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Because I like the moon, a bit of Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino:

How well I know!–old Qfwfq cried,–the rest of you can’t remember, but I can. We had her on top of us all the time, that enormous Moon: when she was full–nights as bright as day, but with a butter-colored light–it looked as if she were going to crush us; when she was new, she rolled around the sky like a black umbrella blown by the wind; and when she was waxing, she came forward with her horns so low she seemed about to stick into the peak of a promontory and get caught there…
There were nights when the Moon was full and very, very low, and the tide was so high that the Moon missed a ducking in the sea by a hair’s-breadth; well, let’s say a few yards anyway. Climb up on the Moon? Of course we did. All you had to do was row out to it in a boat and, when you were underneath, prop a ladder against her and scramble up.


  1. Randy says: - reply

    What I found was so interesting about Calvino is he makes his fiction sound like the events truly DID or CAN take place–a surreal sub-reality within a bubble of delicious fantasies.

  2. jeremy says: - reply

    absolutely my favorite book ever written. everyone should be made to experience calvino here, at his finest. the noodles!
    thanks for the wilco tracks.

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