Jesse Jarnow

“i’m your puppet” & misc. ylt business

“I’m Your Puppet” – Yo La Tengo (download here)
from Mr. Tough 7-inch (2006)
released by Matador

1. Here’s the newest obscura, a literal B-side from the “Mr. Tough” single: a cover of Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham’s “I’m Your Puppet.” Presumably a Beat Your Ass leftover, it’s got lovely strings (David Mansfield?), and is a welcome addition to the late-night playlist.

2. To reach the resources of the old, one now has to use the Wayback Machine at to consult a mirror of the old via the now-old version of The URLs get pretty hilarious. It is">here (no graphics, so just, like, wave your arrow over the links to find what yer looking for).

3. So, apparently, there was a BBC session, recently? I seemed to have missed this. Some curious covers">on the setlist. Anybody end up with a copy?

4. YLT played in Jersey City on Friday.

Yo La Tengo at the Landmark Loew’s Jersey Theatre
29 September 2006
Why? opened

Pass The Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind
Flying Lesson (Hot Chicken #1)
The Weakest Part
Sometimes I Don’t Get You
Winter A Go Go
Mr. Tough
Beanbag Chair
I Feel Like Going Home
Stockholm Syndrome
I Should Have Known Better
Watch Out For Me, Ronnie
Tom Courtenay
The Story of Yo La Tango
I Heard You Looking

*(encore 1)*
Oklahoma USA (The Kinks)
Rocks Off (The Rolling Stones)

*(encore 2)*
Cast A Shadow (Beat Happening)
Did I Tell You?


  1. Michael Slaboch says: - reply

    Hi Jesse,
    Was Why? worth checking out? I’d really have to hustle over to the Vic to catch him after work on Thrusday.

  2. Jesse says: - reply

    In my opinion, yeah, Why? is totally dope: weird hip-hop/indie fusion that (to my ears) works perfectly and sounds like nobody else. “Elephant Eyelash” was one of my faves of last year, but I wasn’t sure how it’d play out live, but the answer was “very creatively.” One dude on drums/vibes, frontdude on keys/mini-drums, one dude on guitar/Rhodes.

  3. neil d says: - reply

    Me and my entourage were of the opinion that Why? was only slightly less annoying than the pinlights that the lighting guy kept flashing in our faces, but I can certainly see that mileage may vary. I can agree on “sounds like nobody else,” though.
    Also, I second the call for somebody to share the BBC show if possible. Apparently Sunsquashed’s RSS feed is busticated, because I never saw his post that this was happening until too late.