – “Strange I Know” – The Ultimate Collection (Motown)
12. Puttin On The Ritz – “Here She Comes Now” – White Light/White Heat (Hot Cup)
13. Julia Kent – “Ailanthus” – Green & Grey (Important)
14. Planet Earth Rock & Roll Orchestra – “Rounds (aka Eep Hour)” – PERRO Sessions
15. Barn Owl & the Infinite Strings Ensemble – “Condensation” – The Headlands (Important)
16. Jana Winderen – “Isolation/Measurement” – Energy Field (Touch)
17. Mist – “#1″ – Glowing Net (Pizza Wagon)
18. Aphex Twin – “Curtains” – Selected Ambient Works, v. 2 (Warp)
19. Deuter – “Babylon” – D (Kuckuck)
20. Matfield and the Pond – “The Energy Crisis” – Not Qute ‘It’ (Distortion)
21. MX-80 Sound – “Crushed Ice” – Hard Attack (ILPS)
22. Sex Mob – “Dr. Yes” – Does Bond (Ropeadope) [John Barry, 1933-2011.]

23. Elizabeth Clare Prophet – “Invocation for the judgement against and destruction of rock music” – The Sounds of American Doomsday Cults Vol 14
24. High Wolf – “Bizarre Moonlight” – Incapulco (Sergent Massacre)
25. Andreas Bick – “Tikal Dawn”
26. Sun Ra – “I Am Not A Fantasy” – Strange Worlds In My Mind (Norton)
27. The Son of P.M. – “Manohraluifai” – Hey Klong Yao! (Em)
28. The Okmoniks – “Teenage Heartbeat” – Party Fever (Slovenly)
29. Delicate Steve – “Flyin’ High” – Wondervisions (Luaka Bop)

30. Visions of Trees – “Waves, They Crash” – Sometimes It Kills EP (Republic of Music)
31. Sonic Youth – “Thème de Laetitia” – Simon Werner a Disparu (SYR)
32. Rhys Chatham – “Outdoor Spell” – Outdoor Spell (Northern Spy)
33. Omit – “Self-Seperation Through Dislocation (state one)” – Quad (Hermes)
34. Winter Drones – “Bongs Dream” – Blood In The Coffin (Weird Forest)
35. Patrice Sciortino – “Incendiairement” – Le Vitrail Eparpillé (Mondiodis)
36. Tiny Tim – “Can’t Help But Wonder Where I’m Bound” – Lost & Found: 1963-1974 (Secret Seven)
37. Ween – “What Deaner Was Talking About” – Chocolate and Cheese (Elektra)
38. David Boeddinghaus and Craig Ventresco – “Ragtime Nightingale” – Crumb OST (Ryko)

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frow show, FMU-109

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Everly Brothers – “Sing Me Back Home” – Roots (Warner Brothers)
2. Bob Dylan – “I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine” – John Wesley Harding (Columbia)
3. Obray Ramsey – “Rain and Snow” – The Music Never Stopped: Roots of the Grateful Dead (Shanachie)
4. Metal Mountains – “Structures in the Sun” – Golden Trees (Amish)
5. Six Organs of Admittance – “S/Word and Leviathan” – Asleep on the Floodplain (Drag City)
6. Neil Young – “Like A Hurricane” – Unplugged (Reprise)

7. Hugo Montenegro – “Love Is Blue” – Underwater Theme Park Presents: 22 Degrees Of Separation
8. The Tremeloes – “Call Me Number One” (CBS)
9. Frankie Rose – “Blue Flowers” – Sacred Bones Winter 2010 (Sacred Bones)
10. Super Hussy – “Cut My Hair” – We Are the Best 7-inch (Corporate)
11. The Fingers – “Work It Out”
12. Ike Turner – “You’ve Got To Lose” – 1958-1959 (Paula)
13. Dan Melchior’s Broke Revue – “Remote COntrol” (Troubleman Unlimited)
14. The Box Tops – “Since I Been Gone” – Nonstop (Sundazed)

15. Yoko Ono – “Remember Love” – Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins (Apple)
16. Birds of Delay – “The Cut” – The Cut (Ultra Eczema)
17. Pierre Charial – “A l’Aube Du Cinquième Jour” – Swing Valse Machine
18. Black Sea Hotel – “Mome Stoje” – Black Sea Hotel
19. Sir Richard Bishop – “Leather Wings” – Graviton Polarity Generator (Social Music Club)
20. So Percussion – “Aria” – Threads (Canteloupe)
21. Aditi Tahiti – “5 Minutes on Solaris” – The Time Canvas (Majuma)
22. Language Removal Services – “excerpts from “The 100 Headless Diva” + “The Long Count”" (Language Removal)
23. Rolf Julius – “Music For the Air” – Small Music v. 3: Music For A Garden (Mattress Factory) [Rolf Julius, 1939-2011.]
24. David Lee Jr. – “Regeneration” – Evolution (Universal Sound)
25. Two Unidentified Burundian Girls – “Akazélé” – MRC-051: Lullabies And Dream Songs cassette (Mississippi)
26. Merzbow – “Merzbient no. 4″ – Merzbient (Soleilmoon)
27. Follakzoid – “Arabic-Hash” – Follakzoid EP (Sacred Bones)
28. Group Lewlewal – “Fanta” – Ishilan N-Tenere: Guitar Music from the Western Sahel (Mississippi)

29. Barton McLean – “Heavy Music For Crowbars” – Electronic Music from the Outside In
30. Steve Baczkowski – “Tone Arm” – Tone Arm cassette (Cae-Sur-A)
31. Akira Sakata and Chikamorach – “That Day of Rain” – Friendly Pants (Family Vineyard)
32. All That The Name Implies – “Simply Implied” – Side 1 (Play The Other Side First) (ESP)
33. Chris Weisman – “The Sun Comes Back” – Transparency (Autumn)
34. Beck – “Static” – Mutations (DGC)

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frow show, FMU-108

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Portsmouth Sinfonia – “Also Sprach Zarathustra (excerpt)” – Plays the Popular Classics (CBS)
2. F.A.R. – “Piano Forte” – Da Consumarsi Con Grazia (Adn)
3. Jane Cramer – “You Will Feel Relief”
4. Churchill’s – “Straight People” – Churchill’s (Hed Arzi)
5. Yximalloo – “Coca-Cola #5″ – Differnsu
6. The Mattoid – “America” – Let’s Do The Classics
7. Andre Williams – “Looking Down At You – Looking Up At Me” – Silky (In the Red)
8. Rita Lee – “Hulla-Hulla” – Build Up (Polygram)
9. Secret Sisters – “Big River” (Third Man)
10. Grass Widow – “11 of Diamonds” – Past Time (Kill Rock Stars)
11. The Babies – “Run Me Over” – The Babies (Woodsist)

12. Lulu – “Surprise, Surprise”
13. Renaldo Domino – “Don’t Go Away” – Numero Group 2010 Hanukkah Mix
14. Spur – “Modern Era” – Of The Moments (Drag City/Galactic Zoo Dossier)
15. Michelle’s Menagerie – “Stay Away” – MRC 033: It Happened (Mississippi Records Cassette)
16. The Beaches – “In A Whilte” – Eternal Sphere (Mexican Summer)
17. Thurston Moore – “Stained Silk” – Suicide Notes For Acoustic Guitar CD-R (Carbon)
18. Yximalloo – “Mouse For Sale” – Differnsu
19. Phil Manley – “Night Visions” – Life Coach (Thrill Jockey)
20. Os Ovni – “Something In The Sky” (Answering Machine)
21. Foster Manganyi na Tintsumi Ta Tilo – “Tintsumi – The Angels” – Ndzi Teke Riendzo No. 1 (Honest Jon’s)

22. Bruce Johnston and Terry Melcher – “Take It To Mexico” (Equinox)
23. William Aura – “Ambience” – Aurasound I (Higher Octave)
24. NASA Voyager – “Symphonies of the Planets No. 3″ – Symphonies of the Planets (Laserlight)
25. Terje Isungset – “Ice Memories 2007″ – Ice Concerts (All-Ice)
26. Painting Petals on Planet Ghost – “Kyoto no mizu” – Fallen Camellias
27. Pulse Emitter – “Wormhole” – Cold Fire 12-inch (Anarchy Moon)
28. Portland Bike Ensemble – “Track 5″ – Portland Bike Ensemble (Jyrk)
29. Eugenio Miccini – “Concerti Di Poesia” – Concerti Di Poesia
30. Broadcast – “Tears In The Typing Pool” – Tender Buttons (Warp)

31. Times New Viking – “Martin Luther King Day” – Born Again Revisited (Matador)
32. The Five Blobs – “The Blob” – Lux and Ivy’s Favorites
33. Africa Show – “Massanga Mama” – Angola Soundtrack – Special Sounds From Luanda 1965-1978 (Analog Africa)
34. Lambchop – “Sharing a Gibson with Martin Luther King Jr.” – OH (Ohio) (Merge)
35. Mike Rep & the Quotas – “One For My Baby” – Stupor Hiatus, v. 2 (Siltbreeze)
36. Bob Dylan & the Band – “One For the Road” – Complete Basement Tapes

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frow show, FMU-107

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. your DJ on MIDI controlz – “Good Vibrations”
2. Brian Eno – “Small Craft On A Milk Sea” – Small Craft on a Milk Sea (Warp)
3. Silje Nes – “Silver > Blue” – Opticks (Fatcat)
4. Shugo Tokumaru – “Linne” – Port Entropy (P-Vine)
5. Shonen Knife – “Fruit Loop Dreams (acoustic version)” – The Birds and the B-Sides (Virgin)
6. Flo & Eddie – “Keep It Warm” – Moving Targets (Columbia)
7. Grateful Dead – “New Speedway Boogie (alternate mix)” – Workingman’s Dead (Warner Brothers)
8. Caitlin Rose – “Own Side” – Own Side Now (101 Distribution)

9. The Bubble Puppy – “Hurry Sundown” – Never Ever Land: 83 Texan Nuggets from International Artists Records 1965-1970 (Snapper)
10. Os Haxixins – “Noites Brancas” – Noites Brancas (13 O’Clock)
11. Krokodil – “Blue Flashing Circle” – Psych Bites, v. 2 (Past & Present)
12. Alex Chilton – “Windows Hotel” – Dusted In Memphis
13. Chenley Duffus – “Good Night My Love” – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry: The Wonderman Years (Trojan)
14. S.E. Rogie – “Man Stupid Being” – Palm Wine Music (Cooking Vinyl)
15. Emsitka – “Autotune” – Music From Saharan Cellphones, v. 2 (SahelSounds)
16. Snapper – “Used To Know Her” – A.D.M. (Flying Nun)
17, Opponents – “Opposition 2″ – Together We Will End the Future (Prison Tatt)
18. HHY and the Macumbas – “Houmfort” – Legba (Soopa)
19. Alice Coltrane – “Jai Rama Chandra” – Turiya Sings (Avatar)

20. Michael Stasis – “Air of Happiness” – Michael Stasis cassette (Natural Resources)
21. Heavy Times – “No Plans” – No Plans 7-inch (HoZac)
22. Ralph White – “Unwound” – Trash Fish (Terminus)
23. Josiasi Yemba Mate – “Sitima Senda Na Moto [the train goes with fire]” – African Instruments 2 – Mbira (Folktracks)
24. Neokarma Jooklo Trio – “Holy Freedom” – Peaceful Messages (Qbico)
25. Michiyo Yagi, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, Paal Nilssen-Love – “Monsoon – Ai no Corrida” – Live! at SuperDeluxe (Idiolect/Bomba)
26. Bernhard Gal – “Xuan Zhuan” – Same Difference (Gromoga)
27. Noveller – “Happiness Can’t Make You Happy” – Noveller/UnFact split 12-inch (Ox-Ghost)
28. John Fahey with Daniel Shervington – “untitled” – 20 September 1999 Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, UK
29. Pine Smoke Lodge – “All Heal” – Shallow Breath (Existential Cloth) [feat. "Good Vibrations," track 1, as ocean waves.]
30. Ann McMillan – “part 2″ – Whale-Wail, in peace, en paix (Folkways)
31. Maurizio Bianchi/Siegmar Fricke – “Distrofia Atonale” – Stroma-Konkret (Monochrome Vision)
32. Floating Flowers – “Johsho kiryu” – 1st + 2nd (Black Plastic Sound)
33. Peter Howell and John Ferdinando – “Setting Sun” – Tomorrow Come Someday (Acme / Lion)
34. Kenji Sazanami – “Big Girls Don’t Cry” – Wonderland (Toshiba)

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frow show, FMU-106

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Dustin Wong and Matt Papich – “Blue Moon” – Red Cheeks For Green Grass
2. Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band – “Tropical Hot Dog Night” – Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller) (Enigma Retro/Straight)
3. Swamp Dogg – “Do Our Thing Together” – Rat On (SDEG)
4. Laura Nyro and Labelle – “I Met Him On A Sunday” – Gonna Take A Miracle (Columbia)
5. Brenton Wood – “The Oogum Boogum Song” (Double Shot)
6. The Konks – “Honey” – The Konks (Bomp!)
7. Fairport Convention – “Time Will Show The Wiser” – Fairport Convention (Polydor)
8. Blossom Toes – “What’s It For” – We Are Ever So Clean (Marmalade)
9. Popol Vuh – “Letzte Tage – Letzte Nachte” – Letzte Tage – Letzte Nachte (United Artists)
10. Ted Hawkins – “TWA” – Watch Your Step (Rounder)

11. Michael Yonkers – “Angel of the Snow” – Goodby Sunball (Secret Seven)
12. Jesse Winchester – “Snow” – Jesse Winchester (Stony Plain)
13. Paul Simon – “Peace Like A River” – Paul Simon (Columbia)
14. Alvarius B – “God Only Knows” – Baroque Primitiva (Abduction)
15. Conet Project – “Gong-Station Chimes” – The Conet Project: Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations (Iridial)
16. Ferrante & Teicher – “Aflame” – Joe Puleo’s 2010 Hanukkah Mix
17. Chris & Cosey – “Re-Education Through Labour” – Trance (Conspiracy International)
18. Besta Bode – “Pneumoultramicroscopicossilicovulcanoconiose Mental” – Hexacosiohexeconta 7-inch (Soopa)
19. Zs – “Concert Black” – New Slaves (Social Registry)
20. Tim Risher – “Grate Music” – PhonoStatic #12: Glossolalia cassette (PhonoStatic)
21. Devo – “Mechanical Man” – Hardcore Devo, v. 1: 1974-1977 (Ryko)
22. The Electric Eels – “Agitated (original version)” – The Eyeball of Hell (Scat)

23. Marc Ribot – “The Kid” – Silent Movies (Pi)
24. Chris Thompson – “Her Hair Was Long” – Chris Thompson (Sunbeam)
25. Akron/Family – “Light Emerges (Greg Davis Akak bomb mix)” – S/T II: The Cosmic Birth adn Journey of Shinju TNT
26. No UFO’s – “CM #3″ – Mind Control cassette (Dub Ditch Picnic)
27. your DJ on MIDI controlz – “Uncle John’s Band”
28. Jean-Claude Eloy – “Les foules de la memoire” – Shanti (Hors Territoires)
29. Cheri Knight – “Primary Colors” – Lost Girls 1977-1982: Female New Wave/Punk Underground
30. Tashi Wada – “Retrograde (backwards)” – Alignment (Yik Yak) [feat. "This Song of Love" by Middle Georgia Singing Conv. No. 1, from "Anthology of American Folk Music" (Smithsonian/Folkways)]
31. Bruce Russell – “Unanimity” – Antikythera Mechanism (Spring Press) [feat. "District of Noise, v. 3" locked groove disc (Sonic Circuits)]
32. Tom Recchion – “Is It A Baldwin?” – Sliced, Diced & Spliced: Fabio’s 2010 WFMU Marathon Premium
33. Tsegué-Maryam Guébrou – “The Song of the Sea” – Éthiopiques 21: Ethiopian Song/Piano Solo (Buda Musique)
34. Ted Lucas – “Baby Where You Are” – Ted Lucas (Om)

35. Oneida – “New Head” – Anthem of the Moon (Jagjaguwar)
36. The Ramones – “The KKK Took My Baby Away” – Pleasant Dreams (Sire)
37. Gary US Bonds – “Seven Day Weekend”
38. Relatively Clean Rivers – “Journey Through the Valley of O” – Relatively Clean Rivers (Radioactive)
39. Highlife – “Wet Palm Trees” – Best Bless (Social Registry)

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frow show, FMU-105

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Elf Power – “The Winter Is Coming” – The Winter Is Coming (Sugar Free)
2. The Beach Boys – “Trombone Dixie” – Pet Sounds (reissue) (Capitol)
3. Reigning Sound – “Home For Orphans” – If Christmas Can’t Bring You Home (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
4. Elisa Gabbai – “Winter In Kanada” – You Rang? – Maria’s 2010 WFMU Marathon Premium
5. Christmas – “I Close My Eyes” – Laughing at the Ground EP (Propeller)
6. Olivia Tremor Control – “Holiday Surprise” – Music from the unrealized film script, Dusk at Cubist Castle (Cloud)

7. Chet Atkins – “Snowbird” (RCA)
8. Balde Gonzalez – “Mi Morena” – 15 Early Tejano Classics (Arhoolie)
9. Lee Hazlewood – “She Comes Running” – 13 (Smells Like)
10. Rick Danko – “I’ll Turn To Stone” – Cryin’ Heart Blues (Other Peoples Music)
11. Syl Johnson – “Try Me (45 version)” – Complete Mythology (Numero Group)
12. Van Shipley – “Ghar Ki Murgi” – Bollywood Steel Guitar (Sublime Frequencies)
13. Aias – “Dues Pedres” – A La Piscina (Captured Tracks)
14. Times New Viking – “No Room To Live”
15. Mirrors – “How Could I” – Something That Would Never Do (Violet Times/Hovercraft)
16. Sic Alps – “Cement Surfboard” – Napa Asylum (Drag City)

17. The Bongos feat. Throbbing Gristle – “In The Congo” – Start Swimming (Stiff)
18. The Commonauts – “Missing Link” – New Wave Underground: U.S. Artists 1980-83
19. The Moles – “Europe By Car” – Untune The Sky (Flydaddy)
20. Rob Jo Star Band – “Blood Flower” – Rob Jo Star Band (Pomme)
21. Konrad Boehmer – “Aspekt” – An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music: First A-Chronology 1921-2001 (Sub Rosa) [feat. tracks from "Running In Place," WFMU locked groove compilation]
22. – “Kuda Lumping (village possession dance)” – Street Music of Java (Original)
23. Tomoko Sauvage and Gilles Aubry – “Apam Napat” – Apam Napat (Musica Excentrica)
24. Dustin Wong – “Ice Melts Again” – Let It Go cassette (Watercolor)
25. Letta Mbulu – “I Need Your Love” – Letta! (Chisa)

26. Paul Kantner & Jefferson Starship – “Have You Seen the Stars Tonight? > X-M” – Blows Against the Empire (RCA/Legacy)
27. Swell Maps – “Gunboats” – A Trip To Marineville (Rough Trade)
28. Burial Hex – “II” – Hunger (Holidays)
29. Tuluum Shimmering – “Side A” – Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth (Housecraft)
30. Mnemonist Orchestra – “Fragments” – Some Attributes of A Living System (DYS) [feat. Norwegian Language Familiarization Course (Educational Services)]
31. RV Paintings – “Millions” – Samoa Highway (The Helen Scarsdale Agency)
32. Thai Elephant Orchestra – “Heavy Logs” – Thai Elephant Orchestra (Mulatta)
33. The Alps – “Drop In” – Le Voyage (Type)
34. John Wonderling – “Shadows” – Day Breaks (Paramount)
35. The Mountain Goats – “Game Shows Touch Our Lives” – Tallahassee (4AD)
36. Frente! – “Not Given Lightly” – Labour of Love (Mammoth)

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ylt, night 8

Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
8 December 2010
*(Hanukkah, night 8)*
The National and Marc Maron opened.
benefit for Transportation Alternatives and City Harvest.

my review via Sound of the City.

Mix disc by Joe Puleo.

(entire set, minus last two songs, with Hamish Kilgour on percussion/guitar)

Night Falls On Hoboken
Eight Days A Week (The Beatles)
Mr. Tough
Gentle Hour (Snapper)
Tired Hippo
Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog (Norma Tanega)
Whatever I Do It’s Right (The Clean)
Sweet Dreams (The Mad Scene)
Sudden Organ
Deeper Into Movies
Nothing To Hide
Blue Line Swinger
Our Way To Fall

I Can’t Stand It Anymore (Velvet Underground) (with Bruce Bennett on guitar)
We Belong Together (Randy Newman)
Love Power (Mel Brooks) (with Gil Divine on guitar)

ylt, night 7

Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
7 December 2010
*(Hanukkah, night 7)*
Bonnie Prince Billy & the Cairo Gang and Kristen Schaal & Kurt Braunohler opened.
benefit for Sudanese of Kentucky & Roots of Music

Mix disc by Georgia.

(whole set with Nels Cline on guitar)

I Feel Like Going Home
All the Glitter Is Gone
Swing For Life
Wasn’t Born To Follow (Carole King)
Season of the Shark
The Last Days of Disco
Little Eyes
Black Flowers
Big Day Coming (fast) >
Artificial Heart
Tom Courtenay
Pass the Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind

Pet Cemetery (The Ramones)
Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (The Ramones)
Heavenly Arms (Lou Reed) (with Bonnie Prince Billy & the Cairo Gang)

ylt, night 6

Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
6 December 2010
*(Hanukkah, night 6)*
Mofungo and Eugene Mirman opened.
benefit for Visionfest, and others TK

Mix disc by Ira.

My Heart’s Reflection
Barnaby, Hardly Working (with Tara Key on guitar)
Styles of the Times (with TK)
Stockholm Syndrome (with TK)
Tears Are In Your Eyes (with Mikael Jorgenson of Wilco on keyboards)
She May Call You Up Tonight (The Left Banke) (with MJ)
Shut Up (The Monks) (with MJ)
Avalon or Someone Very Similar (with MJ)
If It’s True (with MJ)
You Can Have It All (George McCrea) (with MJ)
I Wanna Be Your Lover (Bob Dylan) (with MJ)
Upside Down (with MJ)
This Ain’t the Summer of Love (Blue Oyster Cult) (with MJ)
Little Honda (Beach Boys) (with MJ and audience members)
More Stars Than There Are In Heaven (boogie version) (with MJ)

Red Rubber Ball (Paul Simon)
Do You Remember That? (Amy Rigby) (with Amy Rigby and Wreckless Eric)
I Get Out of Breath (The Turtles) (with AR and WE)
Whole Wide World (with AR and WE)
Nothing (The Fugs) (with TK, MJ, AR, Gil Divine, Mofungo)

frow show, FMU-104

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Panabrite – “Fissures” – Sub-Aquatic Meditation (Hobo Cult)
2. Slim Smith – “I Need Your Loving” – Just A Dream (Pama/Trojan)
3. Merle Haggard – “If We Make It Through December” – If We Make It Through December (Capitol)
4. The Good Ones – “Bertilde” – Kigali Y’ Izahabu (Dead Oceans)
5. BVDC III String Band – “Blue Mountain” – Bosavi, Rainforest Music From Papua New Guinea (Smithsonian Folkways)
6. Wooden Wand – “I Made You” – Death Seat (Young God)
7. Hickory Hollow – “Never Happen” (Musitron)
8. Rikki Ililonga – “Love Is So Strange” – Soweto (Rough Trade)
9. Brian Sands – “54321″ – Reheated Chocolate Tangos EP (Bizart)
10. Bonzo Dog Band – “I Want To Be With You” (Liberty)

11. Wild Carnation – “The Meadowlands” – Superbus (Lucky Pig)
12. Cloudcraft – “Side B, Track 4″ – Cloudcraft (Social Music)
13. Fuzzy – “Blau” – Electronic Music Produced In Aarhus (Odeon)
14. D-Day – “Dust” – Grape Iris (Balcony)
15. Hockenkeit – “To Be Born Drunk and Die Dreaming” – Omu4h 4aholab/400 Boys (Road Cone)
16. Lost Gringos – “Nippon Samba” – Nippon Samba (Ata Tak)
17. Bharat Karki & Party – “Calcutta Calcutta” – International Music (Em)
18. Boswell Sisters – “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” – The Boswell Sisters (CSP)

19. Robert Hunter – “Sixth Day” – Flight of Helena (Relix)
20. Annea Lockwood – “excerpts from Early Works, 1967-82″ – Early Works, 1967-82 (Em)
21. Jim Altieri – “Three Basses” [via]
22. Rolf Julius – “Music For the Air” – Small Music v. 3: Music For A Small Garden (Mattress Factory) [feat. excerpts from "I Can Hear It Now" by Edward R. Murrow (Columbia) & "Wa-Ohs" by Meredith Monk from "Dolmen Music" (ECM)]
23. Jack Rose – “Now That I’m A Man Full Grown II” – Kensington Blues (VHF)
24. Pigeons – “Only Son” – Si Faustine (olde english spelling bee)

25. Circle – “Kakkone” – Taantumus (Ektro)
26. Date Palms – “Psalm 3″ – Of Psalms (Root Strata) [feat. "Hooked on Phonics" tapes found on South 4th Street.]
27. Arlo Guthrie – “Oh, In the Morning” – Running Down the Road (Reprise)

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ylt, night 5

Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
5 December 2010
*(Hanukkah, night 5)*
Mission of Burma and Wyatt Cenac opened.
benefit for International Rescue Committee & Partners In Health

Mix disc by James.

(whole set with Bob Weston of Mission of Burma/Shellac/Volcano Sons mixing/looping/dubbing)

Green Arrow
Evanescent Psychic Pez Drop
Flying Lesson (Hot Chicken #1)
The Crying of Lot G
Periodically Double or Triple
The Room Got Heavy
The Empty Pool (Yung Wu)
Pablo and Andrea
Paul Is Dead
Nowhere Is Near
I’m Your Man (Richard Hell)
Drug Test
Double Dare (fast)
Mushroom Cloud of Hiss

Astral Plane (Jonathan Richman) (with Jason Kaufman, WFMU auction winner, on vocals and Roger Miller on organ)
Cover (Volcano Sons) (with Peter Prescott on vocals and Bob Weston on bass)
Ben Wa Baby (Phil Milstein) (with Clint Conley on bass, RM, and PP)
Frenzy (The Fugs) (with CC, RM, PP)
So Tough (Dredd Foole) (with CC, RM, PP)

ylt, night 4

Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
4 December 2010
*(Hanukkah, night 4)*
Syl Johnson and Jon Glaser (as ‘Rabbi Attitude’) opened.
benefit for Physician’s Reproductive Choice and Health

Mix disc by the Numero Group.

We’re An American Band
Cone of Silence
She’s My Best Friend (Velvet Underground)
A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You (Neil Diamond)
Beanbag Chair
Winter A Go Go
Here To Fall
I’m On My Way
Decora (quiet)
Sudden Organ
Get Down (Half Life)
Out the Window
Tom Courtenay
The Story of Yo La Tango

Autumn Sweater (with Jon Glaser as ‘Jon’ on vocals)
Ain’t Nothin’ But A House Party (The Show Stoppers) (with Peter Wolf on vocals)
I’ve Had It (The Bell-Notes) (with PW)
Pack Fair and Square (Big Walter Price) (with PW)
My Little Corner of the World (Bob Hilliard, Lee Pockriss) (with Ira’s mom on vocals)

ylt, night 3

Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
3 December 2010
*(Hanukkah, night 3)*
Elysian Charter School of Hoboken Chorus, Jeff Tweedy, and Eugene Mirman opened.
benefit for Elysian Charter School of Hoboken.

Elysian Charter School of Hoboken Chorus:
Stockholm Syndrome
Mr. Tough

Mix disc by Brian Turner.

Eight Day Weekend (“Seven Day Weekend” by Doc Pomus, performed by Gary “U.S.” Bonds) (with Jeff Tweedy on guitar and vocals)
From A Motel 6 (with JT)
Jesus Etc. (Wilco) (with JT)
Can’t Forget (with JT)
Chords of Fame (Phil Ochs) (with JT)
The Race Is On Again (with JT)
One Of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) (Bob Dylan) (with JT)
Shoppin’ For Clothes (Doc Pomus, performed by the Coasters) (with JT)
I Should Have Known Better (with JT)
Tom Courtenay (Georgia version)
Watch Out For Me, Ronnie
Big Day Coming (fast)
Today Is The Day
Nothing To Hide
Pass the Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind

Windows Hotel (Alex Chilton)
Strychnine (The Sonics) (with Kid Congo Powers of the Cramps)
Drug Train (The Cramps) (with KCP)
I’m Cramped (The Cramps) (with KCP)
For the Love Of Ivy (Jeffrey Lee Pierce) (with KCP)

ylt, night 2

Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
2 December 2010
*(Hanukkah, night 2)*
The Parting Gifts and Jim Gaffigan opened.
benefit for Valerie Fund & Dravet Syndrome Foundation.

Mix disc by Damian Abraham.

Surfin’ With The Shah (The Urinals)
Five-Cornered Drone (Crispy Duck)
Let’s Save Tony Orlando’s House
Periodically Double or Triple
Stockholm Syndrome
Here To Fall
The Weakest Part
The Pain of Pain
The Summer (with Bob Lawton on guitar)
Double Dare (acoustic)
False Alarm
A House Is Not A Motel (Love)
Heroin (Lou Reed, Roky Erickson arrangement)

Rolling Stones Rice Krispies Jingle (Brian Jones) (with the Great Gaylord on vocals, Greg Cartwright of the Parting Gifts on guitar)
Little Red Book (Burt Bacharach) (with GG and GC)
Stop and Think It Over (Greg Cartwright) (with GC and Dave Amels of the Parting Gifts on keyboards)
Heaven Only Knows (Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich) (with GC and DA)
I’ll Keep It With Mine (Bob Dylan)
By The Time It Gets Dark (Sandy Denny)
Griselda (Peter Stampfel)
Pretty In Pink (Psychedelic Furs) (with Glenn Mercer of the Feelies on guitar/vocals)
White Light/White Heat (Velvet Underground) (with GM and Bill Million of the Feelies on guitar)
Fa Ce La (The Feelies) (with GM and BM)
Roadrunner (Jonathan Richman) (with GM and BM)

ylt, night 1

Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
1 December 2010
*(Hanukkah, night 1)*
M. Ward and Todd Barry opened.
benefit for NJ Seeds.

Mix disc by Thurston Moore.

One Night With You (Bartholomew, Bartholomew, King, Steiman) (sung as “Eight Nights With You”) (with Gene DiNapoli/ and horns)
Carnival Time (Al Johnson) (sung as “Hanukkah Time”) (with horns)
Mr. Tough (with horns)
Moby Octopad (with horns and M. Ward on guitar)
Magnet (NRBQ) (with MW)
How To Make A Baby Elephant Float (with MW)
Saturday (with MW)
More Stars Than There Are In Heaven
Autumn Sweater
When It’s Dark
Cherry Chapstick
The Story of Jazz
Nothing To Hide
I Heard You Looking (with MW)

Angst In My Pants (Sparks) (Todd Barry on drums)
Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon (Neil Diamond) (with Nash Kato on vocals)
Wear My Ring Around Your Neck (Carroll, Moody, Presley) (with GD and MW)
Burning Love (Linde) (with GD, MW, and NK)

frow show, FMU-103

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Yximalloo – “Why To Xmas” – Fangs of Lucifer (Old Gold)
2. Brian Joseph Davis – “EULA 2007″
3. Rhys Chatham – “A Crimson Grail, part II” – A Crimson Grail (Nonesuch)
4. Merzbow – “Live at the Henie Onstad Art Centre (excerpt)” – Live at the Henie Onstad Art Centre (Prisma) [feat. "Sun Gonna Shine In My Back Door Some Day" from "Music From the South" (Folkways)]
5. Dark Meat – “Changes Will Come, Ignore Them, What’s Important Is We Sing Like Vikings Pt. 3″ – AUX, v. II (ICE)
6. Brad and Barry – “Hanukkah, Bitch!” – Stuff Your Stocking: Fifth Annual Holiday Jamz CD-R

7. Donald Thomas – “Black Night Is Calling Me Home” – Local Customs: Lone Star Lowlands (Numero Group)
8. Atlas Sound – “Autumn Intro Cascading Into University Courtyard” – Bedroom Databank, v. 2
9. The Limiñanas – “I’m Dead” (Hozac)
10. Rolling Stones – “(Walkin’ Thru The) Sleepy City” – Metamorphoses (ABKCO)
11. Laetitia Sadler – “Another Monster” – The Trip (Drag City)
12. Sundays & Cybele – “白詰草#1” – Sundays & Cybele (Gyuune Cassette)
13. Tia Blake – “Jane, Jane” – Folksongs and Ballads (SFP)
14. Mark McGuire – “Clear the Cobwebs” – Living With Yourself (Editions Mego)
15. Fat Worm of Error – “Wipeless Two” – Ambivalence and the Beaker (Respiscent)
16. Svarte Greiner – “Untitled V” – Penpals Forever (and Ever) (Digitalis)
17. Lorkakar – “Track 04″ – Second of the Lost Signals CD-R (Cloud Recordings)
18. Blasius To UNA Turtavu – “The Lonely Evening” – Guitar Songs of Papua New Guinea (Lyrichord)

19. Nobunny – “(Do The) Fuck Yourself” – First Blood (Goner)
20. Meercaz – “Brainscanning” – Never Too Late To Learn 7-inch (Sweet Rot)
21. Witch – “You Better Know” – Introduction (QDK Media)
22. Little Richard feat. Jimi Hendrix – “I Don’t Know What You Got (But It’s Got Me)” – West Coast Seattle Boy: The Jimi Hendrix Anthology (Sony Legacy)
23. Charlotte Gainsbourg – “Master’s Hand” – IRM (Because/Elektra)
24. Alvin Curran – “Light Flowers Dark Flowers (Fiori Chiari Fiori Oscuri) (part II)” – Solo Works: The ’70s (New World)
25. Pimmon – “Some Days Are Tones” – Smudge Another Yesterday (Preservation) [feat. "Green Valentine Blues" by Allen Ginsberg (from "Holy Soul Jelly Roll" box set)]
26. Asuno – “Live” – 22 October 2010 Gunjo, Matsumoto, JP
27. Dillard & Clark – “Something’s Wrong” – The Fantastic Expediation of Dillard and Clark (A&M)
28. Lounge Lizards – “You Haunt Me” – The Lounge Lizards (Editions EG)
29. Stress Test – “Most ut” – The Rocket Thing (Green Type of Tube)
30. Air Loom – “Inchoate” – The Ingoing cassette (House of Alchemy) [feat. Syd Nathan]
31. Pauline Oliveros – “Horse Sings From the Cloud” – The Wanderer (VR)
32. Ethan Rose – “Miniature & Sea” – Singing Tower (Locust)
33. Bronze Horse – “No. 3″ – Bronze Horse (Oakhill)
34. Jerry Garcia – “Love In the Afternoon” – Cats Under the Stars (Arista)
35. Yoko Ono – “Waiting For the Sunrise” – Approximately Infinite Universe (Apple)

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frow show, FMU-102

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Bongwater – “Porpoise Song” – You Don’t Love Me Yet 7-inch (Shimmy Disc) [for Dick Van Dyke!]
2. Ted Hawkins – “TWA” – Watch Your Step (Rounder)
3. Link Wray – “Tucson, Arizona” – Be What You Want To (Polydor)
4. Tommy James – “Draggin’ The Line” (Roulette)
5. Ed Askew – “Boy With A Hat” – Imperfiction
6. Richie Valens – “Bluebirds Over the Mountain (demo)” – The Lost Tapes (Del-Fi)
7. Beach Fossils – “Distance” – Face It 7-inch (Captured Tracks)
8. Fresh & Onlys – “Tell Me What You Want To Know” (Hozac)
9. Wonderama – “Cream Puff War” – Everyday Should Be My Birthday 7-inch (Ajax)

10. Aias – “Bali” – A La Piscina (Captured Tracks)
11. Knit Prisms – “Streams” – Orbs cassette (Gift Tapes)
12. William Tyler – “The Cult of the Peacock Angel” – Behold the Spirit (Tompkins Square)
13. Barn Owl – “Ancestral Star” – Ancestral Star (Thrill Jockey)
14. Grasshopper – “Calling All Creeps” – Calling All Creeps (Priston Tatt)
15. Matt Weston – “The Reward Has Got To Be That This Is What You Do” – The Last of the Six-Cylinders (7272)
16. Glenn Kotche – “Traducteur de Transmission” – Tradi Mods vs. Rockers (Crammed Discs)
17. Gamelan Son Of Lion – “Circular Thoughts” – Complete Gamelan In the New World (Locust)
18. Sun Ra – “Planet of Death” – The Sub-Dwellers: Space Poetry Volume 2 (Norton)
19. Imaginary Softwoods – “#13″ – Imaginary Softwoods (Wagon)
20. Seu Jorge – “Don’t” – Cru (Wrasse)

21. The Frogs – “Whether U Like It Or Not I Love U” – The Frogs
22. Frank Zappa – “Peaches En Reaglia” – Hot Rats (Ryko)
23. Anworth Kirk – “Side B” – Anworth Kirk (Pre-Cert)
24. Concern – “Truth and Distance” – Truth and Distance EP (Digitalis)
25. John Sangster – “Reel III” – Marinetti (Roundtable)
26. Harry Smith – “A Horse Named Bill”
27. Billy Martin – “Stridulations (miniatures for temple block ensemble)” – Black Elk Speaks (Amulet)
28. Peter Gutteridge – “Exhibition 1″ – Pure (Xpressway)
29. Solid Space – “Contemplation” – Space Museum cassette (In Phaze)
30. Beachniks – “Chilly Kisses (Back of the Room mix)”
31. Elvis Presley – “Tomorrow Is Such A Long Time” – From Nashville to Memphis: The Essential ’60s Masters (RCA)
32. Kahimi Karie – “The Way You Close Your Eyes” – Kahimi Karie (Minty Fresh/Trattoria)

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frow show, FMU-101

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Dion McGregor – “A City So Nice” – Dion McGregor Dreams Again (Song Poem Music)
2. Enumclaw – “Harmonic Convergence” – Blackout (Arthur)
3. Marcus Schmickler – “Risset Brain Hammer” – Palace of Marvels (Queered Pitch) (Editions Mego)
4. Giorgio Moroder – “Aus (the end)” – Einzelganger (Oasis)
5. Glasser – “Home” – Ring (True Panther Sounds)
6. Stochastic Hit Parade & Co. – “Ringing in 2009″ – Let Freeform Ring: 2009 Marathon Premium for Stochastic Hit Parade
7. Glenn Branca – “2nd Movement” – Symphony No. 1: Tonal Plexus (ROIR)
8. Vernon Wray – “Lonely Son” – Wasted (Big Pink)

9. The Move – “Useless Information” – Anthology, 1966-1972 (Salvo)
10. Telekinesis – “Tokyo” – Telekinesis! (Merge)
11. Dew Claw – “Weathercraft” – Holiday Compression
12. The La De Das – “How Is The Air Up There?” – How Is The Air Up There?: 1966-1967 (Ascension/Zodiac)
13. Times New Viking – “No Room To Live”
14. The Insect Trust – “Walking On Nails” – The Insect Trust (Phantom Sound and Vision)
15. Yellowbirds – “The Rest Of My Life” – The Rest Of My Life (Royal Potato)

16. Miko – “Humming” – Chandelier (Someone Good)
17. Lee Gilbert – “The Genoa River, Wangerabell (excerpt)” – Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music 1974-83 (Shame File)
18. unknown – “Side B” – Sounds of the Indian Snake Charmer, v. 2 cassette (Hanson)
19. Pine Smoke Lodge – “Raw Faith” – Throwing New Light cassette (Ghetto Naturalist Series)
20. Caboladies – “Side A” – Constellation Deformity cassette (Smooth Tapes)
21. Kristian Poulsen – “Side B” – Toke Tietze Mortensen 7-inch (Yoyooyoy)
22. Northampton Wools feat. Chris Corsano – “(excerpt)” – 12 November 2010 Rock Shop
23. Pulse Emitter – “Eagle Nebula” – Cosmic Images (Expansive)

24 .Spine Scavanger – “Side A” – The Raider cassette (Hanson)
25. Gunn-Truscinski Duo – “B38 Blues” – Sand City (Three Lobed)
26. Jim Sullivan – “Roll Back the Time” – U.F.O. (Light In The Attic)
27. Jesse McReynolds – “Standing On The Moon” – Songs of the Grateful Dead (Woodstock)
28. Eleanor Murray – “November” – Spring Calendar & Compilation 2009-2010 (Anonymous Monk)

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frow show, FMU-100

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Burt Bacharach – “What The World Needs Now Is Love” – Reach Out (A&M)
2. The Inside Of The Outside – “Hectic” – Who Are They? Where Do They Come From? Why are they here? (Serenus)
3. Earth – “Divine and Bright” – A Bureaucratic Desire for Extra-Capsular Extraction (Southern Lord)
4. Grateful Dead – “Dark Star (excerpt)” – 8 November 1970 Capitol Theater [Happy birthday, Kid Millionz!]
5. Oneida – “The Human Factor (excerpt)” – 30 October 2010 Monster Island Basement [via; feat. remarkably sensible preacher on A train, en route to show, 7 November 2010]
6. Denny Laine – “Say You Don’t Mind” (Deram)
7. Merry Clayton – “Gimme Shelter” (Ode)

8. Moon – “Nevermind” – Without Earth (Rev-Ola/Cherry Red)
9. Big Star – “ST 100/6″ – #1 Record (Ardent)
10. Ko + Friends – “Hiding” – Yeti, v. 9 (Yeti Publishing)
11. The Flips – “I Just Don’t Know Where I Stand” (Hozac)
12. Earth Opera – “Roast Beef Love” – Great American Eagle Tragedy (Elektra)
13. The Illusion – “Once In A Lifetime” – Together (As A Way of Life) (Speed)
14. Dusty Springfield – “Wasn’t Born To Follow” – Dusty In London (Rhino)

15. The Limiñanas – “Chocolate in My Milk” – The Liminanas (Trouble In Mind)
16. Ralph Carney – “Heckraiser” – This Is Ralph Carney! (Black Beauty)
17. John Cale – “Sun Blindness Music” – Sun Blindness Music (Table of the Elements)
18. Koen Holtkamp – “Loosely Based On Bees” – Gravity / Bees (Thrill Jockey)
19. Avey Tare – “3 Umbrellas” – Down There (Paw Tracks)
20. Shirley Collins – “The Cuckoo” – Sweet England (Fledg’ling)

21. Lee “Scratch” Perry – “Chim Cherie” (Upsetters)
22. Chris Corsano Band – “Doctor!” – High and Dry CD-R
23. Cassis Cornuta – “Side B” – 25 Jaar De Gebraden Zwaan Zingt (Ultra Eczema)
24. Hex Breaker Quintet – “Anthony’s Mother Said We Jammmmmed” – Live on WFMU’s My Castle of Quiet, 4.28.2010 [feat. "Portable Amplifier" by Rafael Toral from "Space Solo 1" (Taiga)]
25. Gail Laughton – “Egypt 1700 BC” – Harps of the Ancient Temples (Laurel)
26. John Fahey – “Twilight Time” – Return of the Repressed: The John Fahey Anthology (Rhino)
27. Porter Wagoner – “Late At Night” – What Ain’t To Be, Just Might Happen (Omni Recording Corporation)
28. Merle Haggard – “I Threw Away the Rose” (Capitol)
29. Mick Jagger – “Memo From Turner” – The London Years (Abkco)

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frow show, FMU-99

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. The Raybeats – “Tone Zone” – Roping Wild Bears EP (Don’t Fall Off the Mountain)
2. Bobby Beausoleil & The Freedom Orchestra – “Part V” – Lucifer Rising OST (Arcanum)
3. Kemialliset Ystävät – “Lyön Häntäni Vetoa” – Ullakkopalo (Fonal)
4. Ruth Garbus – “Halloween” – Rendezvous With Rama (Autumn)
5. P.F. Sloan – “Halloween Mary” – Where the Action Is: Los Angeles Nuggets, 1965-1968 (Rhino)
6. The Dream Syndicate – “Halloween” – Days of Wine and Roses (Ruby/Slash)
7. Bob McFadden and Dor – “The Mummy” – Incredibly Strange Music, v. 2 (Asphodel)

8. George Harrison – “What Is Life?” – All Things Must Pass (Apple)
9. Deerhunter – “Desire Lines” – Halcyon Digest (4AD)
10. Kelley Stoltz – “Pinecones” – To Dreamers (Sub Pop)
11. Cloud Nothings – “Old Street” – Turning On (Carpark)
12. Abner Jay – “Bring It With You When You Come” – Folk Song Stylist (Mississippi)
13 .Polly Niles – “Sunshine In My Rainy Day Mind” – Rainy Day Mind – Ember Pop, 1969-1974 (Fantastic Voyage)
14. Peggy King – “I Can’t Make It On My Own” – Beehives and Bumper Bullets – Country Girls of the 60s (T-Bird)
15. Tom Ze feat. David Byrne – “Outra Insensatez, Poe!” – Estudando a Bossa: Nordeste Plaza (Luaka Bop)
16. Josephine Foster & The Victor Herrero Band – “Los Reyes de la Baraja” – Anda Jaleo (Fire)

Set: Jerry Garcia reads Stephen King’s “My Pretty Pony”
17. Robert Ashley – “Automatic Writing (1979)” – Automatic Writing (Lovely Music, Ltd)
18. B.J. Nilsen and Stilluppsteypa – “Space Finale 1.1″ – Space Finale (Editions Mego)
19. Catherine Christer Hennix – “The Electric Harpsichord” – The Electric Harpsichord (Die Schachtel)
20. Double Leopards – “Side A” – Urban Concussion (Qbico)
21. Servile Sect – “Side B” – Eternal Mind cassette (Senseless Empire)

22. The Soft Moon – “Parallels” (Captured Tracks)
23. German Measles – “Color Vibration” (Wild World)
24. Bird Names – “Track 03″ – Metabolism (Slime)
25. Ted Lucas – “It Is So Nice To Get Stoned” – Ted Lucas (Om)
26. Lee Hazlewood – “Come On Home To Me” – Movin’ On (Ace)
27. Barbara Morgenstern feat. Robert Wyatt – “Camouflage” – Fan No. 2 (Monika)
28. Darin Gray and Loren Connors – “Side A” – The Lost Mariner (Family Vineyard)
29. Seattle Phonographers Union – “Sonarchy: March 17, 2007″ – Seattle Phonographers Union
30. Sufjan Stevens – “The Owl and the Tanager” – All Delighted People EP (Asthmatic Kitty)
31. Master Musicians of Jajouka – “Track 08″ – Boujeloud’s Cave – 1974
32. Wingless Angels – “We Shall Overcome” – Wingless Angels (Polygram)

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frow show, FMU-98

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Tommy Ellison – “Testimony” – Daniel and the Lions’ Den: A Musical Comedy on Drug Abuse (QCA)
2. Wendy Forseth – “Psalm 151″ – Praise Aerobics (Horizon)
3. The Mattoid – “I’m So Excited”
4. Panda Bear – “Alsation Darn” – You Can Count On Me 7-inch (Domino)
5. Strawberry Machine – “Kurechoco (Fuwamaro)” – Crazy Kilt
6. Expo – “Track 7″ – Do The Expo!
7. Hatsune Miku – “Ievan Polkka”
8. Major Organ and the Adding Machine – “His Master’s Pet Whistles” – Major Organ and the Adding Machine (Orange Twin)

9. Avey Tare & Kria Brikkan – “Sasong (un-backwards)” – Pullhair Rubeye (Paw Tracks)
10. Dodie Stevens – “Yes, I’m Lonesome Tonight” (Dot) [Elvis answer song #1]
11. Jeanne Black – “Oh, How I Miss You Tonight” (Capitol) [Elvis answer song #2]
12. Charley Pride – “A Good Chance of Tear-Fall Tonight” (RCA)
13. Don Gibson – “Don’t Take All Your Loving” (Hickory)
14. Cortney Tidwell & Kurt Wagner – “Let’s Think About Where We’re Going” – Kort (City Slang)
15. Freddy Fender – “You’ll Lose A Good Thing” (ABC Dot)
16. Jimmy Mack – “A Woman Is So Hard To Understand” (Hamster) [the dude from the Rent Is Too Damn High party! tune into Marty McSorley's show on Tuesday, 10/26, for interview + more on his R&B career.]

17. Hypnolovewheel – “Wow” (Alias)
18. The Oh Sees – “Carol Ann” (Slowboy)
19. My Bloody Valentine – “Instrumental B” – Instrumental 7-inch (Creation)
20. Moon Duo – “Bopper’s Hat” – split 7-inch with Bitchin’ Bajas (Permanent)
21. The Dead C – “South” – Patience (Ba Da Bing)
22. Joe Colley – “Trance Tapes, Locks, and a Fragment” – Disasters of Self (C.I.P.)
23. Crude Deuces – “Track 3″ – Crude Deuces [feat. Jimmy Swaggart, "What Shall the End Be? Is There Really A Curse on the Kennedy Family?" and Earl Nightingale, "Lead the Field" 7-inch]
24. Sun Araw – “Deep Temple” – Off Duty (Woodsist) [feat. Dick Hyman, "Green Onions" at 45]
25. Grasslung – “Scarred Hands They Drifted” – Sincere Void (Root Strata)
26. Michael Stearn – “Toto, I Have A Feeling We’re Not In Kansas Anymore” – Planetary Unfolding (Sonic Atmospheres)
27. Iasos – “The Bubble Massage” – Interdimensional Music through Iasos (Unity)
28. Ned Lagin and Phil Lesh – “Side B” – Seastones (Round) [feat. Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry, "L'oiseau Rai (R.A.I. Bird)" + Sigurd Berge, "(Excerpts from) Blikk"]
29. Bitchin Bajas – “Track 2″ – Tones / Zones (Important)
30. Wilco – “How To Fight Loneliness” – Summerteeth (Reprise)

31. S.E. Rogie – “My Lovely Elizabeth” – Palm Wine Music (Cooking Vinyl)
32. Moffitt/Davies – “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues” – The Rise and Fall of Honesty (Rev-Ola)
33. 13th Floor Elevators – “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue”
34. Jackson Browne – “The Fairest of the Season” – Nina Demos
35. Tall Dwarfs – “Think Small” – Fork Songs (Cloud)
36. Shop Assistants – “It’s Up To You” – Shopping Parade EP (Rough Trade)
37. R.E.M. – “New Orleans Instrumental No. 1″ – Automatic For the People (Warner Brothers)
38. Wendy Forseth – “Come Unto Jesus” – Praise Aerobics (Horizon)

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frow show, FMU-97

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. The Girls – “Jeffrey I Hear You” – The Elephant Man 7-inch (Hearthan)
2. Fish & Roses – “Monks Hate You” – Friar Tuck Record (Ajax)
3. Boys Boys – “Control Tower” – Boys Boys 7-inch (Pass)
4. The Chiffons – “Nobody Knows What’s Going On in My Mind But Me”
5. The Marvelettes – “The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game” (Tamla)
6. Whistling Jack Smith – “I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman” (Deram) [with DJ & guest whistling, too.]
7. Sir Mack Rice – “Dynomite”
8. Elvis Presley – “Suspicious Minds” (RCA)

9. Chuck Berry – “Nadine” (Chess) [Happy birthday, Chuck!]
10. Percy Mayfield – “Stranger In My Own Hometown” (Tangerine)
11. Danny James and His Palanquin Guitar – “Boogie In the Mud” (Goldband)
12. Travis Wammack – “Scratchy” (ARA)
13. Television – “Little Johnny Jewel (part I)” (Ork)
14. Television – “Carried Away” (Elektra)
15. Gram Parsons – “Return of the Grevious Angel” (Reprise)
16. Jeannie Seely – “You Tied Tin Cans To My Heart” (Monument)
17. Conway Twitty – “Dim Lights, Thick Smoke” (Decca)
18. RIcky Nelson – “It’s Late” (Imperial)

19. Arthur Alexander – “A Shot of Rhythm and Blues” (Dot)
20. Levon & the Hawks – “The Stones I Throw” (Abkco)
21. Dyke and the Blazers – “So Sharp” (Original Sound)
22. Rockin’ Sidney – “You Ain’t Nothin’ But Fine” (Jin)
23. Everly Brothers – “Milk Train” (Warner)
24. P.F. Sloan – “Sins of a Family” (Dunhill)
25. Lovin’ Spoonful – “Darling Be Home Soon” (Kama Sutra)
26. Troy Shondell – “Girl After Girl” (Liberty)
27. The Bell Notes – “I’ve Had It” (Time)
28. Sonny & the Sunsets – “Stranded” (Future Stress)
29. Roxy Music – “Virginia Plain” (Reprise)

30. Davila 666 – “Borrando El Negro (She’s A Rainbow)” – Their Hispanic Majesties Request (Norton)
31. Wet Dreams – “Crybaby” – Here Come the Wet Dreams (Die Slaughterhaus)
32. Boyce and Hart – “PO Box 9847″ (A&M)
33. The Mad Scene – “Shamu Killer Whale” (Rover)
34. J. Mascis – “Leavin’ On A Jet Plane” (Sub Pop)
35. Expo 70 – “Heterotopia” – I am Seamonster 7-inch (Short Forest)
36. Dump – “Phantom Perspective” (Hi-Ball)
37. Of – “Ferns Will Crumble” – split 7-inch with Greg Davis (Ache)
38. Dead C – “Bad Politics” (Badabing)

39. Akron/Family – “Morning on Michigan Ave.” – River 7-inch (Dead Oceans)
40. Loren MazzaCane Connors – “The End, The Afternoon, The Light” (Union Pole)
41. Jack Rose – “Untitled part I” – Untitled (Tequila Sunrise)
42. Chris Watson – “10m” – Oceanus Pacificus (Touch Seven)
43. Milpath – Rports on Gastroenterology
44. Reynols – “Side B” – 10,000 Chickens Symphony
45. – The Triumph of Man (Time-Life)
46. 12,000 Girl Scouts – “Round Up Is Here” (Maxwell House)
47. Matmos – “The Soldering Social” – split 7″ with Piano Magic (Lissy’s)
48. Carl Sagan ft. Stephen Hawking – “A Glorious Dawn” (Third Man)

49. Bobby Bare – “How I Got To Memphis” (Mercury)
50. George Jones – “Big Fool of the Year” (United Artists)
51. Johnny Paycheck – “A-11″ (Hilltop)
52. Del Reeves – “Looking at the World Through A Windshield” (United Artists)
53. Flying Burrito Brothers – “If You Gotta Go, Go Now” (A&M)
54. Tommy Cash – “One Song Away” (Epic)
55. Willie Nelson – “Party’s Over” (Columbia)

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frow show, FMU-96

(Detailed playlist, with listening links.)

1. Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman – “My Troubles Float Away Like Fallen Leaves” – Music For Peace of Mind (Capitol)
2. Scrambles of Earth – “Elegy For Pluto/Secretary General” – The Voyager Interstellar Record (Seeland)
3. Lil B – “Love Is Strange” – Rain in England (Weird Forest)
4. Joan La Barbara – “Cathing” – Tapesongs (Chiaroscuro) [feat. "Mercredit 21, matin" by Henri Michaux from "Solioques" by Gabriel Saverin (Sub Rosa)]
5. Dokaka – “Ramblin’ Man” – The Dokaka Discography
6. Dustin Wong – “Infinite Love #10″ – Infinite Love (Thrill Jockey)
7. The Smoke – “Have Some More Tea” – My Friend Jack (Sin-Drome/Retroactive)

8. Grateful Dead – “Weather Report Suite prelude > Weather Report Suite (part I)” – Dick’s Picks, v. 12 (28 June 1974 Boston Garden) (GDCD)
9. Spur – “Eight Days A Week” – Of the Moments (Galactic Zoo Disks)
10. The dB’s – “She’s Not Worried” – Stands For Decibels (Albion)
11. Candy Claws – “A Strange Land Discovered” – Hidden Lands (Two Syllable)
12. Lethe – “Catastrophe Point #5, part II” – Catastrophe Point #5 (Intransitive)
13. Dustin Wong – “Infinite Love #11″ – Infinite Love (Thrill Jockey)
14. Neil Young – “Someone’s Gonna Rescue You” – Le Noise (Reprise)
15. Jerry Lee Lewis feat. Keith Richards – “Sweet Virginia” – Mean Old Man (Verve Forecast)

16. Ojubeha – “Shirley” – Persian Underground (Persianna)
17. Sir Winston and the Commons – “All of the Time” – You Tore My Brain: Unissued ’60s Garage Acetates, v. 5 (Norton)
18. Millie Small – “Something’s Gotta Be Done” – My Boy Lollipop 7-inch (Smash)
19. Jaill – “Summer Mess” – That’s How We Burn (Sub Pop)
20. Jean-Pierre Melville and Robert Enrico – “Manu et Roland” – Le Samourai/Les Aventuriers (Universal)
21. Sekouba Bambino – “It’s A Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World” – Sinikan
22. Sun City Girls – “Vine Street Piano (Orchestral)” – Funeral Mariachi (Abduction)
23. Gentlemen Jesse and His Men – “Harriett It’s You” – Daddy Rockin’ Strong: Tribute to Nolan Strong and the Diablos (Norton)

24. Daniel Savio – “Yu (heart] Bibimbab” – The Bubble Bump
25. Brian Eno – “2 Forms of Anger” – Small Craft on a Milk Sea (Warp)
26. Snapper – “Buddy” – Snapper (Flying Nun)
27. Hanna Kulenty-Brewaeys – “Arci I for percussion” – Hanna Kulenty-Brewaeys (Artson) [feat. "Studies on the Ans, no. 2" by James Fei from "Studies on the Ans" (Krabbesholm)]
28. Telecult Powers – “1. Warp Space 2. Keep Secrets 3. Profit!” – I Will Only Live Within the Fraction of a Second That Is This Moment: Wm Berger’s 2010 WFMU Marathon Premium [feat. "Heavy Metal - War & Music" by Gainer Ganahl]
29. Jonathan Goldman – “Waves of Light” – Waves of Light (Spirit Music)
30. Joey Ramone – “The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs” – Caged / Uncaged (Cramps)
31. Lenny Kaye – “I Wanna Know” – Daddy Rockin’ Strong: Tribute to Nolan Strong and the Diablos (The Wind)

32. Liars – “I Can Still See An Outside World” – Sisterworld (Mute)
33. Damin Eih, A.L.K, and Brother Clark – “Kathryn at Night” – Never Mind (nero’s Neptune)
34. Dustin Wong – “Infinite Love #27″ – Infinite Love (Thrill Jockey)
35. Gene and Rod – “Incredibly Lonely” (Chart)

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frow show, FMU-95

(Complete playlist, with listening links.)

1. Highlife – “Wet Palm Trees” – Best Bless (Social Registry)
2. Olivia Tremor Control – “Not Feeling Human” – Those Sessions EP (Flydaddy)
3. Olivia Tremor Control – “North Term Reality” – AUX II (AUX)
4. Catfish Rivers – “Lizardo Complex” – The Afterbirth of Cool (Inbred Recording Co.)
5. Harold Bode – “Geklebte Musik Experiment” – Bode Sound Project (Institute for Electronic Arts)
6. Stereo Total – “Chelsea Girls” – Do the Bambi (Kill Rock Stars)
7. Bruce Haack – “Rita” – Farad: The Electric Voice (Stones Throw)
8. Madrigal – “Places” – Madrigal
9. Gardens – “Morning Refresher” – In Novelty Land 7-inch (Italy)
10. Peter and Gordon – “I Go To Pieces” – The Ultimate Peter and Gordon (Collector’s Choice)

11. Neu! – “KD” – ’86 (Gronland)
12. Fantastic Palace – “And Now, This” – Yeti, v. 9 (Yeti Publishing)
13. Meat Puppets – “Plateau” – II (SST)
14. Spacemen 3 – “Ecstasy In Slow Motion” – Dreamweapon (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
15. Prince Rama – “Sat Namm” – Shadow Temple (Paw Tracks)
16. Ahmed Janka Nabay – “Sabanoh” – King of Bubu Music cassette
17. Brast Burn – “Debon (part II)” – Debon (Voice)
18. Mad River – “Amphetamine Gazelle” – Mad River (Capitol)
19. Waumiss – “k. (l).d.d., it’s up to you not to…” – Waumiss (Odessa)
20. The Great Gaylord & the Condo Fucks – “Rice Krispies commercial (Rolling Stones)” (Norton)

21. Marc Ribot – “Delancey Waltz” – Silent Movies (Pi)
22. Mark McGuire – “Gardens of Eternal Life” – The Garden of Eternal Life cassette (Arbor)
23. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – “River Like Spine” – Love Is A Stream (Type)
24. Soft Circle – “Sundazed” – Full Bloom (Eastern Developments)
25. Jerry Granelli – “Walking On A Road With Some Bells Around Your Neck” – 1313 (Divorce)
26. Cecil Taylor and Tony Oxley – “Ailanthus, part 1″ – Ailanthus/Altissima (Triple Point)
27. Joe Foster / Hong Chulki / Takahiro Kawaguchi / Ryu Hankil – “Oscillation” – Oscillation. Vacillation. (Ballon & Needle)
28. Cassandra Wilson – “Harvest Moon” – New Moon Daughter (Blue Note)
29. Michael T. Bullock and Andrew Lafkas – “Ceremonies to Breathe Upon” – Ceremonies to Breathe Upon (Winds Measure)
30. Meg Baird, Helena Espvall and Sharron Kraus – “Barbry Ellen” – Leaves From Off The Tree (Bo Weavil)
31. Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Vince Welnick, Michael Tilson-Thomas – “Space For Henry Cowell” – 16 June 1996 Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco, CA
32. Sean Patrick Curley – “Computer Guitar” – Sean Patrick Curley (Impko)
33. The Band – “In A Station” – Music From Big Pink (Capitol)
34. William Tyler – “Between Radnor and Sunrise” – Imaginational Anthem IV: New Possibilities (Tompkins Square)
35. John Biz – “Mornings Made of Gold” – tXXXs demos

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frow show, FMU-94

(Detailed playlist, with li