Jesse Jarnow

highlights reel

(A list in progress of personal faves, etc..)

Features/Profiles/Interviews, etc.:
Reed and Right, Lou Reed profile (London Times, 7/04)
The Spirit of Radio, WFMU 50th anniversary profile (Signal To Noise, summer 2008)
How Jerry Got Hip Again (part 1 only) (Relix, 8/08) [see also "Hippie" below]
Hunter S. Thompson Keeps Moving, my visit with the late Doctor. (Relix, 4/03)
Happier In Hoboken, Yo La Tengo profile (Paste, 4/05) [see also "Yo La Tengo" below]
From Gem Spa To The World: New York Rocker & the Invention of Indie Rock (EMP paper, 2012)
The Fugs: American Peace-Creeps, a visit with Ed Sanders (Relix, 11/09)
The Tinkerer, Tristan Perich profile (Village Voice, 6/08)
The Numero Group, a visit with the Chicago archival label (Indy Week, 11/11)
Running Into Stonehenge, essay about my Dad (Paste, 6/08)
Circuit Bending Lets Old Toys Play Tunes (Associated Press, 4/06)
Trey Anastasio’s Empty House (unpublished, 8/06)
Dreams Less Sweet, a visit with Circulatory System & the Elephant 6 gang (Indy Week, 8/09)
The Penguin is Mightier Than The Sword, Berkeley Breathed profile (, 11/03)
On Long Island, Memories of Harvey Milk Have Expired, a trip to Harvey Milk’s hometown (Paste, 11/08)
American Beauties, Akron/Family profile (Village Voice, 4/09)
Turning the Kleig Lights Around, Mountain Goats profile (Paste, 6/05)
Nobody Expects the Cricket, Glenn Kotche profile (Signal To Noise, summer 2006)
Unleash the Love!, Mike Love profile (Times Herald-Record, 4/06)
Passing the Turing Test With Brian Wilson (unpublished, 12/05)
How To Steal A Smile, on the flawed but wonderful reconstruction of the Beach Boys’ lost classic (Relix, 11/11)
Simple Meals, Talking Cats, an email interview with Haruki Murakami (Paste, 4/07)
Nashville Baseline, visiting Lambchop in Nashville (Indy Week, 4/12)

NYC music:
Tapes ‘n’ Tapes ‘n’ Tapes, on Abandon Ship and the noise tape scene (Village Voice, 8/09)
The Jazz Loft: A Rare Find, on the convergence of W. Eugene Smith and Thelonious Monk in the Flower District (Indy Week, 3/09)
Fun, Money, Dolphins, Jake Szufnarowski profile (Village Voice, 1/08)
CBGB Closes (Associated Press, 10/06) (audio report, photos by Jack Chester)
Viva Talibam!, Talibam! profile (Village Voice, 3/09)
Monster Island’s Last Hurrah, profile of the arts space (Village Voice, 9/11)
Janka Nabay, A Bubu King, Grows in Brooklyn, profile of the Sierra Leonean transplant (Village Voice, 11/10)
Jimmy McMilllan, Rent Is Too Damn High dude’s musical past life (, 10/10)
NYC Taper & the Proud, Obsessive Lineage of Audio Hoarders, on tapers & taping (Village Voice, 1/10)

Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? – Of Montreal (Paste, 1/07)
Feels – Animal Collective (Paste, 1/06)
An Open Letter to My Friend Chris Regarding the Mountain Goats’ We Shall All Be Healed (Pop Matters, 2/04)
Americana: Home Recordings – Jim Croce (San Diego Fahrenheit, 12/03)

Suffer For Fashion” – Of Montreal (Paper Thin Walls, 12/06)
Boy With A Coin” – Iron and Wine (Paper Thin Walls, 9/07)

Waging Heavy Peace by Neil Young (Los Angeles Review of Books, 10/12)
Find Myself A City To Live In, NYC underground histories by Ed Sanders & Will Hermes (The Millions, 1/12)
Always In Trouble: An Oral History of ESP-Disk’ (Los Angeles Review of Books, 8/12)
Fear of Music by Jonathan Lethem (The Millions, 5/12)
The One: The Life & Music of James Brown, by R.J. Smith (The Atlantic, 3/12)
Of Proust & Potter, reading Marcel Proust and J.K. Rowling (Paste, 5/09)
Phil Spector & Brian Wilson bios (London Times, 4/07)
Spook Country by William Gibson (Paste, 8/07)
Black Swan Green by David Mitchell (Paste, 5/06)
Don’t Stop Believin’: How Karaoke Conquered the World and Changed My Life by Brian Raftery (San Francisco Chronicle, 12/08)
What Machine Do You Use To Kill Fascists?, Alec Wilkinson’s Pete Seeger bio (Faster Times, 6/09)

The Dead at Red Rocks (, 8/03)
Paul McCartney at Madison Square Garden (, 10/05)
Smokey Hormel at Sunny’s (, 1/08)
Cornelius at Webster Hall (, 1/08)
Akron/Family at 285 Kent (Village Voice, 1/12)
Beach Boys at the Beacon Theater (Village Voice, 5/12)
Chris Corsano at The Stone (Village Voice, 5/12)

Yo La Tengo:
Yo La Tengo, Hanukkah 2007 (, 12/07)
Yo La Tengo, Hanukkah 2008 (, 12/08)
Yo La Tengo, Hanukkah 2010 (, 12/10)
10 Years of YLT Hanukkah (Village Voice, 11/11)
The Condo Fucks & Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s (Spin, 6/13)

A Recent Rap With Jerry Garcia (Perfect Sound Forever, 2/06)
America On-Line (Dave Matthews Band in Central Park) (unpublished, 9/03)
Phish at Coventry (, 8/04)
Throwing Down With the Upper Crust, Jerry Garcia guitar auction (, 5/02)
Phish: The Biography, a review (Indy Week, 1/10)
Everyone Knew Him As Nancy: Richard Wright & the Old, Weird Phish (Relix, 8/12)
I Was A Teenage Jamband Scenester: Coming Around on the Ominous Seapods & Other Life Lessons (Village Voice, 6/12)
#deadfreaksunite 1972, a Twitter listening project (

Gospel Zone, on Bob Dylan’s gospel period (Boogie Woogie Flu, 12/08)
Bob Dylan at Sunfest (, 5/03)
On the Outside Looking In, Dylan’s Hollywood Foto-Rhetoric (The Forward, 1/10)

Buy Local, Steal Global (Faster Times, 7/09)
The Multiplex Dreams of Bollywood (San Diego Fahrenheit, 8/03)
Searching For The Next Little Thing, a trip to the Consumer Electronics Show (unpublished, 1/06)
HST (, 3/05)
E-Pro, or Why We Shouldn’t Be Mad at Beck for Being A Scientologist (Pop Matters, 12/05)
Living In Hope, an appreciation of Tuli Kupferberg (Boogie Woogie Flu, 12/09)
In Memoriam: Ween, a requiem for the Boognish (Village Voice, 5/12)
Why We Needed Davy Jones (The Atlantic, 3/12)
10 No-Brainer Rock Legends Never Nominated For the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (Village Voice, 4/12)
James Brown? James Brown! Auctioning off His Legacy at Christie’s (Village Voice, 7/08)
199 post-WFMU sunrises, 12/08-5/13, a Twitter project (